Alexandra Burke dumps Jermain Defoe!

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X Factor winner Alexandra Burke is single again after a friend let slip that she's dumped footballer Jermain Defoe. A friend of Burke's told The Sun that she's 'heartbroken but has ended it' and 'decided to move on with her life'.

Hardly surprising, since this is apparently the second time Defoe has cheated on her. First it was reported that he was sleeping with 23-year-old model Laura Brown, and now a nurse by the name of Kirsty Crummey has announced that she slept with the Spurs striker six weeks ago. The pair had apparently been seeing each other a year ago, and Defoe wanted to start things up again.

"I wasn't going to turn him down - I've never had a footballer like him show interest in me before. It was flattering but I know now he was just using me..He has hurt me so much. I just hope other girls reading this see him for what he is and don't fall into the same trap I did - and Alexandra Burke now knows what he's like. That's the only reason I've decided to speak out."

Ouch. We're not sure this is the best way to 'speak out', Kirsty. Sour grapes much?

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Alexandra Burke dumps Jermain Defoe! - Comments

  • Hannah Freeman1980

    Good call, horrible cheating footballers!

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