July 16, 2008 1:42 PM

Geri Halliwell's love ultimatum

Geri_halliwell Geri Halliwell's boyfriend Ivan 'Flipz' Velez has given her an ultimatum - move to Los Angeles or risk losing him.

Geri Halliwell's boyfriend has asked her to move to Los Angeles or risk losing him.

Geri, 35, doesn't want her romance with dancer Ivan 'Flipz' Velez to end and is considering making the US her permanent home.

A source close to the couple said: "Ivan has given her an ultimatum. He really likes Geri and the time they share together, but wants to be with her more. He's asked her to move out to Los Angeles to be with him. He said it's either that or they call it a day."

Geri previously rented a house in California in 2005, but returned to the UK after a year and settled in London.

She has since given birth to daughter, Bluebell, two, who she wants to educate in the UK.

A friend told Britain's Closer magazine: "Geri was shocked at first. But she really likes Ivan, and if it means she needs to spend more time out there, then she'll go. But she wants Bluebell to go to a top British school. If she did move to the states, she'd only go until Bluebell was old enough to go to school in the UK."

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April 22, 2008 12:27 PM

Geri Halliwell just loves Victoria Beckham

Spice_10dec07_big_250_2 Ever since they reunited to flog their Greatest Hits CD/ world tour/ Tesco's Christmas food, the Spice Girls are determined to convince us that they are bestest chums and that anyone who says otherwise is a big smelly liar. The latest attempt at girl power togetherness comes from their most mouthy member, Geri Halliwell, as she has been spilling all to You magazine on her friendship with the joyless robot known as Posh Spice.


"I have huge admiration for Victoria," gushes Geri. "She had her boys with her the whole time and she's done such a great job with them – they are all so well mannered and caring. Victoria and I are actually the biggest supporters of each other. We feel really proud of one another."


Not feeling nauseous yet? Not to worry, as Geri has more icky adoration to share with us all. And to really ramp it up, she's talking about the pair's kids.


"Romeo [Beckham] is just so sweet with Bluebell," she blathers amid some other guff about how Cruz Beckham and Bluebell have play-dates and how she's shopped with nine-year-old Brooklyn.


It's a good job they're such good chums as talk like that is enough to make everyone positively hate them.


[via People.com]

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March 17, 2008 2:07 PM

Emma denies Spice Girls in-fighting

Eb2Emma Bunton might be better known as Baby Spice, but it seems this baby is having a bit of a sulk. The singer has rejected claims that the Spice Girls tour was blighted by bitchy in-fighting, insisting that the five girls prematurely called time on their reunion world tour for family reasons. Okay Emma – we'll try to believe you. "The tour was special for everyone. We were having the best time, contrary to some reports," insists the star earnestly.

"We were supposed to be at each other's throats when we were actually having a great laugh." At Geri's dancing no doubt. "We've grown up. We had far better things to do than argue amongst ourselves. It was emotionally charged, though, because we've shared too much history. It ended because we wanted to get back home to normal family life and the kids needed to get back to school, simple as that. There is no question of us falling out."

No question? Well, I think there was a question hence why you are publicly answering it. But claiming that your kids all had to hurry back to school? Surely, with your PR team you could have spun a more likely story than that old chestnut.

[via Contact Music]

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February 6, 2008 3:33 PM

The touring Spice Girls don't stay in the same hotel

Spicegirls1It was never going to be a long-term thing, but news that The Spice Girls are cutting short their world tour has had tongues a-wagging about fallings out within the girl group. They've been keen to appear chummy, with Mel B even getting her grope-on with Posh's boobs onstage, but new reports claim the pop quintet aren't even staying at the same hotel as each other.

A blabbermouth within the Spice camp revealed to 'The Mirror': "They usually stay in the same hotel, but that's changed. What was meant to be a chance to get together, have fun and make cash has become a nightmare. The only time they get together is for sound checks and the concerts. They lead separate lives.

"The tension has been bubbling under the surface for some time. Mel B and Mel C seem to have a real problem with each other. All this talk of family and solo careers seems far fetched. As far as I'm concerned, the bickering is the issue."

I love that even those in the inner Spice sanctum scoff at their solo efforts. Well, what do you expect when you reunite five competitive, ambitious girls in the glare of intense media scrutiny? Bitchiness about who looks the fattest and has had the best-looking offspring is only natural.

[via Digital Spy]

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October 26, 2007 12:21 PM

The Spice Girls to front Tesco's festive campaign


Supermarkets are currently enjoying wheeling out the celebrities to promote them. The ASDA ones feature stars such as James Nesbitt, Victoria Wood and Ian Wright working in their stores, while Morrisons happily have Alan Hansen or Nick Hancock singing their praises. Now Tesco have gone one better by roping in the newly-reformed Spice Girls to front their festive campaign. Sporty, Ginger, Baby, Scary and Posh filmed two adverts for the store, each earning a whopping £1million for their efforts.

In the pic, the girls lounge around surrounded by their gold discs, lots of champagne and some tasty finger food (which none of them will probably eat.) A source revealed: “It’s an amazingly lucrative deal for the girls, and Tesco are thrilled as it’s a real coup. The ads are very funny as the girls insisted it had to be a send-up.” The source was right, as the Tesco spokesman is thrilled: "We are thrilled to be working with the Spice Girls for our Christmas campaign. We feel that the new commercials really emphasise Tesco's commitment to offer something different and exciting this Christmas." The adverts will air during Coronation Street on November 12th.

[via The Press Association & The Sun]

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October 23, 2007 3:55 PM

Hear the Spice Girls comeback single, Headline

After all the hype and excitement, now the comeback single from The Spice Girls is with us. The song, Headline (Friendship Never Ends) is a girly ballad in the vein of 2Become1, rather than one of their up tempo dance numbers. Its weird hearing the girls together again on a new song after so long apart, but as long as it means no more Victoria solo stuff, I’m all for it.

Listen to it here and see what you think. Is it a classic destined for greatness or has the magic gone?

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October 9, 2007 10:15 AM

Geri Halliwell talks Spice stuff on GMTV

The glorious ginger Geri is returned to our screens and no sign of her fabulous curves or yoga toned totty as she sits demurely chatting about her upcoming tour. She does look excited however and if you 'Wannabe' there you had better have got your tickets already as they're now sold out!

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October 5, 2007 2:56 PM

Geri Halliwell spills on the new Spice Girls single

244_halliwell_geri_101606For years there was quiet and now the Spice Girls seem to be everywhere again. After we reported on their reunion concerts selling out in about half a second, now Geri Halliwell has been exciting fans further with news of the comeback single. Talking on GMTV, ‘Ginger’ revealed that the song is called ‘Headlines’ and is ‘absolutely amazing’ – FACT. Over to Geri: "Emma and I initially worked on it with the original writers we used to collaborate with and then the other girls chipped in later on, adding lyrics.

"It's a Spice Girl classic. We are so proud of it. We started putting words down before we even had the finalised yes from everyone. It was kind of like a prayer - when you kind of put the footwork in hoping that it will happen - so it is a really special song, it's kind of magical...It's a big love song." Yeah – I’m sure it’s a frickin’ masterpiece.

[via Digital Spy]

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August 23, 2007 5:40 PM

New Spice Girl Album to cost $2 million!

And I'm not talking about how much it will cost to make, or the girls exorbitant salaries, no I'm talking about the actual album itself in all it's CD like glory. Well, to be fair you are buying a particularly special CD when you purchase their greatest hits as jeweller David Morris has imprinted it with $2 million  worth of precious jewels. each letter is decorated with a different gem and symbolizes a different band member. S is made from Amber and represents Victoria Beckham, ruby pink P is Emma, Mel C's I is Diamond, Geri's C is sapphire stone and the E is emerald and stands for Mel B. Bling bling baby!

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August 15, 2007 11:08 AM

In the news: Amy Winehouse is recovering and Gemma Atkinson is fine

748474652 -Amy Winehouse is in hiding following doctors orders to relax. the singer reportedly is recovering from a nasty ketamine cocktail and has decided on some down time. Whether or not any gigs will be cancelled is yet to be decided. [ M&G ]

-Geri Haliwell may be getting hot to trot with a new man! the mystery guy has been seen taking long romantic walks on St Tropez with the ginger bombshell. I guess he's adding spice to her life.. [Digital Spy ]

-Arctic Monkey Alex Turner has been texting the lovely Lily Allen with suggestive messages. Two young rockers getting it on? Oh yes.. [NME ]

-Ex Hollyoaks stunner Gemma Atkinson is so super fine that News of the World have created an online daily calendar dedicated to her, 365 days of the lovely in all sorts of sexy poses. [NOTW ]

[Image: getty]

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July 11, 2007 6:59 PM

Spice Girls to get matching tattoos

SpiceMmm - matching tattoos, that's classy. We all know that the best way for slebs to advertise their love for one another is a quick trip to the tattoo parlour, and it seems that The Spice Girls are headed for Tattooland as we speak. Of course, the artwork designed will have a beautiful poignancy and significance that can only be best expressed by painful graffiti on the skin. David Beckham's tattoo artist has apparently been commissioned to come up with some such guff which features a circle with each of the girl's names and represents their journey. Each of their names? Their proper names, as no-one actually calls Posh Victoria surely? Are we going to have the Mel's written with initials or are we talking how their names would appear on their passports so as not to get confused? Maybe it could say Mel squared, like in maths - oh, such possibilities.

The official line is "the girls are all really keen to mark the momentous occasion, the only slight problem is that Mel C had sworn she would never have another tattoo. She's waiting to check out the final design before she decides. Emma will wait until she's given birth and is feeling up to the ordeal but they want to do it en masse anyway." So from that I understand that Sporty's not really interested (as she was rumoured to be with the reunion itself) and Emma really is a big baby.

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June 28, 2007 3:50 PM

Spice up your life: They're back!


There are those who look back at the 90's with a fond tear and a wistful remembrance of their platforms and over sized hoodies, and others for whom that decade creates memories of social awkwardness and acne. In either case the Spics Girls won't have gone unnoticed and now, practically a decade on hey are reforming to grace us with their vocal talents girl power ethos and yummy mummy status. You can take the baby out of a of a woman but you can't take the girl out of spice, and here we have Dominatrix Spice, Bi Curious Spice, Boho Spice, Preggers Spice and Burlesqu Spice ready to grace our TVs once again. Watch out for hissy fits, diva demands, and of course the 'my spice is better than yours' inevitable arguments. From this pic it seems that Victoria is angling for the top spot and as a WAG and size zero she has definite points in her favour.. but then Geri has a child called Apple Lemon Blueberry Madonna.

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June 27, 2007 11:06 AM

In the news: The Spice Girls can't sing and Britney hates her mum

Spice_girls_9 -The much beloved Michael Parkinson is to give up TV. After 36 years in the business he has interviewed pretty much everyone, from Muhammad Ali to Fred Astaire, and is well overdue a bit of time off. [Channel 4 ]

-Despite Mrs Spears claiming her daughter is her 'most treasured child', it seems these sentiments are returned with Britney having allegedly issued a restraining order against her mother, to prevent her from visiting her sons. there are also rumours that mommy dearest likes to abuse prescription medication, and no one likes a doped up granny round their little ones. [Metro ]

-Paris Hilton went right out of prison and right to the beauty salon.. well, in true Hilton style they came to her. At 9.30am this morning Paris had Dream Catchers hair extensions in the privacy of her home, "Full length, 20 inches of extensions....blonde, of course," said the Dream Catchers rep. So much for Paris's new superficial free lifestyle. [A Socialite's Life ]

-Yes we all know the Spice Girls are reforming.. but did you know that the delightful harmonies of Wannabe will be spiced up with a lotta digital power? Apparently ten years on their singing talents have decreased somewhat, so the tech is necessary to prevent mass rioting amongst the fans. "As they sing, the computer program corrects the mistakes so that the sound comes out as the desired sound - so they appear to be able to sing really well live," said an industry source. [Dotspotter ]

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June 20, 2007 1:29 PM

The Spice Girls Reunion.. and the rules


Yes, the spice up your life lot who brought girl power to the 90's with short skirts, bad voices and a penchant for waving their hands around a lot are making a come back. Add a  couple of years, a few stretchmarks and some failed attempts at solo careers, the biggest band is back, and planning to take us by storm again. That is of course, if they abide by certain rules. Rules you say? Is this the strange dating etiquette book that was so popular a few year back? Well, not quite, but in a similar vein the rules revolve around keeping a man happy, so in that sense it's still very  Victorian, The man though is Simon Fuller, ex manager and pop mastermind. The mogul  has given them strict instructions to stay schtum on their earnings, and pregnancy is not allowed either. I'm so glad that girl power has reached this level.

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April 20, 2007 5:16 PM

Posh named godmother of Geri Halliwell's sprog

A060103_p20_ggeriposh_v Geri Halliwell is a strange woman. She's also a strong woman. She's battled through eating disorders, yogarexia, and a host of esteem and image issues. And she's picked Posh Spice to be godmother to her daughter.

Now, I've only met Posh once (truefact!), and she seemed nice enough. But if eating disorders and esteem issues are a mix of nature and nurture, Bluebell Madonna's going to be stuffed. After all, however healthy Geri is, Posh is hardly the sort of lifestyle role model you'd want around your young daughter, is she?

Bluebell's other godparent will be Kenny Goss, George Michael's boyfriend. The christening will take place over the weekend.

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September 4, 2006 7:40 PM

Top Ten Stories

Hilary_swank_newHilary Swank moves on from Chad Lowe just 9 months after their split. What a mananiser!
With-hair-worse-than-Robert-Smith's, Russell Brand's DNA is being tested after being accused of raping a 20 year old.
Al Pacino has a massive Godfather-sized boner for Madonna, despite the leotards.
Geri Halliwell's baby girl, Bluebell Madonna, has apparently been abused. And we're not just talking about her name.
Ho ho ho, the jokes just write themselves, as lantern-jawed James Van Der Beek announces he is writing a debut screenplay about baseball.
Queen and Paul Rodgers throw away their zimmerframes and declare an attack on US stadiums and arenas. At least you'll be home for the prime-time movie on telly.
Samuel L. Jackson is keen to make a sequel to Snakes on a Plane, this time, titled 'Snakes on Crack'. Let's see if he can rope in Whitney Houston for a cameo.
Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields patch things up, cue her entrance into Scientology any day now.
Charlotte Church wants to recruit Tom Cruise for her new chat show, but claims he won't, due to the show's 'silliness'. What she doesn't realise is the silliness hasn't even started until he appears.
Ms. Shoewawa over on our new Shiny Fashion Forum told us about Banksy's Paris Hilton parody CDs, now available on eBay!

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September 1, 2006 9:21 AM

Family Fears As Geri Loses Her Baby Weight

Geri_2 It feels wrong filing a story about Geri Halliwell under 'musical stars'. But anyway - Geri has sparked worry in her mother, Anna Maria, as the ex-Spice Girl has over three stone since giving birth to first daughter, Bluebell Madonna, in May. Everyone knows Geri's previous problems with eating disorders and her weight, and a source told 'Closer' magazine: "Anna Maria is happy that Geri is looking so fit and healthy at the moment, but she doesn't want her to slip into her old ways after all the problems she's had with food in the past. She doesn't want her to become too skinny again."

Geri is thought to be losing weight as she is set to release 'Disco Sister: The Very Best of Geri' - her greatest hits - toward the end of the year. There's many, many jokes I could make here, but I'll go with two simple questions: 1) Since when has anything Geri Halliwell's ever done been termed as 'disco''? 2) Just how short a track listing is now allowed for a greatest hits? Anyway, a friend of Geri's said: "Geri is very proud of her singing career and is really pleased with the album." Jolly good, Geri, just don't go mad with the diet and exercise.

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July 24, 2006 9:19 AM

Geri Halliwell still hasn't got the message

A mole for the ever-alert 3am Girls spotted Geri Halliwell on the way to a meeting with a potential new agent, armed with a document entitled 'Strategy - game plan'. Bizarrely, this did NOT consist of 'Reform Spice Girls, make millions from tour and spin-off merchandise, retire to the countryside', but instead included sentences like "USA? Europe? Films?... how many can we get? TV Productions?".

Well, she might get onto YouTube if she's lucky. And there seems to be a new TV auction channel every week, so plenty of openings there. That's free advice, by the way - I haven't got round to setting up my talent agency yet. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 27, 2006 10:48 PM

Baby Bluebell Is Already Doing Yoga!

Geri_1 Geri Halliwell's six-week old daughter Bluebell is already doing yoga, new magazine claimed this week. Geri has signed her firstborn up for yoga classes in her second home, Los Angeles, in the hope they will help Bluebell sleep and stay healthy "through a series of massage and movement sessions". Bluebell is following in her famous Mums' steps, as Geri has been a long-term fan of yoga.

Massage? Movement sessions? For a six-week old? And it's said that some people have more money than sense... [Toni Kelly]

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June 21, 2006 1:29 PM

Victoria Beckham To Be Godmother To Geri's Daughter, Bluebell.

Vbeckham_1 It looks like one particular Spice Girls rift is healed. According to new magazine, Geri Halliwell is set to ask ex-bandmate Victoria Beckham to be Godmother to her newborn daughter, Bluebell.

The pair are said to have grown increasinly closer during the pregnancy, when Mrs. B was on hand to offer advice. A source told the magazine: "Victoria is probably one of the few people who is close to Geri. She was like a sister to her when she was pregnant."

However, Victoria's 'advice' and sister-like affection may have gone too far. Closer magazine have claimed that Victoria encouraged Geri to diet before the birth of Bluebell so she could get her figure back in super-quick celeb style. The concept of dieting during pregnancy has been rubbished by medical experts, so maybe Geri shouldn't take all of her Posh friend's advice. [Toni Kelly

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May 16, 2006 9:14 AM

Geri's Sprog Finally Arrives

GerihalliwellAfter what seems like a decade of gestation, Geri Halliwell has given birth to a girl. She reportedly had the baby by caesarean section at a London hospital just two days ago. Apparently estranged from the father of the child, Sacha Gervaise was not present at the birth, but she had her mother to cling to. Geri had previously said she was hoping the tot would be 'more angel than devil's child', but keeping in mind the baby has sprung forth from Ginger Spice's loins, well, fat chance. [Katherine Hannaford]

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May 10, 2006 1:27 PM

Geri Halliwell's Baby Shower.

Geri George Michael - perhaps egging for that Godfather spot - has recently thrown best mate Geri Halliwell a baby shower, a la Americans. The event took place last Sunday and was attended by all and sundry, including Geri's ex-bandmates Emma Bunton and Mel C. Victoria Beckham was busy with business in Madrid, but sent a gift.

A notable exclusion was that of Sacha Gervasi, the father of Geri's unborn child. His relationship with Geri is said, according to new magazine, to be chilly at best and he recently went to press with his fears that Geri would "cut him out" of the baby's life. [Toni Kelly]

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