Chace loves Rodrigo: that's one Bromance we want to know more about!


The cast of What To Expect When You're Expecting hit London yesterday for the UK premiere of the film (which hits cinemas May 25th).

Chace Crawford (best known for playing Nate in Gossip Girl) spoke about babies and bromance, as he discussed his time in Atlanta working on the film.

"I thought my storyline was with Matt (Morrison), I was very disappointed!" He joked.

The ensemble nature of the film meant that a lot of the cast didn't really work together at all (all of Matthew Morrison's scenes were with Cameron Diaz, for example). But despite spending most of his on-screen time with Anna Kendrick, Chace did find time to bond with 'The Dudes' (see the trailer below) and gorgeous co-star Rodrigo Santoro.

Apparently Chace and the Brazilian actor had a bit of a bromance going on, heading out for dinner together to 'bond' during filming.

Anna Kendrick teased him about it, but who can blame Chace for wanting to spend time with Rodrigo - most of us have been in love with him since his turn as Karl in Love, Actually. Can you believe that was almost ten years ago?

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Chace loves Rodrigo: that's one Bromance we want to know more about! - Comments

  • Hannah Freeman1980

    Rodrigo - definitely my top choice of baby daddy!

  •  Me too! So gorgeous.

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