Lily Allen hits out at WAGs.

Lily Allen has lashed out at Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and their husbands in a new interview with a French football magazine. The ‘Smile’ singer told SoFoot that English footballers are “too stupid” to realise that they are there to play football and not “show off in London”, The Sun translates. Allen said: “The Beckhams are sickening. Everyone knows Victoria is a monster. I’d rather shoot myself between the eyes than be a WAG.” She wasn’t finished there either…

Of Cheryl Cole, she said: “She is just a bitch. She represents everything I hate. She is stupid, superficial and as ugly outside as inside.” Regarding Cheryl’s husband Ashley, Allen added: “He is the worst, he disgusts me. He jumps on everything that moves. I am not criticising just to criticise, but I have met him several times. He is revolting.”

The popstar said that her own favoured club Fulham are the exception to the rule and that they “play football like I play my music – out of passion”.

Lily Allen attempted suicide

Lily Allen‘s half-sister has claimed that the ‘Smile’ singer attempted suicide when she was 18 years old. Sarah Owen, 29, who shares the same mother as Allen, made the revelation in an interview with Grazia magazine.

“Aged 18, she tried to slit her wrists when her first relationship ended and she ended up in The Priory rehab clinic for four weeks,” Owen said.

She went on and admitted that she wasn’t close to her sibling growing up, which may have played a part in Allen’s alleged suicide attempt.

“I had a big gang of friends but Lily was more of a loner,” she said. “She had no one to talk to about getting her first period or breaking up with her first boyfriend. Would it have been different if we’d been closer? Probably.”

She continued: “My relationship with Lily back then was strained – I was a crazy teenager, and that must have affected Lily. As you know, she’s naturally outspoken but, because I was I was the loud one at home, she became disruptive at school – and ended up being at about 13 different ones.”

Top Five Celebrity Drink Drivers: Cos DUI’s are hawt dah-ling

We can’t help it, part of our idolisation of celebs comes with a possibly unhealthy helping of glee every time they mess up, and they make it soo easy for us to jeer at them. Currently the Hollywood trend seems to be drinking whilst driving, which is neither cool nor safe, as not only are they endangering their own lives, they’re threatening ours, which is why the next trend- celebs with prison sentences has been occurring. Now who are the worst offenders?

Number One: Mischa Barton

Oh Marissa, how could you? You were meant to be the Hollywood model child, who had great taste in clothes, groomed hair and a string of hotties trailing you, not an unkempt boozehound in the style of Ms Lohan and Hilton. Just for the fact that you’ve saddened us you get the number one spot, as your history of clean living and 8 hours sleep is suddenly under doubt now. She was caught driving UNLICENSED and under the influence, and possibly in possession of MARIJUANA as well. She’s now been bailed for $10,000 and spent seven hours behind bars before her release. To be continued…

Number 2: Lindsay Lohan

We all know about this troubled girls stint with the law, and her subsequent rehab and relapse into a fuzz headed fruitcake. She gets the number two spot as she managed to make an alcohol monitoring device look like a fashion accessory, pout in her mugshot, and most recently is seen going off the rails with multiple men in one night. This lush lovely is sure to reoffend again, but we hope we’re not anywhere near her when this train wreck waiting to happen tootles into the station.

Number 3: George Michael

He faces the charge of should have known better and really, at your age? Tut, tut. Fortunately he gets to ‘go outside’ (see what I did there?), well stay outside anyways as no jail terms have been given so far. Honestly Georgie you’re 43, can’t you get a driver or something, this is just embarrassing. He’s just had his ‘third vehicular incident in eight months’ which isn’t good however you look at it, and had his second time of being CAUGHT ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. For real!I I mean it’s kinda the end of the road for you man, why not retire to California and buy a beach somewhere with a nice little Thai Bride?( Boy or girl optional).Come on man, act your age. Let’s stop all this Wham Bam thank you Mam stuff.

Number4: Paris Hilton

Now with Ms Hilton you will find a public lack of sympathy for the poor little heiress but I think this is unfair.

So she was born with a platinum spoon up her arse, well that just encouraged her to participate in dubious porn videos with ugly men, and all her money? Well if the Simple Life is anything to go by it certainly buy you brains, so how can we blame the poor lass for driving drunkenly multiple times? She’s just a victim of the society that heralded her as a role model for Pretty Woman wannabees everywhere, and now she cracked under the pressure. I vote we start a save the heiress campaign and all coat ourselves in her latest scent, Can Can, cos if she can, so can you. What’s a DUI between friends, yeah?

Number 5: Nicole Richie

Now here’s a sad tale of a copycat drunk, one who was forever in Paris’ shadow wherever she went, so lost half her body weight so she’d become even more invisible. A terrible case of green eyed envy between friends and a ‘Whatever she can do I can do better’ attitude doesn’t exactly win friends. Skipping the country when you have a deposition doesn’t work wonders either, and then getting preggers to avoid jail? Tut tut.
Now she’s all yummy mummy but that doesn’t fool us- watch this space.

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In the news: Maggie Gyllenhaal is sexy and goodybe to Dr Who

-Brad Pitt has been attacked by a crazed fan! The woman grabbed the father of four at the Venice Film Festival and she ran out of the crowd and grabbed him, much to his obvious embarrassment.  TMZ ]

-Is this the end for Dr Who? There are no plans to film a fifth series till 2010 so hard core fans may have to make do with repeats and strange K9 reviews.  [BBC ]

– Maggie Gyllenhaal is the sexy new  model for hot lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. She looks mighty fine![Agent Provocateur]

-George Michael is writing a song for the Spice Girls Reunion. An insider says,  “The girls are thrilled to be in talks with George … he’s one of the most talented songwriters around.” [MTV ]

The Top Five Acne prone Celebrities: Because even stars have bad skin days

It’s not fair and it’s not funny; spots my friend are no laughing matter, they can lead to scars, stress and seriously bad photo’s but yet we celebrate. And why do we rejoice? Is it out of the darkness of our mean little hearts? No it’s a celebration that celebs too can be human, and as open to bad skin days/ sweat patches/ and VPL’s as the rest of us mere mortals, therefore thankfully realigning the boundary ever so slightly and making us feel, well, more normal.

Number 1: Cameron Diaz

Yes, the super cute Shrek star, and all round surfer babe Cameron has had trouble of the pimpled variety, suffering nasty looking spots on her cheeks and the blush inducing rosacea on her forehead and throat. A diet of clean living, fruit juice and exercise soon put an end to the troublesome skin, and Cam returned phoenix like, even more beautiful than ever, snaring a trousersnake on her return to glory, then discarding him for other more grizzly animals..

Number 2: Alicia Silverstone

This Clueless star always seems to look peachy clean, but twas not always the case, proving the magic of some well placed concealer can apply even to the A listers. We know it’s not full blown acne, but even the pimples of the stars help us in our search for seeing the human withinn, and below those designer frocks and botoxed lips they have the same dimpling and spots that we do to.

Number 3: Jessica Simpson

This lady’s struggle with skin has been well documented, ending in her lucrative Pro-activ contract, so this is one woman who knows how to sell, and how to market herself. Bad hair day? Jess does hair extensions. Bad skin day? She sponsors a blemish cream. Bad bellybutton day?  She has her own line of bellybutton powder. (Really. This is a little to far) Now you can aspire to her skin should you buy the products, or you can really piss her off and get something from lil sis Ashlee’s range.

73521393Number 4: Billie Piper

Ex Dr Who hottie, former teen star and previous Mrs Chris Evans, Billie has been through a lot in her young years so perhaps it’s not that surprising that all that stress and hormone imbalance caused her skin to break out so vehmently, crying, ‘Water, water! No more beer..’ It’s all A OK nowadays though, and she’s even managed to snare herself a hot new boyfriend who has aims at husbandship..


Number 5: Britney Spears

It’s no surprise this once teen queen has suffered the curse of spots, after all, her fall from grace has been well documented, and it’s a rare day we don’t see her scoffing down a burger or slurping from Starbucks. Once she could do no wrong, then it all turned about head and suddenly even when she tries it seems that Britters just can’t do anything right nowadays, being hailed as a bad mother, a washed up singer, an overweight dancer (unfair) and pizzaface. Charming. I’m however of the pinion that all these media slights will make Ms Spears stronger than ever, and she’ll come fighting back with another annoyingly catchy song we can’t get out of our head.

And just to show that men suffer to..

LeoLeonardo DiCaprio!

Yes, this hunk of manhood and darling of Hollywood once suffered from the terrible teenage trauma of acne! i don’t know why this should warm us quite so much, but considering he went on to be the star of Titanic/Catch me you can/ Blood Diamond, I guess it just shows there’s hope for us all yet.

Kate Middleton chooses vibrators over men

Kate is a girl after our own hearts. Rather than fretting about her messy public break up with the lovely Prince William she goes out and drinks her sorrows away. It seems she is putting men on the back burner for a while as when she attended the Rabbit Fever party, she was seen happily looking at the infamous rabbit vibe, and wearing bunny ears all night long.

No longer do women need to sit home bewailing their lack of a man,now sisters can do it for themselve; and with long life batteries we’re always guaranteed a good time. Hear hear the single revolution; with Kate spearheading it life has never been better.

Preston’s no Ordinary Boy – he’s Doherty’s boy!

Butter wouldn’t melt, would it? This sweet-faced cherub, known for his band The Ordinary Boys and his Missus Chantelle, recently filled in for Pete Doherty at Gatecrasher’s Summer Sound system. This Leeds-based event was almost ruined when Doherty failed to show up for the £40-a-ticket gig, so our Preston saved the day by taking centre stage. And he’s pretty easy on the eye, too…

Lindsay Lohan loves hair extensions

SANTA MONICA, CA – MAY 18: (ONLINE, CALIFORNIA REGIONAL PUBLICATIONS AND NEWSPAPERS ONLY.) Actress Lindsay Lohan attends the 2007/8 Chanel Cruise Show Presented By Karl Lagerfeld held at Hangar 8 on May 18, 2007 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images for Chanel)

Ahh Linsdsay. Great makeup? Check. Stylish clothes? Check. Glossy hair? Well, kinda. True these extensions look shiny and well maintained without a hint of WAG ness about them, but the length just seems so unneccessary- creating the impression of a life size Barbie with a bad boy habit. Give them the chop Li’lo- your hotter without them.

Kate Moss to launch Hair Care collection

The lovely Kate Moss is back in the news again- with the possibility of another personalized launch and this time she’s staying away from fashion and moving into the beauty arena- hair care! Yes, you too can have Moss like luscious hair, be it scraped back in a high bun, as she wears it for the launch of her New York fashion collection, or smooth and silky down your back. She is teaming up with her celebrity friend James Brown, hairdresser to the stars, who has styled celebs from Victoria beckham to Madonna, and together they plan to create a hair care system in line with Kate’s ‘years of expertise’. Though the range is said to include her picture on the packaging,apparently it won’t have her logo on it.. beacuse a picture is worth a thousand words?

This week’s Lindsay Lohan boob job rumours

Because it’s only a few days since the last piece of Li-Lo-inflation gossip hit our desks. Today’s Sun has a papped photo of Lindsay “going bra-less underneath a loose-fitting grey dress” (i.e. she was putting out the rubbish in the morning. Probably.) And the paper reckons the snap will do little to silence the gossip about whether the star has been pumping up her assets. Obviously, the accompanying slideshow is purely for readers with an educational interest in the ins and outs of 20-year-old actress’ breasts. Right?

Ronan Keating: “Louis Walsh tried to ruin me!”

It was one of the most spectacular celeb fallings out of all time, when bosom buddies Ronan Keating and Louis Walsh parted ways. It’s fair to say it wasn’t the most amicable of splits and the resulting war of words has been entertaining to say the least. Louis told the press: “He wasn’t the most talented one – he’s not a great singer and he’s got no personality.” However, that was awhile ago, but it appears Ronan isn’t over it yet!

He told Closer magazine: “That man absolutely tried to ruin me and if he thinks we can ever hug and make up – he can forget it. I haven’t heard from him in three years and I wouldn’t have a problem if I never saw him again. He’s not a nice character.”