justin_bieber21.jpgWarning: This video may make you curse Christmas and is probably best avoided if you vom easily.

Anyone would think it's nearing December 25th. Last week it was Lady Gaga getting all festive in her rendition of White Christmas, and now two of the biggest warblers we know, Mariah Carey and the Biebenator (Justin Bieber) have teamed up for an All I Want for Christmas duet.

Our thoughts:

  • We love Mariah. We really do, especially because her Dembabies website (featuring pics of her twins. Not those ones, jeez) makes us gooey, but does she really need to spend every December in a Mrs Santa costume that would make anybody's chimney look obscene?
  • Enough of the shameless Nintendo promotion already. 
  • They really got their money's worth out of Bieber. In certain parts of this video, he looks so overcome by Christmas emotion that he might soil himself. To be fair, if Mariah winked at us like that we'd be quite scared too.
  • We probably will dance to this with our nan after way to many sherries on Christmas Day. Don't judge.

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