Simon Cowell has another pop at The Voice

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Simon Cowell has had another pop at BBC talent show The Voice, suggesting that it's just a rip off of X Factor. Talking to BBC Radio Four, he said "I see a lot of shows trying to rip us off and you can't do that. If you try and rip somebody off it always looks like a bad copy."

And he didn't stop there. When pushed about whether or not he was talking about The Voice, he twisted the knife a little further.

"That show puzzles me because it starts off by saying 'right it's all about the voice' so my first thought is why is this not on radio? What's the point of looking at them?"

And he's still not done! He carried on saying that The Voice was basically the same show. "They've got dancers behind them, they've got graphics, lights, same show."

Yep, it's all about dancers and graphics.

We get it, Simon. X Factor is the best talent show on TV ever ever ever. Except when you're doing Britain's Got Talent, obviously.

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