Robbie Williams announced in a blog post on today that he's going to be a dad! Awwww!

His blog post reads:

"Hey friendlies,

I've been keeping a secret from you all...

My and Ayda are going to be mummy and daddy this year!!!!!!

We had sex!

It works!"

Oh, it's all so adorable. They've 'seen scans and cried' and Robbie has said that he's 'in love with a little person growing inside Mummie's belly. Could he be any cuter?

Robbie is 38 now, and has been married to actress Ayda Field for two years. They married at their Beverley Hills mansion and Robbie said then that she was the girl who taught him to love again.

Anyone else hoping it's a boy so he can start the world's tiniest boy band?