Is Spencer Matthews single again?

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There's just one episode of Made in Chelsea left and call us cynics but we don't think Spencer and Louise's relationship is going to be in tact by the end of it. The cheeky chappy has signed up to be the next star of reality love show The Bachelor.

Erm, Spencer... you're not actually a bachelor. Sneaky cheater and romantic love rat, perhaps. But a bachelor? Nope. You've definitely got a girlfriend.

Do you remember the last series of The Bachelor? It was pretty embarrassing for everyone involved. Gavin Henson (yes, he was once hitched to Charlotte Church), basically auditioned ladies to be his girlfriend. Kissing lots of them in the process. What did Spencer have to say about his part in the show?

"After much consideration, I truly believe that the time is right to look for, and hopefully find during the process of this series, someone with whom I can share a loving and meaningful relationship."

We're not totally certain that Louise has bagged herself a keeper.

If you watched last night's Made In Chelsea you'd have spotted Gabriella's terrible hair, lots of pointless catfighting and also a little snippet of Caggie coming back! Hooray! It looks like she's come to tell Spencer off for treating Jamie really badly. Is Spencer going to realise that he's done the wrong thing? We'd love to think so, but we actually think he's going to realise that Caggie is the love of his life and ditch Louise. Just as we expected - he was always going to treat Louise badly, wasn't he?

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