June 25, 2009 2:53 PM

Robbie Williams quizzed over armed robbery

Robbie_williams_Robbie Williams has been quizzed by police in the Bahamas following the armed robbery of two paparazzi on the island, reports The AP. The singer was interviewed after three armed men reportedly ransacked the photographers' beach cottage hours after they argued with members of his entourage.

It's important to point out that he's not a suspect. Things aren't that bad! "We don't think he was the one who actually committed the robbery. But it may have been a spinoff or may have been triggered by what reportedly happened with his party on the beach," said superintendent Ellsworth Moss of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Matt Sanchez of Splash News and Picture Agency and freelancer Carlos Mendez had been taking photographs of Williams at an exclusive beach in the Bahamas when they clashed with his friends. They have claimed that three men later ransacked their rented room and that one man held a gun to Mendez's head. They later escaped with $20,000 worth of cameras, clothes, travel documents and cash. Williams is among several witnesses who have been questioned by police and could reportedly be forced to stay on the island while the police complete their inquiry. Three men are in custody in relation to the case.

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April 17, 2009 4:20 PM

Robbie Williams wants image change

Robbie-Williams Robbie Williams, currently filed under 'Where?', has hired a top publicist in a bid to change his image and be taken seriously, according to tabloid reports. The former Take That man is currently working on his final album with EMI Records and desperate to be taken seriously after witnessing the success of his former bandmates after their recent comeback.

Williams has now signed up with Murray Chalmers, who has previously represented acts including Lily Allen, Radiohead and the Pet Shop Boys.

"Robbie had nothing but good things to say about his previous firm but it's time for a change," a source told The Sun. "He is determined to be involved with a firm specialising in music not celebrity."

Williams recently admitted that a full Take That reunion was "looking more likely by the week", while Gary Barlow claimed that it would happen "one day".

Until then, will he go country and western? Probably not...

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November 25, 2008 3:56 PM

Robbie Williams tried to stab himself on acid

Robbie_williams We all know that Robbie Williams has had his fair share of drug-tales over the years and the subsequent trips to rehab. Well, it all started a lot earlier than you think, way back when in The Potteries of Stoke.

In a blog on his website, Rob said: “It was at Shelleys (nightclub) where I had my first acid experience. We were in Golden Hill, in someone’s kitchen probably. I was given a tiny piece of paper to ingest. E’s were too expensive for the Potteries. £15 – who could afford that? There was a band called the Prodigy performing that night and I thought they were really good.

“Afterwards we drove up to the garage and the police were on the forecourt. Shit, I thought. I want to go home, I’m scared. There is only one place I want to be – at home with my mum."

When he got home?

"American footballs were coming out of the TV, so I decided to go downstairs and stab myself. Mum came out of her room and said, ‘What are you doing?’ “‘I’m just going downstairs to stab myself – do you want a cup of tea?’ I said.”

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November 10, 2008 3:47 PM

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow: Now bezzies?

Earlytakethat After the recent success of the Take That reunion tour and the subsequent 'nothing' from Robbie Williams, cynics may well raise an eyebrow at what seems to be an end to the feud between Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams, prompted by the fact that the pair were seen together at a football match together. Could this mean another, full Take That reunion?

The former bandmates were seen having a good old time of it ahead of the Arsenal vrs Manchester United game at the Emirates Stadium.

"We've not spoken a word to each other yet - we don't know how this is going to go," joked Williams with his arm around Barlow, after Sky Sports commented on seeing the two together. "It could go either way this yet, mate."

Williams famously fell out with Barlow after leaving Take That in '95. However, the band recently spent time with Williams in LA, where Barlow described new material by Williams as "really good". Take That release new single 'Greatest Day' on November 24. Their album, The Circus, follows on December 1.

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October 10, 2008 6:14 PM

Robbie Williams' love reunion

Robbiewilliams Robbie Williams has reunited with his girlfriend Ayda Field less than a month after they split.

Robbie Williams has reunited with his girlfriend.

The 'Millennium' singer was reportedly bombarding Ayda Field with phone calls following their split last month, but when she refused to accept them, Robbie's best friend Jonathan Wilkes intervened.

A source revealed: "Robbie and Ayda are not fully back together but Jonathan's idea for them to meet in a relaxed group setting worked really well.

"It was obvious they still cared for one another so he decided to set up a day out with him and his son Mickey.

"It seemed an ideal way to dial down the emotion and give them both a chance to get reacquainted without too much pressure."

However, Robbie, 34, and the 29-year-old actress still have some issues to resolve before their year-long romance is fully back on track.

The pair's relationship allegedly hit the rocks because Ayda wanted a partying lifestyle, whereas reclusive Robbie wanted to concentrate on getting his music career back on track, spotting UFOs and playing golf.

The source added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "They aren't planning to buy a house together.

"That might be what Robbie wants but Ayda still wants a lively social life. It was a factor in breaking them up and hasn't been resolved.

"The alien obsession has calmed a bit, because Robbie is working so hard. He's written three ballads that are as good as 'Angels'."

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October 1, 2008 1:30 PM

Robbie Williams' Martian music

Robbie Robbie Williams has spent two weeks at a UFO camp writing his new alien-themed album.

Robbie Williams has spent two weeks at a UFO camp writing his new album.

The 'Angels' singer - who has previously claimed to have had extraterrestrial encounters - arrived armed with video equipment in his search for aliens during a recent visit to Trout Lake in Washington.

Extraterrestrial expert Michael C. Luckman - who recently identified Robbie as an alien ambassador - told BANG Showbiz: "Robbie used the occasion as an opportunity to write several new songs about aliens. I wouldn't be surprised if Robbie may be planning an alien album.

"The place is known as America's number one UFO hotspot and a magnet for true believers in aliens.

"The ranch in Trout Lake is the equivalent of Devil's Tower in Wyoming in the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. If there is any place on Earth where humans are likely to have open contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation, it is at James Gilliland's ranch. Scientists used musical notes in the final scene in 'Close Encounters' to welcome aliens to Earth.

"What better person to roll out the welcome mat than Robbie Williams, one of the most recognisable and beloved performers on the face of the planet?"

Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, also revealed Robbie plans to return to the ranch "very soon".

The expert has now invited the 34-year-old singer to prepare for alien contact by being connected to a special brainwave machine.

Luckman believes Robbie must be trained to deal with "highly advanced" intergalactic life-forms by boosting his "psychic powers" and undergoing a procedure similar to one used on NASA astronauts.

He said: "Robbie needs to be trained for contact with highly advanced aliens. The brainwave machine I recommend is similar to biofeedback machines used by NASA to train astronauts, only this one, which was invented by my colleague, Masahiro Kahata of Japan, is specially designed to boost psychic powers for telepathic communication between humans and aliens."

Luckman - author of 'Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection' - has offered to conduct the testing in New York.

He promises to keep the results confidential, unless Robbie wants them to be released.

Luckman recently claimed Robbie is a "point man" for extraterrestrials and will soon start a new religion in their honour.

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September 10, 2008 12:11 PM

Robbie Williams' alien song

Robbie 'Angels' singer Robbie Williams says he was visited by an alien just after he'd written a song about extraterrestrial beings.

Robbie Williams says he was visited by an alien just after he'd written a song about extraterrestrial beings.

The 'Angels' singer - who is fascinated by intergalactic beings and goes on UFO spotting camping trips - claims a strange light flew into the Los Angeles recording studio where he was working and then went back out again as he looked on in amazement.

He said: "I had just finished writing a song called 'Arizona', which is about alien abduction, where there was this glow. It was magic."

Robbie is now planning to hire a jet-ski to search the sea off Malibu, where it has been claimed UFOs have landed.

Meanwhile, friends of the singer are said to be increasingly concerned about his mental state and the reclusive lifestyle he is living.

Robbie, 34, has apparently not left his Los Angeles mansion for the last 83 days, and has not performed live for two years.

The singer even failed to attend the recent MTV Video Music Awards which were held close to his home.

However, he did record a message which was broadcast at last Sunday's (07.09.08) Soccer Aid charity event - which he set up and which aims to raise money for UNICEF - held at London's Wembley Stadium but he appeared tired and gaunt as he appealed for the charity.

A fan said: "He looked very unhealthy. Although he said he couldn't take part because of a knee injury, it seemed he'd lost his zest for life."

His British TV presenter friends Declan Donnelly and Ant McPartlin are said to be so concerned about his health they are sending him hampers packed with vitamin juice and other healthy snacks.

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March 27, 2008 12:12 PM

Robbie Williams wants to become a TV chef

Robbie_williamssittingRobbie, Robbie, Robbie. Where did it all go wrong? Yes, Rudebox was an atrocious song (any ditty that references TK Maxx is in trouble), but what a fall from grace. Just look at those Take That boys enjoying their comeback with sell-out arena dates, best-selling CDs and DVDs and Brit awards galore. And you, what are you doing? Pining for a cookery show. Bless.

A source close to Robbie revealed: "He has an urge to host his own cookery show and bring out a book with it. The problem is, Robbie isn't exactly the healthiest eater on the planet. Who needs lessons in how to cook burgers and fries? That's about all he's interested in."

Oh Rob *shakes head wearily*. What are we to do with you?

[via Female First]

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March 10, 2008 11:31 AM

Robbie Williams claims he's seen 3 UFOs

RobbiewilliamsNow that Take That are back and his music career is in the toilet, it seems that Robbie Williams is already making plans to move in a new direction – he wants to become an Ufologist. That's right people, the Angels singer wants to commit himself to the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and already believes he has spotted three. You can't make this crazy shit up.

Williams opened up about his spooky side to singer Joss Stone (?) on the Jeremy Kyle Show (??) Apparently, his first UFO sighting was way back when he was a nipper in Britain, while the second was in L.A. Those of you that eat up this sci-fi nonsense, prepare to be amazed as the third sighting was after Robbie had written a song about alien contact. Scary, huh?

Robbie went on to discuss ghosts, which are "from another world", and almost seemed aware of how weird he sounded, admitting: "People will think I'm mental, which I am." Poor Robbie – one day you’re a top performer, duetting with Kylie and hanging with Oasis, the next you’re on the Jeremy Kyle Show sounding like a deluded nutter. Gary Barlow must be pissing himself.

[via the Daily Mail]

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September 20, 2007 10:53 AM

In the news: Kylie for the Brit Awards, Wino wins MOBO & Sian Lloyd's bum

Amyw- Amy Winehouse scooped the prize for best female at last night’s MOBO awards. Beating Jamelia, Joss Stone, Corinne Bailey Rae and Beverley Knight to the honour, the bee-hived wild-child not only made it to the awards ceremony, but performed as well. Reports say she was a bit rubbish though. Damn – so close. [The Daily Mail]

- Kylie’s big comeback continues with news that the pint-sized pop princess will be performing at next year’s Brit Awards. The show’s organisers are also in talks with Robbie Williams, with rumours that he will come back ‘from the ‘dead’ by rising from a coffin. Can’t he just take the hint? [The Sun]

- Now I’m no Jamelia fan and frankly hate that Superstar song, but the long-legged diva has earned some brownie points by speaking out against the size zero craze: 'People like Nicole [Richie] are hyped as being stylish but they're emaciated. Why would anyone want to look like that?' Why indeed. [Now magazine]

- TV weather girl Sian Lloyd and Joseph star Lee Mead have won this year’s awards for Rear of the Year. The vote was in support of the Beating Bowel Cancer charity and at 49, Sian is the oldest recipient to be decorated for her derriere. Just proves that if you’ve got it, flaunt it! [The Daily Snack]

[Image via Getty]

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August 6, 2007 11:40 AM

In the news: Kerry Katona is having a bad year and SJP is off shoes

57215008 -Is Robbie Williams planning to rejoin Take That? He's been spotted meeting with Gary Barlow for cosy chats, after the pair haven't talked for 11 years! Could a reunion be in the works? [ Metro ]

-That Kerry Katona doesn't seem to be a lucky gal lately., not only having to cope with armed robbers in her own home, she now has to face another broken marriage, with hubby Mark Croft kicked out of her house after reports he cheated on her  and an ongoing custody battle with ex hubby Bryan McFadden where the latest drama is him trying to make her do a drugs test. Phew. Give the girl a break! [Daily Mail ]

-Sexy star Thandie Newton reveals how she has battled bulimia for years. She talks candidly about how she used to survive on nothing but cottage cheese and how her knuckles are bruised from putting her fingers down her throat. [TMZ ]

-Sexy Sarah Jessica Parker bemoans the damage stilettos have done to her body. 'My knees are shot', she reveals in an exclusive interview.  [Holy Moly ]

[Image: Getty]

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July 27, 2007 4:08 PM

Robbie Williams to boldly go where no man has gone before?

RobRobbie’s publicist deserves a fat pay rise and sharpish for I simply love the most recent news from camp Williams. According to the Daily Snack, the former Take Thatter (is that what we call them?) is in final talks to be cast as Captain James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek movie. The big budget film, to be directed by Lost creator J.J. Abrams has just cast Sylar from Heroes in the role of Spock and is looking to nail down a captain for The Enterprise.


Robbie is said to be a big fan of sci-fi (find me a straight guy who isn’t) and apparently “jumped at the chance” to make his nerdy fantasies come true. Abrams is quoted as saying: "I think he’d be a good Captain Kirk. The Kirk in my movie is quite young, it’s like the early years. But I can’t comment on who we are casting just yet. You’ll have to wait."

So what does that mean? That Robbie has been approached? That he’s in the running but not yet confirmed? That he’s squeezing into those unflattering jumpsuit thingies as we speak or it’s a nice idea but as an actor he’s light years away from leading a Hollywood film? Whatever the truth, just getting his name mentioned with such a hotly anticipated project and one with such of-the-moment star names attached, means that his publicist is doing a great job, even if Robbie doesn’t land the acting gig.

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March 8, 2007 1:17 PM

Simon thinks Britney and Robbie should get a grip

Simonsaysno Simon Cowell has blasted both Britney Spears and Robbie Williams for checking themselves into rehab, claiming that they have no idea how hard life really is. While Robbie has since checked himself out of rehab and was seen clubbing in LA, Britney is sill receiving treatment at the Promises centre in Los Angeles for Post-Partum depression and attending AA meetings. Simon says, "This whole thing is a total indulgence. Britney and Robbie need to get a grip. I don't know what's going on in Britney's head but my attitude is I couldn't care less. She should go back and live with her mum for six months." Dang, Simon!

Simon continued to blast the two "troubled" artists saying,

"I went to a deprived part of the world recently... It really opened my eyes. You can feel sorry for yourself over the smallest things, but then you look at the world and you think, 'I've got nothing to complain about'. So when I hear about the Robbies and the Britneys going to into rehab, I think, 'I'll tell you what rehab is. Go to where I just went, where people are really suffering and then you'll see just how good your life is.' I mean Britney is not working in a coal mine is she? You are whisked to the studio in a very large limo, you are flown around in private jet, everyone will agree with you and physically making an album is a doddle."

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March 7, 2007 11:30 AM

Robbie leaves rehab?

Robbiewilliams_6 The Sun reported today that Robbie Williams has "pulled a Britney" and ditched his last week of rehab. Robbie entered rehab on February 13, his 33rd birthday, at the £700 a-night Cottonwood de Tucson, which is one of the harshest centres in America. Although Robbie's camp claims that he's completed his therapy, a source close to the centres says, "Robbie was meant to be here for four weeks but left after three." It's rumoured he'll be receiving care at another rehab facility in LA, and isn't just "giving up". Hey! Maybe he and Britney can get treatment together and work on a duet! That would be awesome!

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February 13, 2007 2:25 PM

Robbie reminisces about Take That

As you know, it's Robbie's birthday today. So let's look at the old lad reminiscing about the good old days with Take That and Mark Owen hiding in a cupboard.

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This one goes out to Robbie in Rehab

As it is Robbie William's birthday, I feel as though my gift to him should be one of song. A song to help soothe his struggle with sobriety and happiness...and what better song than Amy Winehouse's song Rehab? Happy rehab birthday, Robbie!

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Robbie celebrates his birthday in rehab

Robbiewilliams_5 Today is Robbie William's 33rd birthday...and what better gift to give thyself than rehab? William's spokesperson, Bryony Watts, says that, "Robbie Williams has today been admitted into a treatment centre in America for his dependency on prescription drugs. There will be no further comment on this matter." According to model, Lisa D'Amato, Robbie was very troubled about his image, and was on anti-depressant medication. His latest album, Rudebox, has gotten mixed reviews, and this may have had some impact on his current grief, as D'Amato added: "He was very affected about what people thought about his music. He really took things to heart." Best of luck, Robbie, and happy birthday.

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November 9, 2006 10:08 AM

Take That "slam door shit" on Robbie Williams reunion hopes

Robbiemirror Gotta love the Mirror website's front-page typo this morning (pictured), reporting that Take That have slammed the door "firmly shit" on a reunion with ex bandmate Robbie Williams. Firmly shit is how I'd describe the sales figures for his latest album, so perhaps it's not a typo after all. And they've corrected it now, the spoilsports.

Anyway, the story concerns TT man Howard, who says Rob won't be rejoining the band any time soon. "To let somebody in who you don't know what's going on in their head is not a good idea," he tells the paper. "If we have big success with this album - really big success - then to let him back when we don't really know him any more would be a mistake."

Meanwhile, the paper also reports that Take That almost had a dust-up with the Arctic Monkeys at last week's Q Awards, after main Monkey Alex Turner described them as "b*******" (bollocks? bastards? bagpuss?). I bet they'd look good scrapping on the dancefloor...

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October 31, 2006 11:53 AM

Noel Gallagher gives Robbie Williams a good shoeing

Noelgallagher Not as in proper physical violence, sadly, and besides I'd probably pick Robbie to win in that battle. But Noel Gallagher had some fierce words at yesterday's Q Awards after Robbie wrote a song slating Noel and brother Liam. It seems Robbie's attempt to apologise didn't do the trick.

"He sent this note to our office claiming he didn’t know it was on the album," Noel tells today's Sun. "He can f*** right off. I don’t give a f*** what he thinks and I don’t give a f*** about him." Well, at least he's not sitting on the fence then.

Still, Noel won't have stayed grumpy for long. Oasis scooped the prize for 'Best Act In The World Today' at the ceremony, a decision that IN NO WAY shows that most Q readers stopped buying any new music in 1996.

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October 3, 2006 1:18 AM

Robbie Williams Seeks Professional Help

Robbie_5 We've already heard from Robbie Williams' Dad today but now his Mum has told the media about the problems her son is facing. Jan, who is a qualified drug counsellor (handy that, Robbie), has told her son to seek professional help in Los Angeles, in the form of a psychiatrist.

Jan has encouraged Robbie to seek help in the past, saying: "He was in the depths of despair. I had to practice what I call tough love. I still loved him but I didn't like him very much." Robbie recently cancelled the Asian leg of his world tour, claiming "exhaustion".

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October 2, 2006 12:13 PM

Robbie Williams is "shattered", says his dad

Robbiewilliams_4 Forget your cynicism about whether Robbie Williams is really exhausted or not. Now he's got a sicknote from his father, which should be proof enough for anyone. Remember how hard it was to get YOUR dad to sign you off school as a child? Exactly. Anyway, Williams Sr tells The Sun today that he was shocked after meeting up with Robbie before a recent show.

"He was laid out on the couch half an hour before he was due to perform. He was shattered. He didn’t know where he was going the next day or next week... He is exhausted. He just needs to sleep in his own bed for once."

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September 26, 2006 12:57 PM

Robbie Williams on the run from gangsta-dispensed justice

Robbiewilliams_3 Threat of the week, if not year, belongs to Robbie Williams, although he was at the receiving end of it. Today's Mirror claims that Robbie's been telling friends of his worries over his increasingly-bitter spat with Ashley Hamilton over ownership of a song on his new album. The paper claims Rob's told friends that an associate of Ashley had threatened to "set 50 Cent" on him.

It's playground antics and no mistake. 50 Cent isn't that hard though, his whole reputation is based on being shot 476 times and STILL being able to lisp painfully hackneyed rap lyrics. I don't think he has any form for menacing slightly-unhinged solo singers. Reports that Robbie is paying his dinner money to Jay-Z as protection are unconfirmed.

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September 8, 2006 8:29 AM

Tabloid Tales: Robbie Williams to be sued by ex-manager?

It's not a great week for Robbie Williams, despite sell-out gigs here in the UK. His 'Rudebox' single is reportedly selling poorly (i.e. it won't be Number 1), and now he could be hit with a lawsuit from former manager Nigel Martin-Smith, the svengali behind Rob's old band Take That. The cause is repeated disses by Robbie in his songs.

"Robbie has called into question Nigel's honesty and ability as a manager when it's well-known that without him he wouldn't have a career in the first place," a source tells the Mirror. "This has got to stop."

If the lawsuit does happen, it could apparently delay the release date of Robbie's new album. So at least there's a silver lining then.

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September 6, 2006 9:28 AM

Tabloid Tales: Robbie Williams dubbed "the new Cliff Richard" as new single flops

Robbiewilliams_2 Not that you'd ever see Sir Cliff releasing a song called 'Rudebox', obviously. Perish the thought. Anyway, today's Mirror reports that Robbie Williams' comeback single is being outsold by both the Scissor Sisters AND Justin Timberlake. "Fundamentally, Robbie's new sound is a turn-off," one music-biz bigwig tells the paper. "He thought that he could do a Madonna - change his style and stay on top. But I'm afraid it has backfired."

But wait, it gets worse! "He's basically become the new Cliff Richard. A hard core of fans will pick it up automatically, whatever it sounds like, but when it comes to racking up massive sales, it's a different story."

Still, look on the bright side - at least the Robster will have a decent shot at a Christmas number one this year. Especially if he teams up with Sir Cliff.

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September 5, 2006 6:30 AM

Robbie Williams To Coach X-Factor Hopefuls

Robbie_3 There's really no easy way of putting this, so I'm just going to come straight out with it.  This year's X Factor contestants will be helped on their way by music biz luminaries Robbie Williams, Elton John and Westlife.  The judges, who on our screens will shortly become mentors but already have in real life, negotiated to get the stars on board.  It was Simon, mentor of the 16-25 age category, who got Robbie. 

As Robbie has recently been talking about leaving the music business - a cold and miserable place, don't you know - involvement with the next Shayne Ward may be just the right way to go about it.  Elton John will help Louis Walsh's over-25s, while Westlife will help Sharon out with the groups.  What's more, among other acts offering advice will be novelty opera act Il Divo.  If anyone needs me, I'll be running to the hills.  [Toni Kelly]

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September 1, 2006 4:57 PM

Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_3One of Linday Lohan's casual lovers has apparently bought her a pricey Cartier engagement ring and whisked her off on holiday to propose, no less than a month after declaring she would never be monogamous.
Somehow we don't think this is an authentic baby registry for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline - firstly, he's listed as K-Fed. Is anyone really that dumb? Oh, wait.
Lionel Richie gives his mark of approval to daughter Nicole and current bed-warmer, Brody Jenner.
Thoughts of retirement are far from Madonna's mind, as she starts planning her next album, reportedly meant to be more of the same disco music. Just leave the leotards alone this time, love.
If you care to remember her, Christina Milian is flogging all her clothes on eBay to make a quick buck, sources say she is indeed close to bankrupt.
The filming of Charlotte Church's first talk show episode was apparently a 'shambles' but will be edited well for the debut tonight.
As if we need more evidence on Paris Hilton's more than willing thighs, here it is.
Could Robbie Williams be shedding his playboy image, preferring to jump into bed with his Playstation instead of a woman?
If the sight of Daniel Craig in his swimming trunks didn't turn you on, perhaps his gay kiss will.
Not surprisingly, Pete Doherty has been branded the 'worst tenant in history', as his landlord evicts him.

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Robbie Williams Says He Wants To Quit Music. Again.

Robbie_2 Robbie Williams absolutely drives me insane. Despite being worth around £100million, all he seems to do is bloody moan. And he's off again, "threatening" to ditch his music career after saying he's not sure if he wants to be part of the "machine" anymore. Now come on - how many times have we heard this before?

The guy can sing and there's not many better live performers, in terms of getting a crowd singing, than him. And Angels was great, even if I sometimes think if I have to hear it again my head will explode. BUT, he doesn't seem happy in the music business and has desperately tried to portray himself as a tortured artist. His latest single "Rudebox" is so crap it just smacks of attention seeking, as his last few singles haven't really flown. If he's really unhappy, he should retire to count his money and sort out his personal demons. Or if he does like it, carry on and shut up whinging. I'm fine either way.

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August 21, 2006 1:49 PM

Shock news: Robbie Williams isn't getting married

Randyrobbie Well, it's not exactly a turn-up for the books, is it? Having spent the last few weeks seducing a different fan in every European city, Robbie Williams has been telling The Sun that he won't be fit to marry anyone for another ten years, although he's happy to "audition" plenty of women. "If you're in a relationship you have to keep your **** in your pants," he tels the paper. I think **** means 'dignity' or 'self-respect', but I can't be sure. [Stuart Dredge]

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August 1, 2006 11:03 AM

Robbie Williams gets framed. With knickers.

Robbieconquest Blimey, Robbie Williams just can't stop bedding women in every city on his European tour. Following previous kiss'n'tell'n'bottom-injection stories, the Robster's been at it again in Berlin with hairdresser Heidi Lessau, who says she was asked up to the star's room by a bodyguard. It's good to see old rock traditions (i.e. stars being too cowardly to chat people up themselves) are still going strong.

Anyway, Heidi has since framed the knickers she was wearing on the night - ew - along with her gig ticket. But for some strange reason, her boyfriend isn't happy. In fact, he smashed all her Robbie CDs when she fessed up on the one-night stand. Although I'm wondering if what really sent him loopy was her insisting on giving the framed memento pride of place in the living room... [Stuart Dredge]

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July 25, 2006 10:57 AM

The Sun getting ratty with Robbie Williams' Rudebox

Robbiewilliamsrudebox_1 Did Robbie Williams step on Victoria Newton's foot at a press launch or something? The Sun's Bizarre columnist has been rubbishing the Robster's new single 'Rudebox' since Saturday, and she's not holding back. Having slammed it on Saturday as the worst single she'd ever heard, in today's paper she's publishing comments from readers, including one who reckons it sounds like Roland Rat's 1983 hit 'Rat Rapping'.

Still, the song appears to have kicked off something of a web craze, judging by the number of home-made Rudebox vids on YouTube. I assume this has been encouraged by Robbie's record label as a viral marketing thing. Top marks to the one with the granny, and the one splicing the tune with Christopher Walken's dancing in a Fatboy Slim video. [Stuart Dredge]

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July 24, 2006 9:05 AM

Has Robbie Williams narked Guy Ritchie with his Madonna song?

Robbiewilliams Today's Mirror poses the question of whether Robbie Williams is brave or foolish. No, it's nothing to do with whether he should join the Take That reunion. Rob's reportedly got on Guy Ritchie's nerves with his new song 'She's Madonna', reportedly written about the way Guy dumped model Tania Strecker for Madonna (in short: "Look, you know I really love you, but she's Madonna.")

Unsurprisingly, Madge herself seems fine with Robbie raking the matter up in order to show how desirable she is, but a source tells the paper that hubby won't be so relaxed. "Guy's not going to be happy that all this is being dredged up again," they say. "Although everyone concerned has moved on, it's a bit out of order that Robbie has used it as the basis for one of his songs."

Go on Guy, send Vinnie Jones round with a shooter. You know it makes sense. [Stuart Dredge]

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July 13, 2006 9:20 AM

Robbie Williams gets bottom injection after too much entertaining

Robbie_williams_in_concert Sounds like Robbie's having a whale of a time on his Scandinavian tour. Sunday's People had a fairly standard kiss'n'tell (pop megastar boy meets doctor girl, whisks her back to his hotel for a night of passion, journalist writes it up shoehorning in as many medical puns as possible). But it also throws up two rather marvellous facts.

One: before bedding 25 year-old Marie Annerstedt, the Robster "persuaded her to sing the lyrics to his hit single Let Me Entertain You in French, Swedish and German". I'm not sure how well that scans, but I'm guessing Robbie wasn't too fussed.

Two: after pulling a further three fans, Robbie was "so worn down by his romps he had to have a vitamin injection in his bottom." Ouch! There'll be a confessional song all about it on his next album, I daresay. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 27, 2006 8:03 AM

Robbie Williams to Rejoin Take That? Yeah, Right...

Take_that_1 Could Robbie Williams be rejoining Take That for their upcoming album? You might think so from a cursory glance at this morning's Mirror, which reports that the Robster "is in talks with his former bandmates to work on their album of new material". Cor, that's good news, eh? Or maybe not.

"We all hoped Rob would be able to join us on stage but he had his own tour and things got in the way," says Howard Donald. "But we speak all the time now, and he knows the door's always open if he wants to come and record with us or relive his Take That days in any way. We would love him to be on the album. Obviously he's got his solo stuff to focus on but he hasn't ruled it out."

So, hang on. That counts as "talks" does it? I'm off to ring up Christina Aguilera's people to suggest she joins me as I belt out Primal Scream's 'Rocks' in the shower tomorrow. She knows the door's always open if she wants to. Obviously, she has her mega-selling pop career to focus on, but she hasn't ruled it out. [Stuart Dredge]

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May 30, 2006 2:03 PM

See Robbie Williams' Football Stars Triumph

It's a wonderful thing when the worlds of football and celebrity collide, as Posh'n'Becks, Ashley'n'Cheryl and, er, Dwight'n'Jordan will testify. And never more so than last weekend at the Soccer Aid event, when an England team captained by Robbie Williams beat the Rest Of The World 2-1 in an entertaining match. Relive the goals thanks to this YouTube vid (below), which will leave readers outside the UK wondering who Jonathan Wilkes is and why he counts as a celebrity. Actually, it'll leave most UK readers wondering the same... [Stuart Dredge]

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May 17, 2006 12:41 PM

TPT & Robbie?

Tpt I'm not too sure about this one, but apparently Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been having her wicked way with Robbie Williams recently. The official line, according to Closer magazine is: "Tara was seeing Robbie for about two weeks while he was over in London last month. They saw each other as much as they could during the visit. For about 10 days they just stayed in bed watching DVDs and eating takeaways - it all sounded very intimate."

I can't help but be doubtful, though. The big expose is in a magazine Tara has a long-term column in (no other celeb magazines have reported the pair are anymore than friends). The pair have also known each other for 10 years, which opens up the question 'why now'? Apparently the relationship wasn't sustainable because Robbie lives in LA - but why would that be a problem for super-rich TPT? Hmmmm, there's definitely something fishy going on here. [Toni Kelly]

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May 7, 2006 3:08 PM

Robbie Williams won't join Take That on stage.

Takethat_2 Although Robbie Williams had intitially agreed to join his ex-Take That bandmates on stage for one of their Manchester gigs, Robbie has now pulled out. The story, revealed in today's News of the World, is that Robbie has decided he is too busy rehearsing for his own forthcoming world tour and preparing for the release of his new single, to join the lads on stage.

However, Robbie has agreed to do a one-off gig with the Pet Shop Boys - something he managed to fit into his schedule. All seems a bit cruel, doesn't it? Never mind, though. The Take That tour is blowing everyone away and is loved by all - who needs Robbie?! [Toni Kelly]

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