January 23, 2009 12:59 PM

Kelly Osbourne goes to rehab

Kelly osbourne r Kelly Osbourne has checked herself into rehab. Speaking to Radar Online, her mother Sharon confirmed that the 24-year-old had voluntarily entered a treatment centre outside the LA area. "Yeah, Kelly's in rehab," she said. "What else can we say? She knew that it was the right thing to do at this point and we're proud that she did it. "The family is all standing behind her. Kelly knew that she needed help and she's getting it."

The former X Factor judge declined to reveal what her daughter was being treated for, but said that she would remain at the facility for 30 days.

"Kelly will tell you herself when she gets out," she said. "We just pray that everything's going to be okay." This is reportedly the third time that the Radio 1 DJ has checked into rehab. In 2004, she completed treatment for an addiction to prescription painkillers. However, she was reported to have admitted herself to a California clinic the following year after suffering a relapse.

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November 26, 2008 3:37 PM

Kelly Osborne has a pop at Peaches

Kelly_osborne_playboy2 Kelly Osbourne has launched an attack on Peaches Geldof after she got wed to Max Drummey. Osborne said that the wedding was a cry for help by 19 year-old Geldof.

"The way I see it is that Peaches is a very lost, sad little girl," Osborne told The Sun. "And at one point I was like that, so I don’t want to judge. Instead of everyone picking on her, they should try to help.

"It’s all a bit sad, to be honest with you. If she loves him then good for her, but if it was done for attention... I did stuff like that when I was 19 as well, like get a tattoo because it p***ed my mum off. It’s just a great big cry for help. Maybe all she needs is a hug?"

Osbourne also slammed rumours that she plans to marry fiancé Luke Worrall in Las Vegas. "Peaches got married in Vegas, Jade Goody had some Elvis pretend to marry her. I wouldn’t have a bash like that. I have a touch of class!"

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September 25, 2008 8:10 PM

Kelly Osbourne engaged?

Kellyosb Kelly Osbourne has sparked rumours she is engaged to model Luke Worrall after flaunting a diamond band.

Kelly Osbourne has sparked rumours she is engaged.

The 23-year-old star - who shot to fame on fly-on-the-wall MTV show 'The Osbournes' with her rock star dad Ozzy, mother Sharon and brother Jack - was spotted wearing an diamond ring on her engagement finger on Tuesday night (23.09.08).

Kelly and 18-year-old model Luke Worrall, who have only been dating for four months, were enjoying a romantic evening in London when she began waving the impressive band around to a crowd of photographers.

The loved-up couple couldn't keep their hands off each other as they dined at Japanese restaurant Nobu in London's exclusive Mayfair district.

They then partied at the Bungalow 8 nightclub with a group of friends including Kelly's brother Jack and model Kimberley Stewart.

Kelly, who was first seen wearing the diamond band in July, has dismissed claims she is planning to tie the knot.

Her spokesperson said: "No, she's not engaged. The ring was actually a present from her dad Ozzy."

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August 29, 2008 2:32 PM

Axl Rose's Kelly desire

Axlrose Axl Rose reportedly told Kelly Osbourne he wants to "f**k" her at a recent Hollywood party.

Axl Rose wants to "f**k" Kelly Osbourne.

The 46-year-old Guns'n'Roses rocker reportedly made the comment when he bumped into Kelly, 23, at a recent Hollywood party.

New York designer Richie Rich, who was with Kelly at the bash, told America's OK! magazine: "Axl was really weird with her. He kept leering at her and saying, 'I want to f**k you'."

Kelly was recently seen sporting a huge black eye after a cupboard fell on her.

The incident happened when Kelly returned to London from the UK's Reading music festival, after contracting a stomach bug.

A friend of the star said: "Kelly had already called in sick to work for Radio One on Sunday (24.08.08) because she was doubled over with bad stomach pains.

"When she got home she reached up to get a glass of water from the cupboard to have a drink when the entire thing fell off the wall and smashed into her face.

"Kelly had blood pouring out of a lump in her head, while black and blue swelling started almost straight away around her eyes."

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August 27, 2008 4:25 PM

Kelly Osbourne's cupboard pain

Kellyosb Kelly Osbourne is having bad luck with her health as she contracted a stomach bug and a cupboard fell on her - leaving her with a black eye - at the weekend

Kelly Osbourne is sporting a huge black eye after a cupboard fell on her.

The radio presenter was seen with a bruise around her eye and a large white plaster covering a gash on her face yesterday (26.08.08).

The incident happened when Kelly returned to London from the UK's Reading music festival, after contracting a stomach bug.

A friend told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Kelly had already called in sick to work for Radio One on Sunday (24.08.08) because she was doubled over with bad stomach pains.

"When she got home she reached up to get a glass of water from the cupboard to have a drink when the entire thing fell off the wall and smashed into her face.

"Kelly had blood pouring out of a lump in her head, while black and blue swelling started almost straight away around her eyes."

Kelly, 23, was forced to cut short her trip to the Reading festival soon after arriving on Friday (22.08.08) as she taken ill.

Fortunately boyfriend, male model Luke Worrell, has been on hand to comfort her.

The source added: "Luke made sure she is OK. All she needs is some TLC and she'll be back at work and out clubbing in no time."

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February 21, 2008 12:55 PM

The Brit Awards: Who won, who lost and all the backstage gossip

92a226748a40f3b2114ccfdf7562c41aSo what did we all think? Yes, it was bawdy chaos but that's to be expected, hell it's the only reason I bother watching. The Osbourne clan was as reliably amateurish and embarrassing as we could have hoped for as the night's hosts (especially Sharon, for such a seasoned TV star she really brought the crazy) and there was the much touted appearance of Amy Winehouse. And not only did she awkwardly tug at her dress and dance in that squirmy fashion that suggests she needs the loo once, but twice!

Awards wise, 90s comeback kings Take That got all emotional over their two gongs (Best Live Act and Best Single) and the Arctic Monkeys were apparently so full of naughty words that they were cut off midway despite picking up Best British Group and Best British Album for Favourite Worst Nightmare. Rock gods The Foo Fighters couldn't be bothered to make the trip to London, so Dave Grohl made some cheeky thank you speeches via a video tape for the group's two wins for Best International Album (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace) and Best International Group. Oh and there was plenty more…

Kylie jigged about to that god-awful Wow song and snagged Best International Female. Kanye West, like the Foos, picked up his Best International Male award via a VT, while Kate Nash and Mark Ronson won as the Best British Female and Male respectively. Mika scored with the Best Breakthrough Act and Adele took home the Critics Choice award in its debut outing. In a show-stealing performance Sir Paul McCartney reminded his money-grabbing soon-to-be ex how he came by his fortune with a great medley to celebrate his Lifetime Achievement gong.

The gossip from backstage is all a bit girly, with question marks over some notable Girls Aloud absentees with neither Nadine Coyle or Cheryl Cole's wedding ring in sight. But of course, whatever she does has tongues a-wagging and so the appearance of the Wino generated the most buzz. Yes, she turned up. Yes, she sang (albeit pretty screechy at moments.) She gave her obligatory mention of her locked up hubby (as if anyone could forget) and looked quite sauced. But no, surely this couldn't be. We all know that she's been trying to clean up and get her act together, what's that you say Heatworld insider? That the Wino got bladdered. Please do elaborate.

"Amy was enjoying herself," reveals the source. "She had a few drinks and she wanted to party. She has been under so much strain and it was really nice to see her letting herself go and having a good time." Letting herself go? I think we're a bit past that stage love. How going on a bender is any reward to a life spent on a bender I don't quite understand, but if you missed all the debauched antics hop on over to our sister site, My Chemical Toilet, for a real-time look at the night's winners, losers (Leona Lewis) and more.

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February 7, 2008 12:52 PM

Amy Winehouse to move in with pal Kelly Osbourne

1352532813525338largeThe troubled bee-hive has been spotted looking slightly healthier of late since entering rehab, and now Amy Winehouse might be enlisting the help of celebrity pal Kelly Osbourne in her bid to ditch the drugs. Unhappy to return to her flat (the one in that crack pipe video), the Wino is said to be making plans to move to the Osbourne's family estate.

Obviously the Osbournes have a bit of space to spare on their mansion estate in Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. so there will be no need for Amy to kip on the floor or bring her own sleeping bag. Instead, she can look to the support of a showbiz clan that have all been there, done that. A source tells the 'Daily Mirror': "Kelly is probably the most qualified of her pals to help look after Amy - she's certainly a better influence than Pete Doherty." Cos that's so hard.

"Kelly has always been there for Amy, they are very tight," explains the insider. "When Amy went into rehab, it was Kelly who picked out clothes to take in from her East End flat. She's patient, she has been there before with her dad and knew this time would come."

[via Now magazine]

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January 29, 2008 1:53 PM

Kelly Osbourne: Size 12 or Size 0?


Kelly Osbourne loves her curves, and why shouldn't she? She often talks about how comfortable she is with her figure and has no desire to conform to the 'size zero' trend. However, as part of her new role on Radio One's Sunday Surgery, Osbourne wanted to challenge the publics perception of reality. She argued that most magazine images are airbrushed to perfection and that aiming for that kind of physique is unrealistic.

To prove this, she did an experiment with theChris Moyles team where they all had aspects of themselves changed in photos. Kelly went from her normal self (left) to a size zero (right). I think that she looks like an alien in the second picture and definitely looks better as her normal self. What do you think?

[ via Catwalk Queen ]

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January 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Britney loves Islam (ic boys) and there are celeb babies galore!

Nicolebaby1- Shock, horror, the Britney train wreck rolls on and she is spotted wearing the same dress twice. But this is no ordinary hideous leaopard print ensemble, no it's the very same dress she wore when she married Kevin Federline! She was spotted weraing it whilst outr with new boyf Adnan Ghalib and is reported to have said,  "We're taking care of each other. He's the only one who understands me. It's serious." Ghalibs family though say they'll never accept her unless she converts to Islam, sooo, it's a nice day for a mosque wedding?  [ Herlad Sun ]

-The Bill star Jeff Stewart speaks out about his wrist slashing incident Tuesday night. His explanation for this self harming behaviour was down to the shock he felt at having his contract terminated. "I love being an actor. My work as an actor is very important to me - it's my life, and the thought of this suddenly changing had an extremely serious effect on me." I doubt they'll be offering him work again now though. Condolences Jeff, feel better soon xx  [The Times ]

-Amy Winehouse had a new best bud (an no, we don't mean Mark Ronson again). She's been spotted out and about with none other than Kelly Osbourne, popping round for a quiet Sunday lunch. Ahh, bless. Amy does need cheering up with hubby in jail and her ex lover Ronson splashing her secrets all over the news. [Just Jared ]

-Its been a weekend of the baby birth with Xtina popping out a sweet baby boy, called Max Liron Bratman and Nicole Richie ejecting a little baby girl, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Why can't they call their kids better names, what's wrong with Kate or Lisa. Hellooo Harlow. Awww. She's so cute that all is forgiven. [Dlisted ]

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September 25, 2007 5:34 PM

The Top Five Friends for Paris Hilton: Why shouldn't she have a NBF?


Every girl needs a best friend, and as Paris has made a habit of discarding the old for the new ( as well as doing a passable imitation of a catholic school girl convert) we thought we'd try and redress the balance by suggesting potential NBF's for our lovely but lonely heiress.

Number 1 : Nicky Hilton

Well there's nothing like sisterly love when you're feeling down, and as long as Nicky's a brunette they don't have to battle it out for the bleach awards. Both are successful independent career women, and maybe Nicky's more low key lifestyle could influence Paris in a positive way. Boy trouble- big sis will sort it out, and as long as the girls stick together they can't fail. After all who else can really understand how a Hilton heiress feels?

72542619Number 2: Dame Judi Dench

Sometimes a older wiser woman can be helpful, and Dame Judi would be a great maternal role model. true, Paris can chat to her own mum, but sometimes an outside opinion can be helpful. See how classy Paris looks next to the Dame- this could be the start of a more refined taste in clothes and lifestyle with sage wise advice from The Queen star.


Paris_n_kelly Number 3: Kelly Osbourne

This reformed wild child could commiserate with Paris about the difficulty of growing up in the public eye, and giver her advice on her sartorial choices. Kelly has been vocal before about Paris's knickerless antics and I'm sure would have a sobering effect in person. In return Paris could share diet tips, and get hints on how to follow Kelly's footsteps onto the stage, where she currently stars in London's production of Chicago. And if Paris misbehaves I'm sure Ozzy would have a thing or two to say about it...

Paris_n_pam_an_2 Number 4: Pamela Anderson

Both are blonde, both are known for not being body shy, and both have dated Rick Solomon, the other half to Paris's sex tape scandal. As well as comparing notes about him, they can also lean on each other, as Pam is no stranger to controversy, having her own sex tape scandal with Tommy Lee all that time ago.


Number 5: Nicole Richie

Well they do say that oldest friends know you better than anyone else, and though these girls have had their (MAJOR) differences, perhaps enough time has passed that they could recreate the time when they had just a Simple Life (sorry). Now that Nicole is a Mum to be perhaps she'll be a little less scary about her food intake, and a more sober Paris and her could hang out, drinking wheat-grass shots and shopping for her bump. It could be beautiful...

[Images: Getty]

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September 11, 2007 12:12 PM

In the news: Kelly Osbourne makes her mum blub and Ulrika to get hitched


- Tamsin Outhwaite is swapping Hotel Babylon for life as a yummy mummy. The former Eastender is sad to say goodbye to the BBC1 hotel drama but is keen to start a family. Does that mean the Beeb will axe it? Fingers crossed. [The Daily Record]

- Charlotte Church wants Prince William to make an honest girl of Kate Middleton and march her down the aisle. And why? So the press will stop hounding her and her fella, that Welsh rugby guy. Is that really the only solution? [The Royalist]

- Kelly Osbourne’s West End debut in musical Chicago had mother Sharon in tears. We’re sure she won’t be the only one. [Now magazine]

- Third time’s the charm for Ulrika Jonsson who is set to marry new boyfriend Brian Monet. A spokesperson has revealed that “Ulrika wants a really low-key wedding.” So that’s only a ten page spread in OK! rather than the 20? [Digital Spy]

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September 7, 2007 10:59 AM

In the news: Victoria Beckham makes us laugh and everybody loves Springsteen

75388372 -Victoria Beckham and hubby David have been nominated for a comedy award by lads mag Loaded based on their attempts to conquer the USA. Sweet, sweet irony.  [BBC ]

-Kelly Osbourne is to host a new show on Radio 1. She will host Radio 1's Surgery - part of the new "teen zone" on Sunday evenings. [RTE ]

-Springsteen tickets sell out- 10,000 in eight minutes. Gosh, I guess he's still got it. [4ni ]

- Chelsy is not happy with Prince Harry after he kept her waiting for 45 minutes when she arrived in the UK. That's not good going considering she's moving country for him. Uh oh. [Telegraph ]


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September 4, 2007 2:46 PM

Kelly Osbourne attacks the size zero crew

74214884Kelly Osbourne, rock daughter and recent poster girl for the curvier girl, has spoken out against the continuing trend for skinny celebrities. She may not be my style icon, but well done her for throwing in some pleasingly pithy comments.

Speaking to Star magazine, Kelly explained, "I just get depressed in Los Angeles. Because I'm not a size zero and tanned and blonde I get scrutinised. But I wouldn't want to be so skinny. I feel sorry for the girls who aspire to be size zero."

"It's OK to be different. I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with making themselves a clone. Everyone has become a sheep. These girls don't eat, stick their fingers down their throats and do loads of speed - they're killing themselves and for what? Their own vanity!

"It's sad. I don't think there's anything trendy about looking like you've just come out of Auschwitz."

You hear that, Victoria Beckham et al? Auschwitz! I never thought I'd say this, but she's right you know. Who'd have thought an Osbourne would make a good example for teenagers?

[Image: Getty]

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May 24, 2007 11:12 AM

Is Kelly Osbourne a Great Briton?


Well, no, not really. Her Dad may be a fully fledged Birmingham born rocker and mum Sharon hails from Brixton, but our Kell is better known for her (bad) LA accent and questionable clothing choices. However she does scrub up nicely here for the Great Briton Awards, a far cry from the frock horrors we have seen her in lately. I like the deep midnight blue colour of the dress against her skin tone- could it be, our Kell looks classy??

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May 21, 2007 2:40 PM

Kelly Osbourne: Frock Horror at the BAFTAs


Oh Kelly! I see what you were going for here - a fragile Marilyn Monroe-like look with delicate embroidery and a wide chiffon skirt, but sweetie, you simply didn't take into account your huge bosom, Addams Family-style make up and terrible tattoos. You have taken a dress which I personally find rather sweet and feminine and turned it into a monstrosity. You look a cross between an overweight Dita von Teese and Morticia Addams - and neither is a flattering comparison.

Kell_ok And it wasn't even a necessary faux-pas - you just walked right into it! True, the dress could probably do with going up a size, but just look at those accessories! The flower in your hair just draws attention to the dank one tone blackness, and creates a weird visual contrast next to your pasty skin, and the overly red lips do you no favours. You may have been trying to do Lily Allen's laidback dress look, teaming your girly gown with at least three oversized tattoos, but it just fails here. A bit of cover up and less of the slap and it could have been a whole other story. We've seen you pull out the stops before, as this lovely pic of you proves, so we know you can do it - pull your finger out girl!

[Images: Getty]

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September 5, 2006 4:47 PM

Top Ten Stories

Kellyosbournegreenroom2_1Kelly Osbourne fake marries in an inflatable church at a music festival in Ireland. Well, when in Ireland...
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are apparently over, whilst Angelina Jolie is pregnant again - too much information to take in all at once!
The Arctic Monkeys are the favourite to win tonight's Mercury Music Prize, even though last year's favourite was Kaiser Chiefs, and well, we all know what happened there.
Sharon Osbourne's dog bites Patrick Swayze on her chat show. No, not her pussy. Her dog. Although I wouldn't put it past her to let the pussy out of the trousers with the likes of Swayze around.
If you're wealthy enough, and flamboyant enough, you can bag yourself some of Cher's very own outfits at Sotheby's auction house in London.
Keira Knightley is stunned she actually has to pay for something. Life is hard, doll.
Madonna is auctioning off her wedding tiara on eBay, reports that this is due to bankruptcy are entirely made up.
The video of Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur has apparently crashed their server, undoubtedly due to the millions of horny pubescent boys.
Pamela Anderson launches her own makeup line, because the kids aren't slutty enough these days.
You can pick up Syd Barrett's house in Cambridge for just £300,000 where the former Pink Floyd-er lived for 25 years.

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June 14, 2006 9:57 PM

Kelly Osbourne Prefers Big Brother to X Factor: Battle of the Stars (which, oops, her Mum is on!)

Kelly In perhaps not the brightest move of her life, Kelly Osbourne has been telling The Sun that she didn't watch her Mum's show, X Factor: Battle of the Stars - because she was too busy tuning in to rival Channel 4 show, Big Brother. Now, Kelly, that isn't the way to guarentee yourself brilliant Christmas and birthday presents, is it?

Kelly said: "To be honest I couldn't tell you anything about what happened on Celebrity X Factor because I've been hooked on Big Brother."I didn't watch X Factor at all. I can't miss an episode of Big Brother, I am a total addict. I really want Pete to win."

Don't we all.... [Toni Kelly]

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