Is this Harry Styles in the nuddy?


A skinny naked man purporting to be One Direction's Harry Styles has taken a dodgy photo of himself in a rather nice bathroom and posted it all over the interpipe.

As yet no-one really knows whether it is Harry (damn you phone flash) but this is what we do know:

1. It's a boy.

2. He has big hair and dog tags but isn't Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

3. We're not aroused.   

Don't you find it weird that only Harry's mum and a woman old enough to be his mum can solve this mystery?

This reminds us of the time that we saw a bit too much of Dappy and his hat...

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Is this Harry Styles in the nuddy? - Comments

  • Pam

    yes it is him, it's x factor bathroom and the necklace is the same that he has

  • Mjtmscea

    i don't think it's him... i don't see his "four nipples" :P

  • Isabel Hidalgo

    It is nott Harry because he has a tattoo on is inner right arm and as u can see there is no tattoo Harry is not the one in the reviling picture he is not guilty

  • Isabel Hidalgo

    it is not harry i dont think he would do that and all u people need to stop being mean to him he is a person too how would you like it if people saw a nude pic of someone and thought it was you Love Isabel Hidalgo Or Emillinna on

  • Isabel Hidalgo

     im also known a Harry Styles love

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