Made in Chelsea update: Stop meddling, Cheska!

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Cheska has gone from being one of our favourite characters on Made In Chelsea to being almost as bad as Rosie with her sneaky meddling. We saw a little bit of it last week, when she poked her nose into everyone's business at the spa and she's not quite done yet.

She's still got a little bit of a thing for Richard (despite the fact that his hair resembles that of a Golden Retriever), which means she must meddle meddle meddle. The thing is, after she meddled with him and Gabby, watching her do it again is getting a little bit old. Jealousy isn't pretty, Cheska.

We don't like Kimberly, she's blatantly telling fibs and lies, but right now we are liking Cheska much less.

After finding out that Kimberly had been dating a friend of Binky's until very recently, she turned up with Diego on her arm at Jamie's Scottish themed party (basically an excuse for the producers to fill time with kilt comedy). There isn't much in the way of good acting in MIC, but Kimberly does an excellent shocked face.

'I've not been so well since you left in the middle of the night,' Diego pined. 'When I left that evening you told me that you loved me.'

According to Cheska he deserves to have closure! He deserves to say his piece! Oh, love, this isn't going to get you the guy.

Queue lots of drama and shouting and flouncing off. Then a bit later, Richard yelling at everyone and Kimberly doing the WORST fake crying ever (yes, worse than Louise's last week). The crying stopped the very second Richard suggested they went to Italy to 'get away from it all'. Oh, the stress of life in general must be so hard in Chelsea.

Anything else happen? Well Spencer and Jamie seemed to make up (yeah, we were shocked by that as well) and Hugo tried to get Rosie and Millie talking again by playing therapist. They nearly killed each other, but we're getting a little bit bored of these two now. Millie isn't fun anymore.

Spencer bought some perfume for Louise. He asked someone he'd slept with to help him choose it. She schemed and told him that lavender was sexy, and we all know that's a fib. All of the girls like their meddling, don't they?

Not nearly enough of the two Ollie's in this episode and we're still missing Caggie. Binky is being the most entertaining because she seems the most normal out of this bonkers lot, despite being called Binky. We'd like more interesting storylines for her, please.

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