May 14, 2010 2:51 PM

Listen to Kylie's new track! 'All The Lovers'

kylie_aphrodite.jpgHave you heard Kylie Minogue's new single yet? Well, you can if you click over the jump and press play on the video for it. It is called 'All The Lovers' and everyone seems rather fond of it on first listen. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't sound like vintage Kylie, but it feels like it might be a grower and will no doubt see the whole country rolling around and kicking their legs in excitement every time they hear it! Anyway, enough words, kick your weekend off with some unashamed pop!

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March 2, 2010 10:45 PM

Is Kylie getting married?

Kylie-Minogue_5.jpgIs she? Isn't she? IS KYLIE GETTING MARRIED?! According to her, she's not. The perfect popstrel has been dating Spanish model Andrés Velencoso for more than a year and everyone has been muttering and raising their eyebrows expectantly, listening out for the distant peel of wedding bells. Well, Kylie maintains that the couple currently have no plans to take their relationship to the next stage, DS reports.

"I don't know where people get that information, but no, I'm not getting married," she said.

"I guess that I will one day, but it's not in my immediate plans. Love is my number one in my priorities now. I'm in love."

Well, we hope that she's got some priority left over for making some ace records.

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September 9, 2008 2:31 PM

Kylie Minogue's lesbian crush

Kylie Kylie Minogue says she has considered becoming gay, and has a crush on late American actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Kylie Minogue has considered becoming a lesbian.

The Australian-born pop star jokingly claims she has thought about experimenting with her sexuality because there are no men in her life.

She also admits to having a crush on late, rumoured bisexual actress Tallulah Bankhead.

Kylie is quoted by Britain's The Sun newspaper as saying: "I'd go gay for her. She was a fascinating and exotic woman. There was so much to admire about her.

"She lived life to the full, maybe a little too fully. I want to release the inner Tallulah in me. God knows I can't get a man - so maybe I should cross over."

American actress Bankhead had a critically lauded but tragic career, starring in films such as 'Devil and the Deep' and 'Tarnished Lady' in the early 30s.

She died aged 66 in 1968, surrounded by controversy over her sexual affairs and drug use.

Kylie's last publicised relationship was with French actor Olivier Martinez.

The couple broke up after four years together in February 2007.

Kylie has a strong gay following.

In a recent poll of 3,000 gay men by website, she was voted second in a list of gay icons, behind soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Kylie's 'KylieX2008' tour will resume in November, taking in dates across South America and Australasia.

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July 4, 2008 12:58 PM

Does Kylie deserve an OBE?


And I would like to remind you that Brucie is STILL waiting for that Knighthood. The singer (and actress, I guess) has racked up loads of hits and fans over the last 20 years, but as time goes on we increasingly suspect we might have been taken in by an elaborate con trick. So what do we think, people? Is the Honour well-earned? Or is it all about her being a cute cancer survivor who used to be in Neighbours?

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June 25, 2008 2:48 PM

Kylie back with French boyfriend?


They're back together, and this picture is, I think you'll agree, irrefutable evidence of the fact. He's alright, isn't he? I think he could probably do better than Kylie and her alarming eyebrows. Anyway. Ms Minogue has been strenuously denying they're back together for ages, insisting they just share a 'special bond'. The phrase conjures up rather nauseating images of wrestling on the sofa like the guy in Friends who Rachel dates and his sister ("not the special bond thing again!") so it's something of a relief to hear that they might have a regular relationship going on. A friend told the Mail "Ollie has told her he is ready to start a family, to marry her and to settle down." But really who knows? Or indeed, cares?

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April 17, 2008 10:38 AM

Kylie admits she might not have kids

Kylie_book_narrowweb__300x4160_2Kylie's been a huge star here in the UK for absolutely ages, but sadly like success in the US, luck with men seems to have eluded her (but then again she did dump Jason Donovan when he was every girl's dream, so sympathy might be a little thin on the ground here at Star Trip). And now ruminating on her past choices and future options, the Aussie pop princess has admitted she might not be cut out for motherhood.

Speaking to German Vogue, the pint-sized booty-shaker revealed: "I never had the feeling I was made for a conventional marriage with a house in the suburbs. Media interest in 'supermothers', who are simultaneously on stage and bringing up children, is understandable. But for many that is too much of a good thing."

"There are also artists such as Debbie Harry or Dolly Parton who have managed to have an unbelievable career without a family. Above everything else, it comes down to how much love you have in you and if you are ready to give that love. How things will turn out for me with regards to family I simply can't yet say."

Such candid talk really sounds like someone with a big birthday on the horizon (she'll turn 40 next month) and suggests a very pragmatic state of mind. Of course, the world would love for Kylie to settle down with a nice fella (seriously – what was wrong with Jason?) and pop out some sparkly toothed sprogs, but it doesn't sound like she's betting on it. That means she'll be pregnant by the end of the year.

[via the AP]

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February 21, 2008 12:55 PM

The Brit Awards: Who won, who lost and all the backstage gossip

92a226748a40f3b2114ccfdf7562c41aSo what did we all think? Yes, it was bawdy chaos but that's to be expected, hell it's the only reason I bother watching. The Osbourne clan was as reliably amateurish and embarrassing as we could have hoped for as the night's hosts (especially Sharon, for such a seasoned TV star she really brought the crazy) and there was the much touted appearance of Amy Winehouse. And not only did she awkwardly tug at her dress and dance in that squirmy fashion that suggests she needs the loo once, but twice!

Awards wise, 90s comeback kings Take That got all emotional over their two gongs (Best Live Act and Best Single) and the Arctic Monkeys were apparently so full of naughty words that they were cut off midway despite picking up Best British Group and Best British Album for Favourite Worst Nightmare. Rock gods The Foo Fighters couldn't be bothered to make the trip to London, so Dave Grohl made some cheeky thank you speeches via a video tape for the group's two wins for Best International Album (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace) and Best International Group. Oh and there was plenty more…

Kylie jigged about to that god-awful Wow song and snagged Best International Female. Kanye West, like the Foos, picked up his Best International Male award via a VT, while Kate Nash and Mark Ronson won as the Best British Female and Male respectively. Mika scored with the Best Breakthrough Act and Adele took home the Critics Choice award in its debut outing. In a show-stealing performance Sir Paul McCartney reminded his money-grabbing soon-to-be ex how he came by his fortune with a great medley to celebrate his Lifetime Achievement gong.

The gossip from backstage is all a bit girly, with question marks over some notable Girls Aloud absentees with neither Nadine Coyle or Cheryl Cole's wedding ring in sight. But of course, whatever she does has tongues a-wagging and so the appearance of the Wino generated the most buzz. Yes, she turned up. Yes, she sang (albeit pretty screechy at moments.) She gave her obligatory mention of her locked up hubby (as if anyone could forget) and looked quite sauced. But no, surely this couldn't be. We all know that she's been trying to clean up and get her act together, what's that you say Heatworld insider? That the Wino got bladdered. Please do elaborate.

"Amy was enjoying herself," reveals the source. "She had a few drinks and she wanted to party. She has been under so much strain and it was really nice to see her letting herself go and having a good time." Letting herself go? I think we're a bit past that stage love. How going on a bender is any reward to a life spent on a bender I don't quite understand, but if you missed all the debauched antics hop on over to our sister site, My Chemical Toilet, for a real-time look at the night's winners, losers (Leona Lewis) and more.

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February 14, 2008 8:41 AM

Kylie to tone down sexy image

KylieThink of Kylie and you probably remember her shaking her ass in those gold hot pants, however the pint-sized pop princess is looking to tone down her raunchy image and smarten up now that she's approaching her forties. The Australian singer hits the big 4-0 in May and is looking to update her wardrobe with a more mature look in time for her European tour later this year. So, what new ensembles can we expect to see her in? Polyester belt dresses from Littlewoods finished off with some comfy orthopedic flats?

Of course not – this might be an older look for Kylie, but she's not ready for her twin-set and pearls just yet. The 2 Hearts singer will be working with eccentric designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, the mad mind that brought us Madonna in a coned bra for her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990. Her stylist William Baker explains: "The next tour will see Kylie ageing gracefully. She's celebrating her 40th birthday this year so what we have planned is to move in the right direction. We're working with Jean-Paul Gaultier on the costumes - he designed Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour. The outfits he designs are incredibly sophisticated. It's difficult in pop to remain young so what's the point?" Hear hear – if only others could accept such truths.

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December 21, 2007 10:31 AM

Kylie to launch new fragrance Showtime


Kylie is to launch a third fragrance - a fruity-floral fragrance called Showtime - in February. Created with perfumer Vincent Schaller of Fermenich, the scent combines wild strawberry and loganberry top notes with rose, blue freesia and sweet liquorice heart notes, and white musk and praline-vanilla base notes. Apparently, Showtime was created to represent Kylie's fun personality and stage presence (not to make her a ton more money then?), and is available in a 30ml eau de toilette, shower cream and body lotion. The fragrance previews in selected stores from February 6 and is available nationwide from February 20.

[via Kiss and Makeup ]

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December 11, 2007 3:23 PM

Kylie Minogue has got soft..soft furnishings that is!!


The gorgeous Kylie is turning her talents to the home.. home furnishings that is. We can expect a range of Laura Ashley like loveliness to hit our shores in February. She is designing a series of bed linen, towels, curtains, cushions and throws with top stylist William Baker. You'll be able to get these delights from Debnhams and House of Fraser, and I'm imagining pink will play a theme, as well as disco style prints. This is pure conjecture on my part as no photos at all have been released yet, but we can hope they'll be good.. if we're lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!

{Image: Getty]

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November 20, 2007 10:15 AM

Kylie's online assault continues - "X" to be released through Nokia Music Store

Kylie Following the launch of her social networking site - the cringingly-titled Kylie Konnect  - Kylie's new album will be available to download exclusively from Nokia Music Store on 21st November.

"X" will be priced at £8, and its release on the net will come a week before the album's general release. It's a pretty large coup for Nokia, and shows how serious EMI are about competing with Apple in the online marketplace.

I do wonder whether this is remotely newsworthy for most music consumers, though - and certainly the target audience for Kylie's album. People are used to early online releases now, aren't they?

[via My Chemical Toilet ]

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November 12, 2007 10:51 AM

The Kylie Show

Just what we wanted- the singing popstrel to create her own TV show, in the likes of Oprah and Katie and Peter,   and will no doubt regale us with the exciting antics of her millionaire lifestyle. Yes, we're sure it is hard to be a pint sized Australian in a world full of British bone structure; but even us jaded TV watchers can't contain a quiver at the idea of Kylie and Mr Donovan meeting on screen once more. Now, in case you missed the debut this weekend, here's a little snippet of the Minogue sisters fighting it out Dynasty style. Enjoy.

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October 11, 2007 9:45 AM

Watch Kylie's comeback video '2 Hearts'

She’s back! Here’s a look at Kylie’s comeback single ‘2 Hearts’. Already the glam rock-inspired song and foxy new look for Kylie have prompted comparisons to Alison Goldfrapp, but for fans who have been waiting eagerly for the pop princess’ return this is a real treat. Kylie slinks around in a black cat suit, pouts in red lipstick and provides one of the catchiest tunes of the year. What’s not to love? Welcome back Kylie – we’ve missed you!

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September 20, 2007 10:53 AM

In the news: Kylie for the Brit Awards, Wino wins MOBO & Sian Lloyd's bum

Amyw- Amy Winehouse scooped the prize for best female at last night’s MOBO awards. Beating Jamelia, Joss Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae and Beverley Knight to the honour, the bee-hived wild-child not only made it to the awards ceremony, but performed as well. Reports say she was a bit rubbish though. Damn – so close. [The Daily Mail]

- Kylie’s big comeback continues with news that the pint-sized pop princess will be performing at next year’s Brit Awards. The show’s organisers are also in talks with Robbie Williams, with rumours that he will come back ‘from the ‘dead’ by rising from a coffin. Can’t he just take the hint? [The Sun]

- Now I’m no Jamelia fan and frankly hate that Superstar song, but the long-legged diva has earned some brownie points by speaking out against the size zero craze: 'People like Nicole [Richie] are hyped as being stylish but they're emaciated. Why would anyone want to look like that?' Why indeed. [Now magazine]

- TV weather girl Sian Lloyd and Joseph star Lee Mead have won this year’s awards for Rear of the Year. The vote was in support of the Beating Bowel Cancer charity and at 49, Sian is the oldest recipient to be decorated for her derriere. Just proves that if you’ve got it, flaunt it! [The Daily Snack]

[Image via Getty]

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September 13, 2007 9:47 AM

In the news: Hayden is single, Kylie's comeback and an X Factor snub

Haydenpanettiere- If young blondes in cheerleader outfits are your thing, then good news: Heroes actress Hayden Panettierre is now available. The pint-sized star has ended her relationship with Stephen Coletti and is now free and single. Form an orderly queue boys. [TMZ]

- That VMAs fiasco refuses to die, with everyone still busy dissecting the wreck that was former pop princess Britney Spears. Now sources close to the star have revealed that she applied an ab-defining spray tan before the show to “create the illusion of more tone.” Having fled from the stage after her act screaming that she was a “fat pig”, I guess Britney didn’t think it worked. [Us magazine]

- Someone hoping to make a more considered comeback is Kylie Minogue. New single 2 Hearts is scheduled for a November release with an album later that month. Dig out your hot pants girls! [Perez Hilton]

- Ben Mills from last year’s X Factor (you remember him, the one with the tatty long hair and gravelly voice) has turned his back on the ITV1 singing contest. He has rejected an offer to appear on this year’s series and has sought to distance himself from the show, urging people to forget he was on it. All too easily done Ben. [Digital Spy]

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September 12, 2007 12:08 PM

In the news: Kylie's new hair, Big Brother stars sing and The Beckhams 'over-hyped'

Bbsam1- Kylie has been spotted with a new strawberry blonde bob hairstyle. Looking good lady! [The Sun]

- Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson is set to appear in the upcoming Sex and the City movie as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant. She needs an assistant? Why didn’t she advertise on YouTube like P Diddy? [IMDb]

- The Beckhams have topped Radar magazine’s poll of the most over-hyped people on the planet. David was described as an "overpaid soccer star" while Victoria was labelled a "pointless collection of body parts.” Still, as long as she carries a donor card she could prove useful one day. [Digital Spy]

- Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Marchant are launching an assault on our ears with their cover of Aqua’s cheese fest hit Barbie Girl. Let’s hope it charts as well as other BB star’s singles, anyone remember Craig from BB1's Xmas ditty? [the Daily Mail]

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August 6, 2007 3:39 PM

The Top Five Celebrity Bikini and Bra Ranges: Sexy celebs in their smalls


Summer is finally here, and everyone is sweltering in the unexpected heat of the sun, so it's no surprise then that any surface of water, be it bath, pool or beach is now filled with bikini clad babes trying to cool themselves down. Now the problem of suitable cossie arises, but who better to tell us what to wear than the celebs that design them (or live in them). We bring you the best bikini ranges around, each one endorsed by a toned princess.

Number 1: Kylie Minogue

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky if I looked as good as Kylie when I reach 30, let alone be designing by own glamorous range for high street retailer H & M. Girls who want to add a touch of Aussie style to their life can head down and buy these itsy bitsy tenny weeny strips of metallic bling to cover their body in.

Elle_diet_300 Number 2: Elle MacPherson

She's not called the body for nothing, and her underwear/bikini range truly looks amazing, on mere mortals as well as model goddess's. Her Intimates collection combines girly frippery with comfort and uses a series of attractive materials from lac and chiffon to cotton and silk. We can't promise that you'll turn into a lady of model proportions but you cans hare in some of her styling and sexy smalls.

Kelly_brook_bikini_2 Number 3: Kelly Brook

Ooh, I like this. Kelly stole our hearts as the bubbly Big Breakfast presenter (and who doesn't admire someone who can be that chipper at 7am) and then made us like her even more for her quirky fifties style fashion sense, her 'real woman' curves, and her love of vintage inspired outfits. Then she toddles off to LA leaving us sad and bereft, but has returned with a va va voom lingerie range for New Look which combines flirty bras and sexy swimwear with a very Marilyn Monroe feel. From cute ruffly skirts to cup sized swimwear Kelly has her finger on the fashion pulse.

Number 4: Jennifer Ellison

Yasidepagetemplate2 This ex Brookside hotty is well known for her assets, which are all natural, I'd just like to add. Since Jen understands the difficulty of finding bra's and bikini's in larger sizes she has teamed up with Young Attitude
to create a range of sexy and stylish bras for the larger woman. Her range has a lot of highly wearable high quality pieces, from basic T shirt bra's to the sexier plunge, and hold her impressive 34DD's very snugly.

Caprice_underwear Number 5: Caprice

Caprice excels at lounging around in next to nothing looking flawless, so it stands to reason that she'd be a good person to consult on producing her own line. her collection comprises of beachy prints, feminine flourishes and cute contrasting colours.

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July 23, 2007 1:15 PM

The Top Five Celebrity Perfumes: Smells like we'd buy it

Gwen_stefani_l_perfume_2 We've all been aware of the bad celebrity scents  that have us thinking bargain bin quicker than Jordan getting her tits out again, but every now and then come along some fragrances that make us think, yeah.. maybe. I'm not just talking about the exalted god that is Thierry Mugler's angel (my signature scent, so I'm a little biased) but offerings from celebs who seem to concentrate more on the content than the styling. Oh, and a pretty bottle doesn't hurt either.

Number 1: 'L' by Gwen Stefani

This funky rock chick cum style icon cum peroxide devil may care girl is an icon everywhere for her chilled out attitude, eclectic styling, and individuality; promoting personal uniqueness and confidence over everything, a far cry from the Paris Hilton, oops I forgot my underwear again generation. She's sassy, stylish and she won't take any shit and her perfume reflects that. It has top notes of sparkling green freshness, leafy water hyacinth, white freesia, fresh pear and violet leaves. The bottle has a lush design which hints at Gwen's own personality, as she was very involved in the production and manufacturing of her scent. Now we can smell like her all we need is her figure, eh?


Number 2: Live by Jennifer Lopez

Yes, I know what you're thinking; how did this booty shaking prima donna actually make it into the coveted Number 2 position? Surely this jigglesome singer should have been in with the bad smells (along with her vocal career) but in this case the Live perfume is actually surprisingly nice. the smell if=s fresh and fruity and reminded me of similar Escada perfumes which *sob* sadly don't exist anymore. It's a great fresh scent and makes me feel like eating strawberries and cream.. or perhaps just licking them off someone. It's not the muskiness you might associate with other JLO products, but this definitely gets the thumbs up.


Number 3: S2 by Shilpa Shetty

Yes dear, I'm sure you are a great actress out east, and I will commend you for your courage under pressure and stylish use of a sari. but how do the above attributed lead you to believe that you have the wherewithal to launch a scent? isn't it enough being Eastern ambassador and winning honorary degrees? Dammit, but this actually smells good, all earthy and musky with hints of eucalyptus and bergamot. can this woman do no wrong?? I'm not to impressed with the bottle design, but it's what's inside that counts and Shilpa does it again. You have to laugh at the name name though; S2 stands for S squared cos her initials are SS. Genius.

Number 4: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP can do no wrong by me, if it isn't fashion its' beauty, and she smells as diving as she looks. her fragrance is lovely (sorry) with notes of Lily of the Valley and jasmine and rose. A new scent is on the cards for September to tie in with her Bitten fashion range and one can only expect it to be of equal quality.

Darling_kylieminogue Number 5: Darling by Kylie Minogue

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, to be Kylie, as the lure of a pert Aussie bum, pixie face and sleek style are definitely attributes to desire and now we have this sugar sweet scent as well to crave. Thankfully it's easier to smell like her, than to be her, so those gold hotpants can go back into the cupboard for now. It has floral and fruit notes and hints of Jojoba to make it long lasting and fresh and the bottle is pink, pink I tell you.

If celebs arten't your thing don't be put off by buying their scents as when they get it right it really works and they have money enough behind them to makes iure the top ingredients are used.  Smell you later!


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In the news: Kate Moss fears for missing videos and Kylie Minogue sees her ex

Kate_moss -Kylie Minogue attempts a reconciliation with love rat ex. She is giving Oliver Martinez a three month trial, and if he doesn't fulfill her expectations (a rock on her finger) then he's history again.  [SMH ]

-50 Cent may be a hip hop bad ass but he still objects to violence, mainly against himself as new video game 'Shoot the Rapper', allegedly uses his image and encourages gamers to shoot him. he is seeking $1 million in damages from the game manufacturers as '"it looks like him, and there's no doubt the character is intended to be him". [ NME ]

-Could Kate Moss be the next celebrity to fall foul of the sex tape market? it's been revealed that certain vids of her and Pete Doherty , um *expressing their love* seem to have gone MIA [The Sun ]

-Jade Goody ain't really much of a people person so it's no surprise that animal/children have a problem with her too. She's just dumped her pet pooch, a Labrador puppy named Jasper as he was causing to much damage to her home. Apparently he just didn't take to house training.. you'd of thought Jade would relate to that. [Digital Spy ]

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July 16, 2007 10:57 AM

Kylie back with ex Olivier?

Kylie_minogue_olivier_martinezI’m not sure about Kylie Minogue – she seems like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but I refuse to be taken in by her innocent, girlie charms. I suspect that underneath all her winsome looks and bottom-shaking that she’s probably a bit of a madam. She’s certainly had quite a few men but never seems to be able to hold on to one for more than half an hour. Is she being punished for her success, as any boyfriend will always be known as Mr. Kylie? Or is the pint-sized pop princess just a wee bit high maintenance?

Who better to ask than recent ex-boyfriend French actor Olivier Martinez. But what’s this I spy? The two exes’ have been spotted getting a bit smoochy in Paris. According to Australia’s 'Sydney Daily Telegraph', Kylie was spotted "kissing and embracing Martinez" outside a cafe close to his Paris home. This is the first post break-up sighting of the pair; though her spokesman has played it down as nothing new, “they do see each other”. I’m not buying that coy ‘there’s nothing to see here’ stance. Kylie’s been famous for long enough to realize that if you get friendly with another famous person, and one who incidentally is your ex, that the media might just take an interest. It’s only a matter of time until the public reunion – you mark my words!

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July 4, 2007 5:50 PM

Kylie Minogue enters the tardis

KylllieWhile I hate all this sticking up for celebs just because they've had a rough time of it, it's nice to see Kylie Minogue looking like a normal girl again. Because to be honest she hasn't since long before that whole cancer thing.

Back on the entertainment wagon, Kylie's just confirmed that she's going to be featuring in a Christmas special of the hit BBC series Doctor Who. The hour-long special entitled 'Voyage of the Damned' is set to be "the most ambitious and best Christmas episode yet" according to executive producer Russell T. Davies.

Of course we all know Kylie started out in Neighbours, but I can't help but wonder how her acting will hold up. But then, Catherine Tate is soon to be joining the Dr Who cast, so the competition's less than fierce.

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June 20, 2007 1:10 PM

In the news: Halle Berry gets intimate with a sunflower and don't call Britney crazy

285spearsbillboard061907 -Halle Berry has had a sunflower tattooed on her buttocks to cover her ex' David Justice's name. “I chose a sunflower because when darkness descends they close up to regenerate. But I really wish I’d never had the tattoo in the first place. Clean, clear skin is always better.”  [Agent Bed Head ]

-Fresh faced Jennifer Garner is now the 'official' face of Neutrogena, saying, 'I feel an emotional connection to the brand because it represents healthy beauty'.I'm sure the fee helped as well.  Pass the sick bucket pleas. [Glitterati ]

-Calling Britney a nut job is now a criminal offence! Companies in Florida had to take down billboards after Britney threatened to sue for defamation; apparently it's one thing for you to shave your head and go to rehab, but quite another for people to judge you for it.. [E Online ]

-Poor old Kylie ain't such a lucky girl; break ups are hard enough, but she now has to cope with joint custody oh her precious pooch. Life's such a bitch sometimes. [D Listed ]

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February 7, 2007 12:27 PM

Kylie Minogue is doing just fine

Kylieepa_450x250 Last night, Kylie Minogue received a very warm welcome from her fans at the opening of her fashion exhibition at the V&A in London. While the world is speculating about her breakup with the no good cheating $%#@*! Oliver Martinez, it seems that Kylie is doing absolutely fine. It's even been reported that Kylie sent £100,000 of Martinez's belongings from her Sydney and London homes back to him, by FedEx air courier. Too bad she just didn't sell them on eBay, or perhaps start up But I guess Kylie is too classy for that.

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February 5, 2007 3:49 PM

Kylie seen out with Kermit

Poor old Kylie. She has split up with her French beau Olivier Martinez because she had "lost all trust" in the French actor. The pint sized pop princess decided to cut her losses and end their relationship after pictures of Martinez spending time with other women were printed in a number of newspapers in recent months. Well, in a StarTrip exclusive, we can reveal that Kylie has also been spending her time with another man, and was recently seen serenading him with an old love song...

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January 29, 2007 10:42 AM

Oliver and Kylie splitting up?

0537303100_1 It's rumoured that Oliver Martinez and Kylie Minogue's relationship is on the rocks. Apparently, Martinez has been seen with two different women, neither of whom were Minogue. It's been reported that model Sarai Givati was seen sneaking into Martinez's room at the Chateau Marmont hotel on Thursday. Also, Martinez supposedly had lunch with Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez, who was "seen" leaving his apartment the next the same clothes. There have been suspicions in the past that Givati and Martinez had a fling, but the press may be jumping to conclusions with Rodriguez. While they were seen kissing two years ago, it appears Rodriguez may have changed a bit since then...

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January 2, 2007 5:22 PM

YouTube Video of the Day - Kylie in the broomcupboard

With Kylie back on song with a successful  New Year's Eve show, it's worth remembering that Ms. Minogue has been in our hearts for  nearly twenty years! So, seeing as Kylie is obviously a fan of high camp, let's see her back in 1991 being interviewed by Andi Peters and Ed the Duck in the broom cupboard. Oo-er missus.

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Kylie Minogue triumphs at her New Year's Eve comeback show

Kylie_5 That's her UK comeback, obviously, as she'd already played a few gigs back home in Oz. Anyway, it sounds like the 12,000 Londoners who chose to see in the New Year at Kylie's Wembley Arena gig got a treat.

The Mirror has a review of the show, which lasted for three hours and involved six costume changes, including a catsuit, a skintight leopard costume and, er, "a skirt that paid homage to Aussie-icon Dame Edna Everage". As you do. What's more, Kylie even managed to squeeze in an offstage snog with boyfriend Olivier Martinez at the stroke of midnight. Good work!

Those six hours of rehearsals a day obviously paid off. For the tour, I mean. She doesn't have to practise kissing Olivier. At least, you'd hope not.

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August 11, 2006 4:08 PM

Olivier's there for Kylie... with cliches

Kylieolivier The Mirror has a heartwarming tale revealing how actor Olivier Martinez helped Kylie through her cancer battle. How? By spouting soft-rock lyrics, seemingly. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. When life tests you, you have to do your best. I'm there for her," he says. Although admittedly the Mirror's story is based on an interview in a French newspaper, so perhaps the translator was just listening to Foreigner on their iPod while working that day.

Anyway, Olivier also has an insight into why Angelina Jolie makes men go weak at the knees. "Angelina's much more than a ravishing beauty. She's an extraordinary woman who deserves to be loved for her talent and for her humanitarian work and all she does for great causes."

If Kylie doesn't kill him for that, it'll make him stronger... [Stuart Dredge]

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August 3, 2006 10:19 AM

Kylie Minogue revamping live show for her comeback tour

Kylieminogue Today's Mirror has an exclusive interview with Kylie Minogue - it sounds like preparations are in full swing for her Showgirl Homecoming tour later this year. Apparently the stage show is being completely revamped - and not just for health reasons. Apparently one section will have an Eastern flavour, and Kylie's spending six hours a day in a rehearsal studio making sure the new show runs like clockwork. What a trooper. [Stuart Dredge]

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July 4, 2006 9:21 AM

Kylie Minogue Speaks Out on Cancer Fight

Kylie's so far kept silent about her cancer battle, save for a few brief public statements, and climbing up on stage with sister Dannii a few weeks ago (presumably just to remind her who's the globally-loved pop megastar, and who's the rubbish cheese-siren in this relationship). But stand by for an emotional one-hour interview on Sky One - 'Kylie In Her Own Words' - where she talks publicly for the first time in-depth about events during the last year, and her plans for the future. For a taster, click on the video below, which is the 30-second trailer for the interview, which is due to be screened on Sunday 16th July. [Stuart Dredge]

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May 10, 2006 1:10 PM

Wedding Bells for Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez.

Kylie_1 New magazine reports that Kylie Minogue is due to marry handsome French boyfriend Olivier Martinez on their very own paradise island this year. The news was leaked by Martinez's mother, Rosemarie, and tells of how the couple have already bought a property on French Island, south of Melbourne, and have now added acres of land around the area to protect their nuptials from prying eyes.

A neighbour of the soon-to-be-wed couple said: "It is an absolutely stunning spot. There are few places in the world that are more private and peaceful."

Best of luck to them! [Toni Kelly]

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