Holly Willoughby can handle her drink!


Now, we're not against a drink or two, but we're impressed with Holly Willoughby's ability to knock it back! It all started out as a bit of a joke on Alan Carr's Chatty Man (when did this become the funny chat show everyone was talking about? Move over Graham Norton). Holly and Phil appeared on the show and she mentioned that she didn't get a hangover after drinking agave tequila at Keith Lemon's birthday.

"I don't know how it works but we were drinking this, and I was taking a risk because it was a school night, but I drank from 1.30 until 9.30pm and I wasn't hungover the next day.

"The most important thing is it has to be 100% de agave which translates that you don't get hungover."


So they drank, and drank and drank until the bottle was empty. Phillip then posted the photo of a passed out Holly on Twitter as part of their little tequila experiment. Holly then admitted the photograph was staged and she apparently woke up hangover free and her usual radiant self - even with her early morning start.

That's some very special tequila.

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