Kate Moss is Absolutely Fabulous

It's the clip we've all been waiting for. Supermodel Kate Moss in her cameo for Absolutely Fabulous. Raising money in aid of BBC Sport Relief, the supermodel stars alongside the never-aging Joanna Lumley who plays Patsy. Stella McCartney is back and becoming something of an Ab Fab regular these days. The most fashionable comedy on the telly is going to go down a storm when it airs on BBC1 on Friday night.

We can't help thinking that Kate Moss needs to do something like this every now and again. Gorgeous she might be, fabulously dressed she certainly is. But is she funny? Not really. She's done a comedy skit for the BBC before - back in 2006 when she played Vicky Pollard's twin sister. We might like swooning over Kate in the ads, but she doesn't make herself very personable, does she? Doing sketches like this certainly helps her image.

The rest of the show is set to be absolutely fabulous and we're always happy to have Joanna Lumley or "Pats" on our screens. Her having a pop at Kate for 'getting around a bit' is going to go down a treat and we can't wait to see the rest of the episode. Frankly, we'd love to see Pats back on our screens full-time.

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