Is Made in Chelsea's Spencer becoming the most hated man on TV?

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Made in Chelsea is the only thing that makes Mondays enjoyable, but we've been finding ourselves yelling at our telly screens a little too much this series. Spencer Matthews, is being a very naughty boy and we don't like it.

He's already had a slap on the wrist for allegedly doing cocaine at a party, but it's his dalliances on screen that we're not particularly fond of. He's gone from being all adorably confused about the lovely ladies in his life to treating his friends horribly and dragging lovely Louise down with him.

Frankly, we're not liking him at all right now. It was inevitable that something was going to happen between him and Louise in last night's episode - they were in Dubai, Jamie was in London playing badminton. Spencer, the soul of discretion relished in telling everyone that they 'hooked up' and Twitter was so outraged that "poor jamie" soon started trending.

Poor Jamie indeed! And silly Louise for that matter (that wasn't a trending topic, but it should have been - Spencer will drop her as soon as Caggie comes back).

It seems that while Hugo is all loved up with The Most Boring Girl Ever Natalie, the show needed a new love rat and the producers have made Spencer that guy. Alas, without his sparring partner Caggie alongside him, he doesn't have the class to pull this off. Instead he's just becoming quite mean. A couple more episodes of this, and we're not sure he'll have any fans left, on or off the show. He definitely won't have a girlfriend - he's running out of options in that department.

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