October 6, 2011 12:15 PM

Mark Wright hits back at his ex Lauren Goodger


It's tough to try and keep up with these two. One minute their on, then the next their off. But after Lauren Goodger revealed last week that she had an abortion with Mark Wright's baby a twitter battle between the two ensued, then Mark decided it was his turn to open up in an equally as revealing interview.

Speaking to OK magazine Mark, 24, said about Lauren, also 24: "I can never go back to her now. I had been questioning whether I've done the right thing, but after that interview? That is it."

And referring to the abortion she spoke out about he said: 'It was such an upsetting time. I hate the idea of abortions, that's why it only happened once in ten years. I was more careful."

Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public! Is there anything about these two we don't know? Mark even ridiculed Lauren and basically denied everything bad she's ever said about him - from forcing her to lose weight to stopping her from going out with friends.

But who to believe? It all just seems too complicated to keep up with.

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April 26, 2011 9:39 PM

OMG! There's going to be a death in Glee!

GleeWe don't normally like to use abbreviations like OMG, but this gossip is deserving of it.

Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester in hit US TV show Glee, has confirmed that there will be a death in an upcoming episode!

Speaking to E! Online, Morrison revealed: "Somebody's dying. Obviously I'm not going to tell you who it is, but it's no-one that you would probably expect.

"The episode right before the finale is called 'Funeral'. We were actually at a funeral home yesterday, shooting all day. It was a very taxing day."

Here at Star Trip we're frantic with fear... Who will it be? We love all the characters like they're our (motley crew of) children.

Royal Wedding Tab

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May 25, 2010 3:57 PM

Carol McGiffin: Sex Maniac

carol-mcgiffin.jpgHere's something to turn your stomach slightly: Carol McGiffin has claimed that she behaved like a "sex maniac" when she turned 40. Yessir, the rent-a-gusset from Loose Women, who just so happens to be promoting her autobiography Oh, Carol!, and thereby isn't suddenly piping up with titillating things in order to attract more attention to the book, confessed that she went "stark raving bonkers" ten years ago. Ker-azy! No! Really! It is! Look at how many exclamation marks I'm using to prove it! MAD! Cars, drugs, sex... the lot!

"It could have been that the landmark age of 40 sent me over the edge or something because there was a lot of strange behaviour going on," she told The Mirror.

"It couldn't last forever. I was spending huge amounts of ­money on things I couldn't afford, like I bought this ridiculous sports car, a TVR Chimaera which is a stupid bloke's car. I don't know what I was thinking.

"Then I had my 40th birthday party where we all went to ­Stringfellows and I ended up pole-dancing in the pub with ­Peter Stringfellow. There were pictures and everything - it was a nuts thing to do."

McGiffin also admitted that she experimented with cocaine and spoke openly about her relationship with a married man.

"It was like I was a teenager again, I was a sex maniac," she said. "It was not a good idea. I'd never do it again, I can say that for sure. But I still stand by what I thought then - that if you're ­having an affair with a married man, you are not the ­married one. He was the married one and at the time I didn't care - I thought, 'He's the one with the problem, not me'."

Sounds like your archetypal Mid Life Crisis to us... and sorry for making you think of Carol 'on the job'. Hope you didn't throw your lunch up.

Check out Hollywood's newest star, Alice Eve in our photo gallery & win exclusive screening party tickets for you & a friend, as we celebrate the release of 'She's out of My League' cert 15, in cinemas nationwide June 4th/out now!

Romantic comedy 'She's Out Of My League' Cert 15, hits cinemas nationwide June 4th/out now & following that theme check out our gallery of Hollywood's most mismatched couples here.

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May 19, 2010 2:36 PM

Eastenders actor abused over gay storyline

eastenderssyed.jpgEastenders has had a big ol' year, with Bradley breaking his neck over Christmas, Stacey going mental, that kid having sex with Hev and, well, the biggest of the lot was the story of Syed Masood. In case you don't watch the show, Syed is a gay Muslim and, naturally, that's caused a few ruffled feathers. Now the actor who plays the soapy dreamboat - Marc Elliott - has admitted that he has received homophobic abuse in the street over the storyline. How depressing is that?

Elliott says that there's been a mixed response to the long-running plot - with some fans embracing the story and others keen to voice their disapproval.

"Since playing Syed I have really got it in the neck when I'm out. A lot of people are supportive but there is still a huge amount of negativity."

Elliott said that he is able to laugh off the abuse, adding: "I haven't been threatened but there's a lot of cat-calling in the street. Any insult, I've had it thrown at me.

"It's an incredibly important part. In so many cultures being gay is still something swept under the carpet."

Elliott won the 'Best Newcomer' prize at the British Soap Awards which is on ITV1 tonight at 7.30pm.

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February 25, 2010 1:19 PM

Has Cheryl Tweedy/Cole quit The X Factor?

cheryl-cole.jpgPlans for the new series of The X Factor are said to be "up in the air" due to the judges' busy schedules. According to the Daily Mail, audition dates for the new run have not yet been finalised as panellist Cheryl Cole needs to fit the show around her tour with the Black Eyed Peas this summer. There's also the small matter of a soon-to-be tricky divorce to sort out. Meanwhile, pregnant Dannii Minogue recently confirmed that she will not be able to appear in the audition shows at all as she will be in Australia to have her baby.

A source said: "Everything is up in the air at the moment. Cheryl has been trying to move some dates for auditions around so she can tour with the Black Eyed Peas, and [Simon] Cowell's in love!"

The insider added: "Either someone will fill in for Dannii at the auditions and she will return in some way for the live shows, or someone else will replace her entirely.

"But when you look at Denise Van Outen and her issues with the BBC last week, you release that no-one would want to mess with a pregnant lady!"

Minogue's spokesman recently confirmed that the star hopes to be part of this year's X Factor "in some capacity".

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January 20, 2010 3:47 PM

Cat Deeley for Playboy?

cat-deeley.jpgCat Deeley hasn't been on these shores much of late as she's been making her name Stateside. However, she is back and presenting So You Think You Can Dance. While she's over here, she's been quick to say that there's been a lot of false rumours about her personal life that circulate online and in the press. Nothing to do with us, we can assure you.

"Leonardo DiCaprio was meant to have asked me out while I was having a meeting with Playboy about doing a nude photoshoot," she told the Daily Mail. "I've never dated Leo and I won't be posing for Playboy while my dad is still alive."

She added: "The latest rumour is that I live in the house Marilyn Monroe died in, and Marilyn's ghost haunts the property. JFK's old suit was even said to have been found under my floorboards. Sadly, there's not a shred of truth in any of it."

The truth isn't half as fun as the story is it?

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January 12, 2010 1:54 PM

John and Edward to perform at award ceremony

john-and-edward.jpgJohn and Edward have been booked - by someone with a sense of humour - to perform at the 15th National Television Awards. The X Factor duo, who you may well prefer to call Jedward, whipped everyone up into a storm during their run on The X Factor, will take to the stage Wednesday, January 20 for their first TV performance since being voted off the ITV1 show (and subsequently, ensured that the rest of the series was rather boring).

The Grimes twins, whose nailed* 'Oops I Did It Again', 'We Will Rock You' and 'Ghostbusters', will perform to a crowd of around 20,000 people.

Details of the track they will be performing on the night are being kept under wraps.

For the first time in its 15-year history, the Awards will take place at the 02 arena and will be presented by X Factor host Dermot O'Leary.

*Feel free to interpret that any way you like

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Kelly Rowland to join X Factor?

Kelly_Rowland.jpgIt must be tough if you're a former Destiny's Child member and you're not Beyonce. She's conquering the world and you're left picking up the scraps. Doing a fine job of staying in the public mindset is Kelly Rowland who has had a couple of great pop singles and now, could be set to join the X Factor judging panel. Rowland has been tipped to replace Dannii Minogue on the UK version of the reality talent contest or sign up as a fifth judge. Is she mean enough to be a judge? Well, she promises that she'd bring honesty... (not to mention a bit of glamour)...

Rowland told New: "Well, everybody keeps asking me about it. The X Factor is an amazing show and Simon knows that all he has to do is call me.

"I love Simon because he's so honest. When I watch it, everything he says I agree with... you know what, Simon's got swag, which I think is cute."

She added: "I don't know what kind of judge I'd be. All I'll say is, one of the things I love and respect about Simon is he knows there is no room for error in this industry and no room for slacking.

"If you're going to do something, you have to do it right. So when we see an upcoming artist, you either see potential or you don't see anything at all It's important to be completely open and honest with them."

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December 17, 2009 12:22 PM

Jedward get their own ITV show

jedders.jpgWarning: The following news article may make you weep with joy or make you depressed beyond tablets.

No-one polarises opinion quite like Jedward. Some see them as the most irritating, talentless buffoonery ever to grace a TV set. Others meanwhile love the strange sense of fun they promote. Others just think they're plain funny. So the news that the X Factor duo will be getting their own ITV2 reality show could prompt a whole new set of arguments down the pub between friends.

According to The Sun, John and Edward are to feature in a three-month fly-on-the-wall reality series which may well air as soon as next month!

A source told the newspaper: "The boys have been swamped with offers. It has been a case of turning most things down, including I'm A Celebrity....

"The show will be the same glossy format as Jordan and Peter's, following their crazy antics day-to-day."

Apparently, John & Edward have already rejected a deal to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house next month. The pair are currently being managed by their former X Factor mentor Louis Walsh, who recently predicted "Jedward mania" for the future.

Wow. Let the spats begin!

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December 10, 2009 2:11 PM

X Factor the game for Playstation 3?

x-factor.jpgThere's a lot of rumours knocking around about a potential PlayStation 3 game based on The X-Factor. Apparently, Simon Cowell and Sony chief executive Howard Stringer have had a meeting about it! In an interview with men's magazine GQ, Cowell expressed an interest in branching out into gaming. "I should have had 20 games," he said. "If you've got a game that's worth more than our shows and we're in 100 countries, something is a bit out of control."

He added: "X-Factor should have been the initial vehicle to have Activision come to us and say: 'You've got all the traffic. Can you help launch Guitar Hero? I'd put guitars on my show to get Guitar Hero."

According to Cowell's new business partner Philip Green, the pair has met with Sony CEO Howard Stringer to discuss the venture.

"I said [to Sony]: 'Look at what we can do together. You've got massive manufacturing capability. You've got retail business. You've got PlayStation. You're one of the biggest TV suppliers in the world. He [Simon Cowell] is one of the most watched men on TV. Suddenly, people started to say, 'You're right'," said Green.

It makes a whole lot of sense doesn't it? I'm actually quite staggered that there hasn't been one already!

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November 11, 2009 5:19 PM

Jedward approached by TV companies

John-and-Edward.jpgX Factor freak show practical joke twins John and Edward have apparently been approached with TV deals by various broadcasters. The Daily Mail report that Nickelodeon, Disney and the BBC are interested in working with the Grimes brothers when the talent show ends at Christmas. "The twins are popular, they are entertaining, we've been bombarded with offers of work from some big networks," said a source. "The boys could be the next Ant and Dec."

John & Edward were in the bottom two on last weekend's show, but were saved by Simon Cowell and mentor Louis Walsh. Welsh singer Lucie Jones lost out to the Irish duo after the judges' votes went to deadlock.

ITV got 3000 angry phonecalls about the decision for the vote to go to 'deadlock'. Of course, those 3000 people could've used their time trying to keep Lucie in the show... but y'know...

The brothers are rumoured to be singing 'Radio Ga Ga' on this Saturday's Queen-themed show.

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October 19, 2009 12:33 PM

Will Smith to star in Eastenders?

will-smith-.jpgA-list megastar Will Smith, actor, rapper and all-round big-eared hunk nice fella has said that he fancies a cameo spot in BBC soap Eastenders. The former Fresh Prince has admitted that he was mesmerised by the show when he sat down with the omnibus whilst on a UK trip. "I was just chilling in my hotel and EastEnders was on TV. I didn't even know what it was, but I literally could not stop watching it," Smith is quoted by The Sun as saying. "It was like a week's worth of episodes in one. Before I knew it, all I had done was get room service and waste a whole afternoon watching this show I'd never heard of!"

He continued: "It was so real and gritty. American soaps are all about the beautiful people and being cheesy. This soap had everything.

"There was fighting, people sleeping around - it had it all going on! I'm a bit busy but when things quieten down I'd love to do a cameo. I could make a big entrance in the pub, as you guys call it, and be like, 'Hey, girl let's take this outside'."

Can you even imagine it? Can you?

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July 3, 2009 1:53 PM

Apprentice couple get engaged

Apprentice couple Apprentice pair Kate Walsh and Philip Taylor have got engaged according to reports. According to The Sun, Walsh has been spotted wearing a £3,000 ring from London's Hatton Garden. "They are very much in love and this was always more than a work fling. Neither of them wanted to split," said a source. "Phil had been known as a womaniser but Kate has ended all that. He loves her to bits and is smitten."

The couple fell for each other while filming the BBC reality show and rekindled their relationship when the series aired. It was confirmed last month that Walsh had landed a presenting job on GMTV to talk about women's office fashion.

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June 25, 2009 2:50 PM

X Factor rocked by suicide threat

X-factorAn auditionee on The X Factor threatened to kill herself after being rejected by all four judges on the panel. The unnamed woman in her 50s broke down in front of the cameras during her post-audition interview on the second day of filming for the London shows, The Sun reports. The woman was then seen by a doctor reportedly hired in the aftermath of Susan Boyle's admission to the Priory clinic after losing in the final of Britain's Got Talent.

Social worker Tracey Ward told the newspaper: "She ran off, shouting that she was going to commit suicide. The producers ran after her. An hour-and-a-half later they were still making sure that she was okay. As a stranger, I could quite clearly and immediately see that she was vulnerable - and yet she must have passed three auditions to get through to this stage."

She added: "At each of those auditions she must have been told she was good enough to go through to the next stage. It creates a false impression that she was good when actually they just thought she was funny."

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June 18, 2009 2:10 PM

Du Beke takes over Hole In The Wall

Anton-thumb-Strictly Come Dancing's Anton Du Beke has been confirmed as the replacement for Dale Winton for host of Hole In The Wall. The BBC One show, which features celebrity teams attempting to... well... not fall in the water as a great big moving wall hurtles toward them while they dress in unflattering silver jump suits... will return for ten episodes later this year. Du Beke, who was a team captain for the first series, will now present the show. "I am completely thrilled that I will be presenting the series," he told The Sun. "My only disappointment is that I won't be wearing the silver suit this time around, although you never know!" Cricketer Darren Gough, who was the second team captain, has also departed the programme. I'm A Celebrity... champion Joe Swash and rugby star Austin Healey are the new team captains.

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Ugly Betty star prepares for new baby

Ana_ortizAna Ortiz has told the world that she is busy preparing for the arrival of her baby girl in July. The Ugly Betty actress, who plays Hilda Suarez, is yet to settle on a name for her unborn daughter and said that the process of choosing one has been difficult, TV Guide reports. She said: "Naming is hard! We have a shortlist that keeps fluctuating between five to seven names. We're not going with any of the Apple or Pineapple names. I really want a Spanish name, but it has to be a Spanish name Americans can say without destroying it. I really like these old lady names."

The mother-to-be has readied an eco-friendly nursery and was recently given a baby shower by her co-stars. She added: "It was incredible. It was family and friends. Vanessa [Williams] organised catering for the event and America [Ferrera] helped organise to get all the stuff together with the Hot Moms Club who put the thing up. It was crazy and so much fun."

Ortiz revealed that she will be expected on the set of the ABC show not too long after her child’s birth, and that her mother will look after the infant while she is working. "It's like I'm going to leave the hospital and go right to set!" she said. "My mom's going to be on set with me... [the baby] is going to be a set baby for sure. Are you kidding me? America wouldn't let me on set if I didn't have that baby!"

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April 28, 2009 9:33 AM

Norton breaks bones in fall

Graham_Norton Graham Norton has broken two ribs shortly after presenting the Bafta Awards. The 46-year-old presenter was admitted to hospital after injuring himself at his London home. "I got home and fell down my stairs and broke two ribs," he told the BBC. "I've been to the hospital and given horse tranquilising pain-killing medication. There's nothing they can do about broken ribs."

Norton insisted that he will still travel to Russia for the Eurovision Song Contest next month but will have to amend some of his plans. "When I opened my pain medication today it said avoid alcoholic beverages for four to six weeks. So I'm going to be sober in Moscow," he said. The TV star was recently confirmed as the host of a new entertainment show Totally Saturday on BBC One.

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April 24, 2009 11:18 AM

Susan Boyle gets a makeover and not everyone is pleased

Susan-boyleSusan Boyle has apparently infuriated and irritated Britain's Got Talent producers by having a makeover. The 47-year-old spruced up her image by restyling and dying her hair brown and having her eyebrows plucked. However, bosses at the ITV1 show are said to be upset with her transformation. "It wouldn't be right to dye her hair and suddenly make Susan all glam. People have fallen in love with the real Susan. We don't want to change what they fell in love with," a source told The Sun.

The Scot, whose Britain's Got Talent audition is expected to become the most watched video on YouTube ever, underwent the makeover in her local salon in Whitburn, West Lothian at a cost of £40. "Susan went for a chestnut colour. Her hairdresser did not want to make any huge changes and said she'd prefer to work with what Susan has already got," a neighbour said. "She was in the shop on Tuesday to get her eyebrows done and was just the same as always. She's not changed at all." Boyle recently admitted that she was surprised at how "frumpy" she looked on TV and that she was eager to improve her dress sense.

Cowell & Co won't be too angry though, seeing as she's given the show the biggest publicity drive in the show's history...

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April 14, 2009 9:16 PM

Danny Dyer: Mat Horne is rubbish

Danny dyer Cockney wideboy, Danny Dyer has hit out at Gavin & Stacey star Mathew Horne, describing his performances as "rubbish". The Human Traffic actor claimed that he is not surprised by criticism of Horne's recent TV and film work with James Corden.

The pair's BBC Three sketch show Horne and Corden and movie debut in Lesbian Vampire Killers have both suffered negative responses in the press.

Reflecting on the duo's recent troubles, Dyer told the Daily Star Sunday: "Mathew Horne is one of the worst actors I've ever seen in my life. Corden's obviously OK but Mathew was terrible in The Catherine Tate Show.

"He's just got nothing about him, the geezer. No substance and no depth. It annoys me a bit that no one's clocked that. I'm not trying to do anyone out of a pound note, I just think they're s**t. Mat is absolute rubbish."

Glass houses?

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March 23, 2009 1:24 PM

Alesha Dixon for Strictly Come Dancing?

AleshaAlesha Dixon is becoming something of a proper celebrity again isn't she? Well, BBC bosses have apparently recognised this and have reportedly asked her to stand in for Tess Daly on the forthcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing. Good news for twinkle toes eh?

Daly and hubbie Vernon Kay are expecting their second child in June and Auntie BBC wants the singer to co-present in her absence alongside Bruce Forsyth. According to the Sunday Mirror, show chiefs also hope the former show winner will help claw back teenage viewers after their defection to ITV's The X Factor following the recruitment of Cheryl Cole.

A source said Dixon was seen as part of the Strictly family, adding: "Bosses hope that she will help give the show a bit of a shake-up alongside Bruce Forsyth. "They have been keen for her to have a role on the show for some time but so far have struggled to find an opportunity to bring her in. But Tess's pregnancy is the perfect opening."

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March 17, 2009 2:36 PM

Riots at America's Top Model

Tyra_banksOh dear. It's all gone a bit wrong at the auditions for America's Next Top Model. In the queue to get in, hundreds of wannabes went mental, beating each other up and running away from an imagined bomb. You see, a car backfired and sent everyone running when someone screamed "IT'S A BOMB!"

Tyra Banks, rather helpfully, said she was "concerned". To see the video, click over the jump. It's absolute pandemonium.

[via TV Scoop]

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December 11, 2008 2:37 PM

JLS to perform with Rihanna?

Rihanna JLS will apparently team up with Rihanna on this Saturday's X Factor final, according to The Daily Mirror, after their performance of her hit, 'Umbrella', last week.

A show insider is quoted as saying: "They are thrilled to be working with Rihanna. It is a massive coup. She has an incredibly wide fanbase which is bound to help pull votes. The feeling is that Rihanna’s backing is the clincher.

"Even Simon Cowell has admitted they could win. He views them as an increasingly profitable asset."

Fellow finalists Alexandra Burke and Eoghan Quigg will also perform duets. Burke will team up with Westlife while Eoghan has Boyzone. Bookies last night slashed the odds on JLS winning to 7-2.

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November 19, 2008 2:44 PM

John Sergeant pulls out of Strictly Come Dancing!

John_pulls_outJohn Sergeant, the nation's favourite twinkle toes, has pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing after feeling the pressure of the recent storm. Judges on the show have been highly critical of the former ITN newsman, and now, Sergeant has had enough!

Sergeant was the favourite to win the BBC One light-entertainment show but has decided that the whole thing was doing his head in and stopped being fun. It seems that the bullying of others has prevailed!

He said today in a statement that it was "always my intention to have fun" but said "the trouble is that there is now a real danger that I might win the competition. Even for me that would be a joke too far." The BBC1 controller, Jay Hunt, said: "We are very sad to see him go."

Sergeant is due to do a farewell dance this Saturday.

[via TV Scoop]

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September 11, 2008 2:17 PM

Charitable Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Oprah Winfrey has topped a list of the most generous celebrities in the world, after donating a staggering $50.2 million to various charities in the last year.

Oprah Winfrey is the most generous celebrity in the world.

The humanitarian talk show host topped a list compiled by Parade magazine, after donating a staggering $50.2 million to various charities in the last year.

As well as her huge donations, Oprah is the founder of Oprah's Angel Network - which helps underprivileged women and children worldwide.

Other stars to feature in the list include Mel Gibson, Barbra Streisand and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The Hollywood couple were ranked at number six, after giving away $8.4million through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which contributes funds to help reconstruct hurricane ravaged New Orleans, provides refugee aid and cross cultural understanding.

The stars - who welcomed twins Knox and Vivienne into the world in July this year - even spend Christmas Day helping people in need.

Angelina previously revealed: "It's important to teach our children that it's not about what they're going to get, but it's about who they're going to think of."

The list was compiled by The Giving Back Fund from public records of donations during 2007.

Parade magazine's Most Generous Stars, full list:

1. Oprah Winfrey

2. Herb Alpert

3. Barbra Streisand

4. Paul Newman

5. Mel Gibson

6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

7. (tie) Lance Armstrong

7. (tie) Michael Jordan

7. (tie) Eric Lindros

10. Rush Limbaugh

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September 4, 2008 2:58 PM

Top earner Tyra Banks

Tyra 'America's Next Top Model' host Tyra Banks has been named the top-earning woman on TV after raking in $23 million in a year.

Tyra Banks is the top-earning woman on TV.

The former supermodel, who hosts two hit US shows, raked in a staggering $23 million between June 2007 and June 2008, according to a new list by Forbes.com.

Tyra was responsible for creating daytime TV programme 'The Tyra Banks Show' and 'America's Next Top Model', on which she is also a producer and judge.

Last year, the 34-year-old beauty signed a lucrative deal with Warner Bros., which will involve her launching 'Stylista' - a new reality show set around a magazine.

Tyra is also developing a straight-to-DVD series based on 'Clique', a popular series of best-selling books for teenagers.

Forbes.com staff writer Lacey Rose said: "There is still plenty of money to be made in television. Although the days of $1 million per-episode salaries may be long gone, TV's top-earning women are finding other ways to cash in."

Another supermodel finished in second place.

Heidi Klum, who hosts hit fashion shows 'Project Runway' and 'Germany's Next Top Model', made an impressive $14 million. Heidi is a success businesswoman with several different ventures, including her own jewellery, jeans and skincare lines.

'Grey's Anatomy' star Katherine Heigl - who won a best actress Emmy award for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens in the popular medical drama last year - came third after earning $13 million. The majority of her fortune was generated from films including 'Knocked Up' and '27 Dresses' and from lucrative endorsement deals.

In fourth place was 'Desperate Housewives' actress Eva Longoria with $9 million. The 33-year-old beauty's high ranking was partly thanks to her being the face of L'Oreal shampoo and Bebe Sport's athletic wear.

'E.R.' star Maura Tierney, who made $7.5 million, rounded off the top five.

The list was compiled from estimated earnings from TV work, as well as production, movie, endorsement and fashion ventures.

Forbes.com Prime-Time TV's five Top-Earning Women 2008:   

1. Tyra Banks - $23 million

2. Heidi Klum - $14 million

3. Katherine Heigl - $13 million

4. Eva Longoria - $9 million

5. Maura Tierney - $7.5 million

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July 29, 2008 1:48 PM

Miley Cyrus' condom offer

Miley_cyrus 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus, 15, has been offered $1 million to sign up as the new face of LifeStyles Condoms.

Miley Cyrus, 15, has been offered $1 million to sign up as the new face of LifeStyles Condoms.

The 'Hannah Montana' star - who has previously expressed her desire to wait until she is married before having sex - is considered the most "influential" teenager in modern society, according to LifeStyles Condoms Vice President Carol Carrozza.

She said: "Pop culture proves that teens are more ready than ever to discuss the subject of sex. With recent reports showing that one out of four teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease and the high level of teenage pregnancy, we believe that Miley is both influential and relatable to this afflicted set - and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America."

Miley recently hinted she is set to bid goodbye to 'Hannah Montana', the hit Disney TV show which made her famous, after three seasons.

She said: "We're thinking this is our last season. I just think we did a lot of episodes. We basically did two seasons in one last year. Usually people would do one season that would be like, 16 episodes, and we did almost 30 episodes!"

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July 8, 2008 5:20 PM

Top obscure Neighbours characters

Picture_2 It's not NEWS exactly, but I do believe this is the best thing I've seen all day. The BBC has been collecting people's favourite incidental Neighbours characters and has compiled a top 20. Remember Todd's mate Josh who went blind? Sure you do! How about Hillary, cousin of Jim "armpit attack" Robinson? Or Frank, Bungle Bungle artist companion to waifs and trays collecting granny Helen? Particularly enjoyed: "12. My favourite obscure character was Len Mangle (Mrs Mangle's husband) who never actually appeared on screen." Who's your fave obscure Neighbours character? Mine is Charlene.

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July 7, 2008 4:29 PM

Doctor Who - is this the end of the line?


Have we seen the last of David Tennant? And is anyone else thinking "WOW I SURE HOPE SO." Oh, I don't hate him. I just don't really trust him. I mean, if you can do an English accent, why would you insist on speaking with a Scottish one whenever the cameras are off? It's like still taking the pills long after you're better. And if he has gone, who will be the next Doctor? My money's on Russell T Davies. Come on, look at him. He's not leaving without a fight.

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June 27, 2008 1:36 PM

Patricia Routledge claims BBC run by '10 year old children'

Pat Patricia "Hyacinth Bucket" Routledge is not what you'd call a regular to these pages, but sometimes someone says something so great we can't let it pass without comment. After the decision was made to drop Hetty Wainthropp Investigates, Routledge made the curious claim. But having worked at various parts of the BBC, and visited many of its departments, I can vouch for the truth in her astonishing statement. Not only is the place run by primary-age children, it's also scaled down for their height, with no doorframe higher than 5', tiny plastic chairs and no functioning phones. It's a wonder they get anything done, really. Might be worth pointing out that while these statements were made this week, Hetty finished in 1998. Watch out Hettie, they're all teenagers now...


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June 12, 2008 9:45 AM

Rowan Atkinson snubs Blackadder reunion

Blacka Heartbreaking news for fans of British comedy - Rowan Atkinson has decided against appearing in a Blackadder reunion show, even though everyone else from writers Richard Curtis and Ben Elton to actors Tony Robinson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Miranda Richardson have all agreed to take part. Still, it'll go ahead anyway. UKTV Gold will run "Blackadder Exclusive: The Whole Rotten Saga and Blackadder’s Most Cunning Moments." There will be interviews with the stars (with one noteable exception, obviously), celebrity fans, and previously unseen footage. And hey, this'll make you feel old (or young, if you weren't born then) - Blackadder began in 1983...

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June 4, 2008 9:30 AM

Who's the daddy? David Tennant's latest on-set romance

Whodad_2 Is it sick that "Doctor Who" is dating his "daughter"? I mean, in a world where fantasy and reality are essentially the same thing, yes. And since this is the world in which we live, at Startrip, then may I just say this, on behalf of readers, Doctor Who fans, and admirers of David Tennant everywhere... EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 21, 2008 1:32 PM

Russell T Davies to leave Doctor Who

RtdEveryone with half a brain should be delighted to hear that the man who reanimated the corpse of Doctor Who, turning him from a sober and mysterious intergalactic journeyman into an overacting, constantly-planet-saving, trendy-english-teacher of a Time Lord has decided to call it a day. Steven Moffatt, the genius behind the few good episodes we've been treated to in three years of bug-eyed guffawing and embarrassingly heavy-handed satire, will be taking over for the next series - due to be screened in 2010.

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May 1, 2008 1:05 PM

Tonight's TV: Dr Jessen's personal problems, McLaren's The Baron and should you smoke dope?

Tonight's star-studded highlights from the bizarro parallel universe that is television include:

1) A re-run of Should I Smoke Dope, the documentary about a middle-aged mother going to Amsterdam and 'experimenting' with the wacky tobaccy - warning: can trigger uncontrollable urges to take drugs, eat high-calorie foods and smother posh women with pillows.

2) A show that surely had the working title "Flange flashing with Doctor Christian Jessen" (oh now you're clicking on it. Well, click on this!)

and finally...

3) We've all had plenty of Suzanne Shaw, so it's time for the much-anticipated Malcolm McLaren episode of The Baron. In an uncanny echo of the London Mayoral elections, the outspoken, scruffy-haired erratic impresario will be trying to persuade a small Scottish community that he should be their representative on earth. McLaren's sure to be annoying and kind of creaky, but if it ends up being between him and a woman whose track record of making important decisions includes the decision to do a sex with Darren Day, well, it'll be a tough call. As with the London Mayoral race, I'm not sure whether to die of shock or boredom.

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Reality TV news round-up: Chantelle's dress? American Idol's mess? X Factor for the US?

xfactoridol.jpgHi-de-hi Startrippers. I'm Leila, I'm all about the reality shows, and I bring you tidings of great television. Here are the headlines, today...

Over the pond, Brooke White's gone. David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado battle it out for the American Idol crown.

Speaking of America, US hacks ask "are we ready for The X Factor? As American Idol viewing figures continue to plunge, could importing the more successful Cowell show be the answer?

It's been a bad week for Darius "Pop Idol" Danesh, as Trevor Nunn's Gone With The Wind opens in the West End to a critical battering. I had high hopes for this and I honestly can't bear to repeat what they've been saying about it (but that link will give you all you need.)

And we'll all have an excuse to do our mogwai voice again in a few weeks  ("Bright light! Bright light!" come on, it can't just be me) - as Dragon's Den star Peter Jones is going to be starring in an advert, surrounded by Gremlins.

Oh and Chantelle, do you know what time it is? That's right hunny, it's time for a new look.

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March 11, 2008 1:11 PM

Pete Doherty to help young drug addicts - WTF?

PetedohertySpot the problem with this description of a new Channel 4 programme: "Pete Doherty will help young heroin addicts in a new TV show." Come again? The hygiene-free zone that is Pete Doherty can barely help himself and now he considers himself in a suitable position to help youngsters. Is this for real? Sadly yes, the tabloid favourite and regular court botherer aims to use his "musical experiences" (he's a musician?) to help other drug addicts get straight.

A source sought to offer an explanation: "Pete really hopes to be able to use his own experiences to help these youths. Hopefully they will be inspired by his visit." What the hell wisdom can he impart? How to dodge a prison sentence, how to bag an equally skanky model girlfriend? The TV experiment will see him visiting housing estates in Manchester and Sheffield and is due to be screened later in the year. Smells like a nasty PR stunt to me.

[via Female First]

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February 27, 2008 12:27 PM

Jimmy Kimmel's revenge on Sarah Silverman for "f***ing Matt Damon"

To us in the UK, the name Jimmy Kimmel doesn't mean much. To catch up - the guy is a late night chat show host in the US and the boyfriend of the fantastic comedienne Sarah Silverman. To celebrate their five-year anniversary, Silverman made the hilarious music video I'm F***ing Matt Damon, where she revealed to Kimmel in a duet with People's sexiest man that they were doing it "on the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door."

Now, Jimmy has decided to have his revenge and has followed up Sarah's naughty ditty with one of his own, in which he reveals that he is "f***ing Ben Affleck". The music clip features a host of top showbiz stars eager to become YouTube heroes including the likes of Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Harrison Ford. The eagle-eyed among you will spot loads of familiar faces throughout, but for me the highlight is Ben Affleck in his spangly, skin-tight top. Enjoy!

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February 22, 2008 11:58 AM

Why Nadine from Girls Aloud claims she missed the Brit Awards

1000031351We told you yesterday how Nadine Coyle missed the Brit Awards – but do you know what excuse the Irish pop strumpet has wheeled out for such a high profile no-show? She couldn't find her passport. Seriously, the Girls Aloud singer wants us to believe that she rummaged about her Los Angeles pad searching for the document, couldn't find it and gave up. Doesn't she have people to do such menial things for her? Keen to quash speculation that her absence from the girl group on Wednesday night might become more permanent, Nadine has posted the following statement on the group's official website.

"Hi guys, I hope you all enjoyed watching the BRITs last night. It's a shame we didn't win Best British Band, but we're big fans of Arctic Monkeys so we're happy it was them. Any indie band that covers Love Machine is alright by us. Haha...."

"I just wanted to let you all know how frustrating it is losing your passport. I lost it somewhere over here and wasn't able to make it back for last night's show. That's the only reason I wasn't there! Hello? I'd love to have spent the night with my girls and watch Amy, Kylie and Rihanna perform. Anyway I'll be back soon and you can catch us all performing on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on 1 March. See you all there. Love Nadine xxx"

Though I have no trouble in believing her to be genuinely ditsy enough to lose her passport, it does sound a bit suspicious. Is Nadine going to be the first Alouder (I don't know what their fans are called – tone-deaf and horny?) to go solo or is this just an unfortunate mistake? Take your bets now.

[via Heatworld]

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February 21, 2008 12:55 PM

The Brit Awards: Who won, who lost and all the backstage gossip

92a226748a40f3b2114ccfdf7562c41aSo what did we all think? Yes, it was bawdy chaos but that's to be expected, hell it's the only reason I bother watching. The Osbourne clan was as reliably amateurish and embarrassing as we could have hoped for as the night's hosts (especially Sharon, for such a seasoned TV star she really brought the crazy) and there was the much touted appearance of Amy Winehouse. And not only did she awkwardly tug at her dress and dance in that squirmy fashion that suggests she needs the loo once, but twice!

Awards wise, 90s comeback kings Take That got all emotional over their two gongs (Best Live Act and Best Single) and the Arctic Monkeys were apparently so full of naughty words that they were cut off midway despite picking up Best British Group and Best British Album for Favourite Worst Nightmare. Rock gods The Foo Fighters couldn't be bothered to make the trip to London, so Dave Grohl made some cheeky thank you speeches via a video tape for the group's two wins for Best International Album (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace) and Best International Group. Oh and there was plenty more…

Kylie jigged about to that god-awful Wow song and snagged Best International Female. Kanye West, like the Foos, picked up his Best International Male award via a VT, while Kate Nash and Mark Ronson won as the Best British Female and Male respectively. Mika scored with the Best Breakthrough Act and Adele took home the Critics Choice award in its debut outing. In a show-stealing performance Sir Paul McCartney reminded his money-grabbing soon-to-be ex how he came by his fortune with a great medley to celebrate his Lifetime Achievement gong.

The gossip from backstage is all a bit girly, with question marks over some notable Girls Aloud absentees with neither Nadine Coyle or Cheryl Cole's wedding ring in sight. But of course, whatever she does has tongues a-wagging and so the appearance of the Wino generated the most buzz. Yes, she turned up. Yes, she sang (albeit pretty screechy at moments.) She gave her obligatory mention of her locked up hubby (as if anyone could forget) and looked quite sauced. But no, surely this couldn't be. We all know that she's been trying to clean up and get her act together, what's that you say Heatworld insider? That the Wino got bladdered. Please do elaborate.

"Amy was enjoying herself," reveals the source. "She had a few drinks and she wanted to party. She has been under so much strain and it was really nice to see her letting herself go and having a good time." Letting herself go? I think we're a bit past that stage love. How going on a bender is any reward to a life spent on a bender I don't quite understand, but if you missed all the debauched antics hop on over to our sister site, My Chemical Toilet, for a real-time look at the night's winners, losers (Leona Lewis) and more.

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February 11, 2008 7:45 PM

Studio audience walks out of Lily Allen's chat show

F_200708_august10ed_356286aLily Allen's new BBC3 show is off to a dodgy start if rumours from the show's production are to be believed. Gossip from the fledgling chat show suggests that Lily is far from comfortable in her new TV role, with one third of the studio audience walking out during filming. Those in attendance were Lily's MySpace friends, but there was nothing friendly about the negative feedback. One disappointed fan complained: "Everyone really, really wanted it to work for Lily. She is such a lovely person, but all the jokes fell flat and she seemed very nervous. It just did not work. I do think she's got a nice voice, but she didn't sing at all. I think everyone was expecting she would."

Maybe a spot of singing might have helped as another guest revealed: "We were all told when to clap and laugh but a lot of people, including me, were very uncomfortable. Much of the humour was very limp.” This "limp" enforced humour included videos of animals having sex, an idea that had guest Hollywood actor Cuba Gooding Jnr. baffled. The Jerry Maguire star wondered aloud: "I don’t know what’s sicker, animals having sex or you clapping.” Technical problems also wrecked havoc with Lily's autocue breaking down, leaving the Smile singer dependent on written cue cards.

Another unfortunate audience member whined: “We were all standing about, getting quite tired. She was halfway through her interview with David Mitchell when she seemed to forget the questions and launched into an attack on all the horrible things people had written about her on online chat forums. It was terrible. Even David Mitchell had to remind her not to criticise the very people who would be watching the show.”

Yes, but will anyone be watching?

[via Showbiz Spy]

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January 30, 2008 11:03 AM

Gladiators are making a comeback!


I don't know about you, but during my childhood Saturday nights were spent watching the antics of Gladiators. Whether I'd be sighing over Hunter, being wowed by Jet or laughing at Wolf, it would be a fab night in, and I dreamed one day of growing up to be on the show. (Hey my high school PE teacher was a contestant, so it seemed a possibility). I'd laugh as they'd struggle up the Travelator and sagely tut about how they should have 'conserved their strength, the fools'. Well now a whole new generation can enjoy the antics of these steroid pumped honeys as this show is returning to our screens! It will be on Sky One, Saturday nights later this year, but sadly Jet and Wolf will be no more (kids/alcohol addiction, y'know) , so it won't be quite the same. Still, start working out now, if you fancy contesting.

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January 14, 2008 12:21 PM

Britney loves Islam (ic boys) and there are celeb babies galore!

Nicolebaby1- Shock, horror, the Britney train wreck rolls on and she is spotted wearing the same dress twice. But this is no ordinary hideous leaopard print ensemble, no it's the very same dress she wore when she married Kevin Federline! She was spotted weraing it whilst outr with new boyf Adnan Ghalib and is reported to have said,  "We're taking care of each other. He's the only one who understands me. It's serious." Ghalibs family though say they'll never accept her unless she converts to Islam, sooo, it's a nice day for a mosque wedding?  [ Herlad Sun ]

-The Bill star Jeff Stewart speaks out about his wrist slashing incident Tuesday night. His explanation for this self harming behaviour was down to the shock he felt at having his contract terminated. "I love being an actor. My work as an actor is very important to me - it's my life, and the thought of this suddenly changing had an extremely serious effect on me." I doubt they'll be offering him work again now though. Condolences Jeff, feel better soon xx  [The Times ]

-Amy Winehouse had a new best bud (an no, we don't mean Mark Ronson again). She's been spotted out and about with none other than Kelly Osbourne, popping round for a quiet Sunday lunch. Ahh, bless. Amy does need cheering up with hubby in jail and her ex lover Ronson splashing her secrets all over the news. [Just Jared ]

-Its been a weekend of the baby birth with Xtina popping out a sweet baby boy, called Max Liron Bratman and Nicole Richie ejecting a little baby girl, Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Why can't they call their kids better names, what's wrong with Kate or Lisa. Hellooo Harlow. Awww. She's so cute that all is forgiven. [Dlisted ]

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December 18, 2007 10:24 AM

Year in Fashion: January - February 2007 - Couture, Oscar glam, Ugly Betty and Balenciaga


A very fashionable year got off to a great start as hit US television show Ugly Betty made its way across the pond and quickly found a place in the hearts of fashionistas across the UK. Camp, silly and completely over the top, we wish life working in fashion really was like life at Mode magazine. Along with America Ferrera’s lovable geek (whose outfits we secretly love) we also have secretary chic from Amanda, quirky glam from Christina and sheer drama from Wilhelmina. Plus, we all want boys like Marc and Justin in our offices…

anuary also bought us Haute Couture fashion week, and the word on everyone’s lips was ‘Dior’ as John Galliano showed a collection of couture gowns that were so elaborate and heavy most models were forced to stand very still in order to display them properly. Shalom Harlow had the honour of closing an oriental-gone-40s, Madame Butterfly inspired show dressed in a sensational origami wedding gown and a diamond headdress. This is not a collection we’ll forget easily!

February is always the busiest month in the fashion calendar as the first fashion weeks of the year loom and red carpet season really gets into gear. Our favourite Autumn / Winter collections to hit the catwalks included Christopher Bailey's tough glam black and grey Burberry Prorsum offering and Balenciaga's schoolgirl chic blazers and ethnic scarves.

Further into the month, the Oscars tipped the ‘glam’ scale into overdrive. Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Helen Mirren were among the best dressed on the big night, while Armani, Zac Posen and Marchesa lead the way in terms of designer column inches and starlets like Eva Green and Emily Blunt proved they'd be big news the rest of the year.

Stay tuned for March & April...

[ via Catwalk Queen ]

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December 10, 2007 10:35 AM

Top Five Christmas songs.. as sung to you by celebs

Christmas is in the air, with the scent of tinsel, chestnuts and debt filling the world, and naturally those money hungry celebs feel it's only appropriate to add to the festive misery cheer by creating a tie in song/cover. There's nothing like the inane warblings of vacuous overpaid empty headed skeletons to really make you feel in the festive spirit, so we bring you the best (or the worst, it really depends on your opinion) of Christmas celeb covers around. And don't worry, I'm sure there will be at least two new ones this year.

Number One: Girls Aloud- I wish it could be Christmas every day

Really? Not if we have to listen to this sickly sweet tripe. I suppose thy ain't 'jumping for love' at least, so that's something, but I still think they could of done better than that badly synchronized routine.

Number 2: Beyonce- 8 days of Christmas

Now I may not be the biggest Beyonce fan (other than Bootylicious, that was amazing) but if this lovely lady was going to be with me for 8 days of Christmas I think I'd be pretty happy- and be more than willing to kit her out in diamond studded belly button rings.

Number 3: Britney Spears- My only wish this year

When Britters sand this her wishes probably included number ones, Justin getting a haircut and the death of Paris Hilton. Nowadays her wishlist is a whole lot more adult, including, 'custody of kids', a permanent ban on pics of her coochie, and a wish that she could have her teen boy back again without surgery. Oh well, she had a good run.

Number 4:Christina Aguilera-Christmas Crooner 

My, did lil 'Xtina use to be sweet looking. She coulda rivalled Britney for virgin stakes back in the day and here she is crooning gently to us about Xmas. Bless you Santa, we want her under our tree!


Number 5: Mariah Carey- All I want for Xmas is you

No Mariah that's not true. You may want, but we certainly don't so the less we see of your oblong mug and cheese grater voice the better.

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December 6, 2007 3:55 PM

Jeremy Clarkson: Children beware

Side_image Now we don't expect too much from our TV stars in Britain, especially our presenters, just that they start off fluffy n cute on Blue Peter, do a topless spread in the Sun and are last seen falling out of a cab with an ex Big Brother star who 'might help their career'. Well with Mr Clarkosn it's normally a different kettle of fish as he likes to consider himself beyond the antics of lesser TV totty.

Well Mr Clarkson is in some trouble now, and I bet he's wishing he was a little less notorious for once. A recent conflict at the weekend had him brawling with two unidentified hoodies.. which he mentioned in his weekly column- but managed to conveniently forget that POLICE were called to the scene. The incident happened in Milton Keynes on Nov 23rdm when boys approached Clarkson in his car. 'Instead of worrying about being stabbed, I was actually thinking, ‘Jesus, I’m going to get done for assault if I’m not careful.’ He was caught on CCTV picking them up by their necks and dropping them- that'll show you to mess with this Top Gear guy!

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November 20, 2007 11:21 AM

Have a great Christmas with Janice Dickinson

Now it's probably fair to say that I'm not Janice's biggest fan, having used the words 'money grubbing rabid dog faced @**##* to describe her, but now I've seen this clip I'm feeling a little more friendly. OK, she may still be on 'I'm a  D-Lister, please notice me', but she's also able to poke fun at her own botoxed image, and that's always a good start. She sings the  Twelve Days of Christmas here accompanied by half naked men, faux modeling agencies and  a penchant for mini skirts and I can't help being charmed. 

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November 15, 2007 12:15 PM

Get Hannah Montana's squeaky clean look.. with her toothbrush!


Whether or not you're a fan of the inane warblings of teenage girls, I'm sure you'll be amused by this new offering. The Tooth Tunes toothbrush prove that Hannah's not just a pretty face and tries to encourage kids to brush their teeth so they can emulate her pearly whites. The music plays for two minutes, which is long enough to really get your mouth foamy and it plays the song 'Best of Both Worlds'. Last years song was 'lets get it Started' by the Black Eyed Peas, so consider yourself lucky you have a ballad not a dance number to brush to. Before you know it you'll be singing High School Musical Style.  It's only $20.65 for all that fun!

Personally I think this would get irritating quicker than Chanelle and Ziggy's on/off relationship, but I suppose gum disease is a worthy celeb cause. Still for those who can't get enough of the branded merchandise available right now, it will make a great stocking filler.

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November 14, 2007 11:31 AM

Britney to guest star on Will and Grace


The lovely and ever so slightly loopy Britney is to guest star on hit comedy show Will and Grace. She is set to make a brief appearance as a orthodox Christian. She will play the part of Jack's conservative assistant after his TV show OUT TV is bought by a Christian network. Spears will contribute to the fictional show and present a piece called 'Cruci-fixin's'. I for one can't wait to see what the wardrobe department will make of her ratty hair an potentially liposuctioned body  as she pouts for the camera, and tries to act all docile and god loving. Honey, there's no more time for that baby anymore, as you have your own to look after now! I can't wait for this to be broadcast though- I wonder if she'll try and use it as an example of how she's cleaned up her act?

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November 13, 2007 11:14 AM

I'm a Celebrity: Keep them In There! hits our screens

So the long awaited celeb show has hit our screens, and a bunch of brave fool hardly D-Listers battle it out in the wild to try and raise their profile. Or, at least some of them do, as the main draw f the show- McLaren has already bowed out saying 'It's all fake , and there's no real danger'. Quelle surprise. Still we have big boobed lovely Gemma Atkinson to entertain us, and a selection of others who I'm sure will strip off at the earliest opportunity. Bring on the spiders!

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Dishy Dr Who star John Barrowman turns his tonsils to singing

76492571The lovely John Barrowman is making waves- sound waves that is. Yes, the hunky (sadly gay) star of Torchwood, Dr Who, and Any Dream Will Do, is turning his many talents towards the music industry and has recorded an album . The 40 year old star (40?? How did that happen, he looks 27!) has done an album of self deprecating cover classics including 'You're so Vain', and 'All by myself'. Oh John, with those sparkling eyes you can be vain, and I'm here to keep you company... Still, he promises us that he'll still be here for our entertainment on the small screen, as Torchwood season 2 is in production!

'I'm making series two at the moment, filming should finish at the end of November and it'll go out in January. They'll hate me for saying it, but it's actually doing better than Doctor Who in the US on BBC America.'

The lovely John also explains just how he chose the songs on his album, and how each one represents something special and personal to him. '
I wanted songs which related to me in some way. If I was going to make a mix-tape for you, this would be it. They're related to moments in time when I learned something or can relate it to someone. Time After Time relates to a friend of mine who was telling his family that he was gay and HIV positive. He was expecting an outrageous reaction. But when he got home there was a letter from his father and a cassette with this song on it. The lyrics to me are about the unconditional love of a parent to a child.'
[Image: Getty]

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November 9, 2007 3:42 PM

Top Five Celeb Calendars: Who will be on our wall in 2008?


Ok, some people may have stopped buying calendars when they graduated from primary school, but there clearly is still a large market aimed at the post pubescent purchasers (mainly male, my investigations have revealed, but why should I judge?) so to cope with the demand there are a plethora of scantily clad celebs stripping off to make  a quick buck. Hey, they have bigger Christmas lists to deal with OK? So let's see what will be adorning bedrooms around the country for the next year.

Number 1: The Spice Girls

Well January does follow their December sell out tour, and I'm sure there will be new tweens obsessed with them as well as all the old queens debating which Spice they most resemble.


Number 2: Kelly Brook

Well, she is super hot, and ahas just released a perfume, so it's no surprise she's making calendar pages. Oh and did I mention she just launched her latest sexy undies for New Look?

Hollyoaks_calendar_2 Number 3: Hollyoaks

Now these hot honeys are truly pin ups, after all they can act and strip which is quite a talent. After all, as gripping as the Hollyoaks storylines can be (who doesnt love the did she/didn't she sleep with her brother twist at the moment) we know that a fair majority of men nationwide just watch, well OK the McQueen sisters help a lot, but all the rest ares seriously gorgeous too.


Number 4: Girls Aloud

No longer the 'sound of the underground', these girls are mainstream hotties. With their name on everything from phones to underwear these Girls are hotly touted to make the Christmas No1, and the number 1 stocking filler!


Number 5: Jordan

Yes this big breasted lady will be making a stir in 2008, as always the lad mags favourite, Jordan a.k.a Katie Price has been hot to trot in 2007, with the launch of a fragrance, hair accessories and a Richard and Judy style chat show. Go Jordan!!

[ via World in Focus ]

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October 31, 2007 12:28 PM

Startrip Review: Celeb Exercise DVD's

We've reviewed the top five videos  here , but sometimes just a written review isn't enough, you guys want to see how it actually goes down, by people who have tried and tested them personally. Here myself and the lovely Gemma talks fitness and trends and show you what you can aspire to (only joking). Enjoy.

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October 30, 2007 3:28 PM

Melanie B gets top marks on Dancing with the Stars!

Every-ones scariest Spice danced a very dashing rumba with partner  Maskim Chmerkovskiy. The judge said, 'That wasn't a dance, that was a cliff hanger'  which must be a nice boost for Mel. They received a perfect score, 30/30 which must be a nice change for  Miss Brown, after years of not quite making the grade. Spice wise, she's back and zingier than ever. One custody case down, a world tour soon to start, some might say she really has everything going for her now.. and I'd have to agree! Here's to Miss B!

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October 29, 2007 11:38 AM

'Oy Rick-aaay!!' Patsy Palmer is returning to Eastenders!

73482675The red haired vixen is back and feistier than ever! After nine years away from the square Bianca is back, and brasher than ever before. Patsy's been paid a reported £150,000 to return to Albert Square, and she's looking forward to moving back to Walford, "I'm really excited about rejoining and working with old friends again. I can't wait to explore what Bianca's been doing and seeing what she gets up to next."

I'm sure it will involve lots of shouting, various arguments with Peggy and perhaps a tussle with a Mitchell brother. Oh yes. Bianca won't like the new hot blonde's on the square either so be prepared for sparks to fly... It's not been easy for her since she left the hallowed halls of BBC1 as our Patsy has struggled with alcoholism in the public eye, and then sold herself to the fame machine by printing an autobiography detailing her 32 years of strife. Well, once she's in the square I'm sure there will be more chapters to add.

[Images: Getty]

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October 25, 2007 10:48 AM

Top Five Celebrity Exercise DVD's: Which stars is it worth getting hot and sweaty with?


There are so many celeb videos around that it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. so the Star Trip crew plus her office have tested all these vids to bring you the best around, and give you the workouts that will actually work.

Number 1: Charlie Brooks Before and After Workout

Our Charlie may be best remembered as the bolshy loud mouthed Janine Butcher but she has truly blossomed here, getting down and sweaty, and being honest and truthful about her exercise experience. we actually see her weigh herself before us, and her body really does transform (OK, plus a generous dollop of fake tan) She keeps it real and provides us with a routine we can follow and results we can aspire to.

NelllNumber 2: Nell McAndrew Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Results

Nell is known for her fitness philosophy as well as her hot physique so we see her work out HARD, and we know firsthand the results this lifestyle has brought her. The routines are challenging, so you may want to start slowly, but if you end up looking like Nell it's worth it surely? An intense workout that delivers results, but not for fitness beginners.

Number 3: Jennifer Ellison's West End Workout

I do love Jen, ever since her Brookside days I've been a fan, and this workout is another gem by her. OK, it's more toning than crazy intensive, but you do learn some great moves, as well as have fun; and the key to exercise is enjoying it. One to do with the girls and a couple of glasses of wine methinks.

Kate_lawlerJenn Number 4:Kate Lawler Cardio Combat

Yes, she was on Big Brother and that may not be the best recommendation for a fitness vid, but we all watched Kate pile on the pounds inside, and then when she left managed to shed them due to an intensive fitness and diet plan. Here we get to try some of her cardio moves at home, and she has taken a boxing slant to them which makes it a little different than the standard grapevine routine. All in all, it's a good little workout which makes you feel a little like Xena.

41li6sugttl_aa240_ Number 5: Davina, The Box Set

Davina is one of those strange people who you can never decide if you actually love or hate. From her Streetmate days to Big Brother she's been a force on our TV and in a similar way to Vanessa Feltz her weights gone up and down for us all to see. Yes, Vanessa may have consumed more chocolate while Davina got pregnant A LOT, but she always seems to regain a good figure, and here in a three DVD set she takes you through the ways she's kept herself trim. It's easy to understand and follow and the stretches are good, if basic.

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October 19, 2007 11:56 AM

New Desperate Housewives hits our screens.. and here's a sneak peek

I love Desperate Housewives, I do, and I like to think there's a little bit of me in every character. In a similar way to Sex and the city I see myself as kooky but cute in a Teri Hatcher way (though without the obvious anorexia) a little frazzled with keeping all my chores and affairs in order (Felicity Huffman) and dream about being effortlessly glamorous and having sex with the gardener (Eva Longoria). OK, I don't have a garden, let alone a gardener, and being Britain they're more likely to be weatherbeaten, ash breathing forty somethings, than nubile young things whose pecs you could eat ice cream off. oh and Marcia cross.. hmm, I don't think my housemates would agree my cleaning standards are up to her level but I'm sure they'd agree I can be a bit obsessive about some things (Hollyoaks mainly)

Suffice to say I am super excited about the new season, so here's a sneak peek.. (and tis very good).

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September 28, 2007 3:31 PM

Oprah and Simon Cowell named biggest earning stars on US telly


Who'd have thought our very own Simon Cowell would be chasing Oprah Winfrey's coat tails in the earning stakes. The venomous American Idol judge has been named as the second highest earner in the Stateside telly biz, raking in £22.5 million in the past year for 'Idol and other TV appearances.

Seems he deserves that smug look after all, eh? On another note, how hilariously photoshopped in the snap above? Simon is only grinning at how hilariously unlike him the photo looks. It just plain doesn't work when we've seen him weeks upon end on X Factor. ITV's cameras clearly aren't as high tech as that one.

[Source: The Daily Mail]

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September 27, 2007 11:14 AM

Declan Donnelly presents the weather forecast on GMTV

Bored of your usual weather presenters? How’s about getting your weather news from cheeky Geordie Declan Donnelly (sadly bereft of chum Ant.) In the clip from this morning’s GMTV, Dec provided the weather report as practice for this week’s challenge in the Ant versus Dec segment of his show Saturday Night Takeaway. The two pals are set to go head to head on Saturday night to see which one is best at warning the nation about cold fronts and low pressure. Do we think Dec has a future as the next Michael Fish?

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September 25, 2007 10:38 AM

Marcia Cross promotes Splendid washing powder.. in Austrian!

Who doesn't love Marcia doing her Bree VanderKamp impression? Clearly the foreigners like it as much as we do!

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September 21, 2007 10:15 AM

Heroes stars get close at post Emmys party

Heroes might have missed out at the Emmys, but the BBC2 phenomenon is still making headlines. Stars Hayden Panetierre (Claire the cheerleader) and co-star Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli) have been causing tongues to wag with their close relationship (he is 30 and she has just turned 18) and the wagging became even more frantic when the pair turned up together on the red carpet on Sunday night. Now, we can all see for ourselves the budding romance from this footage at a post Emmys party. The news is sure to upset Milo’s female fans and Hayden’s male admirers, but all I could think when watching the clip was how rubbish performing band Duran Duran sounded.

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September 20, 2007 4:16 PM

Titchmarsh throws McCririck off TV show


Denim clad and gently stroking a pot plant, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Alan Titchmarsh is a nice placid man. You'd be wrong. Insult a fellow human and Ver Titch will wallop you over the head and fling you into the street. Sorta.

You see, Alan Titchmarsh booted racing pundit (and Celebrity Big Brother oaf) John McCririck off his chat show after he insulted Ingrid Tarrant by telling her she must be rubbish in bed. Both were guests on Titchmarsh's ITV show. McCririck told Tarrant that she was a "ghastly woman" for insulting her ex-husband's hygiene habits. He commented: "You had a cheek to say that he smelt of vindaloo and fish and chips in bed, what's wrong with that? You're such a ghastly woman, you put a tracker on him."

Responding to his comments, the former Wish You Were Here? presenter replied: "He lied, how ghastly is that?" The racing pundit's response of: "You can't be any good in bed, that's why he strayed away," prompted Titchmarsh to ask McCririck to leave. Talking about the incident, the former Ground Force presenter reportedly said: "I was not prepared to listen to one guest on my show being gratuitously insulting to another."

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September 13, 2007 10:06 AM

Girls Aloud reveal their secret fantasies for new ITV2 show

Bel__1171581442_girlsaloudlandsca_2New ITV2 show Passions promises celebrities the chance to participate in their dream activity, but when Girls Aloud agreed to sign up the ladies surprised execs with their fantasies! Irish Nadine has chosen to become a classical conductor, while party girl Sarah Harding is going to be trading wild nights out in London for the polo pitches of Argentina. Band mates Kimberley and Nicola have refused to reveal their secret desires, but Cheryl Cole has raised some eyebrows with her choice: street dancing in Compton, Los Angeles.

Compton is notoriously dodgy, having been voted the most dangerous city in the States in 2006, but Geordie lass Cheryl is all for learning ‘krumping’ – a hip hop style of dancing. Hubbie Chelsea left-back Ashley is a bit worried about the idea, a source revealing that: "Ashley is really worried as Compton is notorious for having a lot of crime and gang violence. He's worried Cheryl won't be safe out there. But Cheryl is really excited about it as she has always wanted to do this and can't stop talking about it. She grew up in a tough area of Newcastle so she knows how to handle herself."

Really, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. All she would have to do is sing a Girls Aloud song and any threatening gangs would soon scarper.

[via the Mirror]

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In the news: Hayden is single, Kylie's comeback and an X Factor snub

Haydenpanettiere- If young blondes in cheerleader outfits are your thing, then good news: Heroes actress Hayden Panettierre is now available. The pint-sized star has ended her relationship with Stephen Coletti and is now free and single. Form an orderly queue boys. [TMZ]

- That VMAs fiasco refuses to die, with everyone still busy dissecting the wreck that was former pop princess Britney Spears. Now sources close to the star have revealed that she applied an ab-defining spray tan before the show to “create the illusion of more tone.” Having fled from the stage after her act screaming that she was a “fat pig”, I guess Britney didn’t think it worked. [Us magazine]

- Someone hoping to make a more considered comeback is Kylie Minogue. New single 2 Hearts is scheduled for a November release with an album later that month. Dig out your hot pants girls! [Perez Hilton]

- Ben Mills from last year’s X Factor (you remember him, the one with the tatty long hair and gravelly voice) has turned his back on the ITV1 singing contest. He has rejected an offer to appear on this year’s series and has sought to distance himself from the show, urging people to forget he was on it. All too easily done Ben. [Digital Spy]

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September 5, 2007 3:45 PM

ABC news anchor embarrasses herself over Owen Wilson scandal

It's not often we require a reminder of the ineptitude of some of our American cousins, we can just take a gander at the Bush family for that. Unfortunately for ABC, their news anchorwoman has really showed them up while reporting on the frankly rather tragic news of Owen Wilson's suicide attempt. There's a time to laugh...this ain't it, love.

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Jodie Marsh gets married

Silly me - I had never realised that reality TV was a possible avenue for single gals to snag a husband. It didn’t turn out so well for Preston and Chantelle, but Jodie Marsh wasn’t thinking that she might get married with her new show. Oh no, that was the whole concept of her programme 'Totally Jodie Marsh' and like a true media professional/desperate singleton, Jodie threw herself into the challenge undaunted.

With the groom confirmed, namely Matt Peacock, ex-boyfriend of fellow orange-coloured skin flasher Jordan, the two shared their love in a ceremony last weekend attended by their families, close friends (including Vanessa Feltz?) and the MTV camera crew. Surprisingly, from the look of this video it wasn’t too gaudy – maybe they were saving the strippers for the reception.

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September 4, 2007 10:59 AM

In the news: Maggie Gyllenhaal is sexy and goodybe to Dr Who

Maggieap -Brad Pitt has been attacked by a crazed fan! The woman grabbed the father of four at the Venice Film Festival and she ran out of the crowd and grabbed him, much to his obvious embarrassment.  TMZ ]

-Is this the end for Dr Who? There are no plans to film a fifth series till 2010 so hard core fans may have to make do with repeats and strange K9 reviews.  [BBC ]

- Maggie Gyllenhaal is the sexy new  model for hot lingerie brand Agent Provocateur. She looks mighty fine![Agent Provocateur]

-George Michael is writing a song for the Spice Girls Reunion. An insider says,  “The girls are thrilled to be in talks with George … he’s one of the most talented songwriters around.” [MTV ]

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August 31, 2007 12:17 PM

In the news: Zac Efron is a hottie and Keira hates drunken celebs

Ga06 - Who doesn't like lusting after fresh faced 16 year olds? Zac Efron, star oh High School Musical 2 is ever so cute, and if he's hot now, just imagine when he's drink legal... Mmm.[Daily Mail ]

-Mel B's been  blushing lately, as she was showed upon the Jimmy Kimmel show. When asked about her fellow celebrities from Dancing with the Stars she admitted she didn't know any of them, not even fellow Brit  Jane Seymour! [Sky Showbiz ]

-Keira Knightley says she is sickened by drunk celebrities.   "The whole celebrity thing is not magic. They're real people proving they're s**ttier than everybody else because they don't even wear knickers.” Well said Keira! [India Times ]

- Rustlers is signing Gemma Atkinson to promote their microwave snacks for the campaign 'Eat Late, Eat Safe', to stop oven fires. [Now ]

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August 28, 2007 11:09 AM

In the news: Cheryl Cole bitches about the Spice Girls and Owen Wilson recovers

75591741 -Owen Wilson, star of such movies as Blades of Glory and  Starsky and Hutch is apparently on suicide watch after reportedly slashing his wrists. "I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time," he says.[NY news ]

-Simon Cowell denies fellow X Factor judges Danni Minogue and Sharon Osbourne are arguing with eachother. "I've been with them throughout the auditions and I just don't see it. Unless I'm the most naïve person in the world, there are no rows." [Ireland Online ]

-Cheryl Cole bitches about the Spice Girls comeback and does a great impression of anti sisterly love. "We could hardly go out as Girls Aloud when we're old and wrinkly. We would have to call ourselves Old Girls Aloud – and that would never do," she says about the Spice reunion. [Daily Mail ]

- Who's Cameron Diaz dating now?b First it was John Mayer, then Crisis Angel, and now it's apparently Bradley Cooper. Woah, slow down girl!  [D-Listed ]

[Image: getty]

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August 23, 2007 11:39 AM

Gemma Atkinson has a 'Fistful of Rice'


Ex Hollyoaks hottie and girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gemma Atkinson is planning to take on the TV world by storm, Indian style. Plans are underway for her to host a show on Indian Culture, tentatively titled ' A Fistful of Rice'. The show is a narrative of the cultures of India. "It will showcase Indian weddings, festivals and poojas," say the producers. Gemma was chosen for her 'international popularity', as the producers are hoping to draw the attention of an international audience.

{ image: getty]

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August 21, 2007 11:27 AM

In the news: Louis Walsh has the X Factor and Pete Doherty broke bail

73322411 - Pete Doherty is back in court again today, charged with breaking bail conditions. He was arrested yesterday, accused of possessing restricted substances. Oo-er. [NME ]

-Keira Knightley is a girl after our won heart, not letting fame and fortune change her one whit. "It frightens me when kids go, 'I want to be famous'," she said. "Why? Because you can get into a restaurant? You know what? If you book, you can get into a restaurant! 'I want to be rich and famous'. Go and work on the stock market." [RTE ]

-Louis Walsh claims credit for X Factor success. He says his return to the show is the reason for the ground breaking 11 million that tuned in . "Well I wouldn't want to say, 'I told you so', but I think nearly 11 million people is a fair indication that Simon should never have sacked me." [This is london ]

-Jessie Wallace hasn't left the leopard skin dresses that Kat Slater used to wear totally behind her, as she may be airing them out for her new role as an Essex girl in ITV's Wild at Heart.  [The Sun ]

[Image: getty]

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August 16, 2007 11:54 AM

Jennifer Ellison lands US TV gig

JenNow that she’s single again, looks like Jennifer Ellison is hot-footing off to America. The buxom beauty has recently given cheating boyfriend Tony Richardson the elbow after six years together and is off to pastures new with her sights set on New York. Though she has gone public about the violence she endured at the hands of her ex (boo hiss), this move is no random pin-in-a-map job, as she has a new project just two hours away from the Big Apple.


Jen will have no time for heartache as she has been signed up by Living TV to front their new reality show. The programme, based on girlie fave Dirty Dancing will see British girls flown over to Mount Lake, Virginia where they will compete against one another to secure the leading lady role of Baby.

A source close to Jen is happy to see her moving on with her life and channeling her energies into something positive: "Jennifer wants to change her life after splitting with Tony. She wants to have some fun and it couldn't have happened at a better time because she has Dirty Dancing that is about to happen.

"Virginia is just a short flight from New York, a city which Jen loves, so she has been house-hunting over there. She is very close to her family but she keeps reminding them that home is only a few hours on a plane away."


We at Star Trip hope that the Living TV gig works out for Jen with bruiser boyfriends getting the official thumbs down. But one worry - will they understand her Scouse accent in America?


[via the Daily Mail]

[Image via Getty]

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August 15, 2007 11:08 AM

In the news: Amy Winehouse is recovering and Gemma Atkinson is fine

748474652 -Amy Winehouse is in hiding following doctors orders to relax. the singer reportedly is recovering from a nasty ketamine cocktail and has decided on some down time. Whether or not any gigs will be cancelled is yet to be decided. [ M&G ]

-Geri Haliwell may be getting hot to trot with a new man! the mystery guy has been seen taking long romantic walks on St Tropez with the ginger bombshell. I guess he's adding spice to her life.. [Digital Spy ]

-Arctic Monkey Alex Turner has been texting the lovely Lily Allen with suggestive messages. Two young rockers getting it on? Oh yes.. [NME ]

-Ex Hollyoaks stunner Gemma Atkinson is so super fine that News of the World have created an online daily calendar dedicated to her, 365 days of the lovely in all sorts of sexy poses. [NOTW ]

[Image: getty]

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August 10, 2007 2:41 PM

Dannii Minogue insists Louis Walsh sacking wasn't for publicity, while drumming up some herself

73144307X Factor's clearly imminent, is anyone excited? I didn't think so. Still though, they're all doing their best to drum up some excitement and publicity and new judge Dannii Minogue is throwing in her two cents in the Louis Walsh/Simon Cowell/you're fired mate debacle.

According to the Aussie pop minstrel the firing and re-hiring earlier this year was by no means a publicity stunt. And of course I believe her. Ahem. Minogue insisted that Simon Cowell is too fond of Walsh to have fired him for publicity, telling The Guardian: "Simon and Louis are such great friends. You couldn't do it as a PR stunt, but poor Louis! Imagine being upset and thinking your friend did that."

Minogue also maintained that Walsh's relationship with Cowell has survived his sacking, saying: "I tell them they are like two old women. They love chatting and catching up."

"It reminds me of the film Beaches when there are two girls on the sun-loungers with blankets on their knees - that's going to be Louis and Simon in their twilight years, looking out over the ocean."

A harsh rap for Louis but now that he's back the bitching between the pair can continue all over our screens, much to the delight of trashy TV lovers everywhere. Let's face it, it's the only reason the show's remotely worth watching these days, eh?

[Image: Getty]

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August 2, 2007 4:02 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker is not Carrie Bradshaw

_41417941_carrie_203_2While rumours abound that production of the Sex and the City film has been unforeseeably delayed, star Sarah Jessica Parker has made a shocking confession: she is not Carrie Bradshaw. It is the role she will be remembered for, but the actress is keen to distance herself from her onscreen alter-ego. SJP (little lady, big name) has revealed that the scarily high heels she perched on throughout the show’s six-year run were not quite as effortlessly comfortable as appeared (she is, after all, used to acting.)


“I used to spend 18 to 20 hours a day filming in heels. I've totally destroyed my body by running and dancing in heels. My knees are shot.” I sympathise with her case, as I too am afflicted with wobbly knees, but sadly, that is not the only disadvantage to playing the most famous of Manhattan single gals.

SJP doesn’t like Cosmopolitan either! She believes that the cocktail, made from vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and Cointreau, would serve her better when cleaning, than on a night-out. “I've had many Cosmopolitans sent across to me in bars, I always think, "God, if I could get this in a bottle, I could clean so much stuff at home".'


Who knew that the wild sex columnist was more like Anthea Turner in reality?  


[via Now magazine]

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August 1, 2007 5:43 PM

'80s stars Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in TV comeback

Corey_feldman5Hands up who remembers the ‘80s? Chances are if you do, you will remember at least one of the two Coreys. Corey Haim (known as the Haimster, now I’m showing my age) and best friend and sidekick Corey Feldman were young Hollywood actors in films such as ‘The Lost Boys’. Haim was always considered the better looking of the two (not so much now) while Feldman was the funny one with the goofy smile.


Now with the ‘80s over, times must be tough for the two Coreys as they adjust to a world where you can’t admit to liking Michael Jackson or wearing shellsuits. Both have kissed goodbye to their film careers and after years of drug-taking and obscurity are keen to be back on the gravy trail. Enter their new reality show, which sees Haim move in with Feldman and his wife. The show, imaginatively titled ‘The Two Coreys’ has yet to start on US TV, but from this YouTube clip, American audiences are in for a real treat.


Video clip over the jump


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Get lost in the Marsh..

There's nothing like baring your breasts on a daily basis to incite public disdain, so you at least have to give Jodie credit for being able to take the piss out of herself in this intro to her series. On the other hand you could say she's been manipulated by evil scheming producers who want to take her  up the aisle. I think it'll be great TV though!

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July 31, 2007 4:09 PM

The Golden Compass Preview

Yes, we know it hasn't hit screens yet anywhere and it's probably highly unorthodox showing you the adaptation of Philip Pullman's great trilogy, but seeing as we're such fans and that it has hit YouTube already where's the harm?

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July 30, 2007 11:25 AM

Sluts in the city

We know that we have the upcoming Cashmere Mafia drama to look forward too, an original tale of four female New Yorkers struggling with men, money and having overly large apartments. Though I'm sure soon we will love these primped  princesses' as much as the old SATC crew I think it's time to skip down memory lane slut style..

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July 18, 2007 1:01 PM

Victoria comes to America.. they're welcome to her!

Debate has raged in the office today as to whether the terrible TV offering that was 'Victoria: Coming to America', was a spoof, or just proof of Victoria's head emptying itself of brain cells. Whilst her franchise and popularity is huge, I'm not surprised the idea of a mini series got canned as the show struggled to fill the hour slot it held. It featured such delights as Victoria twirling in a dress and house hunting in the £11 million range. She sighs about how busy she is, yet has time to spend half an hour purchasing and dressing a blow up doll to resemble her. I'm going to try to avoid puns about hot air, and dies with a prick but oops, there you go. I find it amusing that her two best friends are her make up artist and her hairdresser; people she pays to be around her. Enjoy.

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July 17, 2007 11:42 AM

In the news: Pete Doherty gets fined for rubbish and Miss Great Britain is sexy

Fhm_9 -The torturous alternative to barbie dolls is moving to the big screen. Yes, the Bratz dolls, which arrive prepackaged with miniature lip gloss, hair extensions and WAG pretensions are moving to the cinema to inflict their vacuous outpourings on a nation of impressionable teenagers. [Agent Bedhead ]

-Miss Great Britain Rachel Tennant shows she can fill out a bikini as she struts outside the houses of parliament in a 'search' for the sexiest music video of 2007. I think we can tell she'll be n the running for 2008. Till then, you can vote in our sexiest video of all time poll. [Entertainment 4 Media ]

-Queen Latifah may want to hire a new publicist, as her current one has her opening chains of Fatburger round the states. [TMZ ]

-Surprise, surprise, Pete Doherty is in trouble with the law again. honestly it's enough to make one vomit up the preprocessed nonsense that was breakfast with his scrawny pallid face staring up at you in a mixture of confusion, hallucination and a pathetic why me expression. Sure, Kate may have dropped you for the loser you are but wallowing in self pity isn't going to  bring er back. He got a fixed penalty fine for littering yesterday, proving that even his rubbish is rubbish, [The Sun ]

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July 11, 2007 4:28 PM

Shayne Ward nearly kills a midget


Shayne Ward clearly hates midgets. In the shoot for the video for his new (and probably rubbish) single ('If It's OK With You' Answer: No it isn't) the X Factor star nearly drowned a midget in a swimming pool.

Midget hater Ward was supposed to throw a Mexican midget wrestler into the pool but picked up the wrong one. The dimwitted karaoke singer was blissfully unaware that the one he had chosen had his mouth covered by a full-face mask and could barely breathe in the water. After spotting the man struggling, Ward took it upon himself to rectify the mistake and hurled himself into the pool to save his co-star.

An insider from the set of the video said: "Shayne was obviously really embarrassed by what happened - luckily his victim thought it was hilarious, and they all ended up having a right laugh about it." That's after the Mexican feller had honked up thirty pints of chlorine flavoured water.

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July 6, 2007 4:11 PM

Sex and the City Film in the works

Satc Every girl I know has a place in her heart for Sex and the City, yes even the angry pro feminist ones, as we all think there's a little bit of Samantha/Carrie in all of us; and we all mourned when Carrie and her eponymous Mr Big finally got it together, as that spelled the end of our Friday nights in front of the TV (well, till Desperate Housewives came along). They have been promising us a come back for so many years now that it seems almost as believable as Joey and Rachel hooking up permanently in Friends, but rumours to the contrary, a date has actually been set for filming, and it seems the fantabulous four will be with us again. Maybe they've waited too long, and the formula that worked so well a couple of years ago may be out dated, as realistically they aren't single women anymore, they're now following the yummy mummy trend. Still, their audience has grown up with them, and I for one will be first in line to see them on the big screen.

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July 4, 2007 5:50 PM

Kylie Minogue enters the tardis

KylllieWhile I hate all this sticking up for celebs just because they've had a rough time of it, it's nice to see Kylie Minogue looking like a normal girl again. Because to be honest she hasn't since long before that whole cancer thing.

Back on the entertainment wagon, Kylie's just confirmed that she's going to be featuring in a Christmas special of the hit BBC series Doctor Who. The hour-long special entitled 'Voyage of the Damned' is set to be "the most ambitious and best Christmas episode yet" according to executive producer Russell T. Davies.

Of course we all know Kylie started out in Neighbours, but I can't help but wonder how her acting will hold up. But then, Catherine Tate is soon to be joining the Dr Who cast, so the competition's less than fierce.

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June 27, 2007 11:20 AM

Five face the shame of £300,000 Ofcom fine

160x120_brainteaser_fiveJust when we thought that the ever-ridiculous channel Five were getting their act together they've been slapped with a record fine from TV standards watchdogs Ofcom. Five's daytime interactive quiz show Brainteaser was found to have seriously breached codes of conduct by "the use of production staff posing as 'winners' and the entry of fake names" according to an Ofcom spokesperson.

Five pulled the show in March this year prior to investigations and seem to be backpeddling rather a lot in regards to their flagrant gipping of viewers, saying "We are disappointed with the very high level of the financial penalty imposed, especially as we believe Five took all reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure the programme complied with the Ofcom Code."

What was that? Lack of remorse or apology? Just as well they've been slapped with this whopping fine then, allowing anyone out there who entered the phone-ins to look as smug as they like (even if it is a bloody daft thing to do with your lunch hour).

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June 22, 2007 5:39 PM

Louis Walsh back in the judging chair on X Factor

Louis_walsh_irelands_prize_prat_2In another vain attempt to make us care about the clearly waning X-Factor, scandal abounds as Louis Walsh returns to the judging panel. Simon Cowell, the most media savvy man alive today, has swallowed his pride and asked the pasty faced Irishman back in time for the next series.

It seems time for me to ask, who the hell still turns up to audition for this nonsense? I can only envisage further episodes having ten auditionees per city and the winner being some bloke in a clown suit who can remember at least half of the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Prime gossip mongers   have let slip that it isn't just Louis' excellent televisual presence that's bringing him back to our screens, more likely Simon's jealousy toward the would-be replacement's good looks. Now, now Simon... don't fret... I'd choose Louis over you as well.

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June 20, 2007 4:43 PM

David Gest to shake up Hollyoaks?

David_gest_06 David Gest, everyone's favourite freak show and best friend of Michael Jackson, seems set to land his rather generous ego in Chester. The 54-year-old closet lover is discussing making a cameo appearance in C4 soap Hollyoaks. While attending Manchester MEN's diary party Gest ran into some cast members and took a particular shine to Gemma Merna who plays loveable idiot Carmel McQueen. He seems to have pretended to be a big fan of the show, either to get in her pants (?!) or to further his "career". A spokeswoman said "We would love to find the right part for David but nothing has been confirmed at this stage." Sounds to me that perhaps it's only David himself who's fond of the idea. We might ship the talentless git over the Atlantic sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.

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June 19, 2007 2:05 PM

Easties' Pat encourages scandal

Pat_evans_large_1 Far from acting the concerned older lady, Pam St Clement, who plays Pat Evans in Eastenders, has been encouraging younger cast members to whip up some fuss in the press. At first I thought that she must have noticed a rise in viewing figures after Lacey Turner's 'hotel incident'. That and the reports that she's got her boobs done. I was wrong. She went one better, saying that she wanted more papparazzi shots of people falling out of clubs à la Jesse Wallace. "When Jessie was in the show, pictures of her at clubs helped to fuel the Kat character and it never did her any harm because she's such a talented actress," Pam told The People.

She continues, "I tell you if I was young and 19 and coming into it then I might be going out raving. As long as it doesn't ruin their lives then I think the younger ones should do it. As long as they don't do it at the cost of their work. Then I would have something to say." Can you spot the fast-thinking back track in there? It's okay to get pissed up, but work comes first boys and girls. I can't wait until the new wave of soap star scandal hits the tabloids, all backed up by our Pat.

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June 16, 2007 3:03 PM

Shabs's shame: Talent Show Junkie

You've heard all about Britain's Got Talent, you might even be unfortunate enough to have seen it. Well, if you're a fan or you're not, this clip will split your sides or make you cringe unbearably. For me it was the latter. Watch Shabnam of Big Brother making an absolute tit of herself for our enjoyment. And let's be honest, it doesn't get much better than this.

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June 13, 2007 1:21 PM

Bob Monkhouse on TV again, from beyond the grave


The much loved Bob is still making waves today.. despite having passed away four years ago. His posthumous appearance is for a advert promoting awareness of prostate cancer for male awareness week. The advert features Monkhouse's inimitable style, with comic one liners and his rueful smile. His  wife Jackie thinks the ad is great , saying "Bob would love this ad. It's funny but has a serious message about the threat of prostate cancer." Personally I'm not sure how tasteful it is to create new footage of dead stars, but if the family is giving the thumbs up who am I to complain? The advert finishes on a bittersweet note, with Bob saying,  "As a comedian, I've died many deaths. Prostate cancer, I don't recommend. I'd have paid good money to stay out here. What's it worth to you?," before walking away from his grave.  It's a valuable lesson.

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Apprentice star Katie Hopkins is sacked!


Love her or hate her, you've admired her determination and relentless pursuit of a goal with no thought as to trampling on her colleagues toes; and this barrel like attitude has earned her a grudging respect. Whether she's berating staff for cheese like incidents or having it off on the photocopier with fellow contestants she's kept us amused, which is more than we can say for some of the other wash outs we've watched. Somehow her boss's at the Met office have become  uncomfortable with the level of notoriety she was bringing to their fine establishment and have decided to show her the door.

A spokesperson for Hopkins said, "Recently the Met Office has become uncomfortable with the volume of media coverage she was attracting and in particular the many articles about her private life, which also happened to reference her place of work. She intends to appeal."

I can't imagine she'll be out of work long though, as I'm sure with her new status as super mum people will be flocking to offer her work. Perhaps she should take up PR? I can just see her as the voice of Mothercare, 'Children are our future. Look at me, and what I've given up for them'. It's a shame her maternal instinct didn't kick in till the last week in the show, but that can't be helped surely?

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June 12, 2007 1:19 PM

Simon Cowell shamelessly drums up some publicity

Humbug_americanidolsimonSurprise surprise, Simon Cowell's got another rubbish show out that we're all going to end up watching compulsively. Britain's Got Talent is the next in what seems a never-ending line of talent shows that we Brits can't stop gawking at. And it's got Ant and Dec for a change.

Unsurprising then that Simon's drumming up some scandal to go with the launch. He's been BB-bashing, saying such ridiculous things as, "It’s our moral duty to drive Big Brother off our screens. I think viewers will watch variety acts such as nervous knife throwers rather than eight people sitting in a room. Personally I can’t watch BB anymore." Hands up who knows what show Britain's Got Talent is up against in the ratings war.

The show, which started on Saturday, has featured such abominations as a man who could balance lots of things on his face. Just like kids did with spoons in school, which wasn't impressive at all even at that age. Admit it to yourself, you'll be tuning in during the breaks of Big Brother to see this freak show gone global.

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May 15, 2007 5:07 PM

Lorraine Kelly glams it up at Fashion Awards


The lovely Lorraine scrubs up well as she makes her entrance at The High street fashion awards. It's amazing what a corset and a set of extensions can do to this soft spoken Scottish lass who is the doyenne of female TV presenters. I love the way she teams a waist cinching belt with a black flowing A line dress- a far cry from the muted shapes the studio's wardrobe mistress foists upon her. From this picture we can see why it was no surprise when Robert Downey Jr commented on her magnificent bosom, to the exact words of , '"You've got a great pair of tits", which isn't the usual commentary for our daytime hostess. Well love, when you've got it, flaunt it!

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April 5, 2007 5:10 PM

American Idol commentary actually worth reading

Sanjaya So, about American Idol. I don't really like talking about this show, never mind watching it. However, I read the most hilarious article by Anna David for Fox News about yesterday's emotional goings ons, and I wanted loved it so much, I'm sharing it with you, too. Apparently, Gina got kicked off, and punk ass Sanjaya and his ego is still in the running, along with that one girl with the mediocre voice and two inch long skirts. (I think her name is Haley. Or Kaley. Or Leggy. I dunno.) Behold a teaser of David's commentary, and prepare to seriously LOL:

"By the time Gina launched into an appropriately teary version of 'Smile'...it felt like the entire audience was broken up...The camera seemed to pan from one sobbing mug to another during Gina's performance before focusing on Sanjaya's thoroughly emotionless face. When you have a universe to run, you probably can't waste your time sympathizing with the competition."

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March 29, 2007 11:52 AM

Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox share Hollywood's least passionate kiss

Oh my god! It's Monica and Rachel from Friends! And they're kissing! It's my every fantasy come true all at once! Or at least it might be if I were a bloke who only fancied non-threatening women and it happened to still be 1996. But it's not. We've moved on, and they can't kiss. Brad Pitt's decision to move on to the pillowy lips of Angelina Jolie is making more and more sense by the day.

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March 19, 2007 12:22 PM

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton look after the well-being of children

Parisnicole05180601 I love television, I really do. I love the way it provides us with insight into the lives of others, all the while entertaining and informing. What I love most about television, however, is that in its efforts to educate and entertain - all the while keeping those viewing figures up, up, up! - it manages to be unbelievably dumb. Not pissing on an electric fence dumb, but having sex with the fence before taking it home to meet the family dumb. Case in point? The Simple Life season 800 million five.

In the latest outing of the show, celebutards Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are going to be counsellors at a camp in Southern California, where they will be working with impressionable youths, ostensibly looking after their emotional development and well-being. Umm. Making matters worse, the word on the wire is that the girls won't be working as actual counsellors, as their refusal to take drug tests precluded them from the role. Double umm. Making matters so much worse as to make suicide an appealing option, one of the roles the girls will fill is that of fat camp counsellor, helping the youth of America get fit and lose weight. As long as they don't start promoting ADD drugs and and horse steroids I'm sure it'll be fine. After all, does America have a better, healthier, weight-loss role model than Nicole Richie?

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March 14, 2007 10:52 AM

Christina to star on CSI: New York

Christina_aguilera Apparently if you're a celebrity and you have a favorite TV show, all you need is for your people to talk to their people and Bam! You're on the show! Earlier this week we reported that Madonna is set to be on Nip/Tuck, and now Christina Aguilera is apparently going to appear on CSI: New York. Executive producer Anthony Zuiker says, "Christina's a fan of the show, and we're excited to have her. The episode will probably explore the topic of battered women." This would be fitting for Christina, as she's an advocate against domestic violence, and has spoken openly about her own experiences with domestic violence as a child.

However, I think it's a bit of a heavy subject for a celebrity guest. I was personally hoping they would go back in time to the '20s, and have Christina star as a famous lounge singer that was murdered by her jealous back-up singer with a microphone stand...or something.

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March 6, 2007 5:19 PM

Stephen Colbert is now a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor

Stephen_colbert_benjerrys01 The extremely funny Stephen Colbert has now been immortalized in ice cream. (Lucky man!) Last night on The Colbert Report, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield revealed the latest edition to their Ben & Jerry's ice cream family: Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream. Consisting of vanilla ice cream, fudge-covered waffle cone pieces, and a caramel swirl, Colbert says: "Im not afraid to say it. Dessert has a well-known liberal agenda. What I hope to do with this ice cream is bring some balance back to the freezer case"

Known for his comedic, albeit sarcastic, views on politics, Colbert claims he will "will save the world" as he's donating his proceeds from the sale of AmeriCone Dream to charity through The Stephen Colbert AmeriCone Dream Fund. The Fund support charities of concern to Colbert, such as food and medical assistance for disadvantaged children, helping veterans and their families, and environmental causes.

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February 27, 2007 4:17 PM

Blow your Red Nose on celebrities with Kleenex®

June_sarpong Kleenex® is celebrating being an official partner of Red Nose Day 2007 by launching its new ‘Blow £1’ promotion to help raise money for Comic Relief. And what better way to raise money for charity than blowing your nose on your nose on a celebrity? This new Kleenex® promotion will give five lucky winners and their friends the opportunity to be VIP guests of Comic Relief on Red Nose Day, which is March 16th. Up until March 31, Kleenex® is giving away one of its fantastic new inflatable Kleenex® Red Nose Seats every hour for those who will be enjoying all the entertainment of the big night from the comfort of home. A number of celebs have already been getting comfortable in theirs, including Matt Dawson and June Sarpong.

You can also help tackle poverty and social injustice in the UK and Africa with Comic Relief by purchasing a new special edition Kleenex® pocket packs, which were created specially for Red Nose Day. Each pack has a portrait sketch of one of seven familiar faces - Tess Daly, Ainsley Harriot, Phillip Schofield, June Sarpong, Paul O’Grady, Denise Van Outen and Vernon Kay.

Copy_of_vernon_kay_1 June Sarpong is quite excited about the promotion and says that ‘It has been great teaming up with Kleenex®  to produce a portrait for its new special edition Red Nose Day Pocket Pack and I loved having my picture taken in the new Kleenex®  Red Nose Seat.  I am really pleased with my portrait and will be even more so if it helps Comic Relief raise extra money to help change the lives of vulnerable people in Africa and here in the UK.’

These celeb Kleenex® packs only cost £1, with 50p from each purchase going to Comic Relief, and are available in Superdrug, Total, Thresher and WHSmiths. For only £1, how could you not want to buy one of these nifty little packs? I just wish that Jade Goody was still part of the Comic Relief team, as I'm sure plenty of people would have loved to blow their Red Nose on her...

The draw for VIP Guest Places will be made on 12th March. To win, simply text an on-pack number, with money from every message going to Comic Relief. Texts costs £1 plus any mobile network charges with at least 70p going to Comic Relief stand a chance of winning people simply need to text an on-pack number, with money from every message going to Comic Relief.

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February 12, 2007 11:50 AM

Charlotte Church critiques her chat show

Charlotte10 Charlotte Church is one honest bird. During an interview with The Sun, Church admitted that she hated watching herself interview celebrities on her chat show. While she says she's "quite harsh on herself" and that she was "was really proud" of the show, Church stills says that,"Now I can see I looked a bit unprofessional and some bits just weren’t right."

Her boyfriend, Welsh rugby star Gavin
Henson, apparently helps critique Charlotte as well. She revealed that he watches her record the show, and is often very honest about her interviewing skills. Church also said that  after the first taping of her show, "Gain said 'Look, it was really good, but during the interview you’re not listening to what they’re saying’. And he was right!" Let's just hope he's as supportive as he is critical. Despite Charlotte's own harsh thoughts of her show, it has been brought back for a second series, starting next Friday.

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February 2, 2007 3:56 PM

Channel 4 is playing it safe

Ch4l_175x125_2 With all of the extreme reactions to the controversy surrounding Channel 4's Big Brother, it's no wonder they decided to pull the plug on a collection of upcoming shows entitled "Wank Week". The shows were set to spotlight compulsive male masturbators, and masturbating skills for girls, however, it's not really the time for Channel 4 to be, erm, pushing people's buttons.

Chief Executive of Channel 4, Andy Duncan, says, “It's a typically provocative, Channel 4 thing to do. It'll come and go, so to speak." Another spokesperson for Channel 4 says that the shows "will be shown in due course" and that they're "shifting a few things which might cause flare-ups". Probably a smart move on Channel 4's part, as they do need to rebuild their relationship with Ofcom; particularly when they're looking for £14million from the TV licence fee to switch to digital by 2012.

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Tyra Banks goes off!

Tyra Banks officially addressed her recent weight gain, and the accompanying tabloid headlines, on her talk show yesterday. Here's a clip of her going off on the people who have a problem with her body. It cuts off, but apparently the "one thing she has to say" at the end is, "You can kiss my fat ass." Love it, love her, and love her body. Good for her!

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January 30, 2007 10:31 AM

Racist? Go to rehab!

Jadegmtv_175x125_1 Okay. I've had enough. I'm tired of celebrities opening their big, fat mouth, saying something racist or prejudiced, and then entering rehab. I'm also sick of celebrities saying they'd like to "meet with the leaders" of the social group they have insulted. Mel Gibson's done it.  And now, Isaiah Washington has done both. He said he'd like to meet with the leaders of the gay community, and is currently in rehab. Rehab? How about getting fired, and facing actual consequences?

Now Jade is even going to rehab for "depression and stress" after realizing that she's the most hated person in Britain. While Jade is financially feeling the repercussions of her actions, she still accepted an invitation to go to India. Why? Does she think she'll make it better by pulling a publicity stunt? Why can't people just shut up, apologize, and just quietly go to get help? This "I'm going to rehab" crap is just old. Everyone's going to rehab. Get a therapist and just shut up! Why not just apologize, and take care of business?

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January 24, 2007 9:53 AM

Jameson and Hilton looking for a few good virgins

0123_jenna_paris_wi Sometimes I just want to give up on being a human. Apparently Jenna Jameson and Paris Hilton will be teaming up on a reality TV show called Virgin Territory.  Produced by Kevin Blatt, the pervy producer of One Night in Paris, Hilton and Jameson's purpose on the show will to help a bunch of male virgins "lose it". Isn't this great? So when your parents said to "wait for someone special" they really meant to lose your virginity in a well documented TV show, with the help of a porn star and millionaire heiress.  Blatt predicts Territory will be more watched than One Night, and is even putting up billboards in Time Square and LA to help him find himself a few good virgins as "finding virgins in NYC or Los Angeles is no easy task!"

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January 19, 2007 4:03 PM

John Mayer has perfect punishment for Washington

John_mayer__amas_111404__lg6648688 With the masses all calling for Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington to be fired for his "F bomb" scandal, John Mayer seems to have devised the perfect plan for his demise. Mayer, on his personal blog, wrote that the perfect punishment for Washington would be for his character, Dr.Burke, to announce that he's gay: "What better way for an actor to get to the roots of his discrimination than by portraying the very the subject of his own ire for the remainder of his contract?" But of course! He's even written sample scenes for the Grey's writing staff to use. You can read them here; complete with the "Dr.Burke at a Scissor Sisters concert" scene.

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January 18, 2007 12:44 PM

T.R. Knight talks on Ellen

Tr_knight Last October there was the huge amount of drama surrounding the TV show Grey's Anatomy. Apparently, Isaiah Washington referred to cast mate T.R. Knight as a "f****t" while arguing with Dr.McDreamy Patrick Dempsey. Washington has made statements denying the incident, and that, "There is no way I could do anything so vile." Talk of the controversy died down over the past few months, until Washington brought it up again during interviews at the Golden Globes. He's sticking to his story by denying he ever said such a thing, and added the pompous comments of, "I love gay. I wanted to be gay. Please let me be gay."

It would be really nice to think that Washington never said such a thing, but after watching the interview below, with Ellen DeGeneres and T.R. Knight, you may start to wonder why the hell Washington still has a job. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello recently wrote an article wondering the exact same thing. Ausiello said Washington's "continued employment on a show that wears its diversity as a badge of honor is the height of hypocrisy". He also went on to say that ABC should do "the right thing" and "fire Washington".

Especially with the racial controversy surrounding the Big Brother house in the UK, it really makes one wonder if these TV stations really care about the well being of their cast, or just making entertaining television. Bullying should be unacceptable. Making racist and offensive comments that degrade someone's lifestyle or background is disgusting. So, why are television stations such as ABC and Channel 4 not growing more of a backbone and setting a proper example?

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January 10, 2007 11:06 AM

BB House not happy with Shilpa Shetty

D07_1445_shilpa_400 Apparently the Big Brother ladies are not happy with Shilpa Shetty. This is to be expected, as Shilpa doesn't have beard or tail, and therefore all the other girls must hate her. Jade's mom supposedly can't pronounce her name, and Danielle Lloyd has claimed the same. I actually believe Danielle though, it IS hard to pronounce words with more than one syllable.

Danielle claims, "I asked for smoked mackerel and whatsername, Shullup, just looked at me like I was stupid. She's so controlling and bossy. I don't like that." Jade Goody and Jo O'Mera both agree she's "too fake", while journalist Carole Malone things that Shilpa has "done nothing wrong". Sigh. Perhaps if she had just known what a "punani" was, maybe they would like her a little bit more.

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"Desperate Housewives" dolls

If you ever wanted to see Marcia Cross slap Terri Hatcher, or Eva Langoria naked; your dreams have just come true. Yes, the Desperate Housewives dolls are here.


The show's creator, Marc Cherry, worked with the Alexander Doll Company to make these dolls as promotional items for the show. What bothers me, is that this is an adult show, yet dolls are children's toys, no? Do you really want your little girl playing with a Nicolette Sheridan doll? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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January 9, 2007 12:07 PM

EastEnders star suspended for explicit texts

Kazinsky_175x125 EastEnder Robert Kazinsky has been suspended from filming his hit TV show for two months, due to Kazinsky bombarding a model with sexually explicit text messages and photos. But to keep the story lines intact, Kizinsky will continue filming until February, and then his two month suspension will take place.

An EastEnders spokesman explained the decision to suspend Kazinsky came about after an article about the scandal was published in the January 7th edition of Sunday People. The spoksman also explained that, "...In addition, Robert Kazinsky would like to apologise for any offence caused to EastEnders' viewers and for bringing the show into disrepute." Looks stars of EastEnders like have a taste for trouble both on, and off TV.

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December 21, 2006 11:05 AM

'Lost' star loses home to fire

Kate_5 Our favorite lady from 'Lost', Evangeline Lilly, lost -excuse the pun- her rented home in Hawaii early this morning to a horrible house fire.

Lilly shared the house with two other women. Thankfully Lilly and her roommates were not home at the time of the fire, at 6:30 this morning. Firefighters were at the scene in 20 minutes and managed to get the flames under control, but the house had already been destroyed.

Our heart goes out to Lilly, and we certainly hope that she'll somehow be able to muster up enough cash to maybe stay in a Motel 6 or something for a couple nights. It seems very strange in this day and age to lose your house in a fire, doesn't it? Ah, the forces of nature. We're just glad she's safe. Hopefully, her ex-hobbit boyfriend will be able to help her out.

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December 18, 2006 9:46 AM

X-Factor winner Leona is planning wedding bells

Leonaxfactor Phew. Justice was done in Saturday's final of The X-Factor then, as Leona Lewis triumphed with 60% of the vote. Although I have to say, I warmed to Ray when he was asked why viewers should vote for him, and he replied they should vote for both contestants. Call it the festive spirit(s).

Anyway, Leona's a cert for the Christmas number one slot this week with her first single, with over a million pre-sales, and 50,000 people downloading it directly after the final at the weekend. But it seems Leona could already be earmarked for bigger and better things, judging by the Mirror's report that US music biz bigwig Clive Davis already sees her as the next Alicia Keys or Whitney Houston.

At least this means she won't have to sleep with Simon Cowell, I guess. But Leona tells the paper that she's already looking forward to marrying her partner Lou Al-Chamaa. "Nothing has changed after this experience and I trust him 100 per cent," she says. "Our relationship just gets stronger and stronger. I want to marry him in the future, definitely."

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Little Britain star Matt Lucas gets married

Mattlucaswedding Well, at least some celebrities are making an effort to remain married at the end of 2006... Comedian Matt Lucas got hitched yesterday in London's Trendy Home House to long-term partner Kevin McGee, and threw a glitzy panto-themed bash to celebrate.

Most of the male guests seem to have come as Captain Hook, which is either a sad reflection of the lack of decent panto roles for men, or a sign that Matt's mates are lacking in imagination. That said, his Little Britain co-star David Walliams came as... Christopher Biggins. Although he had to wear a badge saying so for people to get the joke, which is never a good sign.

Other attendees include Vic Reeves and wife Nancy, Sir Elton John and David Furnish, Will Young, Graham Norton, Barbara Windsor and Dale Winton. Congrats to the happy couple, and boo to The Sun's Victoria Newton, who couldn't resist a 'nipped in through the back door' pun at the end of her report. Because they're gay, geddit?!!!1!1! God bless the tabloids...

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December 15, 2006 12:25 PM

Spend your weekend with the Stars

Princewills_1  It's been a long week, folks. I know we're all tired, hungover, or just plain sick of shopping and spreading Holiday cheer. (Bah-hum-bug.) But do you know what would make all of us feel better? Hanging out with celebs and royalty this weekend, that's what!

Today, if you're in Sandhurst, Berkshire, you can catch the Sovereign Parade with Prince William and The Queen. Prince Phillip will be there as well, but most importantly Wills will be in his military uniform! Hello photo opportunity!

Saturday is the X Factor III Finale at Wembley. Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, and Louis Walsh will be casting their final votes for contestants Leona Lewis and Raymond Quinn. Girls, hold on to your knickers, because it's rumored Take That might make an appearance to give some last minute pimping of their album coaching for the contestants. Yippee.

If you're not busy praying and roasting on Sunday, be a complete stalker and stop by Matt Lucas and Kevin McGee's wedding in Whitehall, London. Important folks such as Sir Elton John, Kate Moss and Charlotte Church are said to be guests. Bring your best paparazzi lens and enjoy the celebration and media frenzy.

And on a personal note, if anyone happens to attend the Sovereign Parade, I was serious about those pictures of Prince William. Send them my way. Ya know, for um, journalistic reasons.

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November 21, 2006 2:21 PM

OJ Simpson book and TV show cancelled

Ojsimpson_1 Poor OJ Simpson. Having NOT murdered his ex-wife Nicole Simpson, as any jury fule kno, his book about how he would have murdered her if he had done it (called, sensibly enough, 'If I Did It') has now been cancelled, after what the Mirror describes as "a flood of protest".

The book's been axed by News Corporation, after Rupert Murdoch discovered there is a limit to what he'll print after all. "This was an ill considered project," said the mogul. "We are sorry for any pain that this has caused." Hopefully OJ will spare us a follow-up project called 'What I Would Have Written In The Last Book If It Had Been Published'...

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November 7, 2006 10:11 AM

X-Factor judges: will feud for headlines

Simoncowell_1 Today's spurious X-Factor tabloid story concerns judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, who have apparently made up after their weekend bust-up. "We're all fine now, we're friends again," Simon told the Mirror at the paper's Pride Of Britain awards. "Being here is much better than doing live TV, where I get troubled quite easily."

Not as troubled, I would suggest, as millions of TV viewers, who are ANNOYED and ENRAGED at the ceaseless staged bickering of the X-Factor judges, calculated to gain maximum column-inches for their tawdry talent contest, in the full knowledge that the RUBBISH bunch of sub-Butlins singers who've made it to this stage would barely deserve a tiny story on page 36 on their own.

There. I've said it.

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October 31, 2006 5:03 PM

Quote of the Week with Jonathan Ross

RossLast night, as he was hosting the Q awards in London, Jonathan Ross stepped into the boxing ring and took a swing at the muchly-deserving Heather Mills. He announced 'what a f**king liar! I wouldn't be surprised if we found out she's actually got two legs!' Wotta gweat Wossy.

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October 23, 2006 9:38 AM

Richard Hammond talks about his 288mph car smash

Richardhammond_2 Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has given his first interview about his high-speed car crash in today's Mirror, revealing the grim story of what it's like to crash at 288 mph. "I was upside down inhaling a field," he tells the paper. "My nose and eyes were full of earth. I'd gone ploughing on my head. My very last thought was 'Oh bugger, that's gone wrong. Well, we're checking out now. You've had it'."

Richard, who's made a 100% recovery apart from a bloodshot eye and a chipped tooth, denies that he was trying to break a land-speed record at the time, pointing out that it was thrilling enough just to drive the Vampire car with its afterburners on. However, he's not entirely happy about his miraculous escape.

"Do you realise how annoyed I am that I've got no marks on me? Absolutely nothing at all, nothing for the pub. There are people who fall off their trikes at the age of four who've got better injuries than me. I've been through hell and I've got nothing to show for it except a chipped tooth! I'm gutted."

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October 13, 2006 5:43 PM

Top Ten Stories - Alec Baldwin Continues Missing His Anger Management Therapy, & Paris Hilton Is Single Yet Again. Surprised?

AlecAlec Baldwin is a nasty pasty. But a sexy one, mind, regardless of his temper.
Lindsay Lohan's mum has been mouthing off to the press about how she'd make a great Lara Croft. At least she's got the fake titties!
It seems when your trashy ex-wife assaults your new even trashier girlfriend, it's best not to stay together, in the case of Paris Hilton and Travis Barker.
China is not a fan of Jay Z, in particular his use of expletitives and suggestive language, banning him from ever performing there.
For those 3 people that care, Howard K. Stern has been listed as the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter's birth certificate.
Ashlee Simpson continues in her quest to be better looking than Jessica, by getting more plastic surgery, this time to her eyes and chin. Someone tell her that she's been better looking than Jessica since birth?
Gwen Stefani is releasing a new solo album this December, sparking fear in those with bad taste that there will never be another No Doubt album again.
Like we needed more evidence about Michael Jackson's sanity, he is now moonlighting as a middle-aged woman in France, complete with heels and floppy hat.
David Beckham has been dropped as the face of Police sunglasses, promptly critics, well, me, to ponder how long it will take for him and ol' Sour Face to drop out of the limelight completely.
Sadly, Jessica Alba has vowed never to get nekkid on screen. If only other 'slebs would follow (hint hint, Sharon Stone)

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October 12, 2006 8:57 PM

Top Ten Stories - Sienna Miller Looks Under 21, & Angelina Jolie Is A Murderer's Muse

Sienna_4Finally, someone puts holier-than-thou Sienna Miller in her place and denies her entry to a club, sadly for not having ID, not for being a stinky actress.
It seems being in close proximity to Angelina Jolie turns people into fighting-machines, as her driver hits a motorcyclist in India.
Contrary to all the rumours circulating about her and Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston told Oprah they're still together. Does this mean they're an official couple now?
Kevin Federline is understandably insecure about his marriage with Britney, and has convinced her not to lose her baby weight so she won't get so much male attention.
Nick Lachey blames their Newlyweds reality show as the instigator to his marriage break-up, and not say, Jessica's infidelity.
80s-throwback Justin Hawkins comes out of rehab and quits The Darkness, blaming his cocaine problems on being in the novelty band. Quite understandable - we'd be addicts too if we looked like that.
Nicole Richie debuts her new red haircolour with a new man. Needless to say, we preferred the old look better, in more ways than one.
Elle Macpherson has dropped her lawsuit against Heidi Klum over the use of her nickname 'The Body', after meeting the Dalai Lama. Bet he loved admonishing her on her childish fight with the fellow model, dirty thing.
Because apparently SpongeBob SquarePants is the new Simpsons, David Bowie adds to his archive of cameos and makes a guest appearance on the underwater show as Lord Royal Highness.
Desperate for attention, P Diddy has revealed that he never loved Jennifer Lopez to begin with. Neither did we, mate, neither did we.

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October 11, 2006 3:50 PM

Top Ten Stories - Ricky Gervais Is Rich, & Sharon Osbourne Is Drunk. Nothing New There!

160x120_extras_gervais01Ricky Gervais becomes one of those rich bastards, as he has recently snapped up a £2.5 million home in North London. The only downside is he is now neighbours with Jonathan Ross.
Wee Baby Spice has grown up so fast, she's now set a wedding date of early next year with fiancee Jade Jones.
Perpetual skinny, Gwyneth Paltrow, has scrapped the macrobiotic diet she's been on for years, as she apparently isn't losing her minimal baby weight.
The folks behind X Factor are planning a reality show involving WAGs opening shops in Mayfair. According to the producer, 'there is no way that the girls are all going to remain friends'.
According to Pete Doherty's uncle (so reliable), Pete and Kate are going to get married on Kate's birthday, January 16th, as if we haven't already heard a million wedding rumours by now.
Hugh Hefner, the former sex-machine, no longer has the energy for sex, saying that he instead prefers a game of dominoes with the Playboy bunnies. Maybe he's gay?
Mel Gibson has apologised for his drunken, racist outburst of recent times, however seemingly forgets to apologise for The Passion of the Christ.
Like the sadist she is, Nicole Kidman has apparently phoned Katie Holmes and encouraged her to marry Tom Cruise, hopefully for entertainment's value only.
Russell Brand has found love with an art student. Figures, only an art student could love something like that.
Make sure you watch the Sharon Osbourne show tonight at 5pm, as apparently she's hopelessly drunk on tonight's episode - always a bonus, drunk elderly women.

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October 10, 2006 8:42 PM

Top Ten Stories - Kate Moss Worst GF EVAH!!1!!1! Plus George Lucas Gives Us What We Want, For A Change

Kate_3Kate Moss pussywhips Pete 'Back on Crack' Doherty into leaving Babyshambles and going solo, as if that will be the end to their troubles. Hah!
George Lucas shuffles into his old-age home as he talks of pleasing us all and  retiring.
Victoria Beckham doesn't just scare us when she looks into a mirror, she scares herself as well, moaning that she looks awful nekkid.
Yet more talk of Anna Nicole Smith in the news, as she is attacked over claims she was fast-tracked a Bahamian citizenship.
Like we don't need any more excuses to want to sleep with Scarlett Johansson, she has come out and admitted she gets tested for HIV every 6 months.
Not just content with having one alien-child, Katie Holmes is already planning on a second, discussing her pregnancy plans with oh-so-fertile Victoria Beckham.
Looks like someone got some action, after Nicole Richie was seen doing the walk of shame from Paris Hilton's house the next morning after they had dinner together.
Things are definitely cold between Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, as he is caught smooching another blonde.
Kirsten Dunst is to do us all a favour and quit movies to go back to school.
Those two characters off Lost, the junkie ex-hobbit, and hot Kate who can't decide between Sawyer and Jack, are getting married in real life.

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October 9, 2006 9:27 PM

Top Ten Stories - Madonna Adopts Orphan, But In More Breaking News, Paris & Nicole Are BFF's Again! Hallelujah!

Madonna_13'Holiday...Celebrate...Buy a baby...In Malawi', is reportedly the tune Madonna is humming, since she apparently did an Angelina Jolie and adopted an orphan, naming him 'Luca'. Sorry Madge, but adopting an orphan won't get you Brad, you're stuck with Guy and his crap movies for life.
Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have reportedly sucked-face and made-up, leading many to wonder if there's another dreaded Simple Life in the works.
Lindsay Lohan obviously doesn't rate appearing at a benefit in Australia for kids and tweens very highly, as she skips out of the negotiations. She must've twigged that 13 year-olds are just far too young.
Chris De Burgh (get back in your box, raging-hormones), claims he can heal people with his hands. Me first! Me first!
Penelope Cruz naturally attracts beardy-lesbians. Like Tom Cruise.
The third, and ugliest Hanson brother has just married. Is there no hope for the rest of us anymore?!
Paris Hilton is snapped with some seedy looking skunk. Skank with some skunk, how's that for a new lyric, princess?
Following in the foosteps of Take That, and, err, 5ive, S Club 7 are reforming, heaven forbid.
Not content with appearing in the news only for being found slumped over his wheel on drugs, George Michael has announced Wham! are reuniting for a 'Christmas extravangza', hopefully sharing his drugs with the audience this time.
Russell Brand decides to do a Paris Hilton, and become celibate. Something tells me his attempt will be even more short-lived than hers.

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October 3, 2006 12:58 AM

Google Wars: Fiona Phillips vs. Kate Garraway

Gmtv_1 Remember the GMTV 'sofa wars'? No? Well, I only do because I thought it was so pathetic. Basically, it emerged that far from the apparent we-all-love-one-another attitude at morning TV show GMTV, the ladies of the show absolutely hated one another.

So, I'd love to fire up an old argument, so I'm pitting Fiona Phillips (who is currently number one lady) against the sucessor to her crown, Kate Garraway. It was reported a few months back that Fiona was losing her grip on her crown following the departure of Eamonn Holmes, but who's the most popular as far as Google is concerned?

Fiona is first. And here's a shocking result: roughly 2,000,000 pages. Of course, 'Phillips' is an incredibly common name (though for some reason Google chose not to include 'Fiona' in the general search). But 'Kate' is a pretty popular name too, so how will she fare? Not well, her score is 93,900. However, this does appear to be on her name alone. I clicked along to page 29 and the articles were still about her exclusively, so although I have to announce Fiona the winner, it's not an easy win for the dancing disaster.

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September 29, 2006 10:45 AM

Win a date with Chris Tarrant!

Img_christarrant Well, it's not great to sit on the shelf for too long. So TV's Chris Tarrant is back on the dating market, following his separation from wife Ingrid. But only at a price. Yes, Chris is one of the celebrities taking part in DatingDirect.com's Celebrity Dream Date auction, which started last Thursday and is running for 10 days here. The winning bidders get a night out with their chosen celeb, with all proceeds going to that celebrity's choice of charity.

Others taking part include Lily Allen, Jamie Theakston, Jodie Kidd, Jimmy Carr, Liz McClarnon, two DJs off Capital Radio, and Miss Great Britain, Miss England, Miss Scotland and Miss Northern Ireland. Those last four are separate auctions, not together.

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September 27, 2006 7:41 PM

Top Ten Stories

ReneeThe original Bridget Jones doesn't look like she's a Singleton anymore, as Renee Zellweger has been seen canoodling with old flame, George Clooney.
Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer, Howard K. Stern, announced he was the baby girl's father recently on Larry King Live.
After six weeks of teasing us with their possible marriage break-down, Kate Hudson files for divorce with Chris Robinson.
For those who live in the Cotswolds, you might be bumping into Brangelina down at your local off-licence fairly soon, as they're set to move to the upmarket Lower Mill Estate.
Yep, Winona Ryder is still as effed-up as ever.
Sorry to induce vomit on you, but 'Screech' from Saved by the Bell, has filmed a sex video with 2 women, reportedly involving a 'Dirty Sanchez'.
Paris Hilton has been charged over her DUI recently, and most probably will spend 6 months in jail. Yeh, right.
Because he hasn't messed with us enough already, Marilyn Manson is launching his own brand of Absinthe.
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are rumoured to be marrying in the next 2 weeks - as if we haven't heard that one before.
Janet Jackson is a supplier of sex-toys to all those who seek them.

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September 25, 2006 5:27 PM

Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_lohanLindsay Lohan and Harry Morton have reportedly parted ways, after it was rumoured they were engaged.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney are trying to set their parents, Blythe Danner and Paul McCartney, up together, as they can't wait to overhear geriatrics going at it like rabbits.
Jennifer Lopez is so desperate to fall pregnant, she has resorted to IVF treatment. If only she'd stayed with P Diddy - his sperm seems very fertile.
Has Paris Hilton stooped even lower than Travis Barker, and hooked up with Fred Durst, Britney Spears's former lover?
Speaking of trashy tattooed bad boys, Steve O literally pissed all over the red carpet at the Jackass 2 premiere in Los Angeles.
After six days of engagement, Aaron Carter and his Playboy girlfriend have split.
Victoria and David Beckham are apparently going to star in an episode of Neighbours - let's hope Posh gets it on with Harold, eh?
Buffy - ahem, Sarah Michelle Gellar, thinks Alec Baldwin is sexy.
Not surprisingly, Steven Tyler has Hepatitis C.
David Hasselhoff's 14 year old daughter tried killing herself last night by slitting her wrists. We could make a joke here about how we'd do the same if he were our father, but really, we're not that cruel.

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September 22, 2006 5:18 PM

Top Ten Stories

Robinwilliams1Robin Williams manages to slip the nurse a tenner and checks out of rehab, hopefully soberly.
Angelina Jolie has spent £200,000 on artwork by Banksy. Did no-one tell her you can pick his stuff up for free in Blighty, just off the street?
Jessica Simpson has said she still sleeps in Nick Lachey's tshirts, which is funny, as we thought she slept naked with strange men most of the time.
Don't bother Jack Nicholson between the hours of two and four in the morning, as that's his 'ass-scratching hours'.
Anastacia has accepted a marriage proposal from her British bodyguard - does this mean we'll have to put up with lots of crap sightings in Heat's 'Spotted' now?
Charlotte Church wears Bridget Jones-style big knickers to make her look slim on camera - bet Gavin Henson makes her wear 'em in bed, too.
Lisa Kudrow weeps quietly about being labelled tubby due to not losing the baby-weight as fast as other actresses.
To no-one's surprise at all, Britney Spears adores wearing hooker shoes.
Lindsay Lohan will have to wear the cast on her arm for another 6 weeks. Poor love, giving handjobs with your wrong hand sure is tricky work.
Make sure you pick up a copy of Vanity Fair's November issue, which will probably have Borat on the cover.

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September 21, 2006 9:44 PM

Richard Hammond Involved In Car Accident

Richard_hammond_3I've been sobbing for the better part of today over the news that Richard Hammond, of Top Gear, was involved in a car accident yesterday and has suffered a 'significant brain injury'. The motoring broadcaster was test-racing a rocket-propelled racecar in Yorkshire, travelling at speeds well over 340 miles per hour, when he veered off the track and flipped several times. He has been in hospital since last night, where the only news on his condition has been that he 'has suffered a significant brain injury. It's still giving cause for concern as it is still early after the injury', according to the hospital. Let's hope he pulls though, I'm afraid Jeremy Clarkson isn't quite enough eye-candy alone.

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September 20, 2006 2:36 PM

Top Ten Stories

TarareidfingvipTara Reid gets her implants taken out, and her new movie goes straight to download-only. Coincidence?
For once, Lindsay Lohan is barred from a club for being underage. Bet she didn't go home to a nice mug of Horlicks, though.
Turns out Cindy Crawford isn't just naturally beautiful, she might've been indulging in some of the shiny needlework popular amongst models.
Be still my beating heart...The producers of 'Lost' have warned the hunky leading men not to skinnydip inbetween filming, worrying they're taking 'unnecessary risks in terms of their image'.
Glad to see Tommy Lee hasn't changed an ounce in regards to enjoying implants.
Brad Pitt is lined up to be the next Tom Cruise, sans the craziness.
Madonna is not just content with taking over the world, she's set the conquer space as well, in 2009.
Does Jack Nicholson have a hard on for strap-ons?
P Diddy just wants the kids to stay in school. And for them to buy his albums. And stay off his lawn, flamin' brats.
Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were caught having a hardcore-groping session when he was in The Priory - witnesses could tell it was her as her 'skinny blue jeans were the giveaway'. Yeh, like every other girl isn't wearing them too!

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September 18, 2006 4:23 PM

Top Ten Stories

Melgibson_1Yes, there really is a Mel Gibson video game, complete with tequila bottles and Star-of-David-throwing Rabbis.
Jon Heder, better known as Napoleon Dynamite, is expecting a baby.
Lindsay Lohan broke her wrist last Friday whilst partying. Hey, at least she didn't cover it up the way the Hoff did.
Katie Holmes is apparently having second thoughts about marrying Tom. If only she'd listened to Star Trip from the beginning...
Adam Ant claims his relationship with Heather Graham saved him from depression and suicide.
Elton John and George Michael are now BFF. Is it too soon to hope for a threesome?
Anna Nicole Smith is refusing to allow her baby's father from meeting her.
Jude Law is desperate to play a Romeo role before his good looks fade. Err...You're about 33 years too late for that, Judey-boy.
Scarlett Johansson speaks out over ultra-thin 'slebs, saying 'I don't need to be skinny to be sexy'.
Nicole Kidman will be riding husband Keith Urban's 'love bus' whilst he goes on tour for 6 months.

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Chris Tarrant speaks out about marriage problems

Christarrant_2 With hindsight, Chris Tarrant must've wished he hadn't arranged a webchat with The Sun Online for this week, having spent the last few days mired in tabloid speculation about his marriage. Yet Chris went through with the chat, and faced a question about his alleged shenanigans with a mystery blonde head-on.

"'Boy goes out on night on town and makes complete prat of himself' is basically the story," he says. "Nothing dreadful happened, but I didn't behave particularly well. All I would say is this week is the fifth year anniversary of 9/11, there are horrific things happening in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, I'm terrified about Korea. Is 'man goes out on the sauce in his local bar' really world headlines?"

Those headlines just keep coming though. Today's Mirror has a further story about Tarrant's alleged extra-marital activities.

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September 15, 2006 9:17 AM

Johnny Vegas causes havoc on the Charlotte Church chat-show

Church_2 Mess with Charlotte Church's family, and you'll cop a big slap. That's what comic Johnny Vegas found out during this week's recording of Char's chat-show, when he joked that he'd shagged her grandma at a karaoke party last year. In response, she shouted "Shut the f*** up!" and slapped him. The Sun says Johnny was sinking booze, leering at female guests, and worst of all, claimed he thought Charlotte's album was "shit".

I'm a bit wary of this story, if I'm honest. Being drunk, leery and abusive is Johnny Vegas' ACT. Surely it didn't come as a surprise to Charlotte or the researchers on her show? Maybe it was the nightmare The Sun is portraying, but far be it from me to suggest that a craftily-planted story of telly fisticuffs might be just the thing to encourage people to tune in tonight when the show is aired...

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Top Ten Stories

Whitney_4Whitney Houston files for divorce from Bobby Brown after 14 years of marriage, whether or not this is due to Osama Bin Laden's crush on the crack-addict is up in the air.
Sean Penn believes there's rules for civilians to follow, and then there's rules for the 'slebs to follow. Well, derr, just look at Pete Doherty.
Speak of the devil, he's just had another Jaguar impounded, for failing to pay road tax.
Paris Hilton and Travis Barker (of Blink 182) are definitely porking.
Thank goodness the next series of Strictly Come Dancing will have some sass, as they've added Emma 'Baby Spice' Bunton to the list of despo keen 'slebs.
Graffiti artist Banksy cheats on us with Los Angeles and doesn't return our numerous frantic calls.
It's rumoured Britney Spears has named her second son Sutton Pierce, so he will have the same initials as his big brother, Sean Preston.
Oasis are not happy campers about being forced to release a greatest hits album. Don't worry, Noel, neither are we.
Marianne Faithfull has been diagnosed with cancer, but still intends on touring in 2007. Atta girl.
We've heard the rumours that Lindsay Lohan is engaged to Harry Morton, but could they have married already?

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September 13, 2006 5:02 PM

Top Ten Stories

KatieholmesKatie Holmes and Tom Cruise are set to get married within the next 6 weeks. Let's hope it's not a Halloween wedding, nothing can get scarier than having to see Suri pics again.
Brad Pitt has stated he will no longer be appearing nekkid or doing sex scenes, for want of a more wholesome family image. Sounds like Angie has him on a tight leash there...
Are they on, are they off, oh who knows, but it seems Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have been getting schnoogly again, this time in Hawaii.
Meat Loaf has apparently propositioned Scarlett Johansson, but thank goodness she refused.
The Hoff continues his boasting, this time that Princess Diana and him almost slept together, and that she was 'smitten' with him. David Hasselhoff! Princess Diana! Hah!
Jane Fonda wishes she could smoosh Lindsay Lohan up to her bosom, pat her hair, and say 'there, there, pet'.
Could things be going poorly for Simon Cowell, whose black American Express card wasn't working in Miami recently?
Turns out it wasn't Russell Brand who raped the girl at his party in Edinburgh (just because the dude looks homeless doesn't mean he's a rapist!)
Paris Hilton is not just, well, everything, but she's also an homewrecker, according to Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker's estranged wife, who has been seen sucking face with the vapid airhead.
Just a week ago we reported that Sharon Osbourne's dog bit Patrick Swayze on her new chat show, well now the pup has gone and sunk it's teeth into The Hoff as well. Dog has taste, mmm.

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September 12, 2006 5:54 PM

Google Wars: Sharon Osbourne vs Simon Cowell!

Sharon_2 She was the rock manager who (sort of) tamed Ozzy Osbourne.  He was the pop svengali who wore his trousers around his neck.  She gave us Maria Lawson, Brenda, Andy and Tabby.  He foisted Journey South, Il Divo and Steve Brookstein upon us.  She was nice.  He was nasty.  And Journey South are still dire.

Yes, this week Google Wars takes in the X Factor, gives it a cup of tea, and then hosts a Google War between the two judges who take up most space in the newspapers.  Which means that Louis Walsh is left sitting at the side reading the newspaper (and counting his money, obviously).  So we open up Google, and it's ladies first.  Let's see what Sharon's got... Oooh, 2,080,000 results.  Not bad.  Not great either - most of the stories seem to be about her various TV projects.  Nothing massively enthralling, but creditable nonetheless.  So let's fire it up again, this time for Simon...

Wow!  The closest Google War yet, with Simon shading it by 60,000 pages.  This faintly disturbing fan site being one of them.  Actually, there are a few fansites out there for Simon.  Mostly, it seems, they're based in America, and have a thing for his "cute British accent".  Should these people ever cross the Atlantic, they will be staggering around in a state of permanent arousal... [Toni Kelly]

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Top Ten Stories

Bransongroup_228x170This is stuff that dreams are made of. Richard Branson deliberately confused Paris Hilton with a waitress, and asked her for a drink. Score 1 for the Billionaire - but which one?
Just days after giving birth to a baby girl, Anna Nicole Smith's 20 year old son dies mysteriously. Let's hope he wasn't taking Trimspa tablets, ouch.
Sean Combs is not allowed to be called 'Diddy' in the UK anymore, as apparently someone already goes by that name. Anybody? No? Me either.
Michael Parkinson is not impressed with Charlotte Church's new chat show, not least because she pulls off better cleavage than him.
Making us all green with envy, although we're unsure about the credibility of this, as it's supposedly from an interview with the NotW, Kirsten Dunst speaks out about her previous relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, 'We tried to spice things up - we had sex in cars, in the bathroom and even by the sea'. Bitch, just quit bragging already.
In more barftacular news, Denise Richards and Richie Sambora are engaged. Maybe.
Just recently Uma Thurman announced she wanted a toy boy, and ker-ching, she has one already. And it's Orlando Bloom...Life just isn't fair.
The only hot Desperate Housewife wants to quit to concentrate on her film career. Considering Eva Longoria's next film is called 'How I met my boyfriend's dead fiancee', I don't think it's a wise move.
And in other freaky news, David Hasslehoff wants to be buried in a glass coffin under his Hollywood star so people can watch him decompose. Little does he know we've been doing that the past 54 years of his life.
Claudia Schiffer is in trouble over her 'vicious dogs', and no, we're not referring to her supermodel pals.

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September 7, 2006 8:27 PM

Top Ten Stories

Hilton_arrest_cops_x17Paris Hilton was arrested for driving under the influence earlier this morning, the photo on the left shows her being led, handcuffed, into a police car.
Speaking of DUI and raving loonies, Mel Gibson has left rehab, and is fed up with people paying so much attention to him. Don't worry, Mel, having a stiff scotch will surely help matters eh! 
Britney Spears is rumoured to be giving birth today, by C-section, and will be naming her supposed daughter 'Jailynn', after her mother, Lynne, and sister, Jamie. Yup, Jail Federline. What a knob.
As if we care, but Heather Locklear and David Spade have ended their 5 month relationship, with reports saying David thinks she's an 'high-maintenance bitch'.
But not to worry, as it seems Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey may be back together - perhaps she's clucky after seeing those cute Suri Cruise photos?
P Diddy's girlfriend is pregnant with not one, but two little P Diddlers.
Marcia Cross, of Desperate Housewives fame, is up the duff with her husband, reportedly 2 months gone.
Brangelina are tying the knot viddy viddy soon! Or so Star claims...
Yessss! Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth have split after 4 years - get ready to fight for him, girls.
And as one heart-throb becomes single, another disappears into marriage, with Emilio Estevez becoming engaged to his writer girlfriend.

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Tabloid Tales: Little Britain star Matt Lucas getting married

Littlebritainwedding Half-arsed Photoshop montage of the day goes to The Sun in its story about Matt Lucas popping the question to his other half Kevin McGee. The proposal happened in May, but it's just been revealed in a new book about Little Britain. Well done to The Sun for resisting the urge to make any 'the only gays in the village registry office' jokes, but I'm not too sure about their image accompanying the story.

The paper has mocked up how the wedding might look if Matt turned up dressed as his Andy character from the TV show (left). Although for that to work, Kevin would also have to turn up dressed as David Walliams, with his head at a frankly painful-looking angle. Still, you never know.

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September 5, 2006 4:47 PM

Top Ten Stories

Kellyosbournegreenroom2_1Kelly Osbourne fake marries in an inflatable church at a music festival in Ireland. Well, when in Ireland...
Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are apparently over, whilst Angelina Jolie is pregnant again - too much information to take in all at once!
The Arctic Monkeys are the favourite to win tonight's Mercury Music Prize, even though last year's favourite was Kaiser Chiefs, and well, we all know what happened there.
Sharon Osbourne's dog bites Patrick Swayze on her chat show. No, not her pussy. Her dog. Although I wouldn't put it past her to let the pussy out of the trousers with the likes of Swayze around.
If you're wealthy enough, and flamboyant enough, you can bag yourself some of Cher's very own outfits at Sotheby's auction house in London.
Keira Knightley is stunned she actually has to pay for something. Life is hard, doll.
Madonna is auctioning off her wedding tiara on eBay, reports that this is due to bankruptcy are entirely made up.
The video of Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur has apparently crashed their server, undoubtedly due to the millions of horny pubescent boys.
Pamela Anderson launches her own makeup line, because the kids aren't slutty enough these days.
You can pick up Syd Barrett's house in Cambridge for just £300,000 where the former Pink Floyd-er lived for 25 years.

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September 4, 2006 7:40 PM

Top Ten Stories

Hilary_swank_newHilary Swank moves on from Chad Lowe just 9 months after their split. What a mananiser!
With-hair-worse-than-Robert-Smith's, Russell Brand's DNA is being tested after being accused of raping a 20 year old.
Al Pacino has a massive Godfather-sized boner for Madonna, despite the leotards.
Geri Halliwell's baby girl, Bluebell Madonna, has apparently been abused. And we're not just talking about her name.
Ho ho ho, the jokes just write themselves, as lantern-jawed James Van Der Beek announces he is writing a debut screenplay about baseball.
Queen and Paul Rodgers throw away their zimmerframes and declare an attack on US stadiums and arenas. At least you'll be home for the prime-time movie on telly.
Samuel L. Jackson is keen to make a sequel to Snakes on a Plane, this time, titled 'Snakes on Crack'. Let's see if he can rope in Whitney Houston for a cameo.
Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields patch things up, cue her entrance into Scientology any day now.
Charlotte Church wants to recruit Tom Cruise for her new chat show, but claims he won't, due to the show's 'silliness'. What she doesn't realise is the silliness hasn't even started until he appears.
Ms. Shoewawa over on our new Shiny Fashion Forum told us about Banksy's Paris Hilton parody CDs, now available on eBay!

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Steve Irwin Killed By Stingray This Morning

UirwinJust a quick note, I'm sure most of you have heard the terrible news about Steve Irwin's untimely passing away due to an incident with a stingray this morning just off the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. His colleague, John Stainton, was on board Irwin's boat at the time and said 'He came on top of the stingray and the stingray's barb went up and into his chest and put a hole into his heart,' killing him shortly afterwards. 'It was extraordinarily bad luck. It's not easy to get spined by a stingray and to be killed by one is very rare', a marine neuroscientist, Shaun Collin, commented after his death. It is almost ironic that Irwin spent his whole life surrounded by the World's most deadliest animals, like crocodiles, but was killed by an animal normally known for its placidness.

Irwin is survived by his wife, and two children, of 8 and 3 years of age. The animal world will miss him greatly, as he was a fantastic campaigner for animal rights.

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Tabloid Tales: Sharon Osbourne piling on the pounds

Sharonosbourne Sharon Osbourne has put on 15 pounds since the last series of X Factor, according to today's Mirror. She revealed the news herself while interviewing that Chico fella on her chatshow. Well, if I'd foisted Chico on an unsuspecting musical world, I'd be comfort-eating too. But no, apparently it's "all the fish and chips I keep shovelling down" according to Sharon. Oh, and apparently one of her dogs bit Patrick Swayze on the show too. I'd still watch Charlotte Church.

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September 1, 2006 4:57 PM

Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_3One of Linday Lohan's casual lovers has apparently bought her a pricey Cartier engagement ring and whisked her off on holiday to propose, no less than a month after declaring she would never be monogamous.
Somehow we don't think this is an authentic baby registry for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline - firstly, he's listed as K-Fed. Is anyone really that dumb? Oh, wait.
Lionel Richie gives his mark of approval to daughter Nicole and current bed-warmer, Brody Jenner.
Thoughts of retirement are far from Madonna's mind, as she starts planning her next album, reportedly meant to be more of the same disco music. Just leave the leotards alone this time, love.
If you care to remember her, Christina Milian is flogging all her clothes on eBay to make a quick buck, sources say she is indeed close to bankrupt.
The filming of Charlotte Church's first talk show episode was apparently a 'shambles' but will be edited well for the debut tonight.
As if we need more evidence on Paris Hilton's more than willing thighs, here it is.
Could Robbie Williams be shedding his playboy image, preferring to jump into bed with his Playstation instead of a woman?
If the sight of Daniel Craig in his swimming trunks didn't turn you on, perhaps his gay kiss will.
Not surprisingly, Pete Doherty has been branded the 'worst tenant in history', as his landlord evicts him.

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'The Apprentice' Star Michelle Loses Baby

Michelle_5 Sad news from The Apprentice 2 winner Michelle Dewberry. Having told the press that she was expecting a baby with fellow contestant Syed Ahmed, it's now emerged that Michelle has miscarried. A spokesman told Closer magazine: "Michelle and the baby's father, Syed Ahmed, are both extremely upset and are supporting each other through this difficult period."

Michelle was taken to hospital suffering from stomach pains and it was later confirmed that she had miscarried. Syed had previously said: "These are exciting times, although I think Michelle is having quite a complex pregnancy." The couple still plan to marry and Michelle is converting to Islam to do so. Good luck to them both.

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August 31, 2006 12:16 PM

Top Ten Stories

BrianmayIt seems us bloggers have got Brian May's goat, he recently fumed about three MySpace users pretending to be him, and that 'Paul Stanley of Kiss has the same problem'. Ol' Bri should be thankful he's still getting attention, bet Paul Stanley is bloody grateful no-ones forgotten about him!
Our brother-blog TV Scoop has the erm, 'scoop', on Pete from Big Brother's recent £1 million autobiography deal with HarperCollins.
Recent climber-out-of-the-closet popstar Lance Bass reveals that he is incredibly happy since announcing he was gay at the start of summer, now that he has a young buff plaything.
Girls, be prepared to put up a fight, as David Hasselhoff has proclaimed he's returning to Britain in order to find himself 'a beautiful girlfriend. But I don't want some dumb blonde. I'd like a woman who is really intelligent'. Well, Dave, ahem, here's my personal email address...
John Mark Karr (y'know, the bozo who claimed to kill the child star JonBenet Ramsey), apparently wants a movie to be made on her life, with Johnny Depp playing the part of him. Understandably, Depp is yet to comment.
There has been speculation for years about his questionably sexuality, but finally, is this pictorial evidence that John Travolta is gay?
Living up to their 'creative' imagination, scammers in South Africa used Oprah Winfrey's name in a recent scam.
From the same people who brought you Britney Spears's birth cast in stone, Suri Cruise's first poo is on offer, made from bronze, and is reportedly authentic.
Speaking of the Hoff, he's recently asked Orlando Bloom to play his son in the film version of Knight Rider, leaving female minds wondering if the screen is big enough for two oily heart-throbs.
Jessica Simpson finally 'fesses up to using lip injections last year, presumably she is spilling the truth now, as she's only just regained the ability to speak - seriously - did you see those babies?

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August 30, 2006 6:22 PM

Top Ten Stories

Lindsay_2Could Lindsay Lohan possibly be going sober, and, err, just what the world needs, becoming a DJ?
Justin Timberlake may or may not have binned Cameron Diaz in time for the launch of his new album, Future Sex/Love Sounds. We bet he's not getting much of either at the moment...
Yesterday we reported K-Fed was appearing in CSI, today it's Entourage, as he plays - get this - 'a celebrity's freeloading spouse'. Huh, the scriptwriters didn't have to stretch far, did they?
Should we feel privileged over this? I can't tell - 2 former Blink 182'ers have reformed as a new band (+44), reportedly named after the UK dialling code. Greeeaaat...
Funny that Snakes on a Plane tops the box office only in Australia. Steve Irwin, we blame you.
Celebrity relationships just get more and more aesthetically disgusting, as Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are reportedly a couple.
Sean Preston, (Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's bub), is pronounced a genius, as his first words uttered are 'dada'. Praise the Lord his first words weren't 'oi, you got a lighter?'
Score one for Blighty, as Charlotte Church knocks back Paris Hilton's offer of appearing on her new chat show.
Drats, Penny Lancaster is not content with having just one baby from the lovemachine of Rod Stewart, oh no, they're intending on having another. Curses!
So much for her vow of abstinence, Paris Hilton has moved in with 'Firecrotch' utterer, Brandon Davis.

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August 29, 2006 4:56 PM

Top Ten Stories

Natalieportman_1As if celebrities aren't already superior to us mere civilians, Natalie Portman dons her battle rags and enters the war zone of Israel, to visit her family despite the war with Hezbollah. Bring us back a souvenir, won't you love?
Thank the lord, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are reportedly civil with one another now. Is it too soon to suggest a threesome?
Owen Wilson-obsessives, time to hike down to your nearest Agent Provocateur, as he is apparently not bedding Kate Hudson, who is rumoured to be back with her homeless-looking husband.
Elton John proves he is walking ever closer along the path to senility and dementia, as he apparently wants to work 'with Pharrell, Timbaland, Snoop, Kanye, Eminem and just see what happens'. What happens, Elt, is that you'll wind up being shot.
Kevin Federline has landed a speaking role in CSI, where he'll be playing a 'threatening' teenager. At the tender age of...28?
More hope for Jennifer Aniston of staying Brad's parents' preferred choice of daughter-in-law, as they are offended by Angelina Jolie's drunk behaviour and 'tactless' personality at a recent birthday party for Maddox.
It's official, Suri Cruise will make her debut in the October issue of Vanity Fair.
At least the musical will be in keeping with the film version of Chicago, as fellow emaciated singer Ashlee Simpson is set to star as Roxie Hart, the part portrayed by Renee Zellweger in the film.
Not content with just stealing The Office from our fair shores, HBO are set to remake Little Britain to entertain Americans. Somehow I think the Vicky Pollard skits will be more of a real-life drama over there than a comedy.
And apparently Eminem is not a misogynistic so and so, he is, infact, channeling Buddha. Right...

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August 24, 2006 12:10 PM

Top Ten Stories

Katehudson_1Unfortunately Kate Hudson hasn't heard the expression 'you can't have your cake and eat it too', as she contemplates going back to her scruffmeister of a husband, Chris Robinson. Poor Owen Wilson - I know a few girls who would willingly comfort him if need be, wink wink, nudge nudge.
Paris Hilton didn't learn her lesson when her own Sidekick was hacked, as she's recently been accused of hacking in to Lindsay Lohan's voicemail, no doubt hoping to hear messages from their greasy boyfriend-in-common, Stavros Niarchos.
Proving that she is indeed cheap, Britney Spears's autobiography from 2002 is selling for just 99 cents now, which is quite possibly 99 cents too much.
Nicole Richie is officially seeing someone, poor bloke.
Kate Moss's recent trip to Bali was not just an innocent Indonesian holiday, apparently it was meant to be a wedding ceremony for her and Pete Doherty. Shame he was in rehab at the time...
We predicted a book deal for Heather Mills McCartney, and it turns out we were right.
Mel Gibson does not a role model make. So stop taking tips from him, Tom Hanks, on racial put-downs already!
Put your clean undies on girls, as Bruce Springsteen's marriage is on the rocks.
As if Dr. Who isn't scary enough, they've recruited Meat Loaf to play a villain, as if he isn't scary enough.
It's practically an anti-drinking campaign in itself, as Kerry Katona was recently rushed to hospital in fear of her unborn child's health.

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Tabloid Tales: David Gest heads for the jungle

Davidgest Oh my. It's almost time again for I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, and it might just be compulsive viewing if today's story in The Sun is right about David Gest being one of the participants. You know, the really strange-looking chap who ended up divorcing Liza Minnelli after 18 months claiming she beat him up.

"David is very keen to make his mark on British TV and we knew we just had to meet him," an insider at the show tells the paper. However, there could be a reality-show war on the horizon, as Dave's also been approached to appear in the next Celebrity Big Brother. Either way, he'll be confined with snakes, slugs and venomous predators. [Stuart Dredge]

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August 22, 2006 11:07 AM

Hang Sophie Anderton on your wall!

Sophieandertonprint Not the real Sophie, obviously - if you think she's been moany on Love Island, imagine her reaction if you tried to mount her next to the flying ducks in your living room. No, not that kind of mounting Danan... Anyway, Bayraider's turned up a cool pop-art print of the whingeing supermodel, which is on eBay for just £99.99.

Also up for grabs is ten sets of prop fangs from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, complete with full listings of who wore them in which episode. Meanwhile, if you prefer your celebs to be a little... older, then you might fancy placing a bid on this Mini which belonged to comedian Tommy Steele

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August 16, 2006 7:24 AM

Love Island Latest

Loveisland_7 There's a new arrival on Love Island! And it's fair to say, the arrival of Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler didn't exactly go down well with the girls in the camp, particularly Sophie, but so far I'm loving Kate's inclusion. She's very funny, very dry - I'm not sure why that surprised me - and has so far said the truest line of the series: "Sophie's messed up in the head". Clever girl.

Kate's first action on the island was to go and get drunk with the boys, where she identified Brendan Cole's increasing desperation to have sex. With anyone. He really does seem ready to explode with sexual tension, and you naughty viewers went and put a reluctant Kate in the Love Shack with him. I'd sleep with one eye open if I were you, Ms. Lawler. [Toni Kelly]

Meanwhile, Chris and Coleen have moved their flirtation up a gear and have managed to piss Sophie off with all their kissing and cuddling. She says she isn't jealous, but she's lying. It must be hard to be dumped for someone so much more attractive - and have to witness just how over you the bloke in question is. I'm actually beginning to like Chris, who seems observant and witty at times, but a complete twat for the rest of the time. More of the former, please.

Brendan was filmed in the Love Shack putting questions to Kate, but he managed to steal the show by bitching about, well... everyone. Little Lee got it the worst, as Lee so observantly stated: "I don't think he likes me very much." Give that boy a Smartie! Kelle stood up for Brendan and refused to continue watching the tape, which is quite sweet, considering she's so obviously in love with him.

But the story, of course, is in Sophie. Sophie has decided there's someone at home for her that she'd rather be with. Sounds a bit familiar... isn't that exactly why Shane left the island? She's not even being original now. Sophie then had a rather amusing chat with her Mum, when she asked repeatedly "are you proud of me?" whilst her Mum dodged answering the question. That'd be no, then. Following the phone call Sophie declared she was staying, which I'm ever so glad about - she's a nutcase, but she's bloody good TV.

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August 14, 2006 11:56 AM

eBay Picks: Big Brother party tickets and Janet Jackson's thong

Bigbrotherpartytickets It's the last week of the latest Big Brother series, with fans anxious to see if Pete can live up to his red-hot favourite status in Friday's final. But what happens then? Well, the housemates are down to attend a reunion party in the BB house on September 24th, and Bayraider has turned up two tickets to the bash going for £160 on eBay. It's your chance to see if Imogen is really that boring in the flesh...

Meanwhile, Bayraider's also been on something of an underwear kick this morning, rifling through the eBay drawers to find a thong worn by Janet Jackson on the cover of this month's VIBE magazine. I'm surprised she didn't keep it after the photo shoot, but hey, maybe she didn't know what she'd got till it was gone. Etc. [Stuart Dredge]

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Love Island Latest

Loveisland_5 I haven't been updating about Love Island recently, mainly because it became so boring I couldn't bear to watch it. From what I can gather, some unknowns came and spent time on the islands, then left. Paul Danan got voted out, as did that Leo bloke, and Shane Lynch decided to walk. Then, all of a sudden, it got interesting again!

First off, Lee - who was head over heels for Colleen - got a chance to spy on her and heard her telling everyone she didn't fancy him. He then confronted her and got a bit violent, at one point spitting: "No, fuck you Colleen." He reduced her to tears, actually. He had to be calmed down, which Brendan attempted, only to have several choice expletives thrown in his direction as well. Bianca also had a go at intervening, but was politely asked to leave Lee and Colleen alone. Or something like that. [Toni Kelly]

But the story of the moment is really all about Sophie Anderton. Is this the least self-aware celebrity in the land?

Firstly, Sophie falls in love with Shane. She bores everyone rigid talking about him, spends hours analysing his every word he says to her and she also talks about him in the Beach Hut (I learnt what it was called!). When Shane announces he's leaving, she's in tears.

Then suddenly, like magic, she's okay again and has moved on to poor Chris Brosnan. They spend awhile kissing and cuddling, then Sophie manipulates the Daily Decider, asking poor Kelle to throw the competition so Sophie can go on the day trip with Chris. When they get back, Sophie trills about their "connection" and doesn't react well when Kelle says their relationship isn't real. Sophie, love, no one thinks your little alliance with Chris is real.

Then - dun dun dun! - the producers of Love Island have a brainwave and bring back Victoria Hervey for a chat with Sophie. If you remember, Victoria and Chris were pretty close before Lady V was booted off the island. Sophie has spent many hours in the Beach Hut saying she thinks Victoria will be "cool" with Sophie's relationship with Chris - but boy is she wrong!

The whole confrontation was laughable. Victoria had a bit of a go and Sophie said "well that's your opinion" several times. Sophie had been rocked earlier in the day when words she'd said came back to haunt her in the daily task, and she continued her denial trip by telling Victoria nothing had happened, to which Victoria rightfully responded "I've been watching it!"

Sophie is unbelieveable. The woman is the biggest bitch on the island, but goes and says she isn't and even says "I'm glad I'm not a bitchy person". HELLO?! What the hell are you thinking?!

When Sophie leaves, having had a bottle of wine poured over her, Sophie goes and tells Calum she's upset but "can't say anything". Then she... erm... says everything. She then goes and tells Kelle and has a good cry. Then she tells the group, and has a good cry. And bingo, she's got what she wanted - to be centre of attention.

Brendan stands up for Victoria, only to be interrupted by Lee, who really seems to have taken agin the New Zealander. Brendan later reflects on what he said, and says my TV moment of the year: "... and then Twat Features interrupts..." referring to Lee. It's a fitting nickname.

Then - and this really is the best bit - Chris goes and dumps Sophie! It spins around in her head and she's soon telling people how it was a mutual decision.

She's the most deluded person I've ever seen on TV. And for that, she's a treasure to watch. Keep it up, Sophie, I'm loving hating you!

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Google Wars: Sophie Anderton vs. Lady Victoria Hervey

Loveisland_4 Round two of Google Wars, this time it's Sophie Anderton vs. Lady Victoria Hervey. The pair have come to blows on Love Island over Chris Brosnan (and really, why?). The story goes like so: Victoria got with Chris first, but then got kicked off the island. Sophie continued her desperate attempts to get Shane Lynch, but he jumped off the island last week. Within 24 hours, Sophie and Chris were getting it on and Sophie was going on about their "connection". Then Victoria came back and had a showdown with Sophie, who made a massive deal of how Victoria had thrown wine over her, but insisted she wasn't in the wrong. THEN, Chris dumped Sophie, not caring he'd ended the girls nine-year friendship, because he fancies Colleen anyway.


So, girl vs. girl, two completely useless celebrities - who'll win?

Sophie first. She has 288,000 (rough guide) Google entries, the majority from her modelling career, featuring plenty of doctored photos of her "naked". Not a bad score, but nothing amazing (she's clearly not as popular as she thinks). And it's a close one! Victoria has 255,000 (rough guide) entries. So it's a win for Sophie, which I expected, but I thought it'd be by a bigger margain. [Toni Kelly]

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August 11, 2006 2:28 AM

Where Are They Now? - Cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy To the legions of fans that watched it, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was the cult hit of the 90s. Fans of the show are as dedicated as Trekkies, still attending conventions around the globe and praying for the much-talked about TV movies. The most common rumour is that of a Spike spin-off. How do I know that? I'm one of those still-obsessed fans who can't quite believe the show has finished.

Buffy has been talked about by Shiny Media before. Regular bits and pieces appear on Bayraider and Trashionista recently told fans how to indulge their love of the show through books. So it seemed only right that this new feature debut with a rundown of what the cast are doing now. That, and as a fan, I'm curious to see what they're all doing. Hopefully they're all unemployed and will re-start the show out of desperation. One can dream... [Toni Kelly]

(For argument's sake, I'm only including cast members who have appeared in Buffy exclusively or mainly. Actors like David Boreanaz will appear in next week's Angel Where Are They Now? James Marsters will appear next week as Angel is where we saw Spike last)


Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy Summers
I, of course, had to start with the star of the show. Sarah Michelle Gellar - who I will from now on refer to as SMG, for typing ease - has been a busy little bee since the show ended in 2003. SMG's most notable appearances have been as Daphne in both (awful) Scooby Doo movies and as the lead role, Karen, in the 2004 hit The Grudge. Both were high profile, but with varying degrees of success.

SMG has recently finished filming The Grudge 2 as well as upcoming flick The Return. The most I can find out about 'The Return' is this: A succesful young business woman starts having nightmares about a young woman who was murdered 25 years ago. In true Buffy speak - Gee, could they vague that up for me?

In the mean time, Sarah has appeared (well, her voice has) on fellow ex-Buffy cast member Seth Green's animation series Robot Chicken. She's also leant her vocal talents to an episode of The Simpsons. SMG's upcoming projects include Alice, which is the story of what happened to Alice after the Wonderland, and Addicted, which, to be frank, the plot description is so crap for I haven't a clue what it's USP is.

Sarah is still married to Freddie Prinze Junior. She turns 30 next year. For up-to-date information on Sarah, visit SMGFan.com, which is easily one of the best unofficial actress websites I've ever seen. For a photo of what Sarah looks like now, click here.


Alyson Hannigan played Willow Rosenberg
Alyson's biggest non-Buffy gig has been appearing in all three of the American Pie movies, which got progressively worse. Although she has mainly focused on TV since the end of Buffy, she also appeared in Date Movie - a move I'd imagine she still regrets - and has voiced a character in the upcoming flick, Farce of the Penguins, which is a mockumentary on penguin life.

She has an on-going part on How I Met Your Mother as Lily Aldrin, and has also appeared in three episodes of Veronica Mars (which I know a lot of Buffy fans have transferred their affections to).

It's hard to believe Alyson is now 32. She's still married to ex-Buffy and Angel actor Alexis Denisof. Here's a recent photo of her, not looking all that different from her last appearance on Buffy.


Nicholas Brendon played Xander Harris
Nicholas was an unknown when Joss Whedon cast him as Xander. Up until that point, he'd had bit-parts in TV shows, but nothing of note, so it was a surprise when he landed what could be called the lead male role in Buffy.

Unfortunately, since Buffy, Nick has pretty much returned to his former successes. After battling with alcoholism, Nick has only notched up a few TV appearances. Embarrassingly, on TV show American Dragon: Jake Long his character is only referred to as "Huntsboy #89". That's gotta hurt. However, following a return to full health, Nick has managed to post two TV movies, Relative Chaos and Ultimate Fire, and has a film, Unholy, in post production. He is also involved with the Stuttering Foundation of America.

He is 35 (Christ, really?) and married to Tressa, who I've never heard of.


Anthony Stewart Head played Rupert Giles
Did you know that Buffy is the only TV show where Tony Head uses the name 'Anthony Stewart Head'? It's for equity reasons, apparently. After spending seven years filming Buffy in California, Tony returned home and has since had major roles on several British TV shows. He plays the Primeminister in Little Britain and has also appeared in Doctor Who, Rose & Maloney and Monarch of the Glen. He also recently turned up on Sport Relief's Only Fools On Horses with his partner Sarah, talking about horse massage of all things!

Tony's career is very, very healthy and he regularly does his bit on the talkshow circuit (he's so far the only reason I've tuned in to Wogan: Now & Then). He's 52 years old. Tune in to any of his many shows to see how he's looking nowadays (like a silver haired fox).


Michelle Trachtenberg played Dawn Summers
I couldn't stand Dawn. Could anyone? She was whiny, annoying and a general pain in the arse. Turns out Michelle Trachtenberg is actually very nice, very funny and apparently a very good actress. She's enjoyed a steady stream of work since Buffy ended, appearing in Euro Trip (which was actually quite funny) and on US TV show Six Feet Under. In fact, she's notched up the most work out of all the actors I've researched. She has a couple of films coming up, including Black Christmas, and looks set to enjoy a long career.

Michelle is 20 and looking scarily grown up.


Emma Caulfield played Anya Jenkins
Emma hasn't had that much to do since Buffy, though she did have a part in Darkness Falls, which was relatively successful. She's another ex-Buffite to lend a voice to Robot Chicken and has done several docu-dramas as herself. Joss Whedon said it was her talent that most surprised him on the musical episode of Buffy, Once More With Feeling, but Emma has sensibly dodged the singing career that might have come a calling.

She is 33 and it has to be said, is looking it.


Marc Blucas (Riley Finn): Has done lots of crap films, most notably First Daughter with Katie Holmes, which was unmitigated shite.
Seth Green (Daniel Osbourne): Has continued his Austin Powers role, his voicing of Chris Griffin in the incomparable Family Guy and created the much-mentioned-in-this-feature Robot Chicken.
Amber Benson (Tara Maclay): Has done absolutely nothing of note. Whatsoever.
Danny Strong (Jonathan Levinson): Appeared as a jockey in Seabiscuit and has had a recurring part on The Gilmore Girls.

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August 10, 2006 1:10 PM

Borat Movie Trailer

The girls in the Shiny Media office and I are just loving the new Borat movie trailer. We've also hunted down his official website and official MySpace profile - we all wet ourselves laughing, take a look for yourself. [Katherine Hannaford]

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Top Ten Stories

Simpsons_2Joe Simpson continues to creep out his daughters Jessica and Ashlee by talking yet again about their boobs.
Pete Doherty claims to be 'clean' and in the process of marrying Kate Moss. Dude still needs a bath and a haircut, however 'clean' he may be.
Kirsten Dunst dates a mystery British man, and he lumps her with the bill. Atta boy, that's how we do things here in Blighty!
David Hasslehoff admits to loving being groped by female fans, and also tried to seduce married Kate Beckinsale 'I whispered in her ear the other day at a premiere, ‘I’ll give you everything I have’. She just laughed. But when she met me initially, she seemed very excited.' Suuuure...
Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler file for divorce, following in the footsteps of other failed MTV marriages, in the form of Jessica and Nick, and Dave and Carmen. It's about time someone put a curse on MTV marriages.
Lindsay Lohan gets kicked out of her L.A. home, the Chateau Marmont as 'it is very disruptive with all of her friends coming in and out and her late nights'.
Robin Williams falls off the wagon and enters rehab after being sober for 20 years. Reckon it had something to do with signing on to film Mrs. Doubtfire 2?
Several weeks after Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra split, he is now swapping saliva with porn-star Jenna Jameson. Such impeccable taste in women.
Sienna Miller and Jude Law break up for the last time reportedly. Do we even care anymore? Really, the only good thing about this slice of goss is the close-up of her inner-thigh bruise, tasty.
Anna Nicole Smith wants fellow white-trashee Britney Spears to be her New BFF,
'If you wanted to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you...I think you’re totally cool and I think we’re going to have our babies about the same time,' as she wrote on her website. Like Britney needs any more bad  [Katherine Hannaford]

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Rag Roundup: Lindsay Lohan's tattoo parlour, Nicole Kidman for Playboy, Diddy and James Blunt get pally, and more!

The McCartneys have unaccountably been pushed off the front pages by proper news this morning, but don't worry, there's still a bunch of celebrity gossip in the inside pages. Lindsay Lohan wants to open a tattoo parlour, Charlize Theron gets a rollicking from her bloke, Playboy want Nicole Kidman to pose nude, and back here in England, the WAGs are still fighting like steely-eyed-blonde-tinted ferrets in a bag to get on TV. No change there then.

Lindsaytattooparlour I can kinda see why Lindsay Lohan would want to open a tattoo parlour. After all, she's got one herself, she has a bunch of privacy-craving celebrity mates, and perhaps most importantly, it'll give her something to fall back on when the movie career goes south. Sorry, if. I meant if. Really.

Also in Hollywood, the Mirror claims Charlize Theron was reduced to tears in a restaurant before going to see a Radiohead gig with boyfriend Stuart Townsend. No, not because someone told her they wouldn't be playing 'Creep'. The couple allegedly had a huge bust-up because Charlize arrived 45 minutes late for the pre-concert meal. Given the choice between missing pudding or missing the start of Radiohead, I know what I'd do.

Nicolekidman_1 The Sun reckons Hugh Hefner is going all-out to convince Nicole Kidman to pose for Playboy magazine. "The vision of her with a cigarette in one hand and her knickers in the other as a delicious French au pair haunts my fantasies," says the randy old goat. "I'd better add that she's a terrific actress."

Today's McCartney divorce story in the Mirror needs no words from me - the introduction speaks for itself. "The sister of Heather Mills' first husband Alfie Karmal last night branded her a scheming manipulator who lures men by twisting the truth about her personality." Is this a pro or anti Heather story? I just can't tell.

Jamesbluntdiddy In other news, Diddy and James Blunt have formed an unlikely friendship, which appears to revolve around chasing posh English women and arguing over whose music is worse. Former Atomic Kitten singer Liz McClarnon says she's not ready to join the WAGs, despite dating Swansea City striker Lee Trundle. The implication being that she'll only be a proper WAG when she trades up to a Premiership star, or at least someone with a less silly haircut.

Meanwhile, it's getting devious in the race to star in upcoming reality show Footballers' Wives Boutique. Apparently Jermaine Defoe's girlfriend Charlotte Meares is "shelling out a fortune on hair extensions" in an effort to take centre stage. Tsk, hasn't she heard that Victoria Beckham has chopped hers off?

And finally, reality shows may be scraping the bottom of the celebrity bucket, but at least the celebs are honest about it. Channel Five's 'Trust Me, I'm a Holiday Rep' will star chef Nancy Lam ("I need the money") and ex Hearsay singer Noel Sullivan ("I want to prove that I'm a survivor"), as well as teary royal butler Paul Burrell, mentalist DJ Brandon Block, comic Rowland Rivron, "socialite" Emma Jones (i.e. she couldn't bag a footballer in time to get on the Boutique), and "wannabe model" Samantha Rowley. [Stuart Dredge]

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August 9, 2006 2:01 PM

Top Ten Stories

BillclintonSex-machine Bill Clinton turns 60 on August 17th, and will host several months worth of celebrations, culminating in a Rolling Stones gig in October.
David and Victoria Beckham are releasing a joint perfume next month, 'Intimately', featuring racy photos of the couple together.
Larry David's life veers dangerously towards resembling an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, when his BMW gets hit by an 'out-of-control shopping cart'. Wonder if Susie Greene was behind it all?
Speaking of sex gods, Barry Manilow is scheduled to have hip surgery, presumably due to an overtly-active pelvis.
Newly single Uma Thurman wants to set up an online dating service 'for all the lost and lonely socially-inept celebrities who don't know how to meet anybody'.
Conflict between Tori Spelling and her mother Candy continue, with Candy disinviting Tori to the Emmy awards.
£750 will buy you not only a rare painting by Pete Doherty made from blood, but also a meeting with the poet/artist/junkie.
Suri Cruise-Holmes's first picture will be shown in Vanity Fair this Autumn.
Paris Hilton has been turned into a Hello Kitty stuffed toy, only available in Japan as of yet. Plushophiles the World-over rejoice.

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Slip into Eva Longoria's Baby Doll chemise on eBay

Evalongoriachemise I couldn't slip into it, mind, but only because I'm a big galoot of a man. Yes, one of Eva Longoria's baby doll chemises has popped up on eBay. It's a Samantha Chang dress that was actually worn on screen in Desperate Housewives - the auction has the screen grabs to prove it. Bayraider has the details. Oh, and they've also turned up a cool birthday card hand-drawn by movie director Tim Burton, starring Batman and Robin. Give this man a job in comics now!

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August 8, 2006 6:35 PM

Who The Hell Is... Lee Otway?

Lee He's made this year's Love Island all the more interesting, what with his tears and his many bouts of unrequited love, but who the heck is Lee Otway?

Firstly, I didn't even know his surname, so I'd like to thank the official Love Island website for providing that little nugget of information - shame about the rest of his bio. We're cheerfully informed he plays/played (I do apologise, but I don't watch it, so I don't know if he's in it anymore) "the loveable buffoon Bombhead" in Hollyoaks. Well there's a great start. He also appeared on Soapstar Superstar, which I - again - am afraid I didn't watch, preferring to opt for... well, anything.

Lee is 24, despite looking 15. He claims he slept with 26 women before the age of 18, which is a bare-faced lie an interesting bit of information. The Love Island website doesn't even provide us with a date of birth, just that he's 24 and a Capricorn. Wonderful. So what else can I dig up about him? Read on and see. [Toni Kelly]

First step, good old Google. It brings up the usual suspects - the Hollyoaks website as well as Love Island and Soapstar Superstar information. But - aha! There's an official website! A disastrous PhotoShop banner greets you and the opening blurb tells you he's on Love Island at the moment, but when he gets back will be promoting his new single. Christ, just what England needs.

And aha, a bit of clicking brings up a date of birth - January 4th 1982, and despite what the Love Island profile claims, he was actually born in Bradford, not Leeds. His CV isn't exactly glowing. Lee has appeared on Stars In Their Eyes (celeb special) and Abbamania 2. But his only other acting credit is Heartbeat, for what I assume is only one episode 'Arms & the Man' where he played Mickey Randall.

Lee tried out for two other Hollyoaks parts and didn't get them. His website claims his acting potential was recognised and he was eventually cast as Bombhead. To me, that means he kept bugging them by auditioning until they gave him a part.

The rest of his bio is short and boring, detailing his success on Soapstar Superstar and how he landed a recording contract after it. There's also a mention of Panto work.

So who is Lee Otway? A wannabe singer who's done some acting in the past and who makes ridiculous claims about how much sex he's had. Investigation over.

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August 7, 2006 9:12 AM

Where Are They Now? Gordon The Gopher

Gordonthegopher Okay, it's a bit silly to kick off a new regular feature with a furry puppet whose heyday was in the 1980s, but it's a story that MUST BE TOLD. See, Gordon The Gopher was a big part of millions of Brits' childhood years, yet while sidekick Philip Schofield has gone on to bigger and brighter things (well, This Morning), Gordon disappeared without trace. So what happened?

His Wikipedia entry suggests that Schofield has since claimed that Gordon became an alcoholic and then died in a ram-raiding accident. Meanwhile, this spoof website claims Gordon committed suicide after being exposed for "scenes of red hot gopher action", and was then "skinned and used as a wig". What is it with puppets and people's wild imaginations?

Another site, The Bubble Burst, claims that the original Gordon puppet went missing when Schofield left the BBC, but that "a badly decomposed body found in a BBC locker was identified as Gordon". But puzzlingly, musician Debbie Curtis claims on her official website that the puppet's living with her and touring the world. It's all too confusing.

More Where Are They Now? later this week, and it'll be a human being, not a furry faux-animal. Unless Roland The Rat's people get back to us, of course. [Stuart Dredge]

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Sunday Rag Roundup: McCartney divorce gets nasty, Big Brother Mikey has plans for Grace, Mischa Barton's new rugby love and more!

Sundaymirror A bumper crop of tabloid goodness yesterday, including the first real indications that the Paul McCartney / Heather Mills divorce is going to turn nasty. Meanwhile, Big Brother evictees Mikey and Susie had their 15 pages of fame - Mikey wants to get Grace into bed, and Susie wasn't ever an escort.

Elsewhere, celebs are eagerly diving into new romances, whether it's Mischa Barton with a rugby player, Lily Allen with an indie drummer, or Noel Edmonds with a mystery woman (who doesn't drum or play rugby as far as I'm aware).

Colin Farrell and Bianca Gascoigne are the victims of kiss'n'tells, while there's also news of Jordan's country pile, the England WAGs' World Cup bill, and which former S Club 7 star is hotly tipped to be appearing in the next series of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. Read on for more details.

Heathermills_4 Sunday's front pages were dominated by Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, with the usual 'sources close to...' telling all about the couple's divorce battle. The News Of The World was firmly in Macca's corner, claiming that he feels betrayed. "As Paul says, all he ever did was love her and now she's playing the victim," said the source. "Heather thinks we're all stupid and she can pull the wool over our eyes."

Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror wasn't quite rooting for Heather, but its source was in her camp, claiming she was hit by a stern legal letter after her nanny took three half-used bottles of cleaning fluid from his Peasmarsh Estate. "They will stop at nothing to irritate each other, no matter how petty," said the Mirror's source. "Heather was speechless when she got the letter." Readers, this one will run and run.

Mikeybigbrother Happier in love is Big Brother's Mikey Dalton, who was evicted on Friday and is already planning the obligatory 'romps' with fellow ex-housemate Grace Adams-Short. "I definitely want to get her into bed," he told the News Of The World, while the Sunday Mirror reports that Mikey took constant cold showers to cope with his sexual frustration. Nice.

Meanwhile, leathery model Susie Verrico was also evicted on Friday, and was promptly quizzed by the Sunday People on whether she'd ever been an escort, following recent tabloid claims. ""I loved being a stripper but I was NEVER a hooker," she said. Glad that's cleared up then. She also denies that it was a fix when she entered the Big Brother house as the 'Golden Ticket' winner.

Colinfarrell Best Kiss'n'Tell of the weekend is movie bad-boy Colin Farrell, who met Woody Allen's au-pair at breakfast, and bedded her three times before lunch. I'm not making this up, really. Unfortunately, she wasn't impressed. "Between the sheets, he is a let-down with only half a baguette in his lunchbox," says 24-year-old Angelique Jerome. "Once he'd got what he fancied - in about 10 seconds flat - he just wanted to go to sleep." Ouch!

Meanwhile, Love Island star Bianca Gascoigne is the victim of a notably un-chivalrous ex-boyfriend, who told the News Of The World about, yes, more romps. There's also a story about a bloke from military TV reality show Bad Lads Army that's notable mainly for heroic punning: 'phwoar hero', 'always has his weapon ready', 'on kinky active service', and even 'thrust deep into enemy territory'. Give that journalist a cold shower medal.

Lilyallen_2 More romantically, The OC star Mischa Barton is apparently scrumming down with an English rugby player, Lily Allen has snared the drummer out of The Rakes, and Noel Edmonds is bouncing back from splitting with his girlfriend by dating an English teacher in Monaco.

- Jordan buying a £4 million country mansion (Sunday Mirror)
- Rachel Stevens set to brave bugs in the jungle (Sunday People)
- England WAGs' World Cup bill tops £1.5 million (Sunday People)

[Stuart Dredge]

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Top Ten Stories

Paris_5Paris Hilton retires from her skankin' days and reunited with former fiance Stavros Niarchos at Puffy Diddy Daddy-O's party.
Lock up your daughters: Johnny Allen is set to return to the 'Stenders square.
Cat Deeley latches on to Leonardo Dicaprio in the vague hope he'll further her career in Hollywood. Little does she realise she's about 10 years too late for that.
Madonna and Guy Ritchie will be renewing their wedding vows in order to squash those nasty divorce rumours.
The Prodigy demand Crunch Nut corn flakes on their rider for Creamfields
Macauley Culkin threatens to scare us for life by signing on for a role in a group sex film.
Hold back the vomit, Noel Edmonds is dating a former Miss England.
Chantelle and Preston continue with their publicity stunt, announcing wedding is to be held August 25th.
Lily Allen hates her hit 'Smile' now, just like the rest of the bloomin' country.
Courtney Love is first signed on to model for Dior, but then dropped faster than an erection at the sight of the latest Big Brother contestants.

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July 31, 2006 7:06 AM

Last ever Top Of The Pops: Rubbish

No news story here, just a rant. Last night saw the last ever episode of Top Of The Pops, and crumbs, the producers did a damn fine job of demonstrating exactly why the show has been shedding listeners and credibility like a leaky bucket in recent years. A few problems with last night's send-off:

  • The decision to have no bands at all in the studio, for a show which throughout its 42-year run has featured... bands in the studio.
  • Letting various ageing presenters (Tony Blackburn especially) write their own DREADFUL links. Forget Doctor Who - I was leaping behind the sofa in embarrassment regularly.
  • Making the 1990s seem rubbish by picking all the worst clips.
  • Showing the slowed-down Gnarls Barkley version of 'Crazy' where they're all dressed up as airline staff. It's not as if we saw this seven weeks in a row in recent months. Oh...
  • Giving another airing to the Stones' 'Last Time' and Sonny & Cher's 'I Got You Babe'. For similar reasons.
  • Letting DLT back onto the TV. If he's not in the Australian jungle groping about on his hands and knees in a pitch-black tunnel while scorpions, harvest spiders, maggots and Paul Burrell are poured on him, I'm not interested.

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July 25, 2006 5:55 PM

The Apprentice Winner Michelle Pregnant - And Guess Who's The Dad!

Michelle_3 You may have already heard this over at fellow Shiny blog TV Scoop but we're still the celeb blog and in case you didn't know, we simply had to report on this story - it's too perfect!

The Apprentice Series 2 winner Michelle Dewberry is reportedly three months pregnant, and Daddy is none other than fellow Apprentice  contestant, Syed Ahmed, reports Star magazine. The pair have been on/off since meeting last year during filming of the TV show, though their romance cooled when Syed caught Michelle slagging him off on the show. Michelle, who's £100,000 job with Alan Sugar involves heading up new company Xenon Green, has told family and friends that Syed will stand by her "come what may".

Yeah, sure, until she looks at him funny and he throws his toys out of the pram again. [Toni Kelly]

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July 20, 2006 9:21 PM

Celebrity Love Island Latest.

Loveisland_3 The folks over at TV Scoop have joyously told the world how big a flop 'Celebrity Love Island' is, and quite right too. I started watching with a mild interest (and a duty to the Star Trip readers, of course) but now I really don't care. I quite fancy Shane Lynch and Brendan Cole and I'm still not tuning in.

I think part of the problem is the split-shows. I try to avoid the news, particularly at the moment, so with one half being shown at 10pm and then the second half at 11pm, the show has no flow or continuity and I'm sure I'm not alone in channel surfing at the end of the first half and forgetting the second is on. Last night I got myself caught up in a documentary, but I did see the first half, and here's what went on. [Toni Kelly]

Ding dong the Steve-o is dead. He was ejected from the island a full four days before he was due to leave because he'd had a bit of a rant one night. I really can't understand what the producers were thinking - so he's a bit of a loose cannon, but he was at least watchable. And really, who would have cared if he'd gone mad and stabbed the lot of them?

So with Steve-o gone, the non-action continued apace. Victoria and Chris decided to have a snog in the shower. Come on guys, that is so last year. Sensibly, Victoria managed to remember to remove her microphone but Chris didn't. I take this as an indication that the hot stuff was nothing to do with his feelings for Victoria, more to do with him wanting some air time.

They emerged awhile later, having been berated by a much too interested Leo, and Chris did his trousers up. That Lady Victoria, she's one hell of a classy lady. Ahem.

As expected, Sophie continued to go on at just about anyone over her feelings for Shane. She seems to be happy to talk to anyone about it, apart from erm, Shane. This time she pinned Chris on a beach walk and declared she was in the need of a "male perspective". Chris did the decent thing and told her a stream of lies along the lines of "I'm sure he's interested" when everyone knows he isn't.

And Kelle still loves Brendan and he still doesn't give a fuck. Watch any group shot and focus in on the ex-Eternal star. I guarentee she will be staring at Brendan. But as she has a modicum of self respect, she's keeping it quiet and not boring the entire island and viewing population talking about her feelings. I really wouldn't know who that was a caustic dig at, I just typed it, honest Guv.

Even Paul Danan is being boring. The producers need to focus on getting him drunk as soon as possible, then there might be something worth watching.

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David Walliams up for another award... but this time it's sporty!

Davidwalliams Okay, so England flopped at the World Cup, our cricketers are struggling with injuries, the rugby's gone downhill, and Andrew Murray unaccountably failed to win Wimbledon at his second attempt. So who to vote for in the BBC's Sports Personality Of The Year contest? How about a comedian with proven ability to do the front crawl in the face of floating turds?

Yes, Little Britain star David Walliams is apparently now the second favourite to win the prize, having seen his odds slashed from 50/1 to 6/1 by bookie William Hill. Even with golfist Colin Montgomerie and footballer Steven Gerrard as the 9/2 favourites, I can't see either standing in the Walliams' way, unless Monty wins The Open this week, or Gerrard manages to sever both Cristiano Ronaldo's legs in a tough-but-fair tackle when Liverpool next play Man Utd. [Stuart Dredge]

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Charlotte Church's religious gags win her an eight-part chat-show series

Charlottechurch If your Nan still thinks Charlotte Church is a lovely young girl, you'd best not let her read this story. Today's Mirror reports that CC has landed an eight-part chatshow on Channel 4 after impressing in a pilot shot earlier this year. The All New Charlotte Church Show will be a mix of celebrity guests, comedy sketches, live music and tangerine-coloured rugby players.

So what impressed the C4 bosses so much? Er, apparently gags including calling the Pope a Nazi, sticking chewing gum on the face of Jesus, and smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary to reveal a can of cider. That distant sound you can hear is the sound of thousands of religious extremists spray-painting their 'VOICE OF AN ANGEL? VOICE OF THE DEVIL MORE LIKE!' protest banners... [Stuart Dredge]

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July 19, 2006 3:41 PM

Celebrity Love Island Latest.

Loveisland_2 So, the girls have to pick a boy to partner up with to make new perfect couples. Before making their choices, the ladies of the island assemble together to decide who they're going to pick, as they're clearly incapable of original thought without consulting with another non-celeb. As the girls gather round, Sophie Anderton decides to imitate a foghorn, declaring over and over: "I'M PICKING SHANE". Despite no one arguing with her or challenging her choice, she continues to yell that Shane is her's.

Really, the woman is becoming an embarrassment. After selecting Shane - who didn't look exactly pleased - he gave her a shoulder massage for all of twenty seconds. Sophie then spent an hour telling anyone who'd listen that he'd given her said massage and that that, clearly, meant he wants to marry her and make her have his Irish babies.

Before Sophie's madness, Paul Danan is given the dubious honour of selecting a girl to be his partner, as a treat for being new to the show. In a display of incredible arrogance, Paul decides to pick the one girl who's actually in a semi-relationship on the island - Leo's lucky lady (I don't mean that, it's just good alliteration), Bianca. As Paul later points out, he could pick who he wanted, but surely he could have shown some loyalty to his fellow man and made his choice like a gentleman. But no, this is Paul Danan, he had to be a wanker about it. Leo managed to react gracefully, which made me wonder what Sophie would do if someone had selected Shane before her. Would she have reacted with such aplomb? Or would we have had our first reality TV murder?

Later in the day, Sophie spends awhile crying in the Island Diary Room (my choice of description, not the producers, but that's essentially what it is), lamenting her luck at falling for someone on a reality TV show (did she miss the concept of the show when she signed up?) and saying that Shane probably didn't feel the same way. As she left the diary room, she bumped into Shane who asked if she was okay. She replied that she was and Shane displayed his complete lack of interest by accepting this response, despite the fact she was still semi-crying.

Later still, the islanders were disturbed by a new playmate, Steve-o, of Jackass fame. Now considering I have a brain and a mature sense of humour, I've never watched Jackass, so to me he's just another nobody who I shall rip the piss out of over the coming weeks.

Steve-o did have one use pretty much immediately - he woke the other blokes' up from their boring habits. As testosterone poisoning set it, the boys indulged in a towel-whacking fight, where Brendan tried to show his manly side by barely flinching when hit.

It didn't help, as Steve-o later asked the group who they thought was gay - him or Brendan? Brendan didn't react well, which I find bizarre. This man is a bloody dancer, surely he's well used to defending his sexuality by now? Brendan bitched to Shane then puffed up his chest and flirted with any woman going - except poor Kelle - to prove how manly he is.

Shane took Steve-o to one side and basically told him he was being a tosser. Steve-o then went into the diary room and said how much he respected Shane for calling him on his behaviour, talking about the ex-Boyzoner like he was some kind of God.

The next day, Steve-o tried to persuade Lee to tell Bianca how he felt. A very drunk Lee had a good go at it, but was constantly interrupted by Steve-o, who flirted with Bianca and filled the air with sexual innuendo. Bianca ignored Lee's words of love and giggled idiotically at Steve-o's antics.

Shane and Collen ended up in the Love Shack for the evening. I have to admit I don't know why, as I didn't see the first part of the show, but I'd imagine Sophie was less than pleased. While God Shane was away. Steve-o was generally an arsehole, annoying everyone, but quickly stopped on the return of Shane.

So here's an overview: Sophie loves Shane, but may have competition in Steve-o, who clearly thinks Shane is the best thing, like, EVER. Lee loves Bianca but she doesn't care. Who knows what Victoria and Chris have been up to - even the cameramen don't care, we so rarely see them on screen. Kelle continues to adore Brendan from afar and he continues to not give a fuck.

See you tomorrow!

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July 17, 2006 3:32 PM

Celebrity Love Island - What Happened Last Night.

Loveisland_1 You can picture the executive producer's meeting for this series of Love Island. They're all sitting around chewing their pens, looking at last years ratings and what made the show so popular, and they've got one problem. One young gun eventually pipes up:

"How can we repeat the success of last year?"
"Well," says another. "Last year it was successful because Paul Danan was being an idiot."
"Okay," another pipes up. "Let's shove some other unknown mid-20s male in and see if that works."
"I'm not sure," says the first guy, puzzled. "Is it enough?"
"I don't think so," admits the second. "We'll need to spend hours brainstorming trying to think how we can capture viewers this time round."
"Or," says the third, his eye on a round of golf. "We could just put Paul Danan back in there again."

Honestly. Is nothing original in TV anymore?

So, the Danan is back. He spent awhile cooped up in a "secret suite", making inane comments and pulling stupid faces. Oh how we missed you and your own particular brand of twattish behaviour, Paul! Finally he's let back in to the main camp and... let's just say, the original residents are less than pleased. Sophie Anderton pipes up saying she hates him, swiftly joined by Victoria Hervey (I WILL NOT call her a Lady), as the Bitches of Eastwick (or Fiji) plot to get him out. [Toni Kelly]

When asked who he fancies, Paul admits to camera that he's got a soft spot for Playboy bunny Colleen. Well, join the queue. So far, that's Brendan, Chris and now Shane (more of that in a moment) that fancy her. Does she fancy anyone back? As Sophie put it: "She'll fly back to LA and start dating some millionaire."

And yes, Shane has finally broken ranks and decided he fancies someone - but it's not Sophie. Considering Sophie is turning into the Jayne Middlemiss of this series (I wouldn't dare touch Shane, would you?), I'd think Colleen might want to start sleeping with one eye open. Shane admitted he'd like to get to know Colleen, when in the next shot Sophie was questioning Colleen on whether she liked Shane. When Colleen answered no, Sophie was suddenly willing to be best friends again.

Listen, Sophie love. You've had a rough time and I know a gorgeous Irish D-lister looks like a good idea, but HE'S NOT INTERESTED. He's only said it about a million times (though not to her face - probably too scared). Lee's admitted to wanking over you - I'd imagine he's a sure thing.

Kelle continues to fancy Brendan - it's so bloody obvious - but is still, essentially, the odd one out who no one fancies back. Brendan is turning his Kaplinsky-wooing-charms on Colleen but... she's not interested. Why exactly is she on the show? Brendan is gorgeous, you stupid cow!

There was quite a sad moment when Nobody Lee admitted that he's got it bad for Bianca, but followed on by saying she's got "man" Leo to get off with, so is unlikely to pick a spikey-haired moron who looks like he's 14. However, he does seem to have genuine affection for the girl, which is quite nice to see.

As for Bianca and Leo, a late night snog-a-thon broke Lee's heart. Is it just me, or was Bianca not an entirely willing participant?

Put Lee and Bianca in the Love Shack guys! Vote for the underdog! Maybe she likes her men squeaky and without descended testicles.

As for the remaining islanders, Victoria Hervey continues to be useless as does Chris - who I shall from now on refer to as 'Son Of' - and... who else is in there?

Just a quick note: I'm enjoying the interplay between Ferne and Patrick this year.

See you tomorrow!

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July 13, 2006 5:19 AM

Quote Of The Week With Paris Hilton


“Simple Life is a reality show and people might assume it’s real. But it’s fake. All reality shows are fake basically. When you have a camera on you, you are not going to act yourself, so before I started the show I thought I’d make a character like the movies Legally Blonde and Clueless mixed together, with a rich girl all-in-one. Even my voice is different and the way I dress is different from me in real life. It’s a character I like to play. I think it’s carefree and happy. The public think they know me but they really don't.”

-Interview with The Sun

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July 10, 2006 10:17 PM

Love Island: First Impressions of Victoria Hervey, Shane Lynch, Sophie Anderton and the gang...

Aliciadouvall ITV's new Love Island reality show started tonight (they've dropped the 'Celebrity' prefix, which in some of the participants' cases is a wise move). Star Trip will be tracking the ups, the downs, and hopefully the ups-and-downs of desert island life throughout the series. Well, it beats Big Brother anyway. Read on for some first impressions:

1. Sophie Anderton has already been in tears twice, after nobody picked her in the initial coupling off. For heaven's sake. That said, wouldn't it have been better if they had more women than men, forcing one bloke to be left out? At least it might get a bit Lord Of The Flies.

2. I bet it only takes two minutes after meeting any woman before Chris Brosnan mentions that his dad's James Bond. I can't see how else he'd pull, anyway. He looks like a younger, squarer Suggs out of Madness.

3. Victoria Hervey isn't as nice as her sister, who was on last year. Does this mean they've run out of Herveys, or is there another one lined up for next year's show?

4. Did all of these famous people skive geography at school? Honestly, if they can't work out where Spain is on a world-map during a simple task, how are they expected to identify a cumulus cloud or oxbow lake? Tsk.

5. Who's the little blond fella? I thought he was out of S Club 7, but now I'm not so sure.

6. They all seem to be taking far too much care over their hair. Do they have a separate desert island full of styling products and tongs? A week of salt-water and fresh air should sort that out (although I'm worried what it'll do to Alicia Douvall's face).

7. Fearne Cotton can carry off a pair of shorts with aplomb. Patrick Kielty is wearing jeans, so I'll reserve judgement on him. But Fearne, mmm...

8. No candidates as yet for this year's Paul Danan character (i.e. boggle-eyed leg-humping sex-pest). Although Brendan Cole's got potential.

9. The fish in the background of the interview room are cool. They're actually more interesting than anything any of the celebrities have said so far in there too.

10. Leo Ihenacho is not very macho. Fancy sending Alicia Douvall up a palm tree to grab coconuts, then bawling like a baby all the way up (and down) when you try to follow suit. She seems like a trooper, completely against expectations. She's my early tip to win. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 29, 2006 12:06 AM

Eva Longoria In Car Crash (But She's Okay)

Eva_3Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria was left "shaken" following a car accident in West Hollywood. The youngest of the wives cast had just left the hair salon of celeb-fave Ken Paves when she and her assistant clambered into Eva's brand-new Range Rover and soon collided with a Ford Taurus, says heat magazine. Eva was not driving at the time.

An eyewitness told Xtra MSN: "Eva and Ken said their goodbyes. Then before you know it there was a crash and both cars collided."

Eva's 'people' later issued the following statement: "Eva was having her hair done by the fabulous Kenny Paves at his new salon on Robertson. Eva and her assistant left the salon together -- her assistant was driving Eva back to her house so they could get ready to go out tonight. Eva's assistant pulled out of the parking spot and just got hit.  Minor damage, no one hurt."

Good good. Can't keep making the show (which I'm still hopelessly addicted to) if she's in plaster cast, can she? [Toni Kelly]

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June 21, 2006 5:33 PM

Russell Brand Admits To Bulimia Past.

Russell Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter Russell Brand has been telling the press all about his childhood battles with eating disorder bulimia, saying he suffered from the illness for three years. new magazine reports he said: "I was a fat little kid. I wanted to lose weight, and I would make myself sick on a daily basis. I remember my stepdad asking me to stop puking up in the sink because it was blocking the drain."

The super-skinny and super talented Russell continued: "I stopped by the time I was 17 as by then I was a drug addict so I had other self-destructive behaviour to be getting on with." Quite. [Toni Kelly]

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Jade Goody snubs Jack for BB's sleazy Sezer

Goody_1This sounds like the plot of a comedy sketch, but the Mirror's 3am Girls say it's true, so who am I to disagree with them. Apparently Jade Goody caused a rumpus at the party to promote her new perfume, flirting openly with Big Brother evictee Sezer Yurtseven and ending up in a fragrant fight with boyfriend Jack Tweedy. 3am's description is worth quoting in full:

"Jack had to work hard to keep Jade's attention and started doing Michael Jackson's moonwalk to impress her. However she was still only interested in Sezer and they started doing the John Travolta and Uma Thurman moves from Pulp Fiction together."

Marvellous stuff, it's like something out of a musical. The night ended with Jade squirting her own perfume into Jack's face as part of a row - presumably while a Broadway chorus danced around them belting out a number from West Side Story. That'd be the West Side of Harlow, obviously. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 20, 2006 4:51 PM

Eva Longoria: Actress, Model... Novelist?

Eva_2 WHY on earth do celebrities do this? They're famous for one thing - be it acting, singing, modelling, whatever - and when they have some success, they suddenly think they can do everything and start on "new projects" that are always boring and a disaster.

Sadly, Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria is ready to fall into the same pit of failed ambitions. Like Madonna before her, Eva has decided to write a novel. Star magazine claims it will be a raunchy, sex-themed novel. Eva herself confirmed this ludicrous idea, saying: "They offered a huge deal and I like the idea of seeing my book on a shelf. The plot's top secret, but let's just say that I have an extremely wild imagination."

I bet the ladies over at Trashionista can barely contain their excitement at the prospect. [Toni Kelly]

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Jordan & Peter - The New Richard & Judy?

Jordan_11 Be afraid. Be very afraid. Coming to a TV near you in the future; Jordan and Peter Andre's very own chat show.

As if the couple haven't had enough over-exposure, they've just signed a deal with ITV for their own series. Following various - surprisingly successful - ventures in to the world of TV - which includes appearances as the correspondents for Richard & Judy's ex-place of work This Morning on every series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! - ITV like the perma-tanned pair so much they have seen fit to sign them up. WHY, God, WHY? [Toni Kelly]

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June 19, 2006 11:39 AM

Watch those nipples, US TV stars...

Janet_jackson_sb38_big If US TV networks weren't already thinking twice about ever booking Janet Jackson again, they certainly will be now. President Bush just signed a new bill to introduce a whopping increase in the amount broadcasters can be fined for "indecent material" (i.e. anything that would offend your mother, if your mother was a loony right-wing fundamentalist bigot with 'issues').

Any network that broadcasts bad language, sexual references and jewellery-bedecked breasts can now be fined up to $325,000, a tenfold increase on the previous limit of $32,500. It only covers free-to-air broadcasters though, so don't worry, The Sopranos can carry on cussing as much as before. Hell, they can even give Janet a starring role if they want. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 16, 2006 4:12 PM

Has Chris Evans Put Billie Piper Off Marriage For Good?

Billie_3 Having been married to Chris Evans (what on earth do people see in that man?), it's not really surprising that popstar-come-actress Billie Piper has decided she's had enough of marriage for now. Despite being happy with student boyfriend Amadu Sowe, the 23-year-old has told Closer magazine that marriage is really the last thing on her mind. She blunty said: "I don't know if I ever will. I'm going to have a few years of not being married."

And with a promising acting career ahead of her, here's hoping Billie can finally recover from (or even better, forget) her marriage to the talentless Chris. [Toni Kelly]

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Kate Lawler's Stalker "Hell"

Katelawler Big Brother 3 winner Kate Lawler has been telling Closer magazine about her stalker problems. The skinny celeb started receiving letters right after she won the reality game show, but recently came face-to-face with her stalker at a night club.

"I saw this guy in a white leather cap, with grey curly hair, just staring at me and taking pictures," she said. He later asked her for a kiss, which she refused. Kate continued: "He went 'oh don't be like that, Katie bear!'. That's when I realised he was the stalker guy because that's what he calls me in his letters all the time. After my set, I asked a bouncer to escort me to my car as I was worried this man would jump out at me with a knife."

Sounds nasty. Still, maybe she should be glad that someone still knows and cares who she is. [Toni Kelly]

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June 15, 2006 1:11 PM

Billie Piper Leaving Doctor Who

Billiepiper_1It's been long-rumoured, but today the BBC has finally confirmed that Billie's off at the end of the current series. It seems they've known for a while too, as they've apparently spent the last year planning a "stunning exit" for her character Rose Tyler (can I suggest singlehandedly laying waste to an army of Daleks while singing Honey To The Bee?).

Of course, this means we can spend the next few months indulging in wild speculation over who her replacement will be. Kelly Brook? Heather Mills McCartney? Imogen from Big Brother? Place your bets NOW - or jump forward in time in a Tardis, find out who it is, and come back to tell us when the bookmakers announce their odds... [Stuart Dredge]

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June 14, 2006 9:57 PM

Kelly Osbourne Prefers Big Brother to X Factor: Battle of the Stars (which, oops, her Mum is on!)

Kelly In perhaps not the brightest move of her life, Kelly Osbourne has been telling The Sun that she didn't watch her Mum's show, X Factor: Battle of the Stars - because she was too busy tuning in to rival Channel 4 show, Big Brother. Now, Kelly, that isn't the way to guarentee yourself brilliant Christmas and birthday presents, is it?

Kelly said: "To be honest I couldn't tell you anything about what happened on Celebrity X Factor because I've been hooked on Big Brother."I didn't watch X Factor at all. I can't miss an episode of Big Brother, I am a total addict. I really want Pete to win."

Don't we all.... [Toni Kelly]

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June 13, 2006 3:58 PM

BB2's Helen & Paul Split After Five Years.

Helenandpaul_1 Big Brother romances have so far produced a failed marriage, two children and one post sex-under-table failed relationship. Through all of that news, we could hold on to the fact that Big Brother 2's couple Paul Clarke and Helen Adams were still together and going strong.

But alas, it was not to be. The couple have recently split after five years together, have sold their home and are now living in separate rented accomodation, the Sun reports today. Paul told the newspaper: “The last couple of months have been hell. But deep, deep down we know we’re making the right decision. From the day we met, we’ve never had time apart. We need to find ourselves again.”

That old chesnut. That's celebrity speak for "we've been driving each other crazy for five years and we've finally decided to split up, or else we'd murder one another." [Toni Kelly]

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June 6, 2006 2:09 PM

Lucy Benjamin Storms Celeb X Factor Final

Congratulations to former soap-star Lucy Benjamin, who won the latest series of X Factor: Battle Of The Stars - beating off rugby star Matt Stevens in the final. She was the 2/1 favourite to win, despite claiming at the start of the series that she couldn't sing a note. Judge for yourself with this clip of her first performance, performing Corinne Bailey Rae's 'Put Your Records On'.

Or, if you're a paid-up masochist and would rather make your ears bleed, try 'Dr' Gillian McKeith's rendition of 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You', which unaccountably failed to propel her to the final. Click on the Play button below, and make sure you have some smelling salts to hand. [Stuart Dredge]

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June 1, 2006 9:27 PM

Rebecca Loos and James Hewitt Slay Rock DJ on Celeb X Factor

And that's slay as in 'murder'. Yes, last night's X Factor: Battle Of The Micro-Celebs Stars was a corker, mainly due to the latest Loos/Hewitt duet. Yes, it's Robbie Williams' Rock DJ with James Hewitt rapping and Rebecca Loos... well, singing isn't quite the word. Oh my. The fun starts around 1min 20secs into the clip that's been uploaded to YouTube. Have some savlon handy - it's ear-bleeding stuff.

Oh, and when you've finished, it's worth visiting the YouTube page for the user comments: "She is hot," says one person, to which the first reply is from 'geekraver': "Nope, can't agree. She's a vacuous whore." Victoria Beckham, that pseudonym isn't fooling anybody... Click below to watch the performance anyway.  [Stuart Dredge]

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May 31, 2006 3:02 PM

Simon Cowell Leaps To Rebecca Loos' Defence. Quelle Surprise.

Oh, it's all kicking off in Celebrity X-Factor, although I missed the ignominious exit of Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee the other night. Sharon Osbourne is under fire for belittling Rebecca Loos live on-air, telling her she should wear some knickers. But would you believe it, Simon Cowell - a man presumably well-versed in the talents of women with false boobs and no knickers - apparently jumped to Rebecca's defence, telling Sharon to stop being so personal. However, the best part of this Mirror story is the bit where Kelly Osbourne apparently shouts "You're not a celebrity!" at Rebecca from the audience. Which needs no snarky comment from me... [Stuart Dredge]

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Big Brother UK Using Vulnerable Contestants?

SambigbroToday's Sun leads on various organisations slating Channel 4 for the current series of Big Brother. NOT because nearly every housemate makes you want to put a boot through the TV, but instead because there are now five housemates alleged to have mental health issues. The five are Shahbaz, Nikki, Lea, Pete and new arrival Sam, for various reasons. Surely Pete is the most sane (and likeable) person in the house though? But the Tourette's Syndrome Association have accused Channel 4 of 'using' him. [Stuart Dredge]

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May 29, 2006 3:58 PM

Big Brother Shahbaz Gets Evicted From Wedding Reception

Shahbaz Not content with booting himself out of the Big Brother house last week, Shahbaz Chaudhary was unceremoniously evicted from a wedding reception on Saturday night. He gatecrashed a party at the Holiday Inn in Borehamwood, but didn't realise it was full of off-duty coppers. Today's Sun has the story: "It was like a hilarious game of cat and mouse with several of the off-duty police trying to catch Shahbaz as he went round the entire room and introduced himself to nearly all the guests," one guest tells them.

Eventually, the BB 'star' was thrown out - although I'm not sure if this also included being chucked down any stairs. Not that the police do that sort of thing, obviously.

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May 17, 2006 4:13 PM

Chantelle - The Autobiography?

Chantelle_11I've got a feeling even the bookworms over at Trashionista couldn't get excited about this release - Chantelle, she of Celeb BB fame, is releasing her autobiography. She's said to be on the verge of signing a £300,000 deal with publishing house Random House's Century division, says new magazine.

What the heck has she got to say? I was a Paris Hilton look-a-like then I went on Celeb BB and pretended to fancy that Preston to get loads of money from OK! magazine, then money for our 'wedding' and then divorce. Oooh, is that a butterfly?

I won't be buying it. [Toni Kelly]

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Jessie Wallace is coming off the drink and drugs - for the sake of her career.

Jessie_1 I nearly put the word career in speech marks there, but I'm trying to be nicer. Ex-Eastender Jessie Wallace has finally decided the drink and the drugs aren't for her and she's giving it all up. Jessie, who left Albert Square six months ago and has since been dogged by rumours of her constant partying, binge drinking and cocaine snorting - is soon to star in a new BBC drama, A Class Apart and needs to convince the Beeb she's clean and on the wagon.

Jessie made a good start at the BAFTAs, where she remained alcohol free and appeared chatty and happy, say Closer magazine. Good luck to her, I suppose... but somehow, I can't seem to care. [Toni Kelly]

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May 10, 2006 8:10 PM

"Big Brother Ruined Our Lives"

Newbb Apparently 25,000 people applied for this year's Big Brother - but have they all throught it through? This week's Closer magazine has interviewed four former housemates who all claim Big Brother has ruined their lives. Read on for a brief overview of what they had to say...

Lesley Lesley - Big Brother Six
"I feel so let down by Big Brother. No one ever tells you what's going to happen as you leave the house. No one tells you your life will be ruined [quelle surprise - Star Trip]. "At first, I thought the hardest thing about leaving the show was facing my family... but it just got worse... I was kicked in the head during one evening out and a girl bottled me another night... I started spending 15 hours a day in bed doing nothing... I was so depressed with all the negative attention... then I was raped in a hotel room following a night out in September... there wasn't enough evidence to take it to court... I had a really good life before Big Brother... now it's all gone down the drain."

Sam Sam - Big Brother Six
"It's been so tough and it just never ends. When I'm out, people shout "slag" at me in the street. When I was on holiday with a friend and we came back from a club one night to find that someone had scrawled 'cellulite city' on our villa windows... because I wore a bikini in the house, men have certain expectations - they think I'm a slapper. I find it difficult to meet men now... Before I went in to the house, I was a marketing student and had certain ambitions. Now no one will take me seriously. I had a breakdown."

Makosi_1 Makosi - Big Brother Six
"Since leaving the house I've felt depressed. I don't know whether a doctor would diagnose me as that, but I definitely feel it. In fact, I think about killing myself every day... It all stems from the treatment I got when I came out of the house... the crowd thought I had been manipulative, whereas Anthony came out a hero - which I felt was totally unfair. He didn't even own up to us having sex... I just didn't expect it all to turn out so negatively."

Lisa Lisa - Big Brother Four
"Before I went in to the house, one of the producers said to me: "You're going on Big Brother - you've got balls!". I replied: "more balls than you, mate". Little did I realise how this comment would come back to haunt me. From this flippant aside, the press somehow got hold of a story that I was actually a transexual... I was rushed to hospital a week before the Big Brother final. I was so stressed, I was throwing up blood. I didn't want any plastic surgery before I went in the house, but now I've spent £13,000 on a boob job, a nose job and botox. I'd advise anyone against doing Big Brother if they have a good job, a lovely boyfriend and a nice family - they could lose everything."

Oof, all sounds a bit ominous, doesn't it? However, it is worth noting that the four women spoken to were not particularly endearing in the house. Maybe being nice is the key to surviving BB.

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Liza Tarbuck Quits 'Celebrity Love Island' - before it's even begun!

Loveisland ITV's lead show in the challenge for ratings up against Channel 4's Big Brother has hit another problem. Celebrity Love Island is once again without a female host to join wise-cracking Irishman Patrick Kielty on the Fijian paradise island. Kelly Brook, who fronted the first series, has refused to return. So far, ITV have approached Denise Van Outen - but talks reached a stalemate, reports Star magazine - and then last week, comedienne Liza Tarbuck was confirmed as the new host.

However, not seven days later, Liza has pulled out. She claims she has been offered a "more interesting" project. The race is now on to get a female host confirmed before the show begins in the summer. [Toni Kelly]

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The Apprentice Stars Syed and Michelle are all loved up!

Michelle First they were on, then they were off, but now it's been confirmed that 'The Apprentice' stars Syed Ahmed and finalist Michelle Dewberry are definitely a couple. Awwww.

The pair had a secret fling in the house, which ended when Syed saw Michelle bad-mouthing him on episode two of the show, says Star magazine. However, Syed has now stopped being such an idiotic wuss so sensitive and they have rekindled their romance. Syed joins Michelle's team in tonight's Apprentice final in a bid to help his girlfriend win the show. Watch tonight and see if sparks are flying. [Toni Kelly]

For more 'The Apprentice' news, try TV Scoop.

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May 8, 2006 1:24 PM

Dang! No Cute Guys In Albert Square Anymore!

East_jake_genericWell, except for that gorgeous Deano, but I'll be damned if I'm ever going to perve on a youngster. What a body though, whew! Anyway, everyone's beloved Jake Moon is apparently leaving the Square, the actor, Joel Beckett, recently said that he's 'thoroughly' enjoyed his time on the show, 'It's been a great experience, one which I'll never forget. However, I now feel that it is the right time to move on and further my career.' The executive producer hasn't let slip on exactly how he will exit the show, but promises it will be 'explosive'...Let's hope he suicide-bombs the cell Johnny Allen is locked up in, that'll be the only way I'll be happy to see gorgeous Jake Moon depart Eastenders. [Katherine Hannaford]

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