Lily Allen explains absence on internet

Poor old Lily Allen. We finally got ourselves a smart, cute popstar who was willing to speak her mind and not shy away from the debate and everyone went and scared her off. She was one of those rare celebrities who was candid and open, thanks to her internet presence. Now, she’s likening it all to her alcohol and drug dependency of the past. The singer stopped using her Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages in September after posting a message that she had become a “neo-Luddite”.

Allen told the Evening Standard: “I don’t own a BlackBerry. Or a computer. I don’t even read emails.

“I was using the internet in a really destructive way. In the same way as I guess alcoholics and drug addicts have to stop taking drugs or alcohol to see how negatively it affects them.”

She added: “I had to stop using the internet completely. If I was feeling bad, I’d look for negative things people were writing about me to substantiate how I was feeling: ‘Look, I am fat and ugly…’

“I’d write something silly with totally the best intentions of it just being for fans to read and it would end up looking like I was trying to get in The Sun newspaper. So, this year, I’m not putting out useless information that people can use against me.”


Lily Allen slags Perez Hilton

Lily Allen, gloriously outspoken and straightforward, has had a pop at gossip unber-bitch Perez Hilton after the celebrity blogger posted about her recent topless photoshoot. Allen features in the current issue of i-D magazine for a series of images styled by Kate Moss. Hilton said: “Lily Allen wants to be seen as a respected musician. She kinds contradicts herself doesn’t she? More known for her outrageous behaviour than her music, Lilly Allen continues with her ‘antics’. The hard-pAArtying Brit goes topless in the new issue of i-D magazine. Why? Well, why not??? We’ve already seen ’em before – a lot!”

On her Twitter page, Allen responded: “Just saw Perez’s views on my topless i-D pics. It may come as a surprise but I’m completely comfortable with getting them out. Tits are tits. I wish mine were as big as Perez Hilton’s though.”

Lily Allen hits out at WAGs.

Lily Allen has lashed out at Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and their husbands in a new interview with a French football magazine. The ‘Smile’ singer told SoFoot that English footballers are “too stupid” to realise that they are there to play football and not “show off in London”, The Sun translates. Allen said: “The Beckhams are sickening. Everyone knows Victoria is a monster. I’d rather shoot myself between the eyes than be a WAG.” She wasn’t finished there either…

Of Cheryl Cole, she said: “She is just a bitch. She represents everything I hate. She is stupid, superficial and as ugly outside as inside.” Regarding Cheryl’s husband Ashley, Allen added: “He is the worst, he disgusts me. He jumps on everything that moves. I am not criticising just to criticise, but I have met him several times. He is revolting.”

The popstar said that her own favoured club Fulham are the exception to the rule and that they “play football like I play my music – out of passion”.

Lily Allen attempted suicide

Lily Allen‘s half-sister has claimed that the ‘Smile’ singer attempted suicide when she was 18 years old. Sarah Owen, 29, who shares the same mother as Allen, made the revelation in an interview with Grazia magazine.

“Aged 18, she tried to slit her wrists when her first relationship ended and she ended up in The Priory rehab clinic for four weeks,” Owen said.

She went on and admitted that she wasn’t close to her sibling growing up, which may have played a part in Allen’s alleged suicide attempt.

“I had a big gang of friends but Lily was more of a loner,” she said. “She had no one to talk to about getting her first period or breaking up with her first boyfriend. Would it have been different if we’d been closer? Probably.”

She continued: “My relationship with Lily back then was strained – I was a crazy teenager, and that must have affected Lily. As you know, she’s naturally outspoken but, because I was I was the loud one at home, she became disruptive at school – and ended up being at about 13 different ones.”