Kate Middleton looked perfectly relaxed throughout her very first public address at The Duchess of Cambridge. She visited The Treehouse hospice in Ipswich wearing her colour of choice - a classic navy (a dress borrowed from her mum, sorry Kate Middleton style grabbers), Middleton spoke for three around three minutes, talking about the hospice being inspirational and apologising that Prince William couldn't be there with her.

"When I first visited the hospice in Milton, I had a pre-conceived idea as to what to expect. Far from being a clinical, depressing place for sick children, it was a home. Most importantly, it was a family home, a happy place of stability, support and care. It was a place of fun."

"Today I have seen again that the Treehouse is all about family and fun. For many, this is a home from home - a lifeline, enabling families to live as normally as possible during a very precious period of time."

"What you do is inspirational, it is a shining example of the support and the care that is delivered, not just here, but in the children's hospice movement at large, up and down the country. The feelings you inspire - feelings of love and of hope - offer a chance to families to live a life they never thought could be possible."

While it might be a little crass to compare The Duchess of Cambridge to the late Princess of Wales, what's becoming clear is that Kate is using her influence to help good causes that she believes in. It's not often we see snaps of her coming out of Mahiki and hot London clubs these days, instead she's using her powers for good. And frankly, she's knocking it out of the park.

One more thing: How do we get our hair that bouncy? We really want swishy princess hair.