Is The Voice breaking?

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The Voice is having even more trouble this week as rating reports show that IVT's Britain's Got Talent had the higher viewing figures. But that's not what caused the BBC to get several complaints. People are angry that the 'live' results show isn't live at all, it's actually recorded after the Saturday show.

Look! Look at the audience not clapping during the judges chats!

Dubbed audience reactions and canned sound are chopped and edited together and it's obivous to everyone watching that the show is recorded. Yet the judges still tweet and talk about it as though it's live on air - Will.I.Am (the least charismatic judge ever), tweeted how difficult his decision was going to be. The decision that he'd already made the night before.

It's not the fact that the show is recorded that viewers seem to have the issue with - it's the pretense that it's still live. That's just telling fibs. The show lost a million viewers for the results show, Holly is struggling and the show isn't exactly the X Factor/BGT rival the BBC had hoped for, it's not even close. Even Fame Adademy didn't do this badly.

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