Made in Chelsea update: How long will Louise and Spencer last?

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Last night's Made In Chelsea was full of drama and bitching, woohoo! Here's a quick run down to get you up to speed (SPOILER ALERT).

Jamie yelled at Spencer and Louise and even had a bit of a cry. Louise can't fake cry in the slightest. Spencer didn't cry. Spencer is a robot with a heart of stone.

Everyone went to a spa to 'be there for Louise' (why, exactly?) Everyone had fights and there was lots of bitching. Cheska was there, no one really knows why. Rosie and Victoria made trouble. Millie made everything about her and then left in a sulk. She's very dull when she has no boy in the show.

Then Louise came back, talked to Jamie without apologising and then ran off into Spencer's arms. For goodness sake, lady! Are you mad?! He is going to drop you the very second Caggie gets back to Chelsea. That boy has never settled down for more than ten minutes.

Is Caggie coming back any time soon? She's about the only thing that can rescue this storyline. Otherwise the producers are going to have to do their best to convince us that Hugo and Spencer are both all loved up. No one is really going to believe that, are they?

So what's in store for next week? More bitching, more boring Natalie (and a little more from her sister who had a little thing with Spencer). It also looks like butter wouldn't melt Kimberly might get herself in a little bit of a pickle once her ex-boyfriend arrives on the arm of meddling Cheska.

We're hoping for a little more Mark Francis as well. He makes the show much more fun.

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