Is The Voice too harsh? Dermot O'Leary thinks so


Surprise surprise, Dermot O'Leary is being critical of The Voice. There was always going be a little bit of rivalry between The Voice on the BBC and ITV's X Factor, but now Dermot has spoken out against the BBC talent show and said that he thinks for the format is damaging.

If you haven't seen the show (because you live under a rock with bad TV reception?), the judges don't actually look at the contestants. Jessie J,Tom Jones and The Bloke From The Script turn around if they like what they here. The BBC say it's so they're not biased on how someone looks, but Dermot isn't so sure.

Talking to The Sun, O'Leary said "Everyone who goes on those shows does so to be judged and maybe an even harsher critique is someone not turning around."

Maybe he's right? Is not turning around for someone even harsher than having a pop at them? He's probably got a point, but it's a bit rich coming from someone who works on a show with some very bitchy judges.

That said, Dermot did go on to say he was enjoying X Factor having a little bit of competition. So are we, to be honest. But then we still miss Fame Academy. We should probably admit to ourselves that's never coming back to BBC1, shouldn't we?

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