April 8, 2009 3:05 PM

Davina: Self confessed "t**t"

DavinaBig Brother presenter Davina McCall has joked that she can sometimes act "like a total t**t" on television. Speaking at the inaugural Digital Spy Reality TV Awards, the programme's host admitted that she was stunned to have won the prize for ultimate reality legend.

"I've made a living out of acting like a total t**t and it's been joyous. I love reality television and I'm unashamedly proud to admit that," she said.

McCall also won the gong for best host and paid tribute to husband Matthew Robertson, saying: "He's really fit and as you saw, I am a t**t and I don't know why he's with me. He's so gorgeous and kind and generous and lovely and funny, and I am the luckiest girl alive."

She added: "Whatever happens the public has always been so kind, through all my turkeys, my addiction and all the mistakes I've made in my life."

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October 25, 2007 10:48 AM

Top Five Celebrity Exercise DVD's: Which stars is it worth getting hot and sweaty with?


There are so many celeb videos around that it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. so the Star Trip crew plus her office have tested all these vids to bring you the best around, and give you the workouts that will actually work.

Number 1: Charlie Brooks Before and After Workout

Our Charlie may be best remembered as the bolshy loud mouthed Janine Butcher but she has truly blossomed here, getting down and sweaty, and being honest and truthful about her exercise experience. we actually see her weigh herself before us, and her body really does transform (OK, plus a generous dollop of fake tan) She keeps it real and provides us with a routine we can follow and results we can aspire to.

NelllNumber 2: Nell McAndrew Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Results

Nell is known for her fitness philosophy as well as her hot physique so we see her work out HARD, and we know firsthand the results this lifestyle has brought her. The routines are challenging, so you may want to start slowly, but if you end up looking like Nell it's worth it surely? An intense workout that delivers results, but not for fitness beginners.

Number 3: Jennifer Ellison's West End Workout

I do love Jen, ever since her Brookside days I've been a fan, and this workout is another gem by her. OK, it's more toning than crazy intensive, but you do learn some great moves, as well as have fun; and the key to exercise is enjoying it. One to do with the girls and a couple of glasses of wine methinks.

Kate_lawlerJenn Number 4:Kate Lawler Cardio Combat

Yes, she was on Big Brother and that may not be the best recommendation for a fitness vid, but we all watched Kate pile on the pounds inside, and then when she left managed to shed them due to an intensive fitness and diet plan. Here we get to try some of her cardio moves at home, and she has taken a boxing slant to them which makes it a little different than the standard grapevine routine. All in all, it's a good little workout which makes you feel a little like Xena.

41li6sugttl_aa240_ Number 5: Davina, The Box Set

Davina is one of those strange people who you can never decide if you actually love or hate. From her Streetmate days to Big Brother she's been a force on our TV and in a similar way to Vanessa Feltz her weights gone up and down for us all to see. Yes, Vanessa may have consumed more chocolate while Davina got pregnant A LOT, but she always seems to regain a good figure, and here in a three DVD set she takes you through the ways she's kept herself trim. It's easy to understand and follow and the stretches are good, if basic.

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August 28, 2007 3:45 PM

Davina draws 150+ complaints

76319098Fresh from having a wee tumble on Friday night's Big Brother Live Eviction show, Davina is also set to make audience figures tumble on Radio 2.

Davina McCall's stand-in stint on Radio 2 attracted more than 150 listener complaints. The Big Brother host presented the weekday morning show, usually filled by Ken Bruce, last week. The BBC confirmed 156 people had complained and others posted negative comments on its internet messageboards.

Listeners complained about her "inane chatter" and called her "cringe-worthy". In a statement the corporation said it "fully recognised the strength of feeling" but defended choosing McCall. It said: "Davina has a chatty style of presentation and we feel this is in keeping with fellow Radio 2 presenters, such as Chris Evans and Dermot O'Leary." Of course, this isn't the first time Davina has come under scrutiny after she lost thousands of viewers from BBC1 thanks to her failed chatshow. Is Davina's time up on prime-time?

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May 22, 2007 2:31 PM

Davina McCall gives Chantelle Preston Marriage advice


Davina meets up with Mrs Ordinary Boys at the star studded BAFTA's  where both ladies looked lovely in floor sweeping gowns. Chantelle sparked rumours of marriage  disputes by turning up on her own, and refusing to comment on hubby Preston's whereabouts.

When Davina was told of friction in their marriage she said, 'Oh my God that’s terrible news, they are a great couple but I’m sure with my help they can get through it.' Obviously Davina is the first person you would come to for counselling, her being so discreet and unassuming and all. Hmm

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January 23, 2007 4:32 PM

Davina pre-Big Brother

Davina McCall hasn't always been the host of Big Brother. Oh no. Before that she was 'a wild child', Eric Clapton's girlfried, the singer in a band, a model booker, a herion addict... phew... bit part in a Kylie video ('Word Is Out' if you're wondering) and presenter of Streetmate. Amongst all that, she was also the presenter of the extremely rowdy and drunken 'God's Gift'. See her in action in a PVC skirt.

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