Justin Bieber wanted by the police!


There's a headline we weren't expected to write today. Justin Bieber is wanted for questioning by the Los Angeles Police Department after an alleged fight with a photographer.

The perfectly-coiffed singer was on a date with girlfriend Selena Gomez in a shopping centre (awww, that's still where kids go on dates even when they're famous) and apparently Justin got more than a little feisty with a photographer snapping away at the couple. A shoe flung off and everything. A shoe! Oooh, drama!

The reporter went to hospital for his injuries which were apparently caused by Justin. And his shoe.

Bieber and Gomez fled the scene before police arrived left to get some sweets (sorry, it's hardly a case for CSI, is it?) so police want to have a little chat with the Boyfriend singer about what happened.

We think he just needs to tie his laces a little bit better.

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