Cheryl Cole 'isn't very intelligent'

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Simon Cowell's biography writer really doesn't think much of Cheryl Cole. It wasn't enough to publish Simon Cowell's sex fantasies about her, Tom Bower just isn't done have a go at her.

Bower had spent time with her while she was on American X Factor. "I was sitting next to Simon the whole time during X Factor US and I immediately knew that Cheryl Cole wasn't working."

"I flew with him from LA to New York and even before that he'd asked me what I thought about her and I'd said: 'She's not working and Steve Jones is even worse'."

The writer of Simon's (officially unauthorised, but actually authorised quite a lot) biography, Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell has also had a pop at Cheryl's intelligence.

"I'd sit with Cheryl at mealtimes and, in my opinion, her real problem is she's not very intelligent."


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