Titanic Song makes Kate Winslet 'want to throw up' (us too)


It's arguably the most famous movie soundtrack in the world. You only have to hear three notes of Celine Dion's 'My heart will go on' before you're downing a bottle of white wine and screeching into a karaoke mic (just us?)

But Kate Winslet hates it. She told MTV News that the song makes her want to throw up. "No, I shouldn't say that. No, actually I do feel like throwing up. She said. "I have to sit there straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll."

We can see Kate's point - the song goes on for what feels like YEARS. And it's amazing to think that Titanic first hit our screens 15 years ago.

But let's not forget, that Kate, love, this film pretty much launched your career. That song basically helped make the film a hit. It's made you millions.

It's not just the song that Kate's got a bee in her bonnet about. It's boats. She can't get on a boat without someone making a joke (well, you would, wouldn't you?) How many boats do you get on in your day to day life, Ms Winslet? Four before lunch, tops.

We don't want to make Kate throw up (especially not when she looked so lovely in Jenny Packham at the Titanic 3D premiere), but we can't help think she's having a bit of a moan about nothing. So here's the video to the song that she hates so much:

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Titanic Song makes Kate Winslet 'want to throw up' (us too) - Comments

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