Apprentice couple get engaged

Apprentice pair Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor have got engaged according to reports. According to The Sun, Walsh has been spotted wearing a £3,000 ring from London’s Hatton Garden. “They are very much in love and this was always more than a work fling. Neither of them wanted to split,” said a source. “Phil had been known as a womaniser but Kate has ended all that. He loves her to bits and is smitten.”

The couple fell for each other while filming the BBC reality show and rekindled their relationship when the series aired. It was confirmed last month that Walsh had landed a presenting job on GMTV to talk about women’s office fashion.

Cowell to quit The X Factor?

Tabloid reports have claimed that Simon Cowell will quit The X Factor after the current series. According to The Mirror, Cowell will leave the show to focus on his rumoured new entertainment company with Topshop owner Sir Philip Green. Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue will apparently remain on the judging panel. Cowell’s contract with ITV ends in December and he is allegedly reviewing his future TV plans. The music mogul reportedly wants to keep his post on fellow ITV1 series Britain’s Got Talent. “He has found X Factor increasingly draining and it leaves him little time for serious business,” said a source. “Now he’s decided this will be his last series and he’s moving on. In future, he will have a more overseeing role.”

Amy Winehouse plans to divorce her Blake

She might be married, with her grotty hubby Blake Fielder-what’s-his-face currently avoiding dropping the soap in his prison showers, but that hasn’t stopped Amy Winehouse bagging herself a new fella. This new lucky chap, 24-year-old Alex Haynes, is her manager’s assistant and has been described as a “clean-cut mummy’s boy”, just like Blake then, eh? This month-long romance has blossomed despite Alex not smoking or drinking, and now the Wino is working out how best to tell her imprisoned husband that she wants a divorce. Good luck with that one.

A fortnight ago, Amy is said to have consulted with financial gurus on how best to hold on to her £10 fortune and though she has told Blake that the love has gone, she is stalling on divorce talks. A source close to the sizzled star told the Sun: “Amy doesn’t want the truth coming out because she doesn’t want him reading things that will upset him in case he tries to do anything silly in jail. She does care about him still and has been trying to be seen to support him through his jail ordeal — but she just doesn’t want to be with him any more.”

So, why has Amy turned to Alex and what about all those icky public demonstrations of love for Blake? The source explains: “She has been fed up for ages and saying she wants to call it a day. All Blake does is scream and shout at her on the phone from prison and curse at her and his family blame her and criticise her. The pressure has been building and building and while she was away working with Mark Ronson she had time to think about everything.”

“The trial is coming up and as it gets nearer and nearer the thought that he could come out has been on her mind — and it’s not what she wants any more. Even the thought of having to go to court and publicly support him and see his family has been too much for her and has been doing her head in. She has been turning up late and missing visits so she decided to just be straight with him.”

“He burst into tears and was begging her. But once Amy has made up her mind, that’s it. While he has been inside she has not been faithful to him and got herself in a position where he couldn’t come back anyway because too much has gone on while he has been inside. She is filing for separation and making it official and has been celebrating ever since.”

Fingers crossed that away from Blake’s influence, Amy can learn from her “mummy’s boy” and rid herself of the drink and drugs, but after proclaiming undying love for one man only to replace him shortly after, how long can we give this new romance? And could Blake rival Heather Mills as the ultimate money-grabbing ex?

[via The Sun]

Lindsay Lohan excuses her partying past

Lindsay Lohan, that shameless queen of self-promotion, last seen in the buff for a spread in New York magazine, graces the cover of next month’s Paper magazine (pictured right) looking like she needs the loo. In the interview the Mean Girls stars opens up about her troubles (again!) It’s no wonder she hasn’t got any films out – she’s so bloody busy just talking about herself. Who needs a career when you can be famous just for being famous, eh Linds?

On the past (drugs, booze, partying): “I had a lot going on in my life and that was a way of hiding from it,” explains Linds like a corny therapist. “I hadn’t seen my dad; I had a lot of work stress ’cause I was constantly working and never took time to stop. Everything was go-go-go, and the easiest thing was to run away from it, going out and drinking at night. You know, you don’t have to think when you let go sometimes. But I didn’t realize it was getting in the way of my work – what I’ve worked for my whole life.”

On rehab: “There’s not really much else to do when you’re sitting in a treatment center. Its like, ‘Why am I here? Let’s think.'”

On the future: “Right now I just want to find a great script, a great role. I was so used to working and working and working, and for a good few months there was nothing for me to do. Now I know what it’s like to be an out-of-work actor, and how much it scares me.”

Clearly Lindsay feels a bit sorry for herself and hopes that we readers will sympathise with her ‘plight’. So over to you Star Trippers – should we feel bad for Lindsay?

Courtney Love blames Steve Coogan for Owen Wilson’s suicide bid

Since the reported suicide attempt by Hollywood A-lister Owen Wilson, the accusatory fingers have been pointing. Was it the fault of ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson, now happy in the arms of Dax Shepard or was it comedian Steve Coogan? Yes, the funnyman best known for putting Norwich on the map as Alan Partridge has been accused by none other than his ex Courtney Love for Wilson’s drug-fuelled problems.

True, the two are friends and Coogan has had some problems with addiction in the past, but the claims seem wild even for Love. She rages: ‘Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t comment but I care too much about Owen. I went through it with Steve. I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends.’ Could Coogan be the bad influence or is Courtney crazily mouthing off again?

Top 5 Worst Celebrity Mums: The stars who should never have been allowed to procreate

My mum is tops, and like a good daughter I am suitably adoring. But I know others aren’t so lucky and have to struggle on as best they can by themselves. Some women are just not naturally maternal and as such can find motherhood a struggle. But celebrities excel at everything, don’t they? If they can sell out concerts in minutes, win Oscars and pen best-sellers and all the while look radiant and flawless, then surely they must make perfect parents? We bring you the top 5 most questionable showbiz mums, and honestly it was hard limiting it to five (Britney didn’t even make the list!)

Number 1: Kate Moss                             

Yes, Kate Moss has a child. A four year old girl in fact, called Lila Grace who lives with her. Kate is one of the world’s most photographed women, constantly makes headlines internationally and yet her daughter remains mysteriously mysterious. On the one hand, this could be due to Moss protecting her precious infant from the intrusive media glare, but on the other it could be that she’s been too busy getting high, ‘designing’ Top Shop clothes and dating Pete Doherty to notice that crying bundle in the corner (I suspect the latter.) With a mum known for drugs, sleeping around and looking like a gaunt tramp, we should book Lila Grace her spell in rehab now.

Number 2: Whitney Houston                  

Cocaine Kate is a junkie novice when it comes to Whitney. The ex Mrs Bobby Brown is mummy to 14 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown, but her parenting duties never held her back when it came to her partying ways. Her own sister even sold a picture to the National Enquirer of her bathroom cluttered with drugs. But it’s not just the drugs. Whitney has a rumoured eating disorder, has sold off her own clothes to stave off bankruptcy and was being sued by her own father when he died in 2002. She has undergone rehab, with many fans hoping that with her recent divorce from bad influence husband Bobby Brown, she can finally sort herself out. News that she is now dating infamous sex-tape star Ray-J rains on that parade.

Number 3: Dina Lohan                       

The fact that I have even heard of Lindsay Lohan’s mum says it all. The ultimate ‘pushy mum’, Dina is an attention-seeker, happy to ride the coat-tails of her famous daughter to achieve her own fame. She has indulged and even benefitted from Lindsay’s much-publicized addiction problems and has used the media as a tool in her war against her former husband and Lindsay’s jailbird father Michael. In Hollywood she has surreptitiously campaigned to earn a spot as one of the presenters on US talkshow ‘The View’ and is now in talks to do a reality show tentatively called ‘Mom-ager.’ This programme will follow Dina as she tries to turn Lindsay’s younger siblings — Ali, 13, and Cody, 11 — into stars. Well, the first child turned out so well, so why not?

Number 4: Courtney Love

Courtney had a troubled childhood and having learned from the experience, seems to have successfully provided her own daughter with one as well. Love is most famous for being the widow of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, a marriage which spawned their now 16 year old daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Yes – shit name, even worse mum. Vanity Fair alleged in 1992 that Love continued to shoot-up during the early stages of her pregnancy (she denies it) and as a result the couple were investigtaed by Child Welfare Services and the girl removed from their custody for a period. Love has been on and off the drugs over the years and as such in and out of rehab. She’s had run-ins with the law and after experiments in plastic surgery and extreme weight-loss, even looks like a complete mess.

Number 5: Jade Goody

I’m not one to kick when someone’s already down, but I have never been a fan of Jade Goody and so feel entitled to weazle her out as a bad showbiz mum. Goody has two sons, Bobby Jack and Freddie, from her rocky (violent) relationship with fellow reality TV star Jeff Brazier. Jade has not only endured public wrath over her apparent racism towards Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty, but also had her collar felt by the Police. She was arrested on suspicion of stealing a jacket from Asda, apparently punched a grandmother and was recently found guilty of two counts of driving without a licence and driving with no insurance, receiving a 6 month driving ban. All this and she can’t tell her left from her right – good luck kids, you’re going to need it.

Top Five celebrity Flashers: The stars who can’t stop showing their naughty bits..

Seriously, Celebs just can’t seem to keep it under covers nowadays, be it a nip slip or a crotch shot there is far more flesh on offer than you want with your cornflakes. Of course, I’m sure there are a lot of men out there who appreciate all the ‘oops, i forgot my underwear.. again!’ shots, but a lot of us heartily wish they’d kept their knickers on. We ain’t talking all hot honeys either; there’s a lot of wrinkly flashes on offer, yummy! So this post is dedicated to the stars who just can’t keep it covered; some good, some bad, some just really sad.

Number 1: Britney Spears

Oops she did it again.. and again.. and again. Yes she is trying to make a comeback, but from the recent shots I have seen all the slips have been accidental.. and that means decidedly lacking a glamour factor. Yes, I know she’s a mum, and she’s battling baby weight and hair extensions, but there is no excuse for not covering those bosoms. It;’s not like she’s fifteen anymore and can get away with going bra-less.

See after the jump for more X rated flashers.

Number 2: Paris Hilton

These pics are crimes against the poor public eyes,, and fodder for picture hungry paps.. please, please, put it away Paris! At least while she’s locked up we’ll be spared all this fanny gazing rubbish she is so fond of, but on her release I’m sure the crotchless wonder will return. Her partying with Britney has done her no favours, as since Britters started hanging out Hilton style it was more than boobs that were getting revealed. At least we know they both favour the Hollywood wax (for the uninitiated, that means all off; like you can’t tell.)

Number 3: Janet Jackson

Who could forget that infamous duet with Justin Timberlake, or how he manfully tried to cover Janet’s bared breast from the flashing cameras. we;re talking serious wardrobe malfunction.. but it is slightly suss that she already had some sort of nipple clamp, attached, almost as if she was just waiting for that straining PVC to drop. To be fair, i can’t think of anyone who would voluntarily reveal that so it’s probably fair to say it was a genuine nip slip, unlucky for us.

Number 4: Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton

Now when the said nipple in question is attached to a perky pretty slip of a girl it somehow doesn’t seem as bad as when the oldies show off their goodies, but when you are young and attractive, do you really need to flash for attention? Lindsay and Mischa  would still of made the papers anyway, and I’m not sure how this these slips could really boost their career of profiles, other than ‘the wild child does it again’. Well, that’s more Lindsay to be fair, as Mischa is normally known more for her Chanel dresses than her boobs, but she does seem to have chosen an unfortunate top for the evening. White crochet with no bra?  It seems planned to me. Try something new for a change girls.

Number 5: Judy Finnegan

Who could forget that gaping greying bra that accidentally hit us bang slap in the middle of an awards ceremony? For a mature lady she certainly does fill it out, but still, invest in some more attractive, well fitting underwear before you air that monstrosity in public. I feel a promotion with Marks n Sparks coming on..? Richard must love those dumplings int he sack.. please  Judy, we love you really, but PUT THEM AWAY.

And the lesson for the day folks.. if it ain’t pre watershed we don’t want it. Celebrate your natural beauty and save the X rated pics for the bedroom. God bless.

Preston’s no Ordinary Boy – he’s Doherty’s boy!

Butter wouldn’t melt, would it? This sweet-faced cherub, known for his band The Ordinary Boys and his Missus Chantelle, recently filled in for Pete Doherty at Gatecrasher’s Summer Sound system. This Leeds-based event was almost ruined when Doherty failed to show up for the £40-a-ticket gig, so our Preston saved the day by taking centre stage. And he’s pretty easy on the eye, too…

Lindsay Lohan loves hair extensions

SANTA MONICA, CA – MAY 18: (ONLINE, CALIFORNIA REGIONAL PUBLICATIONS AND NEWSPAPERS ONLY.) Actress Lindsay Lohan attends the 2007/8 Chanel Cruise Show Presented By Karl Lagerfeld held at Hangar 8 on May 18, 2007 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images for Chanel)

Ahh Linsdsay. Great makeup? Check. Stylish clothes? Check. Glossy hair? Well, kinda. True these extensions look shiny and well maintained without a hint of WAG ness about them, but the length just seems so unneccessary- creating the impression of a life size Barbie with a bad boy habit. Give them the chop Li’lo- your hotter without them.

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese call it quits

Burlesque Queen Dita Von Teese has filed for a divorce from her wife husband, rocker Marilyn Manson. Von Teese has sited the typical Hollywood excuse for the divorce as “irreconcilable differences”. I wonder if the said “differences” were arguments of  “No I’M the prettiest!!” or if Manson lost one of Von Teese’s feather boas after he borrowed it without asking.

Apparently Von Teese filed for divorce before Christmas, but it wasn’t until now that she could even find Manson to serve him the papers. A “friend”told Page Six, “She tried to tell him she was divorcing him, but she can’t even get him on the phone. She’s moved out of the house and he hasn’t even noticed.” Nice, huh? You’d think after a seven year long courtship and one year of marriage it wouldn’t be so ugly this early in the divorce proceedings.