One Direction fancy the Kardashians


Harry Styles has got a bit of a thing for Kim Kardashian, it would seem. Despite there being a 13 year difference between him and Kim, Harry is smitten and asked the reality TV star out. Using... a Post It note. Honestly, that's not the most romantic way to ask someone out, Harry. Not even if you're in One Direction.

To give them their dues, One Direction are currently storming the US. And they're attractive boys. But they're still just boys, aren't they? If Kim and Harry actually did get hitched (once she's divorced, she is really dragging her heels about that), it would be illegal for him to drink at his own stag do. He might be cute, but she's more than a little out of his league, isn't she? They're not a band to be put off by a little thing like age and bandmate Niall has also been having a bit of a flirt with Khloe over Twitter.


The age difference hasn't stopped the cheeky singer having a bit of a punt and he asked the reality star out while on US radio, with a Post It that said 'call me, maybe? ;-)'

Somehow we don't think Kim dates sweet boys who use smileys, but we could be wrong.

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