Made in Chelsea returns, April 2nd

It's back! Made in Chelsea is probably the most addictive show on TV and Series 3 hits our screens on April 2nd. E4 has had us caring about the rich and privileged kiddies since episode one and we'll be honest, we still don't really know why.

Yep, we want to see Rosie's scheming and laugh at adorable Mark Francis for being the most ridiculous man on the telly. We love the love each other/hate each other romance between Millie and Hugo (when we left the end of series two things weren't rosy at all). Caggie and Spencer hooked up, but the chances of that going smoothly are slim to none. And that's why we have to watch. We must know what happens next.

Our bets are on Ceska and Ollie having an accidental drunken snog, Francis making a fool out of himself for a woman who thinks he's 'a nice guy' (when actually we find him a bit creepy) and Caggie and Millie will be messing up their love lives but doing very pretty crying. Our inexplicable crush on Hugo will continue to grow and we'll wish they'd axe Jamie. Oh, and the outfits. Oh yes, the fabulous outfits.

If you can't wait, watch the latest trailer which annoyingly implies all sorts but reveals nothing (damn you, E4). We can't wait.

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