We might not have been blown away with Cheryl Cole's Call My Name single, but we can't deny the catchiness of the track and we're still itching to get our mits on the album. Until then, we get to have a look at the shiny cover.

It's very... plain, isn't it? Is Cheryl trying to be a little more grown up and stripped back? We're used to a little more glitz. Everything (except the tattoo on display) seem to be just a little more refined than we're used to. Even she's said herself that she's grown in confidence and maturity.

And! Bonus Cheryl today. Hooray! We get a tracklist!

1. Under The Sun

2. Call My Name

3. Craziest Things

4. Girl In The Mirror

5. A Million Lights

6. Screw You

7. Love Killer

8. Ghetto Baby

9. Sexy Den A Mutha

10. Mechanics Of The Heart

11. All Is Fair

We waiting rather impatiently for this album release. We're massive fans and really want Cheryl to do well at her solo career. Will this be the album that cements her as solo royalty, or does she need the support of a band behind her? Time will tell, but we don't think she's beaten Fight For this Love.

What do you think of the album cover? Here's a video of Call My Name, we've found it works better in the sunshine. It's definitely a grower.