April 2, 2011 9:08 PM

Britney Spears dubbed a puppet

Britney SpearsBritney Spears has been labelled as being nothing more than a puppet.

A source, who claims to have been close to the star, told The Mirror: "She was basically like a puppet who would be told do this, do that, and then be asked to sit down again. It was sad."

They added: ""Everything else, from the writing of the lyrics and the music, to the putting the record together and co-ordinating the dance routines, is done by someone else."

Now, we don't want to slam Brit too much, buuuutttt...are we the only ones that aren't overly shocked by this 'news'? No, we didn't think so.

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June 30, 2010 2:45 PM

Is Britney Spears an unfit mother?

Thumbnail image for britney-spears.jpgBritney Spears has had a nice time of it in the press (relatively speaking) for a while now. Too good it would seem as now, the ol' muck raking is back in action. This time, she's being accused of being an unfit mother by one of her former bodyguards. That's not very nice is it? According to New, Spears's former bodyguard Fernando Flores has accused the singer of beating one of her children with a belt and giving them both foods they were allergic to. If that's true, that's not-nicerer.

A source revealed: "[Flores] claims the first really shocking incident was when she came marching into the pool house at her mansion and demanded his belt.

"He handed it over but then followed her into the main house and claims he witnessed the alleged incident."

The singer has strongly denied the accusations, after Flores also claimed that she had sexually harassed him.

Child protection agency workers have been unable to question Spears about the allegations, as the singer had already left home for a trip to Los Angeles.

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May 25, 2010 4:03 PM

Britney Spears and Robbie Williams to duet?

britney-spears.jpgBritney Spears has revealed on Twitter that she would love to collaborate with Robbie Williams. God bless Twitter! Yep, the world's favourite pop-star (please note, this view can change to Beyonce, GaGa or Rihanna at the drop of a hat... but it's Britney for now, okay?) admitted her desire to work with the former Take That warbler during a question and answer session on the social networking site.

"If you could duet with any artist who would it be? [I] would love to do a duet with Robbie Williams," she wrote.

Spears also revealed that her favourite track from her back catalogue is 'Toxic', that her favourite cities are New York and London and that her three items on a desert island would be "boots, water and my CD collection".

She confessed that she is a fan of the TV series Glee, that her favourite Sex And The City character is Carrie and that her favourite thing to do with her sons is to "take [them] on car drives, and sing songs to them about Mary Poppins that I make up".

Sadly, she did not answer our pleas for our collective hand in marriage. We await her answer/court order.

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January 8, 2010 1:53 PM

Is Britney Spears being cheated on?

britney-spears.jpgBritney Spears doesn't seem to have too much luck with men does she? Apparently, Britters is said to be "furious" with latest boyfriend, Jason Trawick, after claims that he's cheated on her. Reports suggest that the couple are on a trial split after Spears heard that Trawick had flirted with other women as he spent time at LA's Roger Room bar. Sorry? Roger Room? What kind of a club is that? Anyway, the less punning, the better...

Fellow patron Ella Davis, who is said to have witnessed Trawick's alleged behaviour, commented: "Jason left the bar with two bottles of water - and a stunning girl who looked like Britney did five years ago. He had his arms around her and they looked extremely comfortable in each other's company."

Meanwhile, a source close to Spears is quoted as saying: "This isn't the first time Britney has been let down by the man in her life. LA is a small town for those in the know and Jason's antics didn't take long to filter through to her.

"When she heard he'd been caught canoodling with two girls in the Roger Room, it was the last straw. She was absolutely gutted and feels betrayed."

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November 16, 2009 2:39 PM

Belle de Jour reveals identity

belle.jpgBelle de Jour has revealed her identity as developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology specialist Dr Brooke Magnanti. Hands up if you guessed that outcome? The Bristol research scientist, whose web diary of her second career as a call girl became a series of books and ITV show starring Billie Piper, made the revelation in an interview with The Times. Magnanti said: "It was time. I've felt so much guardedness and paranoia about remaining anonymous recently. It's really been playing with my emotions."

She continued: "Now I just really want to be on the other side of this. I don't mind what happens about coming out; I don't want this massive secret over me anymore. It's changing the way I behave around people, the way I conduct my life."

On her blog, she added: "Belle will always be a part of me. She doesn't belong in a little box, but as a fully acknowledged side of a real person.

"The non-Belle part of my life isn't the only 'real' bit, it's ALL real. Belle and the person who wrote her had been apart too long. I had to bring them back together."

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June 15, 2009 3:33 PM

Britney to hire entire resort!

Britney-spears3Britney Spears is reportedly planning to hire an entire resort in Thailand in order to relax following the European leg of her world tour. According to newspaper, The Sun, the 'Circus' star has agreed to pay £180,000 to exclusively rent the Sila Evason hotel in Koh Samui for a week. It is thought that she will treat her backing dancers and most important staff to an all-expenses paid vacation to celebrate the success of her live spectacular in Europe. Spears's ex-husband Kevin Federline, who has been accompanying their two sons during her recent jaunt in London, has also been invited with his girlfriend Victoria Prince. Aww. That's nice isn't it?

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June 2, 2009 4:36 PM

Spears and the raunchy London parties

Britney-spearsBritney Spears is apparently planning on having a string of raunchy parties during her stay in London. The 'Circus' singer is scheduled to play her first UK concert in five years tomorrow night as part of an eight-date residency at London's O2 arena. According to The Sun, the singer will celebrate her performances each night at the nearby IndigO2 club, which will host an array of naked acrobats, topless burlesque entertainers and dancing dwarves.

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March 31, 2009 3:21 PM

Britney 'threatened' by father

Britney_spearsBritney Spears has reportedly asked to have her father removed as conservator of her estate. The singer has allegedly left a voice message with lawyers claiming that Jamie Spears had threatened to take her children away from her. A recording, in which the female voice identifies herself as "Britney Spears", has appeared online and is said to have been made on January 21.

"Hi, my name's Britney Spears. I called you earlier," she says. "I'm calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship, my father has threatened me several times that, you know, he'll take my children away. "I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process and that you guys are taking care of everything, that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That's it. Bye." Jamie Spears was given conservatorship last year after the 'Circus' singer was hospitalised when it became apparent that her mental health was deteriorating.

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February 25, 2009 4:06 PM

TV magician speaks of Spears tour secrets

Britney-spearsThe conjurer hired to provide the magic for Britney Spears' forthcoming world tour (which I really want to go to!) has given fans a glimpse of what to expect. Illusionist Ed Alonzo, who has previously appeared on Saved By The Bell, promised E! Online that 'The Circus Starring Britney Spears' will be an "amazing concert" experience.

"We're going to be doing the classics of magic but a little high-tech," he explained. "We'll be doing a little dissection, transposition, a vanish, an appearance. There are some complicated things... but because she's a dancer, it really makes sense to put her in the magic, and it works and she's really really good at it. Some of it's pretty scary but she gets right in there with no reservations."

He added that Spears will be performing "the best music... that people have loved over the years" and "brand new favourites from the new album". Describing the three-ring, circus-inspired set, he said: "[It is] exactly what you would see in a big giant Vegas production show."

Spears kicks off her tour in March and comes to England in June.

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December 11, 2008 2:45 PM

Britney stage show to dramatise her breakdown

Britney_spears_04 Britney Spears' upcoming world tour will depict her breakdown and eventual road to recovery, according to The Sun. An insider has revealed that the show will be split into three parts, each depicting a stage in Spears's life over the past two years.

"The first act sees the miserable star run away to join the circus," the source is quoted as saying. "This mirrors her slide into unhinged behaviour. Her disturbing antics while suffering her meltdown are the focus of the second act, which takes place in the circus. Brit is seen having fun in this crazy world and falling in love with a circus freak.

"The final act focuses on Britney’s salvation. She manages to prise herself away from the clutches of the circus to be reunited with her friends and family." The finale will feature the singer emerging from the end of a rainbow after an indoor thunderstorm.

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October 15, 2008 2:53 PM

Britney Spears: The movie

Britney2 Britney Spears' mother Lynne is to make her controversial memoir 'Through The Storm' - which details Britney's troubled life - into a movie.

Britney Spears' mother is to make her controversial memoir into a movie.

Lynne Spears is in talks with Hollywood studios who are desperate to win the rights to her tell-all book 'Through The Storm' - which details Britney's recent troubles and her other daughter Jamie Lynn's teen pregnancy.

A source said: "Lynne's pitching the book around to studios. She even says she wants Julia Roberts to play her. It's insane!

Britney is reportedly furious at the plans - which could see 'The House Bunny' star Anna Faris play her - and has accused her mother of cashing in on her problems.

The 'Womanizer' singer, who is set to start promoting her new album 'Circus', is said to be on the verge of disowning her mother because of the proposed film.

The source added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney is telling friends, 'That woman doesn't even seem like my mother any more. She was overheard saying, 'She will do anything to get herself more famous and make more money off my name. It's just unreal. If I could cut her out my life completely, I would.' "

In the book, Lynne claims Britney began drinking alcohol at 13, lost her virginity at 14 and first took drugs at 15.

It also covers her failed marriage to Kevin Federline - with who she has two sons, Sean Preston, three, and Jayden James, two - and gives the lowdown on her breakdown earlier this year which saw her sectioned and lose visitation rights to her children.

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October 10, 2008 6:12 PM

Britney Spears' tell-all interview

Britney Britney Spears will candidly discuss her troubled year for the first time in a 90-minute documentary, tentatively titled 'For the Record', for MTV.

Britney Spears will candidly discuss her troubled year for the first time in a new MTV documentary.

The 90-minute film, tentatively titled 'For the Record', sees the 26-year-old star discuss her public meltdown ahead of the release of her new album 'Circus'.

Britney said: "So much has gone on over the last couple of years and there's a lot that people don't know about me that I want them to know.

"I wanted to make this film because I started to feel like I wasn't being seen in the light that I wanted to be seen in. This is an opportunity to set the record straight and talk about what I've been through and where I'm headed."

In a clip from the documentary, set to air on MTV in America at 10pm on November 30 - two days before the release of 'Circus' - Britney is seen pondering her past.

She says: "I sit there and I'll look back and I'm like, 'I'm a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?' I've been through a lot in the past two or three years, and there's a lot that people don't know.

"Sometimes I think I get kind of lonely because you don't open the gate up that much, you know I mean? You're guarded. You have to be that way, so I'm kind of stuck in this place and it's like, 'How do you deal?' And you just cope, and that's what I do. I just cope with it, every day."

This is not the first time Britney has appeared in a documentary.

She also starred in 'Britney and Kevin: Chaotic' alongside ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2005.

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October 9, 2008 3:34 PM

Lynne Spears' 'good' Federline

Kevinfederline Britney Spears' mother Lynne has revealed she still has a soft spot for her daughter's ex-husband Kevin Federline, saying he has been "good" to her.

Britney Spears' mother Lynne still has a soft spot for her daughter's ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Lynne - who has penned a book about raising Britney and her younger sister Jamie Lynn entitled 'Through the Storm' - insists despite Britney and Kevin's bitter divorce and custody battle over their two sons, she still thinks highly of her former son-in-law.

Speaking on US TV show 'The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet', the 53-year-old beauty explained: "I do like Kevin. He's been good to us.

"He has included Jamie and I. He could have been a real pill about a lot of things, but he wasn't. He worked with us, and I think he's tried to make things good for the boys."

Meanwhile, a representative for Lynne's youngest child Jamie Lynn, 17, has denied reports the teenager is expecting her second child, insisting "she is not pregnant".

Jamie Lynn gave birth to daughter Maddie Briann, her first child with fiance Casey Aldridge, in June.

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October 1, 2008 1:27 PM

Britney Spears' sex tape bid

BritneyBritney Spears is set to bid for her own sex tape, currently being touted by ex-lover Adnan Ghalib for £5 million.

Britney Spears is set to bid for her own sex tape.

Ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, 35, is said to be touting the alleged X-rated footage - which reportedly features a naked Britney wearing a pink wig and engaged in various sex acts - for £5 million to several adult websites.

The 'Womanizer' singer is reportedly desperate to get hold of the tape, and is prepared to pay "whatever it costs" to protect her reputation and keep the tape out of the public eye.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney's lawyers have been working overtime. They've been told to do whatever it takes to stop the video making it onto the internet."

However, a source close to Britney has denied the sex tape exists outright, saying: "Ghalib's story is completely false."

Rumours of the footage first surfaced in May, when paparazzi photographer Adnan reportedly first tried to sell a two-hour tape - said to include Britney stripping, a long session of foreplay and twenty minutes of full sex between Britney and Adnan.

The tape was reportedly made while the couple holidayed in Mexico in January, just before Britney's public meltdown which saw her hospitalised twice for mental health related issues.

X-rated footage of Britney and ex-husband Kevin Federline also reportedly exists but has never been released to the public, although a fake clip of a Britney look-a-like performing oral sex surfaced earlier this year.

Britney is currently riding high after a successful comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards where she scooped three prizes.

She has also announced she will be embarking on a world tour next year, in support of forthcoming album 'Circus', released on December 2.

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September 26, 2008 2:54 PM

Britney Spears' video straddle

Britney 'Toxic' singer Britney Spears straddles a suited man before passionately kissing him in the video for her new single 'Womanizer', which was shot this week.

Britney Spears straddles a man before passionately kissing him in her new music video.

The star - who is set for an eagerly anticipated comeback following her public meltdown - wears tight leather trousers, fake tattoos and a black wig in the promo for 'Womanizer', which she shot this week.

The 26-year-old will also be seen lying seductively across a kitchen counter before provocatively sucking on cherries and brandishing a whip at a suited man, who is restrained by a giant snake.

One onlooker says the singer was taking the shoot very seriously, adding: "Britney seems to be all business. She'd just do one thing after another and then on to the next."

The star managed to find time for a break during the filming - which took place at the Elevate Lounge restaurant in downtown Los Angeles - where she ate three pieces of cheese pizza for lunch.

'Womanizer' - which was leaked onto the internet earlier this week and is thought to have already been heard by thousands of fans - will feature on Britney's new album 'Circus', set for release in November.

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September 24, 2008 5:52 PM

Britney Spears to sell house

BritneyBritney Spears is selling her $7.9 million six-bedroom home in Malibu.

Britney Spears is selling her home for $7.9 million.

The troubled singer has lived in the six-bedroom six-bathroom home in Malibu for less than two years but has decided to put it on the market and find somewhere more private.

A source revealed: "Having more privacy and wide open spaces for her to raise her boys has been a goal for some time."

Because Britney's father Jamie is co-conservator of her estate, he had to get permission from the court to sell the 7,500 square foot hilltop property.

The listing for the property describes it as an "exquisite gated Italian Renaissance-inspired villa with three garages and a grand entrance foyer".

During her time in the house, Britney, 26, was rushed to hospital twice, including one incident which saw police forcibly enter the property after she allegedly refused to hand over her sons, Sean Preston, three, and Jayden James, two, to their father Kevin Federline.

Several police officers, fire engines, two ambulances and a police helicopter all appeared at the tumultuous scene.

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September 12, 2008 12:04 PM

Britney Spears' December comeback

Britney Britney Spears' record company are so impressed with her recovery they are bringing forward the release of her next album to December.

Britney Spears' new album is set to be rush-released in December.

After her successful appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) last Sunday (07.09.08), Britney's record company, RCA, are keen to capitalise on the star's recovery by rush releasing a new album.

The 26-year old singer's last effort, 2007s 'Blackout' was released during a turbulent period for the star, but she is now seen to have got her life back on track following her public breakdown at the beginning of this year.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "'Blackout' was released in the middle of Britney's meltdown and carried negative associations.

"It did OK but wasn't as big as her previous releases. Label chiefs vowed her private life would never be allowed to overshadow her career again.

"However, they've been astonished by how well she's managed to piece her life back together."

Britney has been enjoying a period of remarkable productivity in the studio and has recorded several new songs which could feature on the proposed LP.

RCA are now keen to release a single in November and a new album in December, instead of the original 2009 planned release date.

Britney is being hailed as a comeback queen since appearing - but not performing - at the VMAs 2008, with a onepoll survey in the UK voting her return to form the 'greatest comeback ever'.

Britney was the biggest winner of the night, picking up three awards at the ceremony - Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and the prestigious Video of the Year prize, all for 'Piece of Me'. They are the first VMAs Britney has ever won.

The return is a marked contrast to Britney's disastrous performance at the same ceremony in 2007, where she appeared out of shape and distracted during a performance of her song 'Gimme More', which was later panned by critics.

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September 11, 2008 2:24 PM

Comeback queen Britney Spears

Britney Spears' recent MTV Video Music Awards appearance has been named the greatest comeback ever in a new poll, beating Take That and Kylie Minogue.

Britney Britney Spears' recent MTV Video Music Awards appearance has been named the greatest comeback ever.

The troubled singer picked up three awards at the ceremony last weekend and appeared healthy and relaxed - in stark contrast to a year ago when her shambolic performance at the same event saw her criticised for being out-of-shape and disorientated.

She beat boy band Take That - who split up in 1996 but returned in 2006 with a sell-out tour and chart-topping album - into second place and Kylie Minogue, who was recognised for overcoming breast cancer, into third.

John Sewell of Onepoll, who carried out the UK survey, said: "Brits love a success story and eight months ago it looked all over for Britney.

"In February we were gripped by reports she had been admitted to a psychiatric unit and yet she managed to put in a controlled, composed and glittering appearance at the MTV awards.

"We're now all hoping a chart-topping album will prove that Britney really is back on form."

In the past two years, 26-year-old Britney has gone into meltdown, suffering breakdowns, being hospitalised, divorcing Kevin Federline and losing custody of her two sons, Sean Preston, almost three, and Jayden James, 23 months, while her once-glittering career has floundered.

However, in recent months she has strived to turn her life around, regaining visitation rights to her children and getting back into shape.

Top 20 Big Returns:

1. Britney Spears

2. Take That

3. Kylie Minogue

4. John Travolta

5. Robert Downey Jr.

6. Robbie Williams

7. Frank Sinatra

8. Bon Jovi

9. Kate Moss

10. Spice Girls

11. Hugh Grant

12. Patsy Palmer

13. Jamie Lee Curtis

14. Jade Goody

15. Paul McCartney

16. New Kids On The Block

17. Jamie Theakston

18. Woody Allen

19. Angus Deayton

20. Michael Barrymore

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September 5, 2008 11:35 AM

Britney Spears' first love revealed

Troubled singer Britney Spears' first lover Reg Jones - who took the star's virginity when she was just 14 - has come forward after her mother Lynne's tell-all book outed him.

Britney Britney Spears' first lover has come forward.

Reg Jones, now 30, has been revealed as the man who the 'Gimme More' singer lost her virginity to at the age of 14.

The troubled star's mother Lynne outed him in her tell-all book 'Through The Storm' which claims the former high school American football star had sex with the singer when he was 17.

The jilted lover - who Britney dumped for 'SexyBack' singer Justin Timberlake - admits he still thinks of the pop star and keeps a picture of his ex wearing a black bra.

He is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "We were madly in love and Britney was very passionate. I'd often stay over at her house and we'd fool around like any young couple.

"Although there was a couple of years difference in our age, it didn't seem to matter.

"She was everything a boy could have wanted - great-looking, always laughing and liked by everyone.

"One time she called me from Los Angeles, saying, 'Guess who I've just beaten at ping-pong? Leo DiCaprio.' How do you compete with that?"

Lynne's book also reveals how Britney - who broke down in tears when she found out her most intimate secrets were to be published - took drugs at 15 and started drinking aged 13.

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September 4, 2008 2:54 PM

Britney Spears' wild teen years

Britney Britney Spears started drinking at 13, had sex at 14 and started taking drugs at age 15, according to her mother.

ritney Spears had sex at 14 and started taking drugs aged 15, according to her mother.

Lynne Spears' shocking revelations also include claims Britney began drinking at 13 and was introduced to drugs when she went to Los Angeles to record her first hit.

The 'Toxic' singer was even allegedly caught with cocaine and cannabis on a private jet when she was just 16.

Dispelling claims Britney lost her virginity to her former pop star boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Lynne says in her book 'Through the Storm' her daughter first had sex with an 18-year-old American football player while she attended her local high school in Kentwood, Louisiana, for a year before becoming a teen pop star.

Lynne admits she allowed Britney, aged 16, to sleep with Justin.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Lynne thought Britney was in love and Justin was good for her."

Lynne claims her daughter experimented with alcohol after joining Disney TV show 'The Mickey Mouse Club'.

Lynne - who has had a turbulent relationship with Britney since she split from ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2006 - admits in the memoir she regrets handing control of Britney's career over to her managers and allowing her to be promoted as a sex object at the age of 17 in the music promo for 'Baby One More Time'.

Lynne, 53, believes Britney's behaviour as a teenage star led to her public breakdown earlier this year, which involved her being put in a psychiatric hospital twice and losing custody of her two children, Sean Preston, almost three, and Jayden James, 23 months.

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August 20, 2008 11:41 AM

Britney Spears' revealing reality

Britney_2 Britney Spears is reportedly set to defy her family's wishes by starring in a new reality TV documentary focusing on her efforts to get her life and career back on track.

Britney Spears is reportedly set to star in a new reality TV show.

The troubled singer is set to defy the wishes of her family - including dad Jamie, who is co-conservator of her estate, and ex-husband Kevin Federline - to appear in the proposed fly-on-the-wall MTV documentary.

The proposed programme will focus on Britney's attempts to get her life and career back on track following her breakdown earlier this year.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney's dad is furious. He thinks it's a big mistake and doesn't want anything to do with it. But Britney thinks it will help her custody battle for her sons."

Britney's mother Lynne is said to be desperately trying to talk her daughter out of the show because she fears the 'Toxic' singer will use it as a platform to speak out before Lynne's tell-all book is published.

A worried friend of Britney - who has two sons Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, 23 months, with Kevin - said: "This could be the biggest car crash television moment of all time."

Britney has previously starred in an MTV reality show with Kevin, 'Britney and Kevin Chaotic' which aired in 2005.

It was cancelled after one season and mainly featured home videos the couple had made.

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August 19, 2008 11:47 AM

Britney Spears' legal fees

Britney Britney Spears' custody battle could cost her over $700,000 in legal fees.

Britney Spears' custody battle could cost her over $700,000.

The troubled singer's lengthy court process with ex-husband Kevin Federline to establish access rights to their sons, Sean Preston, two, and 23-month-old Jayden James, led to two law firms billing her a combined total of $466,000, court documents have revealed.

In addition, Britney, 26, also agreed to pay Kevin's legal fees, which amounted to around $250,000.

The largest bill comes from attorney Stacy D. Phillips, who claimed in court filings that she is owed nearly $407,000 for four months of work and says she has written off an additional $125,000 in fees.

The remainder of Britney's bill is for $60,000 for two months work from Laura Wasser who took over the case in June. She brokered the agreement between Britney and Kevin that saw him retain full custody while the singer has visitation rights.

Phillips claims the case was more complicated because Britney's father Jamie, as co-conservator of her estate, has control over Britney's affairs.

The payments have to be approved by the Los Angeles commissioner and lawyers for Britney and Jamie have indicated that they will contest the bill.

A hearing has been scheduled for September 16 to discuss the fee.

Britney and Kevin married in 2004 and their divorce was finalised last July. Under the terms of their divorce settlement, the singer currently pays her ex-husband $20,000 a month.

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August 13, 2008 12:24 PM

Britney Spears' normal sons

Britney Britney Spears is desperate for her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to have a "normal childhood" and doesn't want them to follow in her footsteps into the entertainment industry.

Britney Spears is desperate for her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to have a "normal childhood".

The 26-year-old singer - who is slowly getting her life back on track following a public breakdown earlier this year - says she would rather her children didn't go into the entertainment industry, after seeing how becoming a star at a young age can affect later life.

Britney, who shot to fame in Disney's 'The New Mickey Mouse Club' aged 11, said: "I would love them unconditionally if they wanted to, but I would just as soon they have a more normal childhood."

In her first official interview in over a year, Britney also revealed she found it "mind boggling" when she found out her younger sister Jamie Lynn, 17, was pregnant with her first child, Maddie Briann.

She told America's OK! magazine: "I was shocked a little bit. She's always been the baby, and now the baby was having a baby. It was mind-boggling. But I'm sure my boys will be like big brothers to Maddie."

Britney's father Jamie, who is co-conservator of the singer's estate and has legal authority of the 'Toxic' star's finances and affairs, also spoke for the first time about Britney's troubles.

He said: "God has a way of taking something bad and turning it into something. If this hadn't happened, I would never have been able to get back with my daughter and have this relationship I have with these two little boys."

'Gimme More' singer Britney also said she is determined to get her music career back on track, and hopes to release her new album in the next six to nine months.

Speaking about her new material, Britney said: "I think it is more urban. I'm writing every day, right here at the piano in this living room. This is my best work ever."

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August 11, 2008 3:38 PM

Britney Spears' Russell advert

Britney 'Toxic' singer Britney Spears and British comedian Russell Brand have filmed an advert together for this year's MTV Video Music Awards.

Britney Spears and Russell Brand have filmed an advert together for this year's MTV Video Music Awards.

The pair - who have both battled demons in the past, with Britney suffering a public breakdown and Russell overcoming a heroin addiction - are joined in the advert by a huge grey elephant which neither of them seem to notice.

The elephant's presence is a reference to the phrase 'The elephant in the room', which is used when someone pointedly ignores an embarrassing personal fact about their companion.

In the advert, British comedian Russell - who is hosting the awards - asks Britney for advice ahead of the ceremony, cheekily referring to her performance of 'Gimme More' at last year's event which was widely criticised.

Britney responds by pretending she has no idea who Russell is, calling him 'Russell Brown'.

Next, Russell conducts a mock-interview with the star, after which he concludes there is "sexual tension" between them.

Britney replied: "I didn't feel any tension."

The couple are also joined by rapper LL Cool J and rocker Pete Wentz in the clip, with LL Cool J calling the comedian 'Russell Bland'.

Russell has already told interviewers he is excited about the show, adding: "I'm planning to have lesbian kisses with Britney and Madonna individually. It's not going to be easy with my genitals, but God, I will try."

Britney is nominated for the Best Female award and Best Pop Video gong for 'Piece of Me' at the ceremony later this year.

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August 7, 2008 12:16 PM

Bette Midler's Britney blast

Bettemidler Music legend Bette Midler has blasted singers including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for not showing any "emotion" in their performances.

Bette Midler has blasted singers including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for not showing any "emotion" in their performances.

The musical legend - who is currently in Las Vegas completing her 'Showgirl Must Go On' residency - argues young stars need to put more depth into their shows.

She said: "They don't speak. They don't talk to their audience. They may say, 'Hello, New York' or 'Hello, Las Vegas,' in the beginning, and 'Thank you' in between songs, but they don't talk. They don't tell stories or take the time to make a connection, build a rapport. There's no emotion."

Bette also blamed music video channel MTV for encouraging people to lip-synch to their songs when performing 'live'.

She added to the New York Daily News: "Video really did kill the radio star. After MTV came along, people were seeing their favourite singers in videos, and suddenly there was a certain vision of a song - how it should sound, how it should look.

"Then in concert, there was no room for improvisation - everyone wanted an exact replica."

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August 6, 2008 12:30 PM

Killer lesbian Britney Spears

Britney Britney Spears is tipped to play a killer lesbian stripper who kills a man with her bare hands in the new Quentin Tarantino movie.

Britney Spears is set to play a killer lesbian stripper in Quentin Tarantino's next movie.

The troubled singer is Tarantino's first choice to play a deranged dancer called Varla in the remake of 1965 cult film 'Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!'.

A movie insider said: "Quentin is convinced Britney will be brilliant.

"Britney is delighted, she thinks it could turn her career and her life around. A successful film could help her get out of her current nightmare.

"It is perfect Tarantino material. He wanted to get Britney first. She's playing the most important character."

In the film, Varla - who was originally played by Tura Satana - leads a trio of violent strippers and kills a man with her bare hands.

Tarantino is now trying to persuade two other leading Hollywood beauties to sign up.

Britney is no stranger to same sex encounters.

At the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney took to the stage and enjoyed a passionate kiss with Madonna and Christina Aguilera.

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August 1, 2008 1:44 PM

Britney Spears' conservatorship extended

Britney_spears Britney Spears' father Jamie's conservatorship over the troubled singer has been extended until December 31, a court ruled yesterday.

Britney Spears' father Jamie's conservatorship has been extended until December 31.

Jamie - who was given legal authority of Britney's finances and affairs on February 1 after her public meltdown in January - will continue to control Britney's estate until the end of the year.

However, a progress review for the case has been set for October 28.

A source said: "The extension of the conservatorship was at the request and suggestion of Britney's doctors. They've indicated she's made great improvement, but it's a work in progress. Jamie Spears doesn't want the conservatorship to last a day longer than the doctors recommend."

It was recently revealed Britney has spent nearly $2.5 million on attorney fees in the last year alone.

The 26-year-old star has paid the staggering amount on battling ex-husband Kevin Federline for custody of the couple's two children, Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, 10 months, and paying Jamie for being her conservator.

Since he took charge of the singer's life, Jamie has reportedly received $37,500.

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July 17, 2008 2:51 PM

Britney and Justin to join Madonna

Madge_4 Madonna wants to reunite Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake onstage during her world tour.

The 49-year-old singer is reportedly trying to get the former lovers to join her on stage for her 'Sticky and Sweet' world tour.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Madonna is always trying to raise the bar and Britney and Justin on the same stage would be perfect."

Madonna is said to be hoping to convince Britney and Justin - who split in 2002 after four years together - to appear with her on the final US date of the tour in Miami, in November.

The source added: "They have both been asked but I think they are both a bit reluctant. Britney would find it all a bit emotional and Justin might not be interested. More likely is that they will both appear at different dates. But if anyone can make it happen it's Madonna."

Britney, 26, has already recorded a video segment to be screened on the tour.

Filmed in a lift, it shows her in a white vest getting hot and sweaty as she kicks and punches the walls. Madonna has also asked Britney to appear live with her as a surprise guest at some dates on the tour.

Justin, 27, was heavily involved with the making of Madonna's latest album 'Hard Candy', and Madonna has also asked him to duet with her during the tour.

Justin appears on her worldwide hit single '4 Minutes' from the new album and has writing credits on five of its tracks.

Madonna's 'Sticky and Sweet' world tour kicks off in Cardiff, Wales, on August 23, and takes in Europe, North America and Mexico.

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July 14, 2008 4:32 PM

Britney Spears' mom weekend

Britney_spears_mtv_awards Britney Spears spent the weekend with her mother Lynne in California, where the pair enjoyed various activities including shopping and going out for dinner.

The troubled 26-year-old singer - who is reportedly set to regain joint custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in a new arrangement with ex-husband Kevin Federline - enjoyed a shopping trip with her mother before going out to dinner at the nearby Bond St. restaurant.

A source at the eatery said: "They had a girls' dinner of salad, sushi rolls, and fish with two of Britney's friends. Britney walked in with a big smile and introduced her mom to the staff.

"She looked gorgeous, and I have never seen her in a better mood. She was laughing the whole time she was here. Britney seemed to have the best time hanging out with her mom and friends."

Lynn arrived in California on Wednesday (09.07.08), after spending time with Britney's sister Jamie Lynn, who recently gave birth to daughter Maddie Briann, her first child with fiance Casey Aldridge.

Meanwhile, Britney is reportedly "excited" about getting her career back on track, and has filmed a video segment for Madonna's upcoming 'Sticky and Sweet' tour.

A source said: "Britney is excited, but in a grown-up way. She has come a long way in the last year. Working with Madonna is a dream, but I think Britney feels like it's one she has earned."

Britney and Madonna reportedly appear together in the video wearing bandages which they will remove to reveal tiny bondage pants and knee-high boots.

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April 16, 2008 1:12 PM

Britney ready to fight for custody of her kids

E_britneyjayden_220Britney wants her kids back. Again? You ask. Yep, again. The fallen pop princess might not have control of her own purse strings (so if you wanna tap up the Spears clan for a loan, go see her pa Jamie), but she reckons she's ready to get back into the parenting saddle again. Oh goody!

Talking to America's OK! magazine, a friend of Brit's is desperate to paint the pop wreck as a good mother, insisting that she "wants her kids back and she will do everything in her power to make that goal a reality." Okay - steady on.

Britney is due back in court with her trusty dad next month in a bid to secure overnight visits with her two sons, Sean Preston, 2 and Jayden James, 19 months, with this leading to the possibility of her playing a more active role in their lives once more. Even her ex-husband Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is also looking to the positives: "Britney's progress over the last two months is good. No surprises, nothing to be alarmed about, and that's all very positive."

Recently matters seem to have thawed between Brit-Brit and K-Fed with rumours of a possible reconciliation, but a relative of his has more realistic goals. "It would be fantastic if they could become great friends again and could get together like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore did to show their kids how much they love them. I think both Brit and Kevin would be open to that eventually."

Yes, but can K-Fed run about in dirty vests and save the world from terrorists? I didn't think so.

[via OK! magazine]

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April 3, 2008 10:42 AM

Britney and ex Kevin Federline get closer

Brit_kfedIt's been a while since we caught up with the pop wreck that is Britney Spears here at Star Trip, but frankly we had been enjoying her keeping a low profile. That's not to say that she can't grab our attention when she wants to and this news about the Toxic star certainly had us pricking up our ears. Could a Britney/ K-Fed reunion be on the cards?

Last week, Kevin publicly admitted that he would always love his pop princess ex missus and now the separated pair looks set to spend some quality time together in a bid to reestablish bonds. A source close to the pair revealed: "They saw each other on Easter. That meeting went so well that Britney and Kevin have agreed to take a trip away from the glare of Hollywood to work on their relationship."

'Work on their relationship'? That's what couples that are only temporarily apart usually say, not those that have officially split. Regardless, it does all sound quite positive, even if just for the benefit of their two young sons. Sadly, re-uniting with K-Fed could be the best move for the troubled Britney – now there's something we thought we'd never say.

[via Female First]

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February 14, 2008 8:06 PM

Britney happy not to be a "full-time mum"

Britney_boys1All the Britney gossip might be concerned with her current flame Adnan Ghalib but her first husband Jason Alexander has been earning himself a few column inches with his new revelations about the troubled star. Talking to 'In Touch Weekly', Alexander reveals that the Gimme More singer no longer wants custody of her two sons. Britney married Alexander, her childhood chum for a whopping 55 hours before calling an end to the union, but this brief spell as Mr. Spears has provided Jason with an insight into a bizarre and crazy celebrity world of the fallen pop princess.

"She wants to see them (kids)," admits Alexander, "but she doesn't want to be a full-time mom. She said it doesn't matter if she doesn't get them back full-time, and that she can always have other kids later on". Such talk suggests that her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James must be better off with their father and Britney's second husband Kevin Federline, a viewpoint that Alexander shares: "I don't think she should have full custody because she needs to focus on her". He is keen to stress that Britney "misses" her children, and though we all hope that gets the treatment she needs to pull her life back together, the notion that her children are replaceable remains a worry.

[via Female First]

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January 31, 2008 3:22 PM

Forbes announce the Female Music Rich List

Madonna300 Forbes has announced their list of the highest paid female musicians Unsurprisingly Madonna is on top, and Britney is no where to be seen. Funny that. The top ten highest paid women in music are as follows:

1.) Madonna - £36million

2.) Barbra Streisand -

3.) Celine Dion - £22.6million

4.) Shakira - £19.2million

5.) Beyonce - £13.5million

6.) Gwen Stefani - £13million

7.) Christina Aguilera -

8.) Faith Hill - £9.5million

9.) Dixie Chicks - £9million

10.) Mariah Carey £6.5million

[via Dollymix ]

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January 21, 2008 12:50 PM

Weekend roundup-Kate likes to party and Jade is now thin..again

Kate_moss_orgy So what's been going on in the world of celebsville while you've been catching up on your beauty sleep? Shame on you for not paying more attention, but luckily you have us to keep your eye on the celeb pulse.

-The grimness that is Pete Doherty may be soon to be a father. Fresh faced 20 year old Laura Mclaughlin, Alex Fergusosn's god daughter says she lost her virginity to the Doherty and is now preggers. Ewww. I don't like to think what that porno flick is going to look like. The charming little lass told News of the World this story before she told dear Mum and dad.. that must have made great brekkie reading. Laura says about Pete, "His apathy has been traumatic for me. I wanted the baby to be as big a deal to him as it was to me. But it wasn't. One minute he is excited and telling me, ‘How good-looking is our baby going to be?' the next minute he's saying, ‘You deal with it'." [D-Listed ]

-Meanwhile while Doherty was issuing denials left right and center, his ex and sex goddess Kate Moss was reportedly involved in an all night orgy at her birthday party. the star, seen in a sexy star printed dress got down and dirty with two female models and a man to the sound of her boyfriends album. Ooh la la. Add to this just a large helping of the white stuff and it sounds like an exciting night. [Perez Hilton ]

-Jade Goody has worked off that kebab belly again, shedding 3 dress sizes and a tone in weight at an intensive 2 week bootcamp. "On my third day I burst into tears while abseiling and said I couldn't carry on. But everyone cheered me on and I ended up loving it so much I stayed for two weeks."
[Digital Spy ]

-Could Britney have dumped er brand new boyfriend, Adnan, already? We  doubt it. She hasn't spoken to him for like two days, that's' not over by any means. Adnan says, “All I can say is that I have not been in contact with Britney since early Friday morning. The reason being, that I have had to attend a family funeral in Santa Barbara.”[MTV ]

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January 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Britney loves Islam (ic boys) and there are celeb babies galore!

Nicolebaby1- Shock, horror, the Britney train wreck rolls on and she is spotted wearing the same dress twice. But this is no ordinary hideous leaopard print ensemble, no it's the very same dress she wore when she married Kevin Federline! She was spotted weraing it whilst outr with new boyf Adnan Ghalib and is reported to have said,  "We're taking care of each other. He's the only one who understands me. It's serious." Ghalibs family though say they'll never accept her unless she converts to Islam, sooo, it's a nice day for a mosque wedding?  [ Herlad Sun ]

-The Bill star Jeff Stewart speaks out about his wrist slashing incident Tuesday night. His explanation for this self harming behaviour was down to the shock he felt at having his contract terminated. "I love being an actor. My work as an actor is very important to me - it's my life, and the thought of this suddenly changing had an extremely serious effect on me." I doubt they'll be offering him work again now though. Condolences Jeff, feel better soon xx  [The Times ]

-Amy Winehouse had a new best bud (an no, we don't mean Mark Ronson again). She's been spotted out and about with none other than Kelly Osbourne, popping round for a quiet Sunday lunch. Ahh, bless. Amy does need cheering up with hubby in jail and her ex lover Ronson splashing her secrets all over the news. [Just Jared ]

-Its been a weekend of the baby birth with Xtina popping out a sweet baby boy, called Max Liron Bratman and Nicole Richie ejecting a little baby girl, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Why can't they call their kids better names, what's wrong with Kate or Lisa. Hellooo Harlow. Awww. She's so cute that all is forgiven. [Dlisted ]

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January 10, 2008 4:03 PM

Nobody wants nude pictures ofBritney and Dr Phil has somehting to say about Ms Spears


Hands up who finds the above picture slightly ironic? There's nothing like celebrating happy families when there's a restraining order against you or when your own doctor is making press releases about you mental health. Mmm hmm. Someone give her a break, it's not like she planned all this. Dr Phil McGraw has been very vocal about Spears's need for help, saying, "Somebody needs to step up and get this young woman into some quality care-and I do not apologize one whit, not one second, for trying to make that happen". I'm not sure she's seeing it that way, with his statement starting a barrage of letters from lawyers circulating around. Add to this a rumour of nude photos of Britney (more?) up for sale, and the sad singer is looking doleful.

Britney's been linked romantically to one of her photographers as well, who surprisingly now objects to being photographed and is complaining over the nudie pictures that are up for sale. The Spears family is in arms about this and the Dr speaking out about it as "he was not invited to make this part of a public display or part of the media".

Hmm, what about the lil 16 year old with a bun in the oven? Mrs Spears isn't really one to speak now about parenting skills, eh? Hopefully this will all get resolved but it does seem to just get messier as time goes on with more rumours, leaks and police action than a bad re run of Dynasty. Watch this space.

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January 4, 2008 11:12 AM

Britney in hospital after police standoff

'Let this be a lesson to us all of how the mighty can fall as troubled ex teen queen Britters was taken to hospital on a stretcher last night , purportedly to check if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While that explanation may have some truth, I'm not sure it rings completely true, as this incident follows a few hours stand off with the police when she refused to hand her kids back to the evil K Fed. She was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Centre on a stretcher last night, shortly followed by Mr Federline who then regained custody of his kids, and then (phew) her son Jayden James later returned to the hospital for.. well, we're not sure. This is like some awful soap opera played out in front of our eyes, similar car crash TV to the latest Big Brother show , where no  matter how cringe worthy and awful the action is you're still riveted.

In light of the recent depositions she's either missed or turned up late too, it's not looking good, and whether she was carted off for stress, a cocktail of to many drugs, or a possible suicide attempt we just don't know. We have to say here, 'think about the children!', no matter how trite that sounds and hope that their Mummy will get better. Whilst her PR people are staying schtum on her condition it's rumoured she's in on a 'medical hold', which means that she's undergoing a mental evaluation (what, again??). In the and it's sad to say this story ain't over yet, but we'll keep you posted on her condition. Love and kisses Britney xxx

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December 10, 2007 10:35 AM

Top Five Christmas songs.. as sung to you by celebs

Christmas is in the air, with the scent of tinsel, chestnuts and debt filling the world, and naturally those money hungry celebs feel it's only appropriate to add to the festive misery cheer by creating a tie in song/cover. There's nothing like the inane warblings of vacuous overpaid empty headed skeletons to really make you feel in the festive spirit, so we bring you the best (or the worst, it really depends on your opinion) of Christmas celeb covers around. And don't worry, I'm sure there will be at least two new ones this year.

Number One: Girls Aloud- I wish it could be Christmas every day

Really? Not if we have to listen to this sickly sweet tripe. I suppose thy ain't 'jumping for love' at least, so that's something, but I still think they could of done better than that badly synchronized routine.

Number 2: Beyonce- 8 days of Christmas

Now I may not be the biggest Beyonce fan (other than Bootylicious, that was amazing) but if this lovely lady was going to be with me for 8 days of Christmas I think I'd be pretty happy- and be more than willing to kit her out in diamond studded belly button rings.

Number 3: Britney Spears- My only wish this year

When Britters sand this her wishes probably included number ones, Justin getting a haircut and the death of Paris Hilton. Nowadays her wishlist is a whole lot more adult, including, 'custody of kids', a permanent ban on pics of her coochie, and a wish that she could have her teen boy back again without surgery. Oh well, she had a good run.

Number 4:Christina Aguilera-Christmas Crooner 

My, did lil 'Xtina use to be sweet looking. She coulda rivalled Britney for virgin stakes back in the day and here she is crooning gently to us about Xmas. Bless you Santa, we want her under our tree!


Number 5: Mariah Carey- All I want for Xmas is you

No Mariah that's not true. You may want, but we certainly don't so the less we see of your oblong mug and cheese grater voice the better.

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December 3, 2007 11:45 AM

Britney celebrates her 26th, but should she be drinking?

Oh god, not again. Britney we do wish you a very happy birthday, and all, but we're not sure if we approve of your maybe baby status. Since you last two sprogs (and OK, very cute we admit) your rating as a yummy mummy has well,  you're no MILF let's put it like that. The possible father to the possible child (dontcha love it when nothing is confirmed?) is J.R.Rotem, an on/off lover of hers. Hopefully he couldn't be any worse than K-Fed and this time Britters will definitely get a prenup but even so. She's just about got her figure back and her hair (plus extensions) is looking good again, so this is the last thing she needs. A 'source' close to her leaked this rumour to the press, which must be great for the ex pop princess, to know that even her close friends can't be trusted. Happy Birthday honey!

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November 29, 2007 12:05 PM

Buy a bust of Britney: Underwear not included

Britt_web_and_shopping_cart Vicale Corporation  are selling very entertaining 'Oops she did it again' plaster casts of Britney but if you're more of a Jackson fan they also have the great 'baby drop statue. I love the fact that a company has decided the antics of the stars are entertaining enough to be commercially viable outlets, and that some artist somewhere was 'inspired' by all the shenanigans to create this piece. Is it appropriate to mock the clearly insane stars hectic lifestyles? Probably not, but it's definitely worth a  giggle.

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November 23, 2007 10:29 AM

Behold the mini Britney

Possibly one of the most disturbing vids I've seen in a a while, and this is coming from a girl who doesn't blanch at Fear Factor and can watch Hostel without wincing. The 'mini Britney' sulks and pouts her way through Toxic, including the costume changes, but somehow makes me feel like vomiting up my breakfast. Enjoy.

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November 14, 2007 11:31 AM

Britney to guest star on Will and Grace


The lovely and ever so slightly loopy Britney is to guest star on hit comedy show Will and Grace. She is set to make a brief appearance as a orthodox Christian. She will play the part of Jack's conservative assistant after his TV show OUT TV is bought by a Christian network. Spears will contribute to the fictional show and present a piece called 'Cruci-fixin's'. I for one can't wait to see what the wardrobe department will make of her ratty hair an potentially liposuctioned body  as she pouts for the camera, and tries to act all docile and god loving. Honey, there's no more time for that baby anymore, as you have your own to look after now! I can't wait for this to be broadcast though- I wonder if she'll try and use it as an example of how she's cleaned up her act?

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October 18, 2007 11:11 AM

The Top Five Untrustworthy Celebs: Stars you wouldn't want to piss on your fire

Stars come and go, but our trust in them varies, as much as their hair colour. After all Britters went from butter wouldn't melt to skanky haired single mom in a blink of an eyelid, therefore making her claims of long held virginity and no smoking lifestyle rather suss. Still, she doesn't top the list of the most untrustworthy celebs, a list of which Trusted Places has compiled , by asking readers to vote. So who did make the grade, and who fell short at the wayside?

772151413 Number 1: Paris Hilton with 29%

Well it's no surprise this heiress with a penchant for martini's, miniature dogs and a 'dream of philanthropy' is not considered a role model by most of us, seeing as she's had more caviar than most of us have had hot dinners. One week she's declaring she'll be teetotal, next she's wigging champagne and back to micro mini's and fishnets. She's voted even worse than Britney and that's saying something.


Number 2: Kate Moss with 24.3%

So Kate's gone from super waif to super mom (kids, what kids?) Kate is tabloid honey, be it her cocaine hell, her questionable men, or her penchant for unflattering (on us) waistcoats and selling out to whatever cosmetic contract comes her way. She might tell us she loves us.. but I'd take that with a pinch of salt. After all she 'loved' Pete remember?


Number 3: Britney Spears with 20.4% of the vote

Oh Britney.. I was once one of your staunchest defenders.. till you had that buzzcut those babies and the evil K-Fed preying on your assets. It's a hard world when a Mickey-Mouse club hottie isn't still hot, and having Xtina and Justin succeed so well is bound to hurt. Still, i wouldn't trust her to keep dates, or her word; she'd be the friend who calls an hour late to cancel when you've been tapping your heels.

Jordanphotojordan6232952 Number 4:Jordan with 17.5% of the vote

Well if you can't trust a glamour model who regularly strips for a living and shag Peter Andre, who can you trust? I though have double F breasts was a prerequisite for honesty, but I guess if you're faking your body you can fake other things, even though  suspect shed be a terrible liar. Still I can understand why we're not willing to give her a chance, oh what a world.

Petedoherty12 Number 5: Pete Doherty with 15%

Well anyone who cheated on Ms Moss has to be a rather big idiot don't ya think? I mean look at the no good, drugged out, pale skinned loser and the words 'dependable' and 'jolly good fellow' don't really spring to mind do they? Anyone silly enough to mess up such a good thing on purpose is not exactly going to go on my friends and family list, but what I find worrying is that he is considered BETTER than Britney, as I'd say they were more on par with each other. Oh well.

With thanks to Shiny Red for drawing this to our attention.

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October 5, 2007 10:40 AM

Gimme more Britney: Her new music video!

OK, today seems to be a Britney-a thon, well when someone seems to be all over the news at once it's worth a double post right? Just remember the furore in the countdown to Paris's jail time and you may understand what's going on. Well now the has been  super star's first video in like a year has just been released. Apparently it's an iTunes exclusive but it hasn't taken long for some reprobate to post it to YouTube so you can see the wreckage for yourself.

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Oh Britney! What will the troubled star do next?

Poor Britters. She's gone from golden goddess to single mom without the kids, having her babies stolen away by the evil K-Fed, her hair first shaved and now greasy and her body showing a propensity for all those stress calories. She's lost custody of her kids, is now subjected to supervised visits and weekly drug and alcohol tests. The stressed singer is considering rehab, as a way of detoxing and proving her suitability as a mommy. a source says, "She is surrendering herself to rehab for treatment of depression and alcohol so that there is no questioning if she is drinking or missing any future tests." Our hearts are with you Britters.

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September 24, 2007 12:07 PM

Britney Spears charged over hit and run!


Oh Britters! Following up her lip synching disaster she's gone and been charged with driving without a licence and a hit and run incident with a parked car. The charges each carry a £500 fine and a six month jail sentence, and the hearing has been scheduled for October 10. That's just going to give more ammo to the evil K-Fed in the ongoing custody battle, and it does seem to suggest that the lovely Spears may not be the most suitable mummy model. Still, she's going through a hard patch right now, just leave those hotpants at home!

{image: getty]

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In the news: Charlotte Church has a girl and George Clooney crashes his motorbike

C55655charlottechurchposters - Charlotte Church gives birth to a bonny little girl. Gavin has informed people that Charlotte gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at home on Thursday night. Gavin was there at the birth, which is admirable though we can bet the Voice of an Angel star probably hit all the high notes. [RTE ]

-Britney Spears has another possible setback in her ongoing custody case, the infamous title of 'celebrity worst mother'. We at Star Trip of course aren't to surprised as we  already assigned her a place in our polls not to long ago, and Kerry Katona was second with the Jade Goody monster in third place. By placing Jade in third I have to admit to losing credulity for the voters as surely Asda loving Kerry can't be considered worse than children, what children, Jade?  [Digital Spy ]

-George Clooney has fractured a rib in a motorcycle accident. thankfully the Oceans 13 (and 11, and 12) star hasn't suffered any permanent damage, but this will probably teach him to stop pretending he's still a 20 something. His girlfriend, Larson, also broke her foot, but so far no injury claims have been made. [Reuters ]

-Noel Gallagher is one prod parent. Of course, every new father tends to think their bouncing bundle of joy the number one lad in the world, and every gurgle and cry they make revered and looked upon as the first and most profound mutterings ever, well Noel of course has to go one step further and pronounce his one week old son a legend. 'He shall go by the name of Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher and he will be a legend. Give thanks and praise', he texted friends. [Zee News ]

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September 13, 2007 9:47 AM

In the news: Hayden is single, Kylie's comeback and an X Factor snub

Haydenpanettiere- If young blondes in cheerleader outfits are your thing, then good news: Heroes actress Hayden Panettierre is now available. The pint-sized star has ended her relationship with Stephen Coletti and is now free and single. Form an orderly queue boys. [TMZ]

- That VMAs fiasco refuses to die, with everyone still busy dissecting the wreck that was former pop princess Britney Spears. Now sources close to the star have revealed that she applied an ab-defining spray tan before the show to “create the illusion of more tone.” Having fled from the stage after her act screaming that she was a “fat pig”, I guess Britney didn’t think it worked. [Us magazine]

- Someone hoping to make a more considered comeback is Kylie Minogue. New single 2 Hearts is scheduled for a November release with an album later that month. Dig out your hot pants girls! [Perez Hilton]

- Ben Mills from last year’s X Factor (you remember him, the one with the tatty long hair and gravelly voice) has turned his back on the ITV1 singing contest. He has rejected an offer to appear on this year’s series and has sought to distance himself from the show, urging people to forget he was on it. All too easily done Ben. [Digital Spy]

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September 12, 2007 5:47 PM

Cowell and Walsh pan Britney


Everyone is sticking the boot in on poor Britney aren't they? X Factor judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh have slammed the popster's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Walsh and Cowell agreed that Spears wouldn't have got through to the second round of their TV talent show with the rendition she gave of her new single 'Gimme More' on Sunday night.

Cowell told The Sun: "If I had been looking after Britney I’d have taken one look at her in rehearsals and I wouldn’t have allowed her on stage. "It would have been worth pulling her off the bill - no matter what the cost - to save any chance she had of resurrecting her career. She wasn’t ready for that show in every possible way. The song wasn’t right, the image wasn’t right and she just wasn’t rehearsed. If she had turned up and given that performance at the X Factor auditions then I wouldn’t have put her through to the next round.

"The problem she has now is that she could have killed her career. It’s difficult to come back from that performance, for a while at least." Fellow reality TV star Walsh agreed, commenting: "Britney wouldn’t make it through one audition of X Factor because she can’t sing live." Spears' comeback show at the awards ceremony has been widely dubbed an embarrassment by critics.

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September 11, 2007 11:39 AM

Why was Britney so bad at the MTV Video Music Awards?

BritneyvmasThe knives are out for Britney. Everyone from Akon to The New York Times has been laying in to the former pop princess for her frankly, rubbish appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. So what was to blame for Britney’s shambolic ‘performance’? Some hard-core fans are suggesting a broken stiletto could be the guilty culprit. Yes, that would cover the apparent stumbling – but the half-assed miming and almost bored look?

Turns out that the act suffered some major changes at the last minute. An insider revealed that: “Britney wanted an elaborate magic act on stage. But it got to be so over-the-top, it was just too complicated to pull off. So, she had to modify her act at the last minute, and she wasn't happy." This abandoned plan A was the much-rumoured collaboration with chum Criss Angel involving the star disappearing and magically re-appearing throughout the number. Sounds tricky and it was. “Logistically, it was so involved, that the producers nixed the idea all together" the source explained.

Upset that she couldn’t perform as she had originally planned, Britney is said to have become bored and frustrated with her new routine: "She went out all night and then came in for rehearsals entirely not into what she was doing. It was obvious she didn't want to be there. Brit no longer seemed to care. She'd roll her eyes in response or not say anything. It was hard to watch.”

Too right it was, but it turns out that it wasn't just us on-lookers disappointed, but Britters herself. Another source has claimed that: “Britney was supposed to wear a matching corset that she opted out of wearing at the last minute. She was just plain nervous because of all the hype and she's embarrassed."

While another has blabbed that backstage after the show: "She looked disappointed. She was extremely nervous. It's been awhile since she's done this, and she was performing in front of all her peers, on live TV. She just got out there and froze. People who were at rehearsal saw something else. It was good. It really was."

I’ll take your word for it.

[via People/ E! online]

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September 10, 2007 10:37 AM

Britney Spears turns up for MTV Video Music Awards

After all the hype, Miss Britney Jean Spears did perform at the MTV Video Music Awards last night in Las Vegas, and now having watched the clip of her ‘performing’ new song ‘Gimme More’, I truly feel that the poor lass has sunk to a new career low. The former pop princess almost forgot to dress, with only a glittery bra and knickers combo to save her blushes, while her new nasty hair extensions just seemed to get in her eyes.

Her appearance onstage sparked huge applause as she opened the show, but by the end there was only polite hand-clapping. Check out 50 Cent’s reaction in the audience - how bored is he? Having mimed (badly) and made little attempt to remember her dance moves, even Britters looked fed-up as if she’d rather be anywhere but there. The pop strumpet was a shadow of her former self and now I suspect that even her die-hard fans will have to concede defeat. Still, it could have been worse - at least K-Fed wasn’t in the crowd pelting her with rotten vegetables.

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September 7, 2007 2:41 PM

Britney Spears has charges of Child endangerment dropped

Brrri Congratulations Britney! This is one occasion where the evil K-Fed didn't win out, and Britters is free to frolic with her kids and feed them as much cigges and vodka cream cakes and sugar as they want. A spokesman said "It does not appear the county will pursue further action at this time." All in all, it's looking good for Britney who is rumoured to be planning her comeback this year, starting with her hosting the MTV awards in Vegas, and then who knows? It's her first 'official' public outing in three years, as impromptu stripping and lip sync-hing badly doesn't really count, so maybe, baby this 'one more time', will be the deciding factor on whether she's still got it. Even if her debatable talent has swum up river it should still be a great evening just for the stage outfits and working out if she's found a suitable babysitter. To be continued...

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September 3, 2007 12:50 PM

The Top 5 Rehab Stars: The Celebs who reoffend again.. and again

1 20070810_amy_winehouse2

I don't know what the lure of illicit substances is, as for every wild high you get a definite down, but somehow stars keep on dabbling. Maybe it's the attraction of escaping from their own 'stressful' lives, or perhaps they just have inclinations towards the dark side. Whichever it is, there are some persistent bad boys out there that I thought I'd bring to your attention.

Number 1: Amy Winehouse

How could Ms. Winehouse not be top of the list? Amy is the most recent from our top five to go into rehab, entering on 14th August 2007. Unfortunately, however, she did not complete her recommended 6-8 week stay, checking herself out after just 5 days. There has been much speculation about Amy’s new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil being to blame for her drug abuse, but she recently spoke out against this, saying, "Blake is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other.” We wish Amy the best of luck for the upcoming weeks.

Kate_moss Number 2: Kate Moss

Kate Moss’s highly publicised rehab visit in 2005 resulted in the loss of many lucrative contracts for her, including Chanel and Burberry. She completed her stay at the Meadows Clinic in Arizona, staying for 30 days in total. Kate’s drug problem was exposed when pictures of her supposedly snorting cocaine where printed in a British newspaper. The pictures where taken in a London studio where Ms. Moss had been with then-boyfriend, Pete Doherty. Kate remained calm and collected throughout the whole affair, conquered her addiction and was not charged. Now we’d love to see Amy taking a leaf out of Kate’s book.


Nu Number 3: Britney Spears

In February of 2007, Britney Spears voluntarily checked herself into rehab after many reports of drugs and alcohol abuse. Pictures had been plastered all over newspapers and the Internet for weeks previously of her hard partying, and unfortunate flashing of her lady parts. Unfortunately, Spears had had enough after 24 hours, and checked herself out again. Her rehab attempt came weeks after her apparent collapse on New Year’s Eve, and her friend’s pleas for her to get help. However, Spears is still partying hard, and the release of her new single, Baby Boy, should hopefully help her get back on her feet, although it has received mixed reviews so far.

0724_lohan_mugshot_01_3 Number 4: Lindsay Lohan

Ms. Lohan, who has just turned 21, Checked herself into the Wonderland Centre in West Hollywood in January 2007, following three car crashes and four hospital visits, spanning over the last two years. After checking out, she regularly attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, although she later said she never considered herself an addict. After another car crash in May 2007, Lohan entered the Promises rehabilitation facility in Malibu when police found a ‘usable’ amount of cocaine in her Mercedes Benz. She stayed there for 45 days, and later said, “it is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.” Since then, Lindsay has been booked on felony charges of possession of cocaine and transportation of a narcotic - in addition to misdemeanour charges of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. She was later released on $25,000 bail. In a statement released later that day by her attorney, she was said to be “safe, out of custody and presently receiving medical care.”

Nicolerichie_2 Number 5: Nicole Richie

Although Nichole has been arrested more than once, is pregnant with her first child and has done time in jail, she still claims that if she could go back in time and have a second chance to try heroin, she would still say yes. Richie was first arrested in February 2003 in Malibu, California, and charged with driving with a suspended licence and possession of heroin. After this arrest, Nichole, who was shunning rumours of an  eating disorder at the time, checked herself into rehab to address her weight problem. Nichole has recently announced her first pregnancy and told friends she is loving her new curves and boobs.

[ Words and Research : Chloe-Anne Ride]

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August 31, 2007 11:44 AM

Keira Knightley fumes at no-knickered celebrities

244_knightley_keira_091906Keira Knightley likes her knickers! The Pirates of the Caribbean actress is at the Venice Film Festival to promote her new flick Atonement and has been talking to the press on those celebrities that forget to put on any undies before they leave the house. Britney and Lindsay – she means you.

The posh-voiced bean-pole blabs: "I'm not going to get blind drunk and then stumble out and fall over and puke up in front of people. I'm not saying I don't do that in private, but I try not to.” I like that – the image of Keira with dried vomit in her hair as she hobbles about drunkenly with the remains of a kebab down her clothes. That’s a picture I wanna see! She adds: “The whole celebrity thing is not magic. They're real people proving they're s**ttier than everybody else because they don't even wear knickers." I agree lady after all, it must get draughty down there without any pant protection.

[via IMDb]

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August 30, 2007 3:35 PM

Britney Spears wants to 'shock'


Britney Spears wants her comeback performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards to be "shocking", according to reports.

Britters has taken on Madonna's choreographer for the performance, but now it has been reported that she has also employed the services of magician Criss Angel to spice up her routine. A source told The Sun: "She's planning it to be a big comeback performance." Spears' aim is to be "shocking", they added. The pop star is also rumoured to be debuting her much anticipated single 'Gimme More' at the event.

You want it to be shocking? Just sing live.

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In the news: Rihanna pairs up and Pete Doherty is zombified

75935237 -Our favourite Umbrella ella ella singer Rihanna has a hot new man, none other than Shia LeBoeuf. She's been seen having romantic meals with the Transformers Star.  [MTV ]

-Lily Allen got a little carried away at the carnival this weekend, pushing Kray off stage! In retaliation he poured a beer on her head. What goes around comes around Lil.  [TMZ ]

-Pete Doherty is set for the least challenging role of his career to date; that of a zombie! Josh Wheedon, author of Buffy the Vampire Slayer wants Pete to act in Ripper, a zombie spin off show.  [Digital Spy ]

-French and Saunders have a fabulous new sketch planned, and this one targets Amy Winehouse and Britney in their normal off the wall humour. [Standard ]

[Image: Getty]

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August 23, 2007 12:42 PM

British press wet themselves as Britney plans vanishing act - to the UK

56792754So, the battle rages on in the far too public custody battle for the Federline kids. Of course, Britney is now cleaning her act up and acting like a normal parent.

Come on, you didn't believe that for a second, did you? In the stupidest move in the history of court cases, Britney Spears is reportedly planning to run off with her sprogs to the UK. God help us.

Britney is reportedly planning a vanishing act at the end of her upcoming performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with the help of magician Criss Angel. So they weren't dating, they were plotting, eh? Worryingly enough, Britney apparently won't be appearing somewhere in the crowd like other hackneyed magicians, she'll be hot footing it to the nearest jet.

It is believed that she will fly out to London with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, following her mysterious exit from the ceremony. A sensible move while Keven Federline is busy subpoena-ing everyone who's ever met Britney to testify against her mental state.

A source told OK! USA magazine: "She thinks her only hope is to move to London and start afresh. She wants those boys more than anything in the world and it's heart-breaking."

However, US divorce attorney Raoul Felder has warned the star that disappearing with her kids would not be sensible. He said: "You can run, but you can't hide. If you go to most foreign countries you come under the Hague Convention, which allows parents to seek the return of, or access to, their child. There would be a hearing in London and they would award the father the children."

I can't help wondering if Britney is so far gone into lunacy that she thinks London is some quaint countryside where paparazzi are but a dream. That it ain't Britney Jean.

[Image: Getty]


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In the news: Britney isn't singing with Justin and Amy Winehouse is nominated for the MOBO awards

75977381 -I find it strange how a white pop star can somehow be nominated for three MOBO's, then again, with Amy Winehouse I have started to find nothing out the ordinary in anything she does. Apparently her sound represents the best of black music, whatever that means. [The Independent ]

-Britney Spears has pulled out of a secret duet deal with Justin Timberlake, so secret that I hadn't even heard that it was in the works, so it's rather non news dontcha think? What I find more exciting is that she's been talking to her ex again. [Digital Spy ]

-Danni Minogue professes a love of the X Factor. She tells how she loves being a judge and how excited she is at watching promising new talent. "The youngest kids are amazing. They are so talented and fearless. The ones I love most are the ones that are neither cocky nor scared to show their vulnerability. We have also seen some amazing groups. I personally hope we can find the next Spice Girls." [MEN ]

-Dirty Pretty Things have a new gig lined up, at a rather unusual venue: Pentonville Prison. They plan to play to inmates there as part of a drive by the Samaritans to highlight vulnerable young men. Not everyone thinks it is a good thing though, as Mr Newman, a member of local Islington says, 'I don't actually know if the band are any good- maybe it's exactly what the prisoners deserve. perhaps they should get James Blunt down for a few sessions- that would be adequate torture.' [Islington Gazette ]

[Image: Getty]

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August 21, 2007 11:36 AM

Britney: The truth behind the wild times

If you all wondered what drove Britters to shave off all her hair, the truth is here; it was a nasty plan foisted on her by the likes of Lilo and Paris Hilton, who really meant that she should shave her minge! No, not really, but that's what the hilariously subversive Star Stories would have you believe!

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August 9, 2007 4:44 PM

Britney and the joys of Photoshopping


There is seemingly no end to Britney Spears' troubles. If she's not flashing her bits and crashing her car, she's creating a furore by trying to kid us all into thinking she's waif like.

In an advert for her latest perfume, called Believe (oh! The irony!, it sees a painfully svelte Britters looking rather like Lindsay Lohan. Now, compare it to the picture to the right (taken a few weeks ago) and you'll see why heads are being scratched.

Despite rumours that Elizabeth Arden used a body double for the perfume ad (after Britney stormed off set) a spokesperson for the company insists “the only person in the national print ad for Britney’s Believe fragrance is Britney Spears.” Hmmm...

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August 8, 2007 11:57 AM

Britney Spears crashes car and flashes simultaneously


Oh Britney. Oops I did it again really has stopped covering your random misdemeanors and I think crashing into a car park wall/ someone else's car isn't going to be solved by getting down and sharing a crotch shot with us. Whether or not she is wearing underwear is debatable, but her doggy ain't looking to impressed either. It's all a little bit fishy...

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July 31, 2007 10:59 AM

In the news: Britney pole dances and Prince Harry loves the jungle

Britneyspearsstripperpole10_copy - Jennifer Aniston is leaving the sunny shores of LA for the East Coast high life.  She's been spotted browsing for apartments in Manhattan with Isla Fisher, and is planning to move before the end of the year. [Popsugar ]

-Prince Harry gets some hot jungle action as he strolls through Africa with girlfriend Chelsy. The couple were seen canoodling and enjoying the outdoors, with all thought of his supposed 'fling' with a bar-girl forgotten. [NOTW ]

-Britney shows us that she still  manages to keep her class, by straddling a strippers pole in torn fishnets. Uh huh. [Egotastic ]

-Don't worry Lindsay, it's not all over for you yet! Donald Trump has requested that the wild child participate on Celebrity Apprentice, where he 'will straighten her out'. On the other hand, it's a chance to publicly fire the ginger menace once and for all.. [The Sun ]

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July 30, 2007 3:49 PM

The Top Five Acne prone Celebrities: Because even stars have bad skin days

It's not fair and it's not funny; spots my friend are no laughing matter, they can lead to scars, stress and seriously bad photo's but yet we celebrate. And why do we rejoice? Is it out of the darkness of our mean little hearts? No it's a celebration that celebs too can be human, and as open to bad skin days/ sweat patches/ and VPL's as the rest of us mere mortals, therefore thankfully realigning the boundary ever so slightly and making us feel, well, more normal.

Number 1: Cameron DiazCamerondiaz_2

Yes, the super cute Shrek star, and all round surfer babe Cameron has had trouble of the pimpled variety, suffering nasty looking spots on her cheeks and the blush inducing rosacea on her forehead and throat. A diet of clean living, fruit juice and exercise soon put an end to the troublesome skin, and Cam returned phoenix like, even more beautiful than ever, snaring a trousersnake on her return to glory, then discarding him for other more grizzly animals..

Alicia_silverstone_bad_skin Number 2: Alicia Silverstone

This Clueless star always seems to look peachy clean, but twas not always the case, proving the magic of some well placed concealer can apply even to the A listers. We know it's not full blown acne, but even the pimples of the stars help us in our search for seeing the human withinn, and below those designer frocks and botoxed lips they have the same dimpling and spots that we do to.


Number 3: Jessica Simpson

This lady's struggle with skin has been well documented, ending in her lucrative Pro-activ contract, so this is one woman who knows how to sell, and how to market herself. Bad hair day? Jess does hair extensions. Bad skin day? She sponsors a blemish cream. Bad bellybutton day?  She has her own line of bellybutton powder. (Really. This is a little to far) Now you can aspire to her skin should you buy the products, or you can really piss her off and get something from lil sis Ashlee's range.

73521393 Number 4: Billie Piper

Ex Dr Who hottie, former teen star and previous Mrs Chris Evans, Billie has been through a lot in her young years so perhaps it's not that surprising that all that stress and hormone imbalance caused her skin to break out so vehmently, crying, 'Water, water! No more beer..' It's all A OK nowadays though, and she's even managed to snare herself a hot new boyfriend who has aims at husbandship..


Number 5: Britney Spears

It's no surprise this once teen queen has suffered the curse of spots, after all, her fall from grace has been well documented, and it's a rare day we don't see her scoffing down a burger or slurping from Starbucks. Once she could do no wrong, then it all turned about head and suddenly even when she tries it seems that Britters just can't do anything right nowadays, being hailed as a bad mother, a washed up singer, an overweight dancer (unfair) and pizzaface. Charming. I'm however of the pinion that all these media slights will make Ms Spears stronger than ever, and she'll come fighting back with another annoyingly catchy song we can't get out of our head.

And just to show that men suffer to..

Leo Leonardo DiCaprio!

Yes, this hunk of manhood and darling of Hollywood once suffered from the terrible teenage trauma of acne! i don't know why this should warm us quite so much, but considering he went on to be the star of Titanic/Catch me you can/ Blood Diamond, I guess it just shows there's hope for us all yet.

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July 26, 2007 3:51 PM

Oh dear... more Britney Spears meltdown action

Sexy_britney_spears We've seen her privates. We've watched her talked absolute guff in home movies about aliens. We've seen her shaved head. We've watched her get pregnant to a plethora of ne'erdowells. Now? Spew.

Britney Spears has been forced to foot a $10,000 bill after vomiting during a photoshoot for OK! magazine. The pop star had offered the magazine an exclusive interview and photoshoot as part of a career comeback but turned up to the shoot in an 'unfit state'.

The editor-in-chief at the magazine told how Spears was "babbling incoherently, talking in baby talk" throughout. She said: "I've never seen anything like it. It's definitely the most bizarre shoot I've ever been on. What actually transpired on the day was a shock to us and left me and the whole crew feeling quite shocked and sad, really. She went to the toilet and when she came back she couldn't continue with the interview. Her eyes were rolling back, she was talking nonsense. She ate some food and vomited over her Gucci dress. She was a mess.

"She also seemed to be hallucinating, and kept saying strange and worrying things. I wasn't in the room but I was there to hear the upset shrieks of the stylist. Her assistant dealt with it in the end, after being asked to take care of it. They had to be asked to clear it up." There you have it. Britney... quite clearly missing marbles.

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Britney Spears Chaotic classics

Back when Britney and K-Fed were still all smoochy cutesy we can see that the prior pop princess really was on good form, baring all about her sex life and her make up tricks. Was this the start of her fall from grace?

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In the news: Cameron Diaz hooks up with Al Gore and Britney promises to bare all

Cam -Publicity hound Britney is at it again, promising a tell all exclusive to a US magazine, where she'll come clean about her troubled life, rocky relationships and struggles with rehab. Will this be the curse of Chaotic all over again? [Daily Express ]

-Cameron Diaz has a new partner! the unlikely boy is Al Gore, but it's not what you're thinking as our Cam has no need of a sugar daddy, rather they are joining forces to fight global warming. I know, I know, you didn't see that coming. They are hosting a TV programme called 60 seconds to save the earth, which will feature eco tips and ask viewers to create messages to promote awareness. 'The planet needs a good publicist', says Diaz. [China Daily ]

-Paris Hilton is planning to make it in the musical business as she is reportedly in 'talks', and plans to perform next month in Toronto. [E Online ]

-Oh My God! Amy 'Winebox' Winehouse actually performed a scheduled gig. Seriously. The singer, best known for her diva like antics and public fondling of slimy double barreled husband, now seems to be fulfilling her contractual obligations. OK, she turned up an hour late, but at least she didn't spit or swear at the audience this time. [NME ]

[Image: Getty]

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July 25, 2007 6:41 PM

Britney's pregnant again. Maybe.

73189809Britney Spears has recently gone from bad to worse in terms of psychosis. Now, shortly after the biggest batch of evidence towards her fragile mental state since the head shaving, rumour has it that the once loved popstrel is pregnant again.

We all know she has two little lads by ex-hubbie Keven Federline but since their break up earlier this year the pair have been on poor terms. Which begs the question, who on earth is the daddy of this rumoured sprog? Ms Spears has been linked in recent months to former lover and counsellor John Sundahl and bodyguard Daimon Shippen. And if rumours are to be believed one of the pair is going to receive a big shock. I wonder if Britney even knows which.

A source told NW magazine: "She's been secretly filling her pals in on the good news since last week. Britney is in shock herself, this definitely wasn't planned. She's thrilled just the same." Far from the old virginal image Britney once had, it appears she's 'thrilled' to have had unprotected sex with all and sundry.

On the back of K-Fed's attempts to receive custody of their kids, this can only serve to further drag Britney's credentials as a mother out into the limelight. I hope she doesn't expect a warm welcome.

[Image: Getty]

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July 24, 2007 5:25 PM

OK! to reveal all about shocking Britney interview

Britneyspears1Things are so weird in the world of Britney, one minute you’re dubbed the princess of pop, the next you’re a baby machine for smoothie K-Fed. Now, it looks like we’re going to get Britney’s side of the story, as she has signed a deal with America’s OK! Magazine to spill all. But will this be the real Britney, warts’n’all or a sanitized version to gloss over the problems and polish up her image for the reported big comeback?

Apparently Britney’s behaviour during the interview and photo shoot with OK! was so truly horrific that even the magazine’s staff didn’t know if they wanted to come clean on how messed up she was. TMZ is now reporting that they have reached a decision and are going to tell all in a massive spread that could leave fans shocked. Sarah Ivens, the OK! Editor-in-Chief has said "OK! Magazine spent a heartbreaking day with Britney Spears and witnessed first-hand an emotional cry for help that will leave you shocked and sad. This week, on newsstands Friday, the truth will be told."

So what is this ‘shocking behaviour’? As frankly with Paris and Lindsay setting a high benchmark to beat, this meltdown better be pretty dramatic. Sources reveal that Britney was "completely out of it" during the shoot, with erratic mood swings and severe paranoia, scared that the ceiling would collapse on her. These moods changed after each and every bathroom visit (of which there were said to be many) and when her dog pooed on the floor, she wiped up the mess with a Chanel dress.


She apparently looked as bad as she acted, assuming a dead zombie look when her eyes rolled back in her head. She refused help from OK! with regards to hair and make-up, even though they had hired some of the best in the business to help the ailing mum with her ropey hair extensions. She preferred the help of two chums, described by the source as “skanky.” And it wasn’t just the Chanel dress that would suffer, as after getting her mitts all greasy snacking on some fried chicken, Britney wiped her hands on the expensive Gucci dress she was wearing.


Oh Britney – greasy fingers? Loose-bowelled pets? You’re going to have to do better than that if you’re going to wrestle those headlines off of Lindsay and her driving arrest!

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In the news: Britney may be in the baby way and Lindsay Lohan looks lovely

0723_lindsay_lohan_scram_startraks -The lovely Lily Allen is at it again; blogging intimate details about celebrity friends for the whole MySpace community to read. her latest gaffe? Apparently 'hanging out with Courtney Love made her want to go to rehab'. Nice. [The Sun ]

-Is that a bump Britney Spears is showing? The singer who has worked so hard to lose her post pregnancy pounds may be in the family way again. The question of the daddy is also an issue, with rumours saying Britters isn't sure which man impregnated her. Could it be former lover and drug counsellor, John Sundahl, or her bodyguard, Daimon Shippen? She's come a long way from her virginal days... [Metro ]

-Girls Aloud are planning to grow up, and no I don't mean they will start lowering their hemlines or addressing each other as 'Women', but instead they plan to create a more 'adult' sound. 'We're obviously getting older and we always, you know, like to try and push things forward', said Kimberly. [Digital Spy ]

-Keeping off the booze seems to agree with Lindsay Lohan if her tanned toned bikini clad physique is anything to go by. Her ankle monitor unit is still prominent but she manages to carry it off with decided style. Sigh. [TMZ ]

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July 23, 2007 4:32 PM

Christina speaks out in defence of Britney

74871551Back in the day Smash Hits would have had us believe that Christina Aguilera were arch rivals, who'd gladly have strangled eachother with their prospective halter tops. Whether that was media hype (it was) or not the tables appear to have turned. Christina has spoken out in support of the old rival.

We've all seen Britney's decline into blatant mental illness, not to mention her worrying bits-flashing new media persona. Rather than pointing out the hilariously obvious, fellow song-accosting pop machine Christina stuck up for Britters against recent attacks on everything she does these days. "Britney is a good person and a good mom," she told the Daily Star. "She's been under so much pressure since she was a child...I don't think any of us should judge her or jump to conclusions. She loves her boys and they're turning out great."

Christina who is now pregnant to her new husband Jordan Bratman needs to take a look at her definition of good parenting before the world starts pointing the finger of shame in her direction too. Anyone who looks like they might come second to the utterly brain devoid Keven Federline in a fight for custody might as well never come out of doors again. Which would be nice because then maybe we could go a day without seeing her nipples or lady garden.

[Image: Getty]

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Britney Spears as you've never seen her before

The wizards at Mad TV have done it again, with a spoof of My Prerogative becoming My Predicament. Watch Britney writhe and wriggle as she talks about her white trash roots.

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July 20, 2007 11:42 AM

In the news: Britney takes her clothes off and Kate Moss changes her number

Britters -Kate Moss is well on the way to recovery from the dastardly Doherty, and has decided to go the no contact route of break up etiquette. She has changed her mobile and landline numbers, so unless he turns up in person, he can' contact her. Go Kate! [Sky Showbiz ]

-Lindsay Lohan's been bailed for $30,000 on charges of drink driving. She's schedules to return on August 34 for her trial and is hoping she won't share the same fate as fellow celeb Paris. To this effect she's still wearing her alcohol monitoring anklet, but rumours of wild behaviour still haunt her. [E Online ]

-Shock, horror; Britney Spears goes for a swim. Yes, apparently a dip in the ocean is headline news when the notorious Ms Spears does it. So far her aqua antics have been spotted on the pages of three national newspapers, with her flouncing around in *gasp* her underwear, not a bikini. I suppose the fact that her bra and pants are more substantial than a string bikini makes no difference, eh? At least she's not showing us her lady bits again..  [China Daily ]

-Rachel Stevens of S club 7 fame has found a new beau, hunky Alex Bourne, an ex masseur. And while he is her latest boyf, he is also an old flame having hooked up with the pop princess from days of yore, when they were nth students at school in Southgate. [The London Paper ]

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July 19, 2007 5:56 PM

Cosmetic surgeries of the stars revealed

Air-brushing, good lighting, constant supervision from a make-up artist (how very Victoria Beckham) – there are many ways for celebrities to look better on the front cover of a magazine than how they look first thing in the morning. What is quite depressing is how many of them take it a step further and get cosmetic surgery. Slebs, with the media, present the world with unattainable ideas of beauty and then struggle to meet their own standards. For those of you having a spot break-out today, hate your wonky nose or wish you had fuller lips, never fear as Star Trip is at hand to make you feel better. We present a quite revealing YouTube clip of stars who have had a bit of help from their surgeon, from those you knew had, to those that you didn’t. According to this, no-one in Tinseltown is actually naturally good-looking – score!

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Top 5 Celebrity Yo-Yo Dieters: The stars who slim down and bulk up

JanetCelebrities are not often caught eating food. For them it is the sure-fire way to lose your svelte figure, your magazine covers, your whole GODDAMN career. Famous folk like to pretend their bodies are nourished on a diet of fresh air and air-kisses. Nothing with calories, nothing with nutritional value, nothing full-stop. Victoria Beckham failed to even eat the gift of a cookie bestowed upon her by blogger Perez Hilton during one of the many set-up scenes in her ‘documentary’ aired earlier in the week. And yet, they’re not all stick-thin. We’re constantly bombarded with the images of disturbingly stick-thin stars like Amy Winehouse and Nicole Richie, but not all eating disorders mean size zero waists. Some stars like their food, Hell love their food, but hate the accompanying love handles. This leads them into a dangerous cycle of binge-eating and drastic dieting, turning them into veritable Jekyll and Hydes – which one will you meet? The one making their way through all the cheeseburgers in McDonalds single-handedly or the one with killer abs and a personal trainer? Here we have the top 5 celebrity yo-yo dieters.


Number 1: Janet Jackson


When Justin Timberlake accidentally revealed to the world Janet’s breast during a performance at the Superbowl, Janet was embarrassed but probably thanking her lucky stars that she had slimmed down for the event. Janet is a classic yo-yo dieter, sometimes Michael’s lil sis looks mean and lean with a six-pack you could grind cheese on, and at others times she seems bloated and frumpy. In June 2006, she appeared on the front cover of US Weekly magazine, only for the edition to become the magazine's best selling issue ever. It showed a skinny Janet, having lost a whopping 60lbs and telling all on her fitness regime and tough diet. She claimed that she had bulked up for a film role that never happened, though close friends remained dubious. Recent pictures suggest that she has once again been attacked by the munchies, though she claims it is due to being stuck in a recording studuo rather than on one of her carb-killing tours.         


Number 2: Britney Spears


What else is there left to say about the fallen pop princess? Her life seems to be one crazy rollercoaster ride of men, children and addictions. Her reputed craving for booze might be more headline-grabbing, but Britney clearly likes some food to be washed down with her liquor. Now I am not going to rudely label her as fat or chunky, as Britney packing a few extra pounds is still slimmer and sexier than most girls, but she herself has come clean on her love for food. She was a big fan of junk food (fried chicken in particular) when carrying and then nursing her two young sons, and rumours persist that she has only managed to shed the baby weight with a little help from the surgeon. Whatever the real story is, Britney’s not telling, but with everyone from her mum to her husband being shown the door, her relationship with food doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


John_travolta Number 3: John Travolta


Once he dazzled us with his dancing moves and trim figure in hits such as ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and ‘Grease’ but now he’s happy to dress up as a fat lady in ‘Hairspray!’ – go figure. John’s in his 50’s and a Hollywood A-lister, so I can understand his reluctance to get down the gym and shift a few pesky pounds. But it’s not always been this way. John has had many serious battles with his weight in the past and been made to slim down for film roles such as ‘Swordfish’. At the time, he even happily bared his newly gained six-pack at the MTV Movie Awards. John has been very public about his fight against the flab and should be admired for coming clean about a subject that Hollywood is only interested in once you’ve lost the weight.


Number 4: Oprah Winfrey


Not being American, I don’t understand the world’s love for Oprah. I’m sure if she knocked on my door for a chat, she’d be a most interesting conversationalist, but until that time I have yet to see the fuss. Oprah has endured incredible hardships in her life and remains an icon for many and yet in the UK the only time we are really reminded of her and her celebrity is when she’s spent too long at the buffet table. In 1988 she exhibited a wagon-load of fat on her TV show to signify her 67lb weight loss, but has since admitted regretting the move, as she soon gained most of the weight again. She said, "I had literally starved myself for four months - not a morsel of food. Two hours after that show I started eating to celebrate - of course, within two days those jeans no longer fit!"


Matthew Number 5: Matthew Perry


Reminding us that there was food available on the set of ‘Friends’, comic actor Perry has had the cameras rolling as his weight fluctuated. Watch the ‘Friends’ seasons back to back and the changes are shocking – one moment he’s gaunt and scrawny, the next he’s clearly been enjoying his food. Since leaving the hit sitcom, his weight battles have raged on. For a while he was amazingly toned and athletic looking, but has recently been photographed jogging looking quite out of shape. We wish him health and happiness as he works out what’s best for him and his body.

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July 16, 2007 11:29 AM

In the news: Ziggy has a little one and Britney Spears buys a dog

74191715-You have to love Prince. If not for the velvet jackets, great cow-flicks and soulful come to bed eyes, he has released his latest album 'Planet Earth' through the Mail On Sunday. Whilst other stars talk about saving the planet, Prince goes further by singing about them; as all the songs were eco-driven anthems. The Mail may not be the coolest paper, but it's definitely a step up over the 'bonus summer mix' that they often offer us/ [NME ]

-Britney Spears loves London. Oh yes she does, she likes to cover London in vast wads of taffeta, hold it to her bosom and softly croon baby talk to her recent fad; her new Yorkie puppy, named after.. you got it, London. [DListed ]

-Conducting a relationship in full view of the nation is difficult enough without resorting to childish jibes and comments. Unfortunately when the relationship involves two children it seems a fair bet that it will sink to the he  said she said level of arguments culminating in crybaby Chanelle making some not so flattering comments about Ziggy's manhood. During a race between the Zigster and housemate Brian, the lovely Chanelle commented, "Well Brian SHOULD move slower with all that extra weight between his legs. You should have no problems there though, Zac.". [The Sun]

-Lindsay Lohan loves to be a trend setter, and she has a spanking new piece of jewellery she's proud to show off; her alcohol detecting anklet. She's been seen wearing it out at the local night spots; just hours after checking out of rehab,  and apparently this bracelet will deter her from imbibing the evil juice.. or at least, will make it obvious to us when she's had a few. Funny, I thought the slurring and visiting said clubs were enough of a sign, but I predict a flurry of imitation bracelets hitting a store near you soon. [Forbes ]

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July 9, 2007 5:46 PM

Britney lovingly referred to as boozehound by new boyfriend

Britters Imagine this. You're in rehab and your counsellor suddenly starts to look all attractive. You know that is taboo... but love is love! Your mind is set on rebuilding your image (that means sorting your life out in the real world) and you know, that with the help of your boyfriend/counsellor, you can do it.

If you're Britney Spears you can't. Why? Well, her newest beau has called her an alcoholic. Britters has been dating her Alcoholics Anonymous man, John Sundahi, secretly for two months since the pair met at her booze meetings.

The 'singer' has refuted claims that she is a big fat piss ant, but the professional opinion, namely that of her new fella, is "Yes, she is still a practising alcoholic." Looks like Brit' has chosen well again. You try to keep your relationship a secret, your boyfriend spills the beans and calls you a boozehound to boot. You can insert your own 'Toxic' puns here.

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July 6, 2007 3:52 PM

Is Britney dating her rehab counsellor?


Britney Spears has been spotted dining and spending lots of time with her rehab counsellor John Sundahl. Obviously, if you want to get over your demons and become a whole and sane person again, you have to spend quite a bit of time with your counsellor. However, fondling your counsellors testes isn't really on. This may well be complete lies, but it is believed that the pair are now dating.

In the last few days the couple have been spotted sharing an intimate dinner (intimate? Were they up a mountain?) at the Four Seasons (no then) in LA, before going to see a musical and returning back to the hotel together. Sundahl has denied that he has been having a relationship with the troubled singer, but a source told MSNBC that he has had his eye on her since they first met. "John's smitten with Britney," the source said. "I've never seen him act so ridiculous with a girl. He's so in love with her that he's risking his career just to keep her happy." Yep. Risking his career and breaching his code of trust in the hope of bedding a clearly bonkers woman who will marry him if he shows even the slightest bit of affection. Well, the divorce settlement didn't do any harm to K-Fed's bank account did it?

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July 5, 2007 1:59 PM

Britney claims psychosis was 'research'

73189809_2 Poor, poor Britney Spears. It's all gone horribly wrong for the girl, hasn't it? But then, that's what you get for being a living, breathing consumer product. We first saw a young, fresh-faced Spears clad in a school uniform designed only to make old men throb and pervert the teenage girls of the time. After much Madonna-kissing, shotgun wedding action and head shaving, here we are. She's a full blown wreck. Bless.

Now Britney has apologised for her most recent bout of insanity by claiming she was researching a film role. I actually laughed out loud when I heard this one. For all who don't know what the bloody hell I'm on about, Britney attacked a reporter's car with the unforgiving end of an umbrella earlier this year. To be a little fair, she was in a bit of a rage after that dolt who's sperm she foolishly came in contact with (Keven Federline) threatened to take custody of her kiddiewinkles.

So our Britney, full of remorse, wrote a letter to this paparazzi type  from X17  (a gossip mag over the water) saying, "Dear X17. I want to apologise for the past incident with the umbrella. I was preparing a character for a possible movie role where the husband doesn't play his part so they swap places... Unfortunately, I didn't get the part. I'm sorry I got all carried away with my role! Britney." Touching.

The sensible thing to do would have been a genuine apology and an explanation of the cirscumstances. Maybe then we'd get back to thinking Britney's becoming human again. As it stands she's a joke start to finish. Can't wait for that comeback album!

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July 2, 2007 11:36 AM

In the news: Kate Moss lacks provocation and Daniel Radcliffe gets the waxwork treatment

74879758_2 -Kate Moss's party lifestyle may be catching up h her, as Agent Provocateur have just dropped Ms Moss as the face of their saucy lingerie brand, replacing her with.. a younger model! Could it all be over for the Moss dynasty? [Entertainment Wise ]

-"Everything is going to be fine," says Britney's Mum. "I've got a strong family, and everything is going to be fine." Sounds like she is trying to convince herself perhaps? It's not every day your daughter tries to pull an injunction against you, but it seems Mrs Spears is dealing admirably well. [The People ]

-Daniel Radcliffe is now immortalized in plaster, as his waxwork was revealed at Madam Tussuad's today. The  Harry Potter star is the youngest ever recreated in plaster for the Tussuad's family and is sporting a suit and stubble rather than a Hogwarts gown. [LSE ]

-Newscaster Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC refused to read an update on Paris Hilton's release from jail. She apologised to the audience at the decision made to place Paris's release above news from Iraq and refused to. 'No,' she said, 'I hate this story and I don't think it should be the lead' Hear, hear.[The Guardian]

[Image: Getty]

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June 29, 2007 11:51 AM

Britney suffers another wardrobe malfunction


OK, we have a nice baker boy style hat, an over sized studded bag (little cheap looking, but we'll forgive her that) some pretty sexy denim shorts, and a gaping pinstripe shirt. Why? WHY? With all the money Britters has surely she can afford either a better bra or a bigger shirt? I know that everyone hates buying the next size up,, but when squeezing into a smaller size provides these sort of results i think it's money well spent, and foolish pride to pretend you're still a size zero when size two really ain't that bad.

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June 27, 2007 11:06 AM

In the news: The Spice Girls can't sing and Britney hates her mum

Spice_girls_9 -The much beloved Michael Parkinson is to give up TV. After 36 years in the business he has interviewed pretty much everyone, from Muhammad Ali to Fred Astaire, and is well overdue a bit of time off. [Channel 4 ]

-Despite Mrs Spears claiming her daughter is her 'most treasured child', it seems these sentiments are returned with Britney having allegedly issued a restraining order against her mother, to prevent her from visiting her sons. there are also rumours that mommy dearest likes to abuse prescription medication, and no one likes a doped up granny round their little ones. [Metro ]

-Paris Hilton went right out of prison and right to the beauty salon.. well, in true Hilton style they came to her. At 9.30am this morning Paris had Dream Catchers hair extensions in the privacy of her home, "Full length, 20 inches of extensions....blonde, of course," said the Dream Catchers rep. So much for Paris's new superficial free lifestyle. [A Socialite's Life ]

-Yes we all know the Spice Girls are reforming.. but did you know that the delightful harmonies of Wannabe will be spiced up with a lotta digital power? Apparently ten years on their singing talents have decreased somewhat, so the tech is necessary to prevent mass rioting amongst the fans. "As they sing, the computer program corrects the mistakes so that the sound comes out as the desired sound - so they appear to be able to sing really well live," said an industry source. [Dotspotter ]

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June 21, 2007 3:45 PM

In the news: Paris gets a lot of letters and Kate Moss is still slim

Kate_moss_gallery_25_2 Kate Moss sparks worries about her health as she is photographed with some seriously skinny pins. What a shocker. Need I mention her career is based around her minuscule waistline?  [ The Sun ]

-Britney throws a strop while filming her latest perfume commercial. Apparently she got angry at the film crew and stormed off set, and is not returning any calls. Well she has to raise interest in her new pong somehow.. [A Socialite's Life ]

-Is it all over for Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal? Th e couple haven't been seen out much in public anymore; could the Brokeback Mountain hottie have just been Reese's rebound from Ryan Phillipe? [ US Magazine ]

-Paris Hilton has set a new record; for the most mail ever received by an inmate! Yes, fans of the heiress can't get enough of writing to the locked up lady.. or perhaps it's all hate mail? She won't be short of toilet paper, whatever happens. [TMZ ]

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June 20, 2007 1:10 PM

In the news: Halle Berry gets intimate with a sunflower and don't call Britney crazy

285spearsbillboard061907 -Halle Berry has had a sunflower tattooed on her buttocks to cover her ex' David Justice's name. “I chose a sunflower because when darkness descends they close up to regenerate. But I really wish I’d never had the tattoo in the first place. Clean, clear skin is always better.”  [Agent Bed Head ]

-Fresh faced Jennifer Garner is now the 'official' face of Neutrogena, saying, 'I feel an emotional connection to the brand because it represents healthy beauty'.I'm sure the fee helped as well.  Pass the sick bucket pleas. [Glitterati ]

-Calling Britney a nut job is now a criminal offence! Companies in Florida had to take down billboards after Britney threatened to sue for defamation; apparently it's one thing for you to shave your head and go to rehab, but quite another for people to judge you for it.. [E Online ]

-Poor old Kylie ain't such a lucky girl; break ups are hard enough, but she now has to cope with joint custody oh her precious pooch. Life's such a bitch sometimes. [D Listed ]

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June 18, 2007 3:53 PM

Sweet smell of success? The Top Five worst celebrity perfumes


With every D-lister nowadays feeling like they can bring out heir own range and share their 'expertise',(yes Phoebe Price/ Jade Goody/we are talking about you) it seems only fair that we investigate the actually quality of their touted products.. and share all the details with our lovely readers. We look at the packaging the publicity, and oh, yes, the products. Our survey says..

Number 1: Shh.. by Jade Goody

It seems odd that someone known for shouting their mouth off would advocate a scent based around the principle of silence, and not so odd, that the fact that she couldn't;'t keep her mouth shut led to her scent being recalled from eh shelves of Boots in the light of the Shilpa scandal. Her perfume is described as 'Sweet and Enduring - just like Jade herself! Top Notes: Citrus Notes, Bergamot, Cassis. Middle Notes: Pink pepper, Cinnamon, Cumin, Freesia, Jasmine Rose, Iris. Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber Moss and Musk'

I bet the marketing people are kicking themselves for that slogan now. How much better; Jade Goody- she'll linger on despite attempts to the contrary.  The bottle itself is nothing to write home about and the musk is a mixture of Body Shop products and urine. I think not.

See after the jump for more smelly celebs.

Britney_spears_curious Number 2: Curious by Britney Spears

She may be queen of pop (well, that's fairly debatable nowadays) but she ain't queen of our noses. This olfactory monstrosity is 'white floral scented with magnolia and vanilla infused'. We say nice bottle, shame about the pong. A cross between Barbie after a night out and the pick n mix section in Sainsbury's, this sugary concoction hits none of the right notes. Thankfully some of her later scented offerings were a little more appreciated, ( In control.. mmm) but this atrocious assault on our noses heralded her decline into trailer trash like loungewear and bad hair extensions. The bottle though is adorable, very delicate and sweet, and with a sweet spritzing pad that makes it into some of the later incarnations.


Number 3: Enchanting by Celine Dion

Yes, I was surprised that this existed too. Expect muskiness that goes on and on.. similar to her one hit song? Perhaps that's unfair, so why don't you try it yourself with a free sample, and see what you think. Expect base notes that linger and heady musk.. Apparently the concept was 'to create a perfume that captures that magical moment when a woman feels the most beautiful and anything is possible'. Yeah, that would be it. The bottle design is rather plain, and having Dion swing in a sky does nothing to enhance it. while not an incredibly offensive smell it's nothing to write home about and one feels she could have better used her talents, umm, making glass break?


Number 4: Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

Anyone ego-centric enough to name a perfume after themselves is probably not one to do a whole lot of testing the actual product, other than the obligatory demand that it be pink. To this end we have a long willowy pink bottle which smells like the Smurfs threw up in it. We're talking sugar overload, vanilla, cherry, all the things that apparently reflect Paris's decadent lifestyle are packaged together to produce a scent suitable for the under 5's.

Beckspa210806_243x243 Number 5: Intimately the Beckhams by The Beckhams

I can only rant for so long on the megalomaniacs stars that exist out there, or the atrocity that is this his n hers scent. Yes, they may be trying to take over the world with their empire (clothing range/books/TV show) but their foray in this field has resulted in absolute disdain. I dare you to find someone who actually praises this smell.. oh and the design; what design? For a style queen Victoria has sadly let the side down as these overpriced ugly bottles do nothing to reflect her personality and lifestyle.. or do they? A lot of promise, but basically nothing inside. And that's the thought of the day kids.

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June 15, 2007 12:55 PM

A pop star for a pop drink: Britney and Pepsi

Turn back time to old school Britney, when she really was that innocent. True, she was still selling out to Pepsi, but look how perky she was!

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June 14, 2007 1:07 PM

Is Britney Spears's Mum the worst mother ever?


The notorious Mrs Lynne Spears is known for pushing her innocent children into the media spotlight and then trying to wrestle some of their fame and money for herself. Her antics are pretty similar to Mrs Lindsay Lohan, who ignores her daughters drunken behavior and tries to dress like a pre teen. Whilst Lynne may not yet have reached that level, it seems curious that she professes to love her daughter, but then 'reveals all' to the tabloids, which seems very hypocritical for one who is supposed to be protecting her daughters private life.

Just because Brit manages to reveal herself (unfortunate nipple flashing incidents) does not mean her mother should go public on everything from her love life to her career choices. I'll give Lynne her due though, as she is refreshingly positive about Brit though, saying that 'I can see her life picking up and it's just going to hold great things for her'. At least she's not trying to act like Brit's best friend any more, as that was always rather creepy. I just feel it's unhealthy for a mother and daughter to move away from the child and parent dynamic and try to be BFF's forever; that's what people your own age are for! She then says something that seems to be rather unfair to her other celebrity child, Jamie Lynne; 'Britney Jean Spears is the sweetest and the most sensitive and loving of all my children. She's just figuring things out'. Yes, I'm sure Britney will appreciate those sentiments, and what child doesn't love to be the apple of her mother's eye, but this just fuels the debate about your mothering skills. Some parents do have favorites but the cardinal rule is to never reveal them, and definitely not to the media. You've lost one child Lynne, why would you want to distance yourself from the one who is still living with you? Smart move.

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May 22, 2007 2:54 PM

Britney gets her body back


A couple of years back seeing Brit in hotpants and a bikinit top woudn't cause an eyelash flutter, let alone merit a post dedicated to it but much has changed since then. Since her Oops I did it again and Toxic days, two babies have come and gone, the Federline put in an appearance and there were some strange incidents involving hair clippers. But now she's back- slim and sexy and sorta scandal free (some rumours of liposuction never hurt anyone's career) and we are happy to see her. She's smiling, she's sassy- is our princess of pop back? Yay!

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May 16, 2007 12:59 PM

The Bald and the Beautiful: Britney makes it big on YouTube

Yes, we know that Britney is semi-bald now, and we also know that she has miraculously recovered her figure in a suspiciously short period; but this clip is just to good to miss. Hit me baby one more time...

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April 25, 2007 4:53 PM

Britney buys herself hotness back

Britney, Britney, Britney. You do look hotter now, you do. Except for the clothes, the hair, and the face. But your body's pretty impressive, especially when you consider (a) that you're a mother of two, and (b) how absolutely awful you've looked since Kevin Federline entered your life.

But it's not your body, is it? You bought it. And that saddens me.

I know we've seen you at loads of dance classes recently, and your nights out at sushi restaurants suggest you're eating sensibly, too. But c'mon, y'all. I mean, come on. I've been on intense diets and lived in the gym. I've starved myself, and purged myself, and South Beached it, and only eaten green food on Tuesdays, and I have never seen that much of a change in so little time. Unfortunately our image library doesn't carry the pictures, so you'll have to follow this link for the after goodies. Just check out the before and remember it was less than a month ago.

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April 17, 2007 5:45 PM

Britney Spears a generous samaritan!

Britney_spears_lyrics We at Star Trip have been known to take the piss out of Britney Spears, but the lady done good. Before all the crazy happened, back in the glory days of 2005, la Spears donated more than half a million dollars to a range of good causes, signficantly more than other stars of her age and bank balance.

Good one, y'all!

Normal service resumes, of course, with the following video. Mother of two, 25. Mother of two, 25. Mother of two, 25. If we all keep saying it, she might just listen.

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April 16, 2007 6:02 PM

Britney Spears buying hot new bod from surgeon?

LiposuctionAh, Britney Spears. What's not to love about her recent escapades? Apart from everything, that is.

Anyway. Seems the pop princess may not have lost weight in rehab due to a sensible diet and exercise regime, and alterations to her lifestyle. According to the gossip windmills of the interweb, Mme. Spears may well have succumbed to the cannula, also known as the big sucky needle so beloved of liposuctionists.

American gossip mag Star ran with the following quote from a "friend" of Britney, which usually means the star themselves, their publicist, or an enemy with a vendetta. "Britney wants to look better than she ever has in her life. She has a plan and has already started working on it. She is a size 6 (UK size 10) and wants to be a size 2 (UK size 6) when she is done in three months."

And Britain's Daily Mail tabloid is reporting that the former sex siren with washboard abs to die for is spending £66,000 on her new body.

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A message to the *nice* world from Britney Spears

Because we're totally smart and totally, like, believe everything we read (and see on Youtube), like, Britney has a message for us, y'all. This is supposed to be, like, funny, but it turns out to be, like, really freakin' irritating, y'all. My feelings are, like, totally hurt. And yours should be too. Word.

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Britney Spears: The next Queen of England?

Brit_hat_004 Just think of how glorious the crown jewels would look upon Britney Spears' bald little head! According to MTV UK, bookies at William-Hill are offering odds of 20:1 that Britney will hook-up with the suddenly single Prince. It's rumored that the two exchanged emails back in 2002, and with Kate Middleton out of the picture, perhaps they'll rekindle whatever weird type of relationship they had. (Which probably consisted of naughty webcam screen shots and saved IM conversations between Wills02 and BritBritBaby98.)

Why in God's name would anyone really think that the future King of England would go after one of the most troubled celebrities in Hollywood? I sincerely doubt that Prince William is like, "Yeah. I know Kate was proper and posh. But I really feel like I want to chav it up a bit, and go slummin' with a bald divorcee with two kids." But, you never know. Maybe we should get Britney to do a "If I were queen" post for Dollymix, just to try it out...

"When I'm Queen...Hmm...I dunno...Um..FREE BOOZE FOR EVERYONE, Y'ALL! YEEEHAAAWWW!!!"

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March 30, 2007 12:26 PM

Britney Spears in running for Mum of the Year Award

Trexteeth Britney Spears is not a woman in control at the moment. While she may have lost weight and dealt with some of her issues during her all-too-brief stint in rehab, the woman needs to get her priorities straight. After all, KFed's the one looking after the kids while she gets her head together, and she only gets to see them for a few hours a week.

How did she spend this week's visit? According to US Online: "A bodyguard returned the kids (and nanny, natch), to Spears, 25, at around noon Wednesday. But the dentally challenged pop star quickly popped out for more than two hours, leaving the kids home with the nanny. What could be more important than time with the kids? Getting her teeth whitened. According to Access Hollywood, Brit visited a celebrity dentist at Century City Doctors Hospital to have the Zoom whitening treatment done..."

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March 28, 2007 2:41 PM

Justin giving Britney a comback as a post-rehab gift

A1854i0_ec Much as it pains me to type the words "Britney Spears" on this blog for what feels like the millionth soul crushing time, some things can't be helped. Although if you hear a shotgun blast in Central London in the next 20 minutes, that was probably me ending it all.

She went to rehab. She got crazier. She got cured of the crazy. Now she wants her career back. And who could blame her? She was top of the pile as a nubile teen. Now that she's shown the world her low-rent trailer trash ways - not to mention her minge - I don't see the comeback working, even if she has got Justin Timberlake to duet with her and Timbalake to produce. They'll be singing "You're All I Need to Get By", which makes me want to be sick. Not as much as I'll bet it makes Cameron Diaz want to be sick, but then I never found the ginger-afro'd tosser to be even remotely attractive.

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March 27, 2007 11:10 AM

Britney Spears' bodyguard violates holy sanctity of church

Britneyspearshot761997 I love the peace I get from going to church. Not only is the world a more serene place on a Sunday morning, with all the world's reprobates sleeping off their hangovers, but I find an inner calm in places of worship, one which gets me through the week ahead. Unless that calm is shattered by one of Britney Spears' bodyguards pulling out a gun and threatening to shoot a paparazzo as I'm mid-prayer, of course.

There are no words. Apparently the photographer got too close while trying to take pictures of the devout and modest popstrel at prayer, and the only answer was to pull out a gun and threaten to pop a cap in his ass, or something along those lines. LA's Bel Air Presbyterian Church, where the incident happened, is a hotbed for the famous faithful, yet no previous worshippers have found cause to pack heat in the house of the Lord. It's just bad manners, y'all.

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March 26, 2007 8:30 AM

Bald Britney Spears seeks styling advice

Untitled The latest news from the Britney Spears camp is sure to bring a resounding 'huh?' to the lips of all readers. The famed popstrel whose recent spout of crazy has included umbrella attacks, a stint in rehab, all manner of intimate-parts flashing most unbecoming of a young woman and even more unbecoming of a mother of two, and extreme styling not limited to a completely shaved head was last spotted in a hair salon.

Not sure what she thought she was doing there - I last shaved my head on New Year's Eve, and there's no way I could get so much as a clip in it, much less extensions.

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March 23, 2007 7:58 PM

Britney who? Our lips are sealed.

Question_mark2 A world-famous pop star with the first name of Britney and the last name of Spears has forbade that we henceforth speak her name. Nary a member of the British news-gathering establishment may speak of that which is forbidden, or else fires will burn and the goddesses of Hell will summon their fury upon an unsuspecting world. Or something like that, anyway.

Britney Spears has taken out an injunction in London preventing the British media from publishing any further leaked information about her stint in rehab. She hasn't bothered in the States, primarily because their laws wouldn't allow for it, whereas we like to bend over and spread our cheeks for the rich and famous.

Meeja law sharks said: "We can confirm that an emergency injunction was obtained in London's High Court this afternoon as ordered by Mr Justice Gray on behalf of Britney Spears to restrain the person or persons, known as 'John Doe', who has/have been leaking information about Ms Spears' time in a rehabilitation clinic from further disclosures invading her privacy."

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March 22, 2007 10:29 AM

BritFed Spearserline sort out custody, pay-offs

Britkevgarter1 Kevin Federline. Either he's a greasy dirtbag who happened to fall on the best paycheque of his life when he married and impregnated Britney Spears just before she went all sorts of crazy and checked into rehab, making him a model parent, or he is the most cunning Machiavellian brain of the 21st century. Don't laugh - it could be true.

After all, who went from deadbeat dad to proud father in the space of a spousal nervous breakdown? And while his album may have failed to take off, he did manage to score himself a Superbowl ad while his ex-wife was branded "too much of a trainwreck" for the NFL to want to be affiliated with her. And now, following reports of rehab visits and custody arrangements comes the news we've all been waiting for - following the divorce, FedEx is due to walk off with $20 million and half the proceeds from the sale of the couple's Malibu home. How this gels with yesterday's news that Britney is down to her last $10 million, I do not know.

As for custody, it appears that Kevin currently has sole custody of the kids and Britney's got visitation rights. As her health and mental stability improve, she will take over more of their care. Some sources say Britney has to "prove herself" before her access to the kids improves. What this proof will entail nobody knows, but as there have been rumours of drug abuse and addiction, it could be a long slow process.

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March 21, 2007 12:34 PM

Britney leaves rehab to an empty bank account?

Britneytoxic Following the news that Britney Spears has left rehab - and has devised a child custody arrangement with Kevin Federline - comes a rumour that the 40 million album-selling pop superstar is going broke.

In the last 24 hours Britney left Malibu's Promises Center following a three-week stay. She and KFed have reportedly agreed to split care of the couple's two children on an equal basis until Britney's better again, at which point the children will return to her and KFed will get full visitation rights.

But according to the Daily Star, Britney is now afraid of bankruptcy, having spent a reputed two-thirds of her $30 million fortune. I don't think most of us would be afraid with $10 million in the bank, but it's obviously a different world celebs live in. The timing of her financial worries could be better: "She has to concentrate on staying sober," a friend was quoted as saying. "But she can't do that if she has to worry about going broke - which is exactly what she thinks will happen."

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March 19, 2007 12:47 PM

Britney's rehab love is a gentleman not out for any free publicity

Wire2iy Britney Spears really can pick 'em, can't she? With the exception of Justin Timberlake, I don't think she's had a single man not do some form of kiss n' tell, poor lamb. And while I do pity her for her atrocious man-picking skills, it's hard to dredge up too much sympathy when the singer - who's still actually in rehab - is breaking the cardinal rehab rule of not getting emotionally or physically involved while undergoing treatment. You're all over the place getting treated, the logic goes, therefore you're not in the right place to make judgements about people. Additionally, relying on someone else for support means you're not relying on yourself - if they leave your life, you can find yourself back on square one within minutes.

So there are many reasons to put the champagne back on ice following the 'Britney's rehab love' announcement. The main one? The man himself, Jason Filyaw. In his own words: "I’m not going to sell her out. ... There is always at least some truth in all these crazy stories. I’m just trying to keep things under wrap right now to protect so many people. So you can ask me if we are seeing one another as much as you like but all I can say is ‘I’m sorry but I can’t comment’. It will all come to light very soon, I promise you." Sounds more like a 'where's my money, In Touch magazine?' than a no comment to me. I can see the millions of dollars and free publicity he sees in her. Question is, how much of the crazy has she got to be to see anything at all in him?

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March 16, 2007 2:45 PM

Justin writes to Britney in rehab

Britneyspearscrying Word has reached the interweb (via Life & Style magazine) that Justin Timberlake has written to ex-girlfriend Britney Spears in rehab. Rumours that he contacted her using the form on her website were started by me, and are not to be believed. Upon receipt of the letter, and touched by her ex's concern, Britney promptly burst into tears. Sure beats scrawling 666 on your head and proclaiming yourself to be the antichrist.

A source told Life & Style: "She could barely catch her breath to read the words. It was one of the most moving letters she had ever received. He poured his heart out. He told her he was sorry they fell in love so young, because if they'd fallen in love even just a few years later, he would've married her - and they'd probably have kids together by now. Justin let Britney know that she has his unconditional love and support. He offered to come visit her in rehab."

While it makes for a touching story, as it has yet to receive the publicist confirmation / official seal of approval, its veracity is being hotly debated as fast as bandwidth will allow.

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Tell Britney Spears you care, via her wesbite


Sometimes the management teams behind celebrities get it so, so wrong. While on paper inviting fans to use her website to send Britney Spears messages of support during her rehab visit may have sounded like a fabulous idea, in practice - not so good.

While the interweb is certainly buzzing with news of the prayers and support guest book - and all publicity is good publicity - the content currently available for perusal all reads as if it were written by some poor intern ruing the day they decided to learn about celebrity IT support. And all of the not so supportive messages written by those blogging about it? Nowhere. Which is a good thing really - the last thing poor Britney needs right now is any sort of attention; mockery and pity could break her.

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March 9, 2007 10:27 AM

Eddie Van Halen in rehab

Scaryeddie After rumours swirled that the Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth reunion tour was cancelled due to heavy drinking and alcohol abuse, Eddie has now checked himself into rehab. (Oi vey.) Eddie released a statement saying, " would like Van Halen fans to know how much I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Without you, there is no Van Halen. At the moment, I do not feel I can give you my best. That's why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110 percent I feel I owe you and want to give you." 

I'm really hoping that all of these rehab stars get together and make some sweet, sober music. I'm thinking that they should release a powerful musical collaboration (like the 2001 version of Whats Goin' On). They could call it Sober up & Get Down, featuring Eddie Van Halen, Britney Spears, Keith Urban, and Robbie Williams. Then perhaps they could take it to the next level, and have back-up vocals by Lindsay Lohan, and a guest "rap" by KFed. I'd totally buy it...and then add the video to my "Totally Pimped Out Custom Layout" Myspace page.

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March 8, 2007 1:17 PM

Simon thinks Britney and Robbie should get a grip

Simonsaysno Simon Cowell has blasted both Britney Spears and Robbie Williams for checking themselves into rehab, claiming that they have no idea how hard life really is. While Robbie has since checked himself out of rehab and was seen clubbing in LA, Britney is sill receiving treatment at the Promises centre in Los Angeles for Post-Partum depression and attending AA meetings. Simon says, "This whole thing is a total indulgence. Britney and Robbie need to get a grip. I don't know what's going on in Britney's head but my attitude is I couldn't care less. She should go back and live with her mum for six months." Dang, Simon!

Simon continued to blast the two "troubled" artists saying,

"I went to a deprived part of the world recently... It really opened my eyes. You can feel sorry for yourself over the smallest things, but then you look at the world and you think, 'I've got nothing to complain about'. So when I hear about the Robbies and the Britneys going to into rehab, I think, 'I'll tell you what rehab is. Go to where I just went, where people are really suffering and then you'll see just how good your life is.' I mean Britney is not working in a coal mine is she? You are whisked to the studio in a very large limo, you are flown around in private jet, everyone will agree with you and physically making an album is a doddle."

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March 5, 2007 10:42 AM

Can Brooke Shields have a positve influence on Britney?

3559255 Last weekend we reported tht Britney Spears is rumoured to be suffering from Post-Partum Depression, and is currently reading Brooke Shield's book Down Came The Rain. It turns out that Brooke may be willing to be a mentor and friend to Britney. Brooke recently said,"It's very common, and she'll get through it. I hope [Down Came The Rain] is helping her. If it's not, and she wants to talk to someone, I'm available." An unlikely friendship, but hopefully one that will help Britney out.

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March 2, 2007 12:45 PM

Britney's wedding ring controversy

0303_brit_ring_1After Britney Spears was photographed on her way to an AA meeting on Wednesday, speculations rose that she was wearing her wedding ring from estranged husband Kevin Federline. However, TMZ has done some sleuthing and claims that the ring she was seen wearing on her left hand, is not the same ring given to her by KFed. However, I wonder why she's even wearing a ring on her left hand at all?

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March 1, 2007 10:50 AM

Britney smiles again!

Britsmiles Yesterday, Britney Spears emerged from her stay at the Promises rehab clinic in Malibu to attend a meeting. How great does she look? It's great to see her smiling, with a wig on, and not beating the crap out of cars. The only semi-odd thing about Britney's appearance would be the teenage-esque drawings on her hands. The scribbles were of flowers and swirls, and the word 'push'. Whatever gets you through the days, Britney. Keep pushin' girl! See the photo of Britney's hand after the jump!


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February 28, 2007 11:56 AM

Is the Britney rehab doll over the top?

Britshearsdoll_450x629 Apparently, someone has manufactured a "Britney Shears" rehab doll, complete with shaved head, and white straight jacket.(Too bad David Spade didn't know about this earlier...) I actually think this is really mean. I know I make fun of her, but really, it's gotten to the point now where I think we should all just leave her be. It's reported that she's probably suffering from Post-Partum Depression, and is currently reading Brooke Shield's book about Post-Partum, Down Came The Rain. While I don't agree with the way she chose to deal with her pain over the past four months, I think that her reaction to Post-Partum manifested in such dramatic and disturbing ways considering her lifestyle, fame, and constantly being hounded by photographers. We really do wish her the best.

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February 26, 2007 11:11 AM

David Spade likes to play with dolls

David Spade has no soul, but at least he's funny. Enjoy this clip of David reenacting Britney Spears shaving her head...with Barbies.

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February 23, 2007 3:05 PM

Britney attacks!

This is the moment when Britney Spears loses her rag with the paparazzi and attacks one of their empty cars with an umbrella. Shortly afterwards, her mother, who was with her at the time of the umbrella frenzy, took her back to the Promises rehabilitation centre in Malibu, California.

There have been reports that Britney tried to kill herself twice after last weekend's head-shaving incident. She walked into oncoming traffic and was pulled out of the way at the last minute by her body guards, sources claim. The other attempt allegedly saw her overdosing - or threatening to overdose, depending on which articles you read - on the prescription medication Xanax.

For one of the oddest pictures I've ever seen, read over the jump.


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February 22, 2007 2:06 PM

'Britney Spears' goes on Letterman to address her fans

Britney Spears made a special appearance on David Letterman last night to answer all of her fan's questions. She looks greats!

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Britney is out of rehab, and seeking lawyers

Britescapes So, once again, freakin' Brintey Spears has checked into rehab for a whole 24 hours, and then checked herself out.  What the hell is she doing? Does she get tired of staying at hotels and decide to stay at a rehab center for a night instead? At least when Lindsay Lohan left rehab it was only to run errands or go to Jamba Juice, and she always went back. Apparently, after Britney checked out of rehab, she had a meeting with prominent criminal defence lawyer Blair Burk, who represented Mel Gibson in his DUI case, and other celebrities such as Halle Berry, and Rehab Queen Lindsay Lohan.

It's unlikely that Britney was meeting with Burk about her divorce, as Britney's represented by divorce lawyer Laura Wasserit. However, it just so happens that Burk represented Reese Witherspoon in her case against the harassment of the paparazzi. Perhaps Britney is planning a similar case against the paparazzi. I wonder how Britney is convincing herself that she's a victim in this case. Every bit of incriminating evidence the paparazzi have collected about her has been taken in very public venues. It was her choice to not wear underwear - full knowing the paparazzi try to get shots like that - her choice to drive with her kid in her lap, and her choice to shave her head and get tattooed in such a public manner. For someone who just wants to be left alone, she certainly isn't trying very hard.

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Is KFed the better parent?

Fed_1 Kevin Federline has asked a judge for an emergency hearing on Thursday to discuss his custody feud with Britney Spears. It's reported that only KFed and his attorney will be present for the meeting, but it's rumoured that Britney may show up. Do you blame the guy? I really wonder if perhaps we've gotten this whole "KFed is a jerk" thing wrong. Sure he can't dress himself properly, or rap...and yes, he left his pregnant girlfriend for Britney Spears, but maybe despite all of that, maybe he's a better parent than Britney is? I cringe a little when I say that, but perhaps it would be better, at least for a few months, for the boys to go with him, while Britney sorts herself out?

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February 21, 2007 12:24 PM

Oh, remember when?

Remember when Britney cried on Dateline with Matt Lauer? Remember when she sobbed and said that she needs her "privacy, and respect, and that those are things you have to have as a human." It's kind of sad to watch how a year ago we thought she was a bad mom because she drove around with her kid on her lap. Now, she's in rehab, and we think she's a bad mom because she flashes her goods to the world. If we had only known then what we know now! (Watching this, my heart hurt a little...for her bald little head. Her hair used to be so nice!)

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Britney is in rehab! Yay!

Britrehab Finally, Britney Spears is in rehab. Her "manager" Larry Rudolph says that she, "voluntarily checked herself into an undisclosed rehab facility today. We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time." PerezHIlton reports that OK! Magazine says that the reason Britney shaved her head was because of a fight with Kevin Federline: "They had a huge argument. Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she's been up to. She was so scared. That was what made her have her head shaved."

While that may or may not be true,  Esther Tognozzi, the owner of the salon where Britney shaved her head, is agreeing that perhaps this parade of bald insanity was a publicity stunt. Tognozzi called in to Ryan Seacrest's radio show, and said that she closed the blinds to her shop, and when asked if the reason the paparazzi got such clear shots of Spears shaving her head was because her bodyguards reopened the blinds, Tognozzi answered, "I think so." DUH. Of course it was a publicity stunt! If Britney really wanted to shave her head in private, she could have just done it at home.

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February 20, 2007 11:18 AM

Britney may be bald, but that doesn't mean she can't party

Britneyspearswig2 Britney. What? Are? You? Doing? Shouldn't you be a REHABILITATION CENTER? Shouldn't you be in a psychiatrist's office somewhere in LA, sobbing on their couch and screaming, "My hair! My hair! GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE?" Shouldn't you be waiting in the drive-thru line at Walgreen's to pick up a prescription for Xanax? I was seriously hoping that your mom would drag you to rehab, and you'd go away for a long time. You'd go away, and learn to meditate, and learn the benefits of yoga. Maybe you would even go to Tibet and learn from the monks. Hell, maybe you'd even read bring yourself to read a book on parenting...

But no. No, Britney. You're out partying. You're out partying in a really crap looking wig. Fantastic.

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February 19, 2007 11:25 AM

Bald Britney Boop

This made me laugh for at least five minutes straight. From the glorious minds at Pretty On The Outside, I present to you "Britney Boop". The resemblance is frightening.


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Britney Spears is bald...crazy much?

As I'm sure we've all heard, this past weekend Britney Spears lost her %$&@ing mind and shaved her head. I really don't even know what to say about this...but the sight of her bald little head is enough to make me weep.

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February 16, 2007 11:55 AM

Britney's former personal assistant speaks up

Johnset2 So back in the day, Britney's personal assistant and BFF was a lovely little southern gal known as Felicia Culotta. For those of us who were stupid enough to watch Britney and KFed's reality show Chaotic, you know who I mean. Ruben Garay, former webmaster of the fan site WorldOFBritney, wrote an entry into his blog, ThatOtherBlog, asking where the heck Felicia was during Britney's recent tour of debauchery. Felicia actually wrote back to Ruben, and he has since posted her email for the public to see:

"There’s just so much you can do to help a person—I don’t dare want to be an enabler, and I cannot love her enough for the both of us. I cannot convince her in ANY way to love herself. All I can do is be a friend, someone that loved her for MANY years unconditionally, and PRAY. That, I have decided is the most and best I can do for my friend. I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and will. I am throwing my hands up and realizing that I am helpless over another—ANYONE!"

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February 14, 2007 10:20 AM

Britney trades clothes with dancers

Britneyspearsdancerbikini_1 Apparently, while Britney was out and about in NYC this past weekend, the trashy little red dress she was wearing just wasn't quite small enough for her. The go-go dancers' outfits at One Little West caught Britney's eye, and according to a Page Six spy,"she asked one of the dancers to trade clothes with her." And as you can see, there's our precious Britney wearing a dancer's bikini and a bus boy's jacket. Hawt. PerezHilton has more photos of this tragic event, if you think you can stomach it.

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February 13, 2007 10:28 AM

Even Rabbis want Britney to clean up her act

Ickybritney The Sun reports that New York spiritual leader and author, Shmuley Boteach, has written an open letter to Britney Spears. His opinions are absolutely correct, however, I find it weird that a random Rabbi cares that much about her behavior. Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote:

"Once you become a parent, Britney, life gets really serious... We can all pretend that life is one big party devoid of responsibility. And rarely being home, or coming home drunk, or letting your kids see you in a degraded state, will permanently scar your kids. Soon your boys will be surfing the Internet. They'll see a lot of photos of you in poses that no son should ever see their own mother... Try and be home with your kids... Cover up... Limit the visits to the nightclubs. I know you can get your life together, Britney."

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February 12, 2007 11:25 AM

Isaac Cohen speaks up about Britney

S1_11_05 After his recent break-up with Britney Spears, Isaac Cohen decided it would probably be a good idea to pimp his 3.7 minutes of fame by giving an interview about his 3.7 minute long relationship with the struggling pop star. The way he talks about Britney during the interview is just weird. How can you reveal such private things about a person, and then say that you "adore" them? However, for the most part, Cohen was just stating the obvious about Britney's current mental state. Saying how,"She didn't care what she looked like. She could not care less some days if she went out of the house without brushing her hair or checking to see if her outfit matched." Gee, no kidding, Isaac.

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February 8, 2007 12:20 PM

Britney and Isaac call it quits

Apparently, Isaac Cohen broke up with Britney Spears over the phone while she was in New York, and he was in LA. Which, let's be honest, is a lot more classy than Britney telling KFed she filed for divorce by text. Cohen's agent has confirmed the rumors, by saying, "They are no longer an item". Well gosh darn it to heck. I was really looking forward to their Vegas wedding, and Britney's third pregnancy in three years. Darn! Well, I guess Britney's taking it pretty well. See how positively radiant she's looking these days?


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February 5, 2007 10:51 AM

Britney shops at Target

Here's the ever-lovely Britney Spears, doing some shopping at Target. If this were US Weekly, I suppose this post would fall under "Stars! They're Just Like Us!". But I'd like to think most of us don't look this haggard while shopping at my Mecca Target. Sure, she's covered up her "goods", but would it kill her to do her hair? Or perhaps try to appear as though she isn't hungover? Is it that hard?

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February 2, 2007 3:37 PM

Brit and KFed play nice for the kids

Britkev_14For now, it appears Britney and Kevin are being cordial with each other. When Britney first filed for divorce, she sought sole custody of their two children. In return, Kevin fired back by seeking spousal support and sole custody of the children as well. In fact, Kevin even turned down Britney's offer of a $25million divorce settlement. In light of Britney's recent shenanigans, I think it's safe to say she realizes that no judge would ever award her sole custody, so she and Kevin have come to an agreement.

In January, they worked out a temporary custody agreement that allowed Kevin to visit his boys from noon to four on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with or without Britney being there. They've agreed to stick with this arrangement for the time being. Let's just hope they continue to behave with their children's best interests at heart.

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January 30, 2007 11:17 AM

Britney's got style, y'all!

Britney29_175x125_1 We all know that Britney is slightly 'white trash', no? Today, Perez Hilton has some excellent photos of the mother of two, going through a McDonalds drive-through, and just looking very...well, chav. The Sun has a hilarious photo gallery of other "fashionably challenged" folks that seem to have influenced Britney's style of fashion...or lack there of, really. I'm wondering if she even has a stylist. And if not, why not?! She is the worst dressed, most poorly represented celebrity in Hollywood. It's not like she can't afford it, so why not put a little effort into your public image, instead of just posting stupid apologies on your website?

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January 29, 2007 9:49 AM

Britney sells her house

Britney29_175x125 The house that the Spears-Federline family briefly called their home is up for sale. Yup, Brit and KFed's love nest is now on the market for £7 million. Britney bought the house for only £3.5 million, which includes a swimming pool, basketball court, and two-story playhouse. The value has apparently gone up since the family first moved in, as Britney added luxuries like a £1.5 million recording studio for her aspiring rapper husband. Britney's smart to sell, because that's £7 million KFed won't be able to get his stingy little fingers on.

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January 24, 2007 10:30 AM

Britney takes son lingerie shopping

Britneylingerie I know we all wanted Britney to find some underwear, but she can't even seem to do that right. Accompanied by her son, and two gal pals, Britney sucked down a Frappuccino and paid a visit to the shop Trashy.Com. She's so gross. Why would you bring your son there? Does she ever stop to think what she's doing? Now, I've seen some ladies here in the UK bring their babies with them while they browse Ann Summers. Does it kinda weird me out? Yeah, a little. But for Britney to spend what little time she does with her son in place that boasts "Trashy Lingerie"? It's like she wants KFed to get full custody.

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January 22, 2007 12:13 PM

Britney love US Weekly, as long as she's on the cover

Britneyspearstabloid_1 Britney was seen last week catching up on some quality reading. Ya know, like, about herself. The past weekend was, of course, tiring as usual for Britney. She had to like, work and stuff, and go into the recording studio. Then she went to Hamburger Mary's with her gal pals, where she supposedly ignored a 15 year old fan until she left in a flood of tears. Britney also thought it would be "Like super funny, y'all" to kid the paparazzi into thinking she was "done" with her latest fling Isaac Cohen; and then show up at the Cabana Club in LA together the next day. Quality time with the kiddos? Who has the time?

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January 15, 2007 11:34 AM

Britney pretends to be a good mom

See? She's a good mom! She takes her kids to the park! These pictures scream, "Please! Take my picture! See? I love my babies!" Britney's also trying to prove that she's still a good dog owner, as she was pictured this week with her manager, Larry Rudolph, her son, and chihuahua Bit Bit. Sorry, we're not buying it. Nice try. Maybe if you didn't push your kid in a swing with one hand, while holding your designer handbag in the other, we might think you were a little bit more genuine.


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January 10, 2007 10:15 AM

Britney still has a job!

Britneyspearspure10_1 Britney Spears, despite rumours that she will be dropped from her record label Jive, will still continue to record her new album under the label's name. An insider tells Fox News, “Let’s put it this way; she’s just a hit away from being back. Why drop her now?” They have a good point. While she is drunkity, drunk, drunk most of the time, the public still pays attention to her and would buy her latest album, even if just out of curiosity.

I beg to differ with Fox News' opinion that Jive dropping a "single mother of two" wouldn't sit well with the public. I think she would survive for a while if she "lost her job" with Jive. Plus, the world is more uncomfortable with the concept of a rich "single mother of two" partying every night, instead of making macaroni and cheese for her children.

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January 5, 2007 12:36 PM

Britney Spears and her country roots

I found this little gem on Youtube, and it actually made me sad! The poor girl used to be so simple, y'all. She really did. Maybe she should round up her youngin's and head back to Kentwood, Louisiana. She could sip on Southern Comfort and stay home every night. It would be just like Little House in the Prairie...with paparazzi.

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Britney goes to clubs, not rehab

Britfirst_450x631 Well, this never happens, but it appears the tabloids have been wrong. I know it's shocking. Please, try to remain calm. It looks as though Britney Spears is unfortunately not in rehab, and is out on the town, as per usual. Britney was spotted this week partying at a Hollywood club with one of her dancers, and doesn't she look ravishing? Her babysitter manager Larry Rudolph tells USA today,

"She understands what's going on right now, and she calls it her 'rocky moment.' Britney knows exactly what she needs to do. I'm not defending [her behavior], and she's not defending it. [With regards to New Year's eve] we were sitting there drinking orange juice. She got tired in a club, and we took her back to her room. Suddenly, I'm hearing words like 'collapsed' and 'passed out.' From what they've been seeing and hearing, I understand the disappointment [from fans]."

Rudolph is so dillusional that he even believes that Britney can regain the respect of her fans,

"...But Britney is increasingly motivated to get out there. She sees this as a challenge, that some fans may be questioning her. She is respectful. She sees this as her challenge to win them back. She's taking all the right steps. Britney Spears will be back and absolutely at the top of the entertainment industry very soon."

Talk is cheap, Rudy.

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January 4, 2007 12:11 PM

Britney Spears goes to rehab?

Britneyspearspure10 Britney Spears. Downward spiral. Drunk. Hyde. Paris Hilton..yada yada, yada, yada. Unless you've been under a rock, or are foolishly uninterested in the lives of celebrities, you know all about Britney's lame excuse for a comeback. So, you'll be terribly underwhelmed to hear that Britney's reportedly checked herself into Sanctuary for exhaustion. (Aka rehab for being a Drunk Slob all day, every day.)

Exhaustion? What the hell reason does she have to be exhausted? Yes, Britney, taking the time to pull on a pair of knickers in the morning IS rather tiring. Especially if you do it everyday. My God. The energy it takes. Plus, being forced to host a New Years Eve party at a posh Las Vegas club is so, like, totally frickin' tiring. Even if "hosting" does only mean you have to put forth enough energy to count BACKWARDS and then on top of that somehow manage to howl "Happy F***ing New Year!". Yeah. You better rest, girl. That's rough

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January 2, 2007 11:09 AM

Britney passes out in Las Vegas club

Britnew_450x484_1  Does this surprise you? Yeah, I didn't think it would. Apparently, while dancing and drinking champagne on New Year's Eve, Britney suddenly fainted. Her body guards swiftly covered her in black poncho, and carried her out of the club, making sure no pictures were taken of the incident.

Her manager, Larry Rudolph released a statement saying, "'She had been travelling all day. She got really tired. It was a late night for her." Whatever.  Is anyone else just sick of her? Can you imagine being her manager and having to constantly make up creative excuses and play "clean up" for her?  Britney, seriously. Go home and knit your baby some booties or something.

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December 18, 2006 10:04 AM

Britney has most watched online video of 2006

This weekend ViralVideoChart.com released its top ten list of the most watched celebrity videos. Top honors went to Britney Spears, as the stoned video of her burping and contemplating time travel was viewed 3,311,19 times. ("HUH?!?!")

Lindsay Lohan's "Paris Hilton is a C**t" video, as well as the video where Keira Knightly plays "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head" on her teeth made the cut. However, I find the most interesting video on this list to be Paris Hilton "singing" to Hugh Hefner on his birthday. And by "interesting" I mean "so disgustingly untalented that I burst into giggle fits of glee". Her talents as a singer are absolutely breath taking. Enjoy!

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December 15, 2006 11:56 AM

Myspace drama with Paris and KFed

Kfedph Apparently the Myspace bulletin written by Paris Hilton defending Britney Spears, wasn't written by Paris at all. Hilton's reps say, "Paris did not write it. She does not have a MySpace account." Hmmm, perhaps that would explain why it was actually readable and made sense. So, the "Official Paris Hilton Page" is indeed, not so official. This is heartbreaking news considering I recently messaged her telling her how totally awesome, and like how pretty and smart she was. How embarrassing...

In other tragic Myspace news, Kevin Federline has apparently deleted JR Rotem off of his Top 20 friends list, after JR was seen canoodling with Britney Spears. He's so ballsy, that Kevin. You get him where it hurts...Myspace. Ouch! You're my hero, Kev.

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December 14, 2006 4:48 PM

YouTube Video of the Day - Britney pre-split

Britney Spears is forever in our newspapers... and this is her being asked if she's house hunting in France and being told that she "looks great!" and to forget "those stupid rumours!" This is before the K-Fed split...

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December 13, 2006 4:18 PM

YouTube Video of the Day - Britney Spears talks rubbish (possibly wasted)

It's a classic clip, but one worth watching again now that Britney is back on the scene. It's the classic home-vid shot by K-Fed which sees Britters talking about the wonders of time travel with a stack of fried chicken on her lap, burping and how jaw-ache makes your face ugly. Genius. Altogether now "I jus' watch the movie and drink at home!"

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Paris defends Britney on Myspace

Britneybig041206_228x358Paris is such a good friend, that I almost kinda wish that we were best friends. Knowing that Britney has been under a lot of scrutiny lately, Paris decided to defend her the best way she could think of: on her Myspace. In a bulletin posted to all 162,287 of her closest friends -that surprisingly didn't inlcude "WTF??!!" or a single "OMFG!!!1!"-Paris wrote,

"Lately, you've been seeing pics of me and Britney partying (blah blah) and she knows that some of her fans are very upset about what they call her "beh avior" and sadly they're blaming the issue on her being friends with me. Yeah, me and Brit have become really close in the past few weeks, and we've gone out alot in the past few nights, but I never influence anything she does, and neither does anyone else..."

Maybe the best part was when she said, "She goes home every night to her babies and partying has not come in the way of her parenting."

Uh-huh, sure. I imagine that about 3am when Britney finally stumbles in, reeking of cigarette smoke and Grey Goose, her parenting skills are on fire. And then 3 hours later when her children are awake, she's 100% willing to ignore her massive hangover to watch Sesame Street and eat Cheerios with her boys.

Thanks for clearing that up, Paris. Love ya, babe!

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December 12, 2006 10:44 AM

Who's Britney Spears' mystery boyfriend?

Britneyandbloke That's what The Sun is asking this morning, after Brit was spotted out on the town with a mystery fella. I think their description of him as a 'hunk' may flout the trades descriptions act, mind. Nevertheless, the couple were seen having dinner, before Britney hopped onto his lap while puffing on a cigarette.

"They looked like a couple in love," an eyewitness tells the paper. "She sat on his lap and he stroked her back very tenderly." Britney's People say they don't know who the man is, although hopefully they're taking precautions this time by calling up all the Quickie marriage parlours in Vegas to ensure she's barred.

Still, it's clear Britney is making good on her promise to take things easy on the partying front

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December 11, 2006 11:23 AM

Hilton and Spears pretend to be adults


Our favorite "Best Friends Forever!!!" team is seriously cracking us up. Britney's posse must be doing some serious damage control lately. Last week she wrote an apology  to her fans on her official website,saying that she "probably" had taken her new freedom and partying too far. She was even spotted this weekend in Hollywood with demure, brown hair. Are we supposed to believe that she's suddenly all humble and responsible again? BAH!

And that brings us to Paris Hilton. Paris was seen in LA this past weekend with her old boyfriend Stavros Nachos Niarchos. What's even more disturbing, is that she's been wearing a big ole rock on her engagement ring finger. Again, who is she kidding? How many times has this girl been engaged? And do these two party gals really think that they're fooling us with all of this "settling down" rubbish?

I think not, ladies. Good try though. Now, if you can both start wearing underwear and stay out of Hyde, we might feel a little tingle of hope. But until then, we have our eye on you...and your little dogs, too.

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December 7, 2006 9:23 AM

Britney Spears speaks up on her official website

Britneybig041206_228x358_1 And the saga continues. Britney Spears has posted this message on her official website,

"It's been a long time since I've been out on the town with my friends. It's been 2 years since I've even celebrated my birthday. Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom too far. Anyway, thank God for Victoria Secrets' new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music, and a new me."

Okay, good for her for finally speaking up. However, does she expect us to feel sorry for her because she made the choice to get married and have two babies in two years? I'm so shocked to hear Kevin Federline didn't take her out on her birthday. That's so unlike him. All in all, Britney, you didn't just "probably" take it too far. You've been hanging out with Paris Hilton and showed your lady parts to the world. THAT is too far.

We wish you the best, and just hope you really do make it down to Wal-Mart Victoria Secret and buy yourself some knickers, and manage to spend some time with your kiddos.

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December 5, 2006 1:02 PM

A video montage of Britney's fall from pop glory

The world has been pretty harsh on Britney lately...And, well, who the hell could blame us? She's flashing her "precious" to the world?! But I think this backlash against Britney is so strong because we really do care about her. She was our navel baring sweetheart that became our red neck, barefoot and pregnant tabloid queen.

I think this video sums up everyone's feelings perfectly. Set to a beautiful, acoustic version of "Toxic" it follows Britney's career through music videos, interviews and magazine covers. It documents her tumbling, falling, and eventually ending up naked and pregnant in a fur robe. What's even sadder is that it doesn't even include the latest debauchery. Oh baby, baby.

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December 1, 2006 3:24 PM

Britney's "comeback" backfires

Spearssp_304x450 Oh, Britney. Where are your children? Didn't you just give birth a couple months ago? We understand you're on a "comeback" of some sorts, but we're concerned.

Apparently, your record label,Jive, has some concerns as well. Jive is reportedly upset with Britney as she's been missing recording sessions because of her late nights with a certain Heiress. Brit, go home. Go to work. And please, try putting on some underwear before you leave the house.

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November 28, 2006 3:59 PM

Britney and Paris share everything, including their stockings

Stockings_5 Is sharing stockings the latest trend? Britney, we are very excited that you dumped K-Fed. Really! We are even more excited that you've been seen sans Frappuccino and bare feet lately. But WHAT is this "sharing stockings with Paris Hilton" nonsense? Do you even know where those stockings have been? We're glad you found a friend and that you're celebrating not being pregnant for what seems like the first time in a decade. But honey, this is just looking like a more expensive version of your Cheeto and Red Bull days...

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Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have a HUGE row... on video!

Parislindsay_1 I thought they'd made up, but apparently not. The Sun has a video of a verbal altercation between Paris and Lindsay outside Paris' mansion, after Li-Lo stormed out and bad-mouthed the hostess to the waiting paparazzi.

You can't actually see much, but you can hear Lindsay shouting about Paris having elbowed her and thrown a drink over her, and also screaming "cokehead" back at the house. And The Sun claims you can hear Paris shouting "firecrotch!" right back at her.

Lumme. Watch the video here and see what you think.

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November 24, 2006 9:18 AM

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton get arrested. Almost.

Britneyandparis Well, alright, they just had a Narrow Brush With The Long Arm Of The Law, after Paris' neighbours complained about the disturbance from a party thrown by the heiress and pal Britney. I'm guessing they weren't playing K-Fed's album loud, although you never know.

Actually, according to The Sun, the problem wasn't noise, but the huge hordes of paparazzi gathered outside popping their flashbulbs. Despite Paris' best eyelash-batting efforts, cops arrived and broke up the party. "Paris tried to turn on her schoolgirl charm with the officers but they told her to ask everyone to leave," a source tells the paper.

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November 10, 2006 11:03 AM

Britney Spears divorce turns nasty: K-Fed wants £16m AND the kids

Kfedontour Well, it wasn't so hard to predict that K-Fed wouldn't take Britney's divorce filing lying down. He's apparently not happy with the £2m he'll get under their pre-nup agreement, so has filed his own claim demanding £16m and custody of the couple's two kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, says today's Sun..

"He wants to fight Britney every step of the way because he fears she’ll take the kids away," a source tells the paper, which goes on to claim that K-Fed's spent the last week swigging whisky and chatting up female fans on his tour – which doesn't strike me as the best way to kick off a custody battle.

Britney apparently does have the right to take back all the expensive gifts she gave Kevin during their marriage though, including his £78,000 Ferrari bike. This one will run and run...

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November 9, 2006 10:22 AM

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera sexing up their images

Britneynewimage Hurrah! The pop world certainly isn't going to be boring in the next few months, with both Britney (now minus The Baggage) and Christina set to up the raunch factor. Britney got in first, today's Sun says, by appearing on the David Letterman show with a "classy new image" (i.e. cleavage but an expensive dress) and a blonde bob and fringe.

She's also hooked up again with old manager Larry Rudolph – The Man Who Took Her To The Top – which slots another key plotline into the Britney biopic. It'll be like Rocky, except with more lingerie.

Meanwhile, the paper also reveals that Christina Aguilera is ditching the sophisticated look she's been modelling for the last year, in favour of, well, "five whips and a burning Wheel Of Death". As you do. This is for her Back To Basics tour, obviously.

The show will have three sections – 1920s, Juke Joint, and Circus – and will include Christina performing a "sexy strip tease" for a paid stooge lucky audience member. Like that Bruce Springsteen video, except with more lingerie.

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November 8, 2006 12:52 PM

What (or who) Britney Spears should do next

Britney_11 At bloody last. Britney Spears finally filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, although it remains to be seen whether his rap album is cited as an aggravating issue in the split. If she thought she could slip the news out amid the US mid-term elections, she was wrong - everyone and their uncle is reporting the news that she's dumped the baggage.

But what's next for Britney? Or rather, who's next? Does she go for another skivvy, except THIS time choose someone who'll actually stay home with the kids rather than going out boozing in Vegas? Or does she go for an equal: another globally famous pop star? Or a multi-millionaire? Or an old flame? I just can't decide. Here are her ten best options:

  • Justin Timberlake. C'mon, he still wants her really, whatever he tells Cameron. Although now he's more famous than Britney, this could cause friction.
  • The first bloke she meets with a dirty vest and an empty bank account. No.
  • Robbie Williams. He's desperate to find love, and could compare stories of the Pop Machine with Britney. Downside, he might just marry her to crack America, and when the inevitable split happens, might write a confessional song about her rudebox.
  • George Clooney. Maybe Britney is the gal who can tame The Cloon. Plus she could act in the next film he directs. Alright, maybe that's not a selling point.
  • Madonna. It's legal now, y'know. In some states, at least. And the kissing the bride part wouldn't come as a surprise.
  • Some really old really rich investment banker. I would cry a little inside if this happens.
  • A booze-soaked country music star. No no no! Learn the lessons of your actress sisters, Britney!
  • Brad Pitt, if he splits with Angelina. Although this may involve a screaming catfight with Jennifer Aniston first *sells cable rights*
  • A British mopey singer-songwriter. Britney Blunt has a certain ring about it, don't you think?
  • Donald Rumsfeld. Because he needs cheering up after the election results.

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October 12, 2006 8:57 PM

Top Ten Stories - Sienna Miller Looks Under 21, & Angelina Jolie Is A Murderer's Muse

Sienna_4Finally, someone puts holier-than-thou Sienna Miller in her place and denies her entry to a club, sadly for not having ID, not for being a stinky actress.
It seems being in close proximity to Angelina Jolie turns people into fighting-machines, as her driver hits a motorcyclist in India.
Contrary to all the rumours circulating about her and Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston told Oprah they're still together. Does this mean they're an official couple now?
Kevin Federline is understandably insecure about his marriage with Britney, and has convinced her not to lose her baby weight so she won't get so much male attention.
Nick Lachey blames their Newlyweds reality show as the instigator to his marriage break-up, and not say, Jessica's infidelity.
80s-throwback Justin Hawkins comes out of rehab and quits The Darkness, blaming his cocaine problems on being in the novelty band. Quite understandable - we'd be addicts too if we looked like that.
Nicole Richie debuts her new red haircolour with a new man. Needless to say, we preferred the old look better, in more ways than one.
Elle Macpherson has dropped her lawsuit against Heidi Klum over the use of her nickname 'The Body', after meeting the Dalai Lama. Bet he loved admonishing her on her childish fight with the fellow model, dirty thing.
Because apparently SpongeBob SquarePants is the new Simpsons, David Bowie adds to his archive of cameos and makes a guest appearance on the underwater show as Lord Royal Highness.
Desperate for attention, P Diddy has revealed that he never loved Jennifer Lopez to begin with. Neither did we, mate, neither did we.

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October 4, 2006 2:18 PM

YouTube Video of the Day - Dump K-Fed NOW!!!

How about this? It would seem that Britney still has some fans left. Yup. Ten year old boys mainly. This particular boy wants a) Britters to dump K-Fed (it's written on his chest in brown felt-tip) and b) Britney to look at his muscles. "That's when I discovered I was a maaan!"

[Mof Gimmers]

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Kevin Federline and Britney Spears squabbling again over Vegas jaunt

Kevin_federline_3 Okay, so it's a fairly old tradition to wet your baby's head (i.e. celebrate in the pub) if you're a new father. But Kevin Federline appears to have taken it too far by disappearing off to Vegas for a long weekend, according to today's Mirror. K-Fed even sent out an invite to his mates for the boozy weekend: "There is a new Fed in the house. Give a shout out to Sutton Pierce Federline. Celebrate with the new daddy in school."

Unfortunately, daddy's now wearing a dunce cap, as it seems Britney wasn't too happy with his jaunt to Sin City, which included champagne, cigars and, er, being surrounded by women. K-Fed may have bought Brit a pair of diamond earrings, but he's not getting off that easily.

"She was livid that he even considered going in the first place, so when he handed over the present she got so furious she stormed off," a source tells the paper. "They are now barely speaking. All Brit wants is for Kevin to be more hands on with the kids. She thought their relationship was back on track."

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October 3, 2006 12:10 AM

Top Ten Stories - Nick Carter Still A Knob, And Janet Jackson Still Fame-Hungry

CartersimpsonNick Carter is still whining on and on about former flame Paris Hilton and how he was forced to cheat on her with Ashlee Simpson. Go back to cleaning out your rabbit hutch, Nick, you're boring us with your drivel.
Council flat tenants would vow not to watch the Jonathan Ross show anymore due to a jibe on last week's program, if they had television sets in the first place, that is.
Both desperate for fame, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake are in talks to do a duet together at either the Oscars or Grammys. Let's hope for a nip-slip along this line.
Coleen McLoughlin claims she has the world's hardest job. Oh no, girlfriend, writing about tat like this and resisting to throw in numerous expletives is harder.
Anna Nicole Smith did not get married to her lawyer over the weekend, oh no, as if they would be that insensitive to her recently-dead son - no, they just went on a luxury yacht cruise with plenty of champers, is all.
Prattish Jude Law first begrudgingly claims to regret cheating on Sienna Miller, then backtracks, and says he thinks in the long run he did a good thing. Say what?
Sure, we've heard stories about Tom Cruise pushing Katie Holmes to lose her baby weight - but has she gone too far and Nicole-Richie like?
Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears end their feud over who the hottest popstar was (face facts, Britters is well below Pink now, on the scale), with Christina giving Britney a $570 gift for her latest son's birth.
No surprises here, as James Blunt tops the funeral faves list - favourite song for a funeral, not favourite 'sleb to HAVE a funeral, sickos.
Could newly rehab-exited Robin Williams be back on the booze already?

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September 26, 2006 8:49 PM

Top Ten Stories

Bella_cat_245Turns out the suicide-attempt by David Hasselhoff's 14 year old daughter that we reported yesterday may in fact have been caused by the family cat, pictured. David's estranged wife claims he used the suicide allegation as revenge on her to make her appear a bad mother.
Lindsay Lohan uses Stavros Niarchos to make ex-boyfriend Harry Morton jealous.
Is the world coming to an end? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have reportedly made up.
To add insult to injury, Heather Mills was kicked out of Sainsbury's for shoplifting there 20 years previously. What she doesn't know is they're team McCartney.
Liza Minelli's ex-husband, David Gest, has had his lawsuit thrown out of court, as the headaches he suffered from were because of his herpes, not a result of her beatings.
George Bush can breathe easy, as George Clooney is sticking to movies, and won't be running for presidency anytime soon.
Sadly, Russell Crowe won't be starring in a Steve Irwin biopic anytime soon.
Kevin Federline knows what the punters want, as he drops Popozao from his debut album, and replaces it with a duet between him and Britney.
Brad Pitt is rumoured to be starring in a biopic on Jeff Buckley's life.
Kate Bosworth says 'Orlando who?' after caught canoodling with an Unidentified Hottie in public.

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September 25, 2006 5:27 PM

Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_lohanLindsay Lohan and Harry Morton have reportedly parted ways, after it was rumoured they were engaged.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney are trying to set their parents, Blythe Danner and Paul McCartney, up together, as they can't wait to overhear geriatrics going at it like rabbits.
Jennifer Lopez is so desperate to fall pregnant, she has resorted to IVF treatment. If only she'd stayed with P Diddy - his sperm seems very fertile.
Has Paris Hilton stooped even lower than Travis Barker, and hooked up with Fred Durst, Britney Spears's former lover?
Speaking of trashy tattooed bad boys, Steve O literally pissed all over the red carpet at the Jackass 2 premiere in Los Angeles.
After six days of engagement, Aaron Carter and his Playboy girlfriend have split.
Victoria and David Beckham are apparently going to star in an episode of Neighbours - let's hope Posh gets it on with Harold, eh?
Buffy - ahem, Sarah Michelle Gellar, thinks Alec Baldwin is sexy.
Not surprisingly, Steven Tyler has Hepatitis C.
David Hasselhoff's 14 year old daughter tried killing herself last night by slitting her wrists. We could make a joke here about how we'd do the same if he were our father, but really, we're not that cruel.

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September 22, 2006 5:18 PM

Top Ten Stories

Robinwilliams1Robin Williams manages to slip the nurse a tenner and checks out of rehab, hopefully soberly.
Angelina Jolie has spent £200,000 on artwork by Banksy. Did no-one tell her you can pick his stuff up for free in Blighty, just off the street?
Jessica Simpson has said she still sleeps in Nick Lachey's tshirts, which is funny, as we thought she slept naked with strange men most of the time.
Don't bother Jack Nicholson between the hours of two and four in the morning, as that's his 'ass-scratching hours'.
Anastacia has accepted a marriage proposal from her British bodyguard - does this mean we'll have to put up with lots of crap sightings in Heat's 'Spotted' now?
Charlotte Church wears Bridget Jones-style big knickers to make her look slim on camera - bet Gavin Henson makes her wear 'em in bed, too.
Lisa Kudrow weeps quietly about being labelled tubby due to not losing the baby-weight as fast as other actresses.
To no-one's surprise at all, Britney Spears adores wearing hooker shoes.
Lindsay Lohan will have to wear the cast on her arm for another 6 weeks. Poor love, giving handjobs with your wrong hand sure is tricky work.
Make sure you pick up a copy of Vanity Fair's November issue, which will probably have Borat on the cover.

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September 21, 2006 8:48 PM

Top Ten Stories

Brad_pitt_angelina_jolieYet another reason to hate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as Bono's Samaritan ways rub off on them.
And in the understatement of the century, Paris Hilton admits she's not got the whole deck of cards upstairs.
Madonna's current tour is the highest-earning tour by a female artist ever. You can just hear Britney taking notes 'right, Jesus-cross, check. Farrah Fawcett flicks, check'.
Turns out Janet Jackson regrets saying sorry for her nip-slip years ago. Next she'll be saying she meant it to happen.
Yawn...Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are officially together - anyone paying attention anymore?
Kevin Federline gets himself a real job, dawg.
Not having anything to do with publicity for Justin Timberlake's recent album launch, him and Cameron Diaz were allegedly almost murdered by a papparazo.
Paris Hilton has a temporary lapse of judgment, and gives a homeless man a $100 note.
Whitney Houston got clean with thanks to Courtney Love's help. That's probably how she got hooked on crack in the first place.
Rupert Everett lacks something rather vital, sperm.

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September 19, 2006 6:48 PM

A Week With Britney & Kevin


Busy times at the Spears-Federline residence, as Britney has given birth to their second child; their second boy. Britney is remarkably decent when it comes to baby names (perhaps the only non-trash thing about her now) and is rumoured to be calling son number two Sutton Pierce, so he'll have the same initials as Britney's firstborn, Sean Preston. Which is quite a nice idea; love to know who thought of it, it sure as hell wasn't her. No other news from the K-Fed and Britney camp - one would imagine they're loving time with their newborn. OR, Britney's loving it, Kevin's out buying some gold shoes or something.  [Toni Kelly]

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Top Ten Stories

WillieAs if it's surprising, Willie Nelson is in trouble with the police over possession of the ol' green herb.
If you can stretch your memory back to 1996 and recall popboy Aaron Carter, he is now all grown up and engaged. To a Playboy playmate. One of his older brother's ex-girlfriends. Uh-huh.
Taylor Hanson (come on, you remember), just spawned his third child. The most surprising thing is Hanson are about to release a fourth album!
Londoners now have the chance to get up close and personal with Tupac - if you dare.
Rumous are a'bounding about Sarah Jessica Parker possibly being preggers with her second child.
Please God, don't tell us Lindsay Lohan is going to buy property here in London. We can't deal with having her tumpsy perpetually splashed across The Sun.
Ricky Gervais has a conscience over how much money he has.
Britney Spears's new album is said to contain 'crazy ass' rapping. We can't wait...
Proving she is willing to stoop to any level, representatives for Anna Nicole Smith have sold the last ever photos of her recently departed son for $600,000.
Cover your ears, as Pete Doherty may be guest-editing a Christmas show for BBC Radio 4's Today  programme

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September 15, 2006 12:02 AM

Top Ten Stories

Whitney_4Whitney Houston files for divorce from Bobby Brown after 14 years of marriage, whether or not this is due to Osama Bin Laden's crush on the crack-addict is up in the air.
Sean Penn believes there's rules for civilians to follow, and then there's rules for the 'slebs to follow. Well, derr, just look at Pete Doherty.
Speak of the devil, he's just had another Jaguar impounded, for failing to pay road tax.
Paris Hilton and Travis Barker (of Blink 182) are definitely porking.
Thank goodness the next series of Strictly Come Dancing will have some sass, as they've added Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton to the list of despo keen 'slebs.
Graffiti artist Banksy cheats on us with Los Angeles and doesn't return our numerous frantic calls.
It's rumoured Britney Spears has named her second son Sutton Pierce, so he will have the same initials as his big brother, Sean Preston.
Oasis are not happy campers about being forced to release a greatest hits album. Don't worry, Noel, neither are we.
Marianne Faithfull has been diagnosed with cancer, but still intends on touring in 2007. Atta girl.
We've heard the rumours that Lindsay Lohan is engaged to Harry Morton, but could they have married already?

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September 13, 2006 4:00 PM

Britney Spears Gives Birth To A Baby Boy!

Britney_10Well, it wasn't going to be an adult boy now, was it. She reportedly gave birth at 2am on Tuesday morning at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by caesarean. We haven't heard what she's named the poor tot, she's probably trying to come up with a masculine form of 'Jailynn', what she was supposedly going to call it if it was a girl. Anyway, congratulations to the family, but can I just say I can't wait until the first pictures appear - pictures of her dropping the baby, not strapping it safely in the car, etc. It's inevitable, really.

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YouTube Video of the Day - Britney Spears gets stitched up on French TV

Ah. The French. They can be tres funny when they want... and this video shows why. Britney Spears comes up against an apparent bungling reporter from France... but he's pulling her leg!

[Mof Gimmers]

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September 7, 2006 8:27 PM

Top Ten Stories

Hilton_arrest_cops_x17Paris Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence earlier this morning, the photo on the left shows her being led, handcuffed, into a police car.
Speaking of DUI and raving loonies, Mel Gibson has left rehab, and is fed up with people paying so much attention to him. Don't worry, Mel, having a stiff scotch will surely help matters eh! 
Britney Spears is rumoured to be giving birth today, by C-section, and will be naming her supposed daughter 'Jailynn', after her mother, Lynne, and sister, Jamie. Yup, Jail Federline. What a knob.
As if we care, but Heather Locklear and David Spade have ended their 5 month relationship, with reports saying David thinks she's an 'high-maintenance bitch'.
But not to worry, as it seems Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey may be back together - perhaps she's clucky after seeing those cute Suri Cruise photos?
P Diddy's girlfriend is pregnant with not one, but two little P Diddlers.
Marcia Cross, of Desperate Housewives fame, is up the duff with her husband, reportedly 2 months gone.
Brangelina are tying the knot viddy viddy soon! Or so Star claims...
Yessss! Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth have split after 4 years - get ready to fight for him, girls.
And as one heart-throb becomes single, another disappears into marriage, with Emilio Estevez becoming engaged to his writer girlfriend.

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September 1, 2006 4:57 PM

Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_3One of Linday Lohan's casual lovers has apparently bought her a pricey Cartier engagement ring and whisked her off on holiday to propose, no less than a month after declaring she would never be monogamous.
Somehow we don't think this is an authentic baby registry for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline - firstly, he's listed as K-Fed. Is anyone really that dumb? Oh, wait.
Lionel Richie gives his mark of approval to daughter Nicole and current bed-warmer, Brody Jenner.
Thoughts of retirement are far from Madonna's mind, as she starts planning her next album, reportedly meant to be more of the same disco music. Just leave the leotards alone this time, love.
If you care to remember her, Christina Milian is flogging all her clothes on eBay to make a quick buck, sources say she is indeed close to bankrupt.
The filming of Charlotte Church's first talk show episode was apparently a 'shambles' but will be edited well for the debut tonight.
As if we need more evidence on Paris Hilton's more than willing thighs, here it is.
Could Robbie Williams be shedding his playboy image, preferring to jump into bed with his Playstation instead of a woman?
If the sight of Daniel Craig in his swimming trunks didn't turn you on, perhaps his gay kiss will.
Not surprisingly, Pete Doherty has been branded the 'worst tenant in history', as his landlord evicts him.

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August 31, 2006 12:16 PM

Top Ten Stories

BrianmayIt seems us bloggers have got Brian May's goat, he recently fumed about three MySpace users pretending to be him, and that 'Paul Stanley of Kiss has the same problem'. Ol' Bri should be thankful he's still getting attention, bet Paul Stanley is bloody grateful no-ones forgotten about him!
Our brother-blog TV Scoop has the erm, 'scoop', on Pete from Big Brother's recent £1 million autobiography deal with HarperCollins.
Recent climber-out-of-the-closet popstar Lance Bass reveals that he is incredibly happy since announcing he was gay at the start of summer, now that he has a young buff plaything.
Girls, be prepared to put up a fight, as David Hasselhoff has proclaimed he's returning to Britain in order to find himself 'a beautiful girlfriend. But I don't want some dumb blonde. I'd like a woman who is really intelligent'. Well, Dave, ahem, here's my personal email address...
John Mark Karr (y'know, the bozo who claimed to kill the child star JonBenet Ramsey), apparently wants a movie to be made on her life, with Johnny Depp playing the part of him. Understandably, Depp is yet to comment.
There has been speculation for years about his questionably sexuality, but finally, is this pictorial evidence that John Travolta is gay?
Living up to their 'creative' imagination, scammers in South Africa used Oprah Winfrey's name in a recent scam.
From the same people who brought you Britney Spears's birth cast in stone, Suri Cruise's first poo is on offer, made from bronze, and is reportedly authentic.
Speaking of the Hoff, he's recently asked Orlando Bloom to play his son in the film version of Knight Rider, leaving female minds wondering if the screen is big enough for two oily heart-throbs.
Jessica Simpson finally 'fesses up to using lip injections last year, presumably she is spilling the truth now, as she's only just regained the ability to speak - seriously - did you see those babies?

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August 30, 2006 7:09 PM

Buy LA Celebrity Style Online

40020bird_2Our fabulous new Catwalk Queen writer, Amber, has unearthed a fab new online shop that shows you how to shop like the stars - the good ones, that is, so pop back in your box, Pammy Anderson. LA Star Style has picked up where 'slebs like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria and Gwen Stefani get their rags from and are flogging them to mere mortals like us, for pretty good prices, it must be said. So you can head on over from today, to buy Paris Hilton's red Voom dress pictured, Gwen's T-Shirt, Britney's Sweetees dress and a whole bunch more. As our CQ writer, Amber, pointed out, 'what you're buying here isn't the star's actual cast-off clothes, by the way. That would just be icky - particularly in the case of Britney Spears.  The website are keen to stress, though, that these aren't rip-offs in cheap fabrics: they're the actual clothes seen on the stars'. Good enough for me!

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Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_2Could Lindsay Lohan possibly be going sober, and, err, just what the world needs, becoming a DJ?
Justin Timberlake may or may not have binned Cameron Diaz in time for the launch of his new album, Future Sex/Love Sounds. We bet he's not getting much of either at the moment...
Yesterday we reported K-Fed was appearing in CSI, today it's Entourage, as he plays - get this - 'a celebrity's freeloading spouse'. Huh, the scriptwriters didn't have to stretch far, did they?
Should we feel privileged over this? I can't tell - 2 former Blink 182'ers have reformed as a new band (+44), reportedly named after the UK dialling code. Greeeaaat...
Funny that Snakes on a Plane tops the box office only in Australia. Steve Irwin, we blame you.
Celebrity relationships just get more and more aesthetically disgusting, as Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are reportedly a couple.
Sean Preston, (Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's bub), is pronounced a genius, as his first words uttered are 'dada'. Praise the Lord his first words weren't 'oi, you got a lighter?'
Score one for Blighty, as Charlotte Church knocks back Paris Hilton's offer of appearing on her new chat show.
Drats, Penny Lancaster is not content with having just one baby from the lovemachine of Rod Stewart, oh no, they're intending on having another. Curses!
So much for her vow of abstinence, Paris Hilton has moved in with 'Firecrotch' utterer, Brandon Davis.

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August 29, 2006 4:56 PM

Top Ten Stories

Natalieportman_1As if celebrities aren't already superior to us mere civilians, Natalie Portman dons her battle rags and enters the war zone of Israel, to visit her family despite the war with Hezbollah. Bring us back a souvenir, won't you love?
Thank the lord, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are reportedly civil with one another now. Is it too soon to suggest a threesome?
Owen Wilson-obsessives, time to hike down to your nearest Agent Provocateur, as he is apparently not bedding Kate Hudson, who is rumoured to be back with her homeless-looking husband.
Elton John proves he is walking ever closer along the path to senility and dementia, as he apparently wants to work 'with Pharrell, Timbaland, Snoop, Kanye, Eminem and just see what happens'. What happens, Elt, is that you'll wind up being shot.
Kevin Federline has landed a speaking role in CSI, where he'll be playing a 'threatening' teenager. At the tender age of...28?
More hope for Jennifer Aniston of staying Brad's parents' preferred choice of daughter-in-law, as they are offended by Angelina Jolie's drunk behaviour and 'tactless' personality at a recent birthday party for Maddox.
It's official, Suri Cruise will make her debut in the October issue of Vanity Fair.
At least the musical will be in keeping with the film version of Chicago, as fellow emaciated singer Ashlee Simpson is set to star as Roxie Hart, the part portrayed by Renee Zellweger in the film.
Not content with just stealing The Office from our fair shores, HBO are set to remake Little Britain to entertain Americans. Somehow I think the Vicky Pollard skits will be more of a real-life drama over there than a comedy.
And apparently Eminem is not a misogynistic so and so, he is, infact, channeling Buddha. Right...

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August 24, 2006 12:40 PM

A Few Thoughts On Britney Spears & Kevin Federline's Appearance at the Teen Choice Awards

  • Firstly, Jessica Simpson introducing Britney Spears and seeming excited about it. Girl, didn't think you'd like to be showed up that way.
  • Tell us the truth. Britney doesn't have a fashion stylist anymore, right?
  • Love the gum-snapping, it's ever so attractive hearing your saliva boomed throughout a massive audience like that.
  • Begrudgingly, we must admit she looks darn good with dark hair.
  • Anyone else notice that when she said the words 'my career', she shifted her eyes sideways? I think she realises along with us that it's a joke of a career.
  • Hmm, having a live pianist doesn't exactly help with the ghetto image, K-Fed.
  • Anyone else confused by the two other rappers who unfortunately bear a resemblance to the Fed?
  • Ahh, so the confusion was intentional, with K-Fed actually being the pianist. Triiiiicky!
  • He's meant to be a former back-up dancer, obviously he forgot the moves long ago.
  • The only remotely good thing about the song is the chorus, which coincidentally, he doesn't sing, natch.
  • Hopefully after the show, the producers offered free tetnus jabs to members of the audience in the first few rows - did you see the amount of saliva flying out of his mouth?

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Top Ten Stories

Katehudson_1Unfortunately Kate Hudson hasn't heard the expression 'you can't have your cake and eat it too', as she contemplates going back to her scruffmeister of a husband, Chris Robinson. Poor Owen Wilson - I know a few girls who would willingly comfort him if need be, wink wink, nudge nudge.
Paris Hilton didn't learn her lesson when her own Sidekick was hacked, as she's recently been accused of hacking in to Lindsay Lohan's voicemail, no doubt hoping to hear messages from their greasy boyfriend-in-common, Stavros Niarchos.
Proving that she is indeed cheap, Britney Spears's autobiography from 2002 is selling for just 99 cents now, which is quite possibly 99 cents too much.
Nicole Richie is officially seeing someone, poor bloke.
Kate Moss's recent trip to Bali was not just an innocent Indonesian holiday, apparently it was meant to be a wedding ceremony for her and Pete Doherty. Shame he was in rehab at the time...
We predicted a book deal for Heather Mills McCartney, and it turns out we were right.
Mel Gibson does not a role model make. So stop taking tips from him, Tom Hanks, on racial put-downs already!
Put your clean undies on girls, as Bruce Springsteen's marriage is on the rocks.
As if Dr. Who isn't scary enough, they've recruited Meat Loaf to play a villain, as if he isn't scary enough.
It's practically an anti-drinking campaign in itself, as Kerry Katona was recently rushed to hospital in fear of her unborn child's health.

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August 21, 2006 1:55 PM

Britney Spears goes on a $5,000 shopping spree

I don't know why this is news - in terms of spending-to-personal fortune ratio, it's the equivalent of me going to buy a new pair of pants in Matalan. But anyway, Britney blew $5,000 in a 30-minute 'spree' says the Mirror, including a straw hat, a pair of maternity jeans, a bottle of perfume and a designer handbag. The paper also has some suitably snippy advice for Britters, along the lines of 'YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED WEAR ANYTHING INTERESTING OR UNUSUAL, YOU DOWDY OLD HAG!' I'm paraphrasing, of course. [Stuart Dredge]

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August 17, 2006 12:30 PM

Amex Parody Courtesy of Cracked.com - We Will Never Tire of K-Fed Gags

We're all familiar with the American Express card adverts, well here's a parody of Britney Xpress, courtesy of Cracked.com, which has now relaunched! Am I bringing back memories, boys?

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Give Kevin Federline A Few Years...

And this is what he'll look like, Britney Spears's daddy. Something to look forward to, Britters!

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Is Kevin Federline Making Babies Purely For Financial Gain?

KfedWe just told you about how K-Fed claims he's broke, and that he doesn't get any money from his wife, 'As a man, I wouldn't be happy sitting back and living off my wife's fortune', he twittered once. Well, turns out he wasn't quite disclosing the whole truth there. It turns out for each child he has with Britney, he gets a certain amount of money, in cash, and in the millions. Apparently prior to the wedding, a source blabbed that he met with lawyers, and 'was sitting sort of slumped over with a baseball cap over his eyes and a lawyer was talking about how he had to sign a pre-nup and Kevin looked sort of bummed out. But then the lawyer explained that for every child the two of you have together, you would receive X amount of dollars. His eyes really lit up'. Ker-ching! And I thought gold-diggers came in the form of leggy blondes. [Katherine Hannaford]

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Kevin Federline is broke, but NOT a sponger. Really.

Britneyandkev Kev is living up to his Spenderline nickname, as today's Mirror reports he's already blown the $2 million he made from the Chaotic reality show last year on an engagement ring, a home studio, half a Ferrari... But mark his words: Kevin will NOT be begging Britney for pocket money, despite being stony broke until the inevitably huge royalties from his album start to flood in.

"I don't get any money from my wife," he says. "I'm almost broke. As a man, as a male figure and a father, I wouldn't be happy sitting back and living off my wife's fortune. I have to provide for my family. People gotta understand that I'm working, too, she's not the only one that's got things to do."

Nobody's suggesting you're not working, Kev. It's just that you're not earning... [Stuart Dredge]

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August 15, 2006 5:39 PM

A Week With Britney And Kevin

Britkev_12 A disappointingly slow news week for our favourite celeb/drifting nonentity sponger pairing, it has to be said.  We've brought you this wholly unsettling YouTube video, which just gets more disturbing every time you watch it, but aside from that there's not much going on with Britney and her favourite walking testament to worthlessness.  [Toni Kelly]

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August 10, 2006 12:40 PM

Top Ten Stories

Simpsons_2Joe Simpson continues to creep out his daughters Jessica and Ashlee by talking yet again about their boobs.
Pete Doherty claims to be 'clean' and in the process of marrying Kate Moss. Dude still needs a bath and a haircut, however 'clean' he may be.
Kirsten Dunst dates a mystery British man, and he lumps her with the bill. Atta boy, that's how we do things here in Blighty!
David Hasslehoff admits to loving being groped by female fans, and also tried to seduce married Kate Beckinsale 'I whispered in her ear the other day at a premiere, ‘I’ll give you everything I have’. She just laughed. But when she met me initially, she seemed very excited.' Suuuure...
Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler file for divorce, following in the footsteps of other failed MTV marriages, in the form of Jessica and Nick, and Dave and Carmen. It's about time someone put a curse on MTV marriages.
Lindsay Lohan gets kicked out of her L.A. home, the Chateau Marmont as 'it is very disruptive with all of her friends coming in and out and her late nights'.
Robin Williams falls off the wagon and enters rehab after being sober for 20 years. Reckon it had something to do with signing on to film Mrs. Doubtfire 2?
Several weeks after Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra split, he is now swapping saliva with porn-star Jenna Jameson. Such impeccable taste in women.
Sienna Miller and Jude Law break up for the last time reportedly. Do we even care anymore? Really, the only good thing about this slice of goss is the close-up of her inner-thigh bruise, tasty.
Anna Nicole Smith wants fellow white-trashee Britney Spears to be her New BFF,
'If you wanted to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you...I think you’re totally cool and I think we’re going to have our babies about the same time,' as she wrote on her website. Like Britney needs any more bad  [Katherine Hannaford]

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YouTube Video of the Day - Britney Spears going completely ga-ga

"I'm ugly.... my jaw hurts....(groan) BUUURP!" This is Britney Spears' opening gambit on this more than mental clip of her... quite possibly strung out... quite possibly hamming it up. Watch her contemplate time travel, have a strange nervous tick and, more importantly, watch her keep shouting "HUUUH?"

[Mof Gimmers]

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August 8, 2006 3:39 PM

A Week With Britney & Kevin

Britkev_10 It's been a busy week for Britney and Kevin. Following Britney's announcement that she intends to create a "true" celebrity magazine, featuring only stories that are confirmed and true from the celeb community, Kevin has announced that he supports his wife's latest career move, saying: "I think they would want to go to that magazine and tell the truth! I'm not kidding. This is something I want to do for real."

Kevin's been everywhere recently, as he's also announced his acting plans (oh Lord help us) and he also managed to bore his wife and clubbers alike by  playing his debut single 'Lose Control' four times in one night. We've also heard about Britney's rather strange pregnancy cravings, which include baby food and... erm... soil. Yummy. [Toni Kelly]

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August 4, 2006 12:26 AM

K-Fed Supports Britney's Magazine Idea

Britney_9 Britney Spears recently declared that she plans to start up her own magazine, called 'The Real Deal'. It will feature the true stories about her and husband Kevin Federline and feature only real, confirmed stories about celebrities. Before you think 'could that be any more boring?', Hollywood's very own human leech has latched on to Britney's idea.

K-Fed told American magazine Steppin' Out that he fully supports the idea. He said:  "Everybody has false truths and false images and false stuff perceived on them. Maybe not as much as me and my wife get. But everybody has it.  I think a magazine like that would attract all the stars. I think they would want to go to that magazine and tell the truth! I'm not kidding. This is something I want to do for real."

I do believe this is the third possible career venture I've written about Kevin in just 24 hours. [Toni Kelly]

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July 19, 2006 3:51 PM

Britney And Kevin To Renew Marriage Vows.

Britkev_5 It has been claimed that troubled couple, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, want to renew their wedding vows to stop speculation over their relationship. Since marrying last September, the couple have had to deal with numerous reports that their relationship is in trouble. Various British magazines recently claimed Britney had gone as far as to file divorce papers.

The couple have also decided a second series of their God-awful reality TV show, 'Chaotic', is in the pipeline, again to prove their marriage is rock solid. I cannot help but wonder if all this "we are together" nonsense is only neccessary if a couple is genuinely in trouble? If they were strong enough, surely they'd just brush past the rumours? But this is Hollywood, I suppose... [Toni Kelly]

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July 13, 2006 5:06 AM

Single 'PopoZao' Was Fake According To Kevin Federline

The Cletus The Slack-Jawed Yokel doppelganger, Kevin Federline, is claiming to have 'Punk'd' the world three times over by releasing a fake debut single from his much-hyped up album, Playing With Fire. The single 'PopoZao', which he originally said was 'the shizz', was released 'so that people would look at him like a talentless wannabe rapper,' according to reports. K-Fed allegedly claimed 'that way, when I come out with my real sh**, people are f****** blown away!' 'At first, when I put out PopoZao, people were kinda laughing at me. I did it on purpose so people would look at me exactly the way they did'. More like when the single was released to the sound of laughter you had your people come up with a really lame excuse just like that. [Katherine Hannaford]

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July 4, 2006 2:08 PM

Grab a Spiritual-Psy Portrait of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton

Drawing_britneyspearsCheck this picture - it's a pencil drawing apparently giving an artist's insight into "the psyche and its manifestation" of Britney Spears. Want an explanation? "You see and feel a circular, locked in itself, as if without a choice/escape for Britney Spears, with only one chance to break through - literally, walking out/away," says the artist. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm assuming it's deep.

Sister blog Bayraider found the picture, which is being sold on eBay for $5,000, although you get another equally-artistic interpretation of Paris Hilton thrown in for good measure. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 22, 2006 4:34 PM

Britney Spears And K-Fed Go On Separate Holidays

Britkev_4Honestly, I don't know what I'd do with my time if the ongoing Brit and K-Fed saga fizzled up and died, I'd be pulling my hair out in fright at the thought of Britney...And Spederline...Happy?! The latest news is that Britney Spears has seemingly grown tired of their new PR offensive where they try to convince the world their sham of a marriage is infact all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, everywhere. The couple recently went on a holiday to Florida, but reportedly stayed in separate houses, spending a massive $250,000 on Aqua Island. 'She did it to get away from Kevin,' a friend blabbed. Whilst Britney spent time with their son Sean, Kevin enjoyed jet-skiing, clubbing, guzzling Cristal champagne, and generally larking it up with the boys. A friend of Brit's says that despite their numerous problems, she 'wants the world to think they're happier than ever.' Really, I've run out of related jokes about their sham of a marriage, it's just getting sad now. [Katherine Hannaford]

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June 15, 2006 10:00 PM

Madonna Ditches Britney For Lindsay Lohan

Madonna_7Now, we've all heard that Madonna dumped her BFF Britney Spears because she's a mingin' moll she didn't embrace Kabbalah as much as Madge had hoped, so obviously she is in dire need of a young twiglet to love, nurture, and brainwash into the ways of Kabbalah. Enter the impressionable young mind of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay admitted recently to be 'looking into Kabbalah', and Madonna has confirmed there's talks of a duet between the two of them. Any of this sound familiar? How about 'All my people on the floor, let me see you dance,' does that ring a bell? A source claims that Lindsay and her Madgness speak to each other several times a week, and have planned a 'spiritual journey' together to visit 'the holy land.' If Lindsay has anything to do with planning this 'spiritual journey', it'll probably involve a little baggy in the stalls of Bungalow 8. Holy land, indeed. [Katherine Hannaford] 

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Britney Spears In Shameful Poo Blunder

Britbabe2By now you would've gathered that Britney Spears puts the 'T' in trash, so there's really no point in us adding more evidence to the growing pile of wifebeater singlets and empty beer cans. Oh, what the heck, this is just too good to not tell you! She recently went to Victoria's Secret in California, and purchased two pink thongs, when little Sean Preston decided it was high time to go to the loo. She then proceeded to change Sean's nappy on the floor, next to the cash register. 'Britney then tried to hand it to an employee', claimed a source, but apparently she wouldn't accept it. Say what you will about her parenting skills, but one commentor on the US Weekly mag site claims she used to work at the exclusive lingerie shop, and 'can tell you that the thongs are NOT made to fit women Britney's size - pregnant or not.' Ouch, way to kick the bitch when she's down! [Katherine Hannaford] 

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June 13, 2006 4:16 PM

Deluded K-Fed Wants '8 Mile' Style Film.

Britkev_3 Kevin Federline has decided it's time to tell his own story... and wants a biopic movie to be done about his life, along the line's of Eminem's successful '8 Mile' film. Kevin is currently said to be looking for heavy-hitting backers for the film, which would - of course - feature him in the lead role. The wannabe rapper is apparently unbothered by wife Britney's worries that he's just using her to further his own career.

"She is really upset. She fears Kevin just wants to promote himself at her expense to further his career." said a source.

Come on, Brit, you can't just be realising that only now can you?! I look forward to avoiding the film - that's if it ever gets made - in the future. [Toni Kelly]

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June 12, 2006 10:22 PM

Britney Spears Makes Her Mascara Run

Britney_8Americanites, set your tellies to 9pm Thursday night, as Britney Spears has filmed an interview with Dateline's Matt Lauer, where she spoke about her marriage, motherhood, the tabloids, paparazzi, and that driving incident with Sean on her lap.  She blabbed 'I did it with my dad. I’d sit on his lap and I drive. We’re country.' Yes, Britney, as we're forever reminded each time we see a photo of you in your curlers and without proper foot attire. Or any, for that matter. She also begged any happy-snappers out there, watching her tearful plea, 'You have a life. And if you don’t, you have to realize that we’re people and that we...Just need privacy and we need our respect. And those are things that you have to have as a human being.' Surely you read the Celebrity Terms And Conditions before you made Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney? [Katherine Hannaford]

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June 5, 2006 8:49 PM

Britney Spears Finally Files Divorce Papers

Britney_7Hoo-hoo-ha, have we got news for you, courtesy of everyone's favourite rag, News Of The World. The British publication has made claims that Britney Spears, seen here in rather attractive curlers like the rashers-slinging housewife she is, has filed preliminary divorce papers. A friend of the former pin-up confessed 'she is serious about it and even though she’s pregnant she knows that she has to get things moving.' According to the source, she is 5 months pregnant, and will soon be a single mother, living in a trailer with any luck, K-Fed having somehow bamboozled her into handing over her dwindling loot. If I knew how to read tarot cards, I would've predicted this eons ago. [Katherine Hannaford]

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June 1, 2006 1:43 PM

Britney's Anti-Kevin Poem

Britney_6 How much negative K-Fed news can you handle in a day? Hopefully you've got a bottomless chasm to fill up with rumours Britney and Kevin are going to split soon, cos gosh, there's alot of them out there. I just had a quick peek at Britney Spears's official website, where recently she has been publishing her poetry, and this new poem doesn't come as much of a shock. Titled 'Remembrance of Who I Am', it appears to be aimed at Kevin, with lines such as 'How do you stand sleeping at night...The sins of the father, what you do, you pass down, no wonder why I lost my crown...My crown is back and it's way too high for you to be in my presence, especially my son.' Below the poem is a picture of Britters pulling a rude hand gesture, which hopefully means their inevitable divorce is just past the cornershop. [Katherine Hannaford]

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Leaky Kevin Federline Can't Be Trusted

KfedcleanshavenK-Fed, (seen here clean shaven with a new 'do, for Item magazine), is apparently under criticism for causing most of the tabloid leaks written about him and his wife, Britney Spears. A source told US magazine 'Britney knows Kevin tells his friends information, knowing they will leak it to tabloids', and that 'they sell stories for money. ... She is sick of him using her for them to profit.' According to this source, Britney has stopped telling Kevin key details, for instance that she was going to announce her pregnancy on the David Letterman show. Girl, we told you that dawg was toxic months ago, fo' shizzle. Put him out on the curb where he belongs, where one of the Olsen twins can pick him up. Match made in heaven. [Katherine Hannaford]

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May 10, 2006 9:12 AM

Break Open The Lambrini! Britney Spears Reveals She's Knocked Up!

Britney_5Glad to be reporting real, confirmed news for once, the rumour we picked up on in late April has turned out to be true, for, low and behold, Britney has admitted she is carrying another bloody Federletus. Whilst you take a moment to scream out in unabashed agony, I'll let you know Britters confessed the unwelcome news to David Letterman on his show last night. Obviously clearing up any confusion between David and herself (he was no doubt thinking about that boozy weekend together holed up in a motel with K-Fed and a 3-legged goat), she responded, 'don't worry, Dave, it's not yours.' I almost wish it were Letterman's sperm though, I doubt the public needs a fourth fugly little K-Fed spawn forced onto them. According to US magazine, she is due September or October this year, an early bouncing bundle of Christmas joy for us sadistic celebrity bloggers. [Katherine Hannaford]

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May 7, 2006 3:03 PM

Britney Spears will never make it as an actress - says her former acting coach!

Britney_4 Ouch. This has got to hurt. Britney Spears has been slammed by her former acting coach in The Sunday Mirror. The coach - who wishes to remain unnamed - has apparently attacked Britney, calling her "talentless" and slamming her "trailer trash" accent. The attack continued, with:  "I can imagine her ruining a televised drama by suddenly staring straight into camera and either winking, shaking her boobs or blowing a bubble of gum. But not all at the same time that would be asking far too much of her."

Blimey. It's also said that Britney refused to read Shakespeare in her lessons, saying:  "I know who he is, know he's dead and I don't want any knights-in-armour stuff."

Britney's latest foray into acting has been appearing as a prostitute in the final episode of Will & Grace. However, a source on set said that Britney seemed stupid and didn't get the majority of the jokes. Maybe it's time to go back to singing, love. [Toni Kelly]

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