Geri Halliwell makes an entrance at the X Factor auditions!


If there was any doubt at all, all future X Factor attention must be on Geri Halliwell. She's the first new judge of the next series and she's going to make sure all eyes are on her!

Her attention-grabbing stunts have already started and it's only day one of auditions! She decided that the very best way to get everyone looking at her, rather than fellow judge Tulisa, was to climb out of a car window grab the tannoy and shout to fans of the show from the roof.

It probably would have been a lot easier had she rehearsed the stunt. Or thought to wear something other than a teeny lace dress an high heels.

We get it, Geri. We're paying attention.

It's unlikely that we'll be seeing Geri for the entire series. After Dannii Minogue pulled out of negotiations for her to rejoin the show (well, wouldn't you?!), the show's producers decided that a number of stand-in judges was the best option. We think that's TV talk for 'we can't find anyone who's free at such short notice'. Except Geri. Who was booed by the X Factor audience when she was on the judging panel in 2010.

So who else is in the line-up? Rumours include Robbie Williams making an appearance and maybe even Gwen Stefani. They probably won't have to climb through a car window to get attention.

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Geri Halliwell makes an entrance at the X Factor auditions! - Comments

  • Hannah Freeman1980

    Geri eat something girl-God she looks hungry!

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